New York Times: Democratic Strategist Explains How To Win Back Working Class

As the Democratic Party crumbles and completes its evolution into the old Rockefeller Republican Party, we are seeing a big uptick in stories like this.

New York Times:

“CHICAGO — Democrats continue to bleed support from working-class voters of all races. Many are abandoning the party for the Republicans because they think Democrats are not committed enough to fighting for their livelihood and way of life.

To win these voters back, Democrats have got to do more to demonstrate that we are putting American workers first, starting with taking on outsourcing and bad trade deals. Democrats in Congress are taking small steps — like prioritizing the passage of a bill that will support the semiconductor industry and help make the United States more competitive with China — but there is much more we, as a party, can do, both in our actions and in our words.

Nothing less than our viability as a national political party is on the line. Perhaps most worryingly, recent polling has shown Democrats slipping in support from working-class voters of all races. In 2020 we lost ground with voters of color — particularly among Hispanics as well as minority men without college degrees. Those problems appear to be getting worse, especially with Latino voters. Generally, most Americans do not have college degrees; Democrats cannot afford to continue to lose their votes. …”

It will reach a fever pitch after the midterms.

The current era of polarization could end in a series of blows in election defeats and Supreme Court decisions which reduces the Democratic Party to a regional coastal party.


  1. “prioritizing the passage of a bill that will support the semiconductor industry ”

    Yeh, so people like pelosi’s husband , paul, just bought 5 million worth of Nvidia.
    Why does the semicon industry need 50 billion in special funding?

    “help make the United States more competitive with China”
    You idiots, it isn’t the Chinese who are leading the world , it’s ASML in Holland.
    Everyone is scrambling to get ahold of ASML machines, with optics by Zeiss.
    The fools in congress and NYT don’t know where the innovation is comining from.
    America is going backwards, as it loses its WHITENESS.
    Throwing mountains of money at problems won’t compensate.for stupidity.
    Soon, the mountains of money will be exhausted.

    These money games, print, print, borrow, spend, devalue, will end in disaster.

    • >Everyone is scrambling to get ahold of ASML machines, with optics by Zeiss.

      Somehow I doubt you’re an expert on semiconductor manufacturing technology.

      And who might be ‘scrambling’ to buy fab equipment from ASML? — the vast majority of American semiconductor companies are fabless, and have been for a long time — they are design companies, not manufacturing companies — so they have no interest in ASML equipment.

      Intel is probably the most notable American company that still makes at least some of its own chips, and therefore not only buys advanced process equipment, but also helps with fabrication R&D — TI does also.

      Obviously this is potentially a huge problem for American tech companies, not just ones that design chips and outsource manufacturing, but companies that use chips to create their products, e.g. Dell (to cite just one example out of no doubt hundreds) — a Chinese invasion of Taiwan followed by a complete cutoff of chips from UMC and TSMC would be pretty much a blow the US could not recover from in any reasonably time frame.

      List of semiconductor fabrication plants

      The vast majority are not only outside the US, but owned and operated by non-US companies.

      • “Somehow I doubt you’re an expert on semiconductor manufacturing”

        Never claimed to be.

        “And who might be ‘scrambling’ to buy fab equipment from ASML?”

        Intel, samsung,TSMC and anyone who can get financing to buy a $300 million dollar machine.
        Even outdated machines command extraordinary prices.

        TSMC is building a giant fab in Phoenix, Intel in Ohio.

    • The two-party system isn’t going anywhere. Ds and Rs have morphed beyond recognition many times over. At most, they’ll have an election or two in the wilderness.

      As more people get disaffected, it’s conceivable that we’ll just see a minority electorate à la New York.

  2. “Perhaps most worryingly, recent polling has shown Democrats slipping in support from working-class voters of all races.”

    …Whereas if it were just WWC voters, we wouldn’t GAF because they’re a dwindling remnant population of no political consequence, thanks to our relentless demographic warfare over the past several decades.

    Anyway, Lucy pulled the football away the other day after I fell for it for a split second:

    From the tenth paragraph:

    “But much of it is aimed at the affordability crisis that predates the rise in inflation. It includes legislation that would use federal transportation dollars to push cities and states to make it easier to build housing, that would ease worker shortages by raising legal immigration and that would cap insulin costs and allow Medicare to negotiate more drug prices.”

    No raise for the Deplorables! Ever!

    • link

      Above is an accessible version.

      The Jew Ezra Klein has to be the most overrated and overpublished ‘pundit’ out there; he puts out a huge amount of incoherent garbage — in the end this piece is just another reminder that no matter the problem(s), more immigrants is always part of the solution.

  3. The Democrats for a while have been going after the welfare queens and jobless of the darker shade. Gibs me dat.

  4. How could the Democrats deny what they’ve been doing for 30 years, like normalizing homosexuality is more important than making a decent living from work, or Haitian hobos coming to U.S and squatting are more important than citizens with jobs, or violent criminals are a lot more important than law abiding people. The D.As in some major cities are so screwed up and dysfunctional it’s like the Weather Underground or the Manson family are running the district attorney’s office. How can the Democrats hide from this? .

    • ((Who)) do you think finances their campaigns ?
      And controls the narrative the ((media)) will give them ?

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