The Case for National Divorce: Gay Marriage and Interracial Marriage

In light of the fact that a majority of Trump voters now believe that they would be better off if their state left the Union, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the vote this afternoon on “marriage equality” would have played out in two different National Divorce scenarios.

The South Rises Again

Alabama – 6 Nay, 1 Yea

Georgia – 8 Nay, 6 Yea

Florida – 10 Nay, 17 Yea

Mississippi – 3 Nay, 1 Yea

South Carolina – 4 Nay, 3 Yea

Louisiana – 5 Nay, 1 Yea

Texas – 22 Nay, 13 Yea, 1 NV

Oklahoma – 4 Nay, 1 NV

Missouri – 4 Nay, 3 Yea, 1 NV

Arkansas – 4 Nay

Tennessee – 6 Nay, 2 Yea, 1 NV

Kentucky – 5 Nay, 1 Yea

West Virginia – 1 Nay, 2 NV

North Carolina – 8 Nay, 5 Yea

Virginia – 4 Nay, 7 Yea

In this scenario, the South rises again with the restoration of the old Confederacy plus Oklahoma and the Border States of Kentucky, Missouri and West Virginia. Virginia and Florida are the only two Southern states where a majority of House representatives vote for “marriage equality.” The final vote on “marriage equality” in the restored Confederacy is 94 Nays, 60 Yeas, 6 NVs.

“Real America” Secession

Kansas – 3 Nay, 1 Yea

Nebraska – 2 Nay, 1 Yea

South Dakota – 1 Nay

North Dakota – 1 Yea

Iowa – 1 Nay, 3 Yea

Minnesota – 2 Nay, 5 Yea

Wisconsin – 4 Nay, 4 Yea

Illinois – 3 Nay, 15 Yea

Indiana – 6 Nay, 2 Yea, 1 NV

Michigan – 5 Nay, 9 Yea

Ohio – 8 Nay, 8 Yea

Pennsylvania – 6 Nay, 12 Yea

Alaska – 1 NV

New Mexico – 1 Nay, 2 Yea

Arizona – 4 Nay, 5 Yea

Nevada – 1 Nay, 3 Yea

Utah – 4 Yea

Colorado – 3 Nay, 4 Yea

Wyoming – 1 Yea

Idaho – 1 Nay, 1 Yea

Montana – 1 Nay

In this scenario, the Union has dissolved and the old Confederacy is joined by the Interior West, Midwest and Rust Belt states. The Heartland or “Real America” is separated from the Acela Corridor and West Coast. The final vote in Congress on “marriage equality” is 146 Nay, 141 Yea and 7 NVs.

Coastal America

California – 5 Nay, 47 Yea

Oregon – 5 Yea

Washington – 2 Nay, 8 Yea

Hawaii – 2 Yea

Maryland – 1 Nay, 7 Yea

Delaware – 1 Yea


New Jersey – 1 Nay, 11 Yea

New York – 1 Nay, 24 Yea

Vermont – 1 Yea

New Hampshire – 2 Yea

Massachusetts – 9 Yea

Maine – 2 Yea

Rhode Island – 2 Yea

Connecticut – 5 Yea

In the aftermath of a National Divorce, Coastal America would have voted very differently on “marriage equality. The vote there would have been 10 Nays to 126 Yeas. This understates the divide between Coastal America and “Real America” because several of the Nays there are in eastern California and eastern Washington while several of the Yeas in the old Confederacy are in NOVA.


This is the map that explains the resistance to “marriage equality” in the maps above. It is where White Southern Baptists are culturally and politically dominant. Support for social liberalism either decreases or increases as you move toward or away from this region of the country.

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  1. Well we knew what Liz Cheney would do in Wyoming but the LDS reps from Utah all voting for this is somewhat surprising but probably NOT really. The LDS is a Masonic, fraudulent, hot mess and the mask has come “clear off” with this vote. They are welcome to stay out of whatever occurs as far as I’m concerned.

    • Not surprising at all. Mormon cultists don’t even believe their own religion and constantly change it on the whims of society. They vehemently support GloboHOMO and any thing suggesting otherwise is simply lip service to deceive their sheeple.

    • Mormons will do whatever the current Mormon leadership tells them to do and believe. They are not steadfast in anything other than fitting in with other Mormons and not being ostracised.

      Mindless cowards.

      • Sounds like every other religion which was made up by men, which is all of them.

    • Is there one good opponent to Lesbian Chaney in the primary? Or are there 10 different egotists all running that will split the vote and allow that abomination to keep her seat?

      The Illinois democrats gerymandered the state to put two downstate Republicans together in the same district. Marry Miller is more of a Trump type mouthing off against Rodney Davis, Davis was in the grips of the pharmaceutical industry and seeing that he voted for gay marriage in this I’m glad Miller knocked him off in the primary.

    • Several Canadian provinces are part of the New Nation, a three oceans nation: Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic.

      With a transportation corridor across the Bering Straight we unite the polar nations into a Northern Alliance and then go to space.

      Faster, please.

    • Because allowing it adds to the pressure on a people already facing dispossession and genocide at the hands of racial replacement.

      Expand the provision against suicide in the Bible. Because miscegenation is exactly that (genetic suicide).

      Also note, Christians has been against miscegenation for many hundreds of years longer than they were for it.. which is really just a last 50 years globo-homo effect. A DISINTEGRATING effect all across society that is far more anti-Christian than for it.

      • LGTH the mainstream Christion position now is Moses was married to a Black female and when people complained God gave them leprosy so they would turn white if they liked white so much.

      • But the Bible says that everyone is a child of God and that all Christians are one in Christ. Other identities are supposed to be subordinate to a person’s Christianess (is that a word?). The Bible doesn’t say anything about racial/ethnic preservation or genetic continuity. I see no reason why a Christian would be concerned about such worldly things and long as explicit killing isn’t being done. And the argument that Christians were against it in the past is hardly a justification for it. Christians also supported slavery in the past. Should Christians be in favor of slavery today?

        • @Valerius – Not everyone is motivated by “what the Bible sez”; in fact, I would say fewer than ever are. I don’t CARE what a Chistian should or should not be against. What matters to me is the survival of the White race.

    • @Valerius—-Racial antagonism. racial friction, and the differences of dissimilar peoples are being used by the enemies of Christ to destroy Christ and Christianity. The plan is flawed civilized human beings share certain common characteristics that prevent the desired senseless mass racial killings from taking place. But the purpose is malevolence towards Christ.

    • @Valerius,

      Modern White Christians for many decades have embraced miscegenation because they have been molded via Svengali techniques (e.g., The Big Lie and Neurolinguistic Programing) to embrace the mindset of, “If God made non-whites, then why shouldn’t my son or daughter make more of them.” After all, the preacher will console them with some BS about in heaven that race doesn’t matter.

  2. I think in a real secession, a lot of states would break up by county. For example, perhaps parts of eastern California might break away and parts of southern Nevada might stay with the “West Coast.” Most of Nevada is rural with ranching, mining, etc. so is mostly conservative. Actually, I think most of Nevada belongs to the Federal Government and is uninhabited due to lack of water. It would get very interesting in the real deal with mass migrations.

    • >a lot of states would break up by county

      Obviously people don’t want to be ruled by their ideological enemies — nor by racial aliens — which is one reason it is absurd for Whites to demographically surrender their homelands.

  3. So Beyer, a sitting congressman, felt it necessary to publish a list of people who voted against ‘marriage equality’ (a euphemism I suppose they imagine is more palatable), all Republicans (no Democrats opposed it) — I guess he wants to shame and stigmatize people against something that except for the last few years, has been seen as anathema, even unthinkable and disgusting (for good reason), literally throughout human history — this is a mild, but still mean-spirited, form of cancel culture, one he seems to see as acceptable for a congressman to practice.

    To make a banal observation: obviously people like him who otherwise preach ‘tolerance’ are themselves not at all tolerant of dissent.

    The secular moral absolutism behind ‘wokeness’ creates ideologues like him who are, in a way, fanatics — they tolerate no opposition, and will ostracize and persecute ideological opponents.

    People really ought to note this, as well as think about where it might lead in the future.

  4. Well, a very aggressive social, cultural purge would need to take place and a new political system of media censorship of smut like “twerking on tik tok” etc. No universal franchise etc or the new nation would follow the inevitable trend a few decades later. The cultural rot is just further along in these big blue cities on the coasts. They are like globalist colonies on our soil, get one big enough in your state and even your precious Alabama would be electing creeps like Newsome and AOC. A massive blacklist of leftists needs to take place, more House Unamerican Activities Committee investigations need to return. A full on Taliban style cultural purge of this poison, Gillead, or whatever. A complete break with the past, which would lead to warfare with the globalist rump of what used to be the US. Why should we tolerate having the Golden State stolen from us? They ruined the land of Nixon and Reagan in less than 50 years, why can’t it be taken back in a reconquista and then expulsion of those who won’t play ball. NYC and NE I don’t really care about, they are so alien, but the west coast should be taken back and the vermin destroyed.

  5. ‘Baptist polity’ in the best way to organize a Baptist South, and all the other denominations and ‘non-denominationals’ are all, whether they like it or not, faced with having to adopt Baptist polity because all their non-local governing institutions have been captured.

    The SBC has one seminary, which is a joke, and a bunch of Dallas Yuppies all getting Israeli money to push Zionism in addition to basic upper class PMC values with a Jesus gloss.

    Trump the anti-Christian got all of the regular voters because they were voting for politics not religion obviously.

    ‘Baptist polity’ is also called ‘anarcho-syndicalism’ and such things are hardly unknown to the South if you get my drift.

    Personally I don’t think Dixie culture has a future by itself, but the rebel flag flies everywhere in Red State North America, even if neither Hunter Wallace nor his father listen to country music.

    Instead of divorce, which is containment, think rollback. The enemy is isolated in the urban areas and in academia, they are a far smaller group than people think.

  6. If you call them gay you are on their side. There are plenty of other nouns available. Decent people don’t call them gay.

    • “If you call them gay you are on their side.”
      @ Robert Rangewolf – ^^A seemingly small but very significant point. If you adopt your enemy’s terminology, you accept their ideology.

  7. If we are to secede and form a Greater White Heartland we must also have those red counties and red congressional districts currently held hostage in blue state America AND the Western Canadian provinces. Secession talk is rife there to! So a Greater White Heartland Republic of North America, not just America as in confined to the United States.

  8. Only an extremely tiny percentage of homosexual and interracial sex happens within “marriage”. Check out the Bell and Weinberg study from 1978. Most fags boast hundreds of partners, most strangers. As for mudsharks, I’m pretty sure Daddy didn’t walk them down the aisle.

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