1. They are prepping Obama for a return!

    The anti-Christ will take his throne in america!

    Secede Now! let´s follow in the footsteps of the LPR and DPR

  2. Don’t worry about it…before the end of the century everyone in the USA will look like some brown Brazilian & be living on an all nonwhite planet ruled over by the Jews & their mongrel ‘Messiah’. But if you’re stupid/insane enough to support the Commies in WWII & now in Ukraine to kill off your own white race, then what did you expect the planet to become?

    • “Commies” didn’t mongrelize Europe and north America. Capitalists did. The former USSR areas of Europe are still native ethnicity, while the western European neoliberal “free world” is set to be majority African within 50 years.

      • Whites are really looking like the most stupid species the planet has ever seen. Killing off their own kind in huge numbers, believing in fairy tales invented by hostile foreigners, and enthusiastically letting invasive competing species into their most vital habitats.

    • Everyone in the U.S. enjoys electricity, clean running water, fuel, modern medicine, dentistry, food available 24/7 (even if it’s junk food), airplane rides to far away places, driving around and a million other First World things. The colored people have no clue how these things came to exist, how they work or how to keep them functioning. It’s all just White boy’s magic as far as they are concerned.
      Even shitholes like Baltimore have electricity, clean running water, sewage, medical available after they get shot, food; gibs aplenty for all the colored folk, 24/7.

      Without White people all of these things stop. The coloreds celebrating the demise of hated Whitey are also celebrating their own demise, they just don’t know it, they’re too stupid. White civilisation is civilisation.

      The implicit assumption of the Third World types is that civilisation will continue humming along just fine, even better when White people are gone. They are in for a big surprise. When the lights go out, stay out and Whitey isn’t around to fix them anymore they will have to resort to black girl magic, twerking and all their affirmative action/gender studies BLM geniuses to fix things. Good luck, fuck ’em.

      • “It’s all just White boy’s magic as far as they are concerned.”

        They aren’t that bright, you give them too much credit.

        “Da whitez man done stole al dem inveecsions from da black man”.

        You have no idea how malleable they are to the jwsh narrative.

    • “nonwhite planet ruled over by the Jews & their mongrel ‘Messiah’”

      Some other race may come along, as the Mongols of the 1200s, and simply exterminate anyone who isn’t useful to them. If WHITES are too soft, another race with the spine to follow natural course of evolution will.

      Being the soft chump may be the WHITES fatal flaw.

    • Once the Kaganites launch a nuke at Russia Massachusetts will get to experience Poseidon tsunami for a few minutes before they’re erased. Couldn’t happen to nicer folks….

  3. I never understood why the Whiter parts of Brazil (which I think is southern Brazil) did not secede and became their own nation.

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