Tucker Carlson: The Great Replacement Is Real

I’m pleased with this.

If you had told me in 2019 that Donald Trump was going to lose the 2020 election, but the Great Replacement would go mainstream, support for secession and political violence would explode among Trump voters, the House GOP would refuse to codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law, Roe v. Wade would fall, Christian nationalism would gain momentum and that Charlie Kirk would be more radicalized in three years than Richard Spencer, I would have been pleasantly surprised.

2014 to 2016 felt like taking two steps forward. 2017 to 2020 felt like taking a step back. 2021 and 2022 feel like taking two steps forward again. Three years ago wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like there has been a big shift in a good way since around the time of that Joker movie. Of course, I could quibble that ordinary people still aren’t as radical as I would like and this has to be soft peddled to them, but I am more struck by how radical they have become in so short a time span. Steve King was denounced and hung out to dry in 2019 for saying much less.

The House voted 424 to 1 over a gaffe to condemn Steve King, white supremacy and White Nationalism in 2019. In 2022, Tucker Carlson is on television with a now conventional monologue about the Great Replacement and 157 House Republicans refused this afternoon to codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. Joe Six Pack stormed the Capitol and tried to hang Mike Pence on 1/6.

Trump should announce soon that he is running again in 2024 for he can get indicted by Merrick Garland, arrested and convicted and sent to prison. If that were to happen, it would push things along even faster in the right direction.


  1. Conservatism 101: What You Need to Know

    A FEW words are in order here about the canard that this is a free country with plenty of competing ideas and opinions, as in liberal versus conservative, Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican.

    This distracting soap opera has been playing for a long time, and I’m hardly the first one to point it out. Way back in 1968, third party presidential candidate George Wallace famously quipped that “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.” And much further back still, Ernest Everhard, the hero of Jack London’s The Iron Heel, confronted Congress in one scene with these words: “There are no Republicans nor Democrats in this House. You are lick-spittlers and panderers, the creatures of the Plutocracy.” As the French proverb goes, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    Although these distinctions have become irrelevant, I occasionally use the terms “Left” and “liberal” as they’re commonly understood, but “conservative” no longer means anything to me.

    I write these words as one who used to proudly called himself a “staunch conservative,” but many years ago came to see that conservatism is a bowl of mush, a synonym for stupidity, hypocrisy, and cowardice. There was a time when the word really meant something, when it meant defending and conserving everything precious in Western civilization that has come down through the ages.

    Genuine conservatism was exemplified by Charles Lindbergh. An intensely private man of sterling character who loathed the press, Lindbergh nevertheless went public in alerting his countrymen to the danger of Jewish influence in the newspaper and film industry, as I’ve written elsewhere, and he also warned of the terrible squandering of the White race’s best genes that would inevitably result from another world war. The issues Lindbergh raised in his speeches and in his wartime diary, which later was published in book form, are as fundamental as ever, but no self-styled conservative since 1945 has dared to bring them up. To do so would be career suicide in a country where media executives determine the boundaries of permissible speech and opinion, beyond which those of all political stripes know not to stray. Lindbergh himself was relegated to near non-existence after the war because of his views. World War Two, a cataclysm for every nation involved, has become the bedrock of lies on which the modern world teeters, yet our hollow military victory in that terrible conflict, which brought Communism to half of Europe as well as China and Korea, is considered a glorious triumph of good over evil by all respectable conservatives.

    In our times, Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman — and incidentally, a retired obstetrician who favors parental freedom of choice on vaccination — has been the only public figure I can think of who espouses the conservatism embodied in the men who created America. As principled a man as Paul is, however, he has always avoided the core issues of race and Jewish power. His integrity was rewarded by media obscurity, in addition to Republican Party dirty tricks that nullified his presidential ambitions in 2008 and again in 2012.

    Pat Buchanan is the grand old man of American conservatism; many would agree that he’s the best that conservatism can offer. This professional chameleon deserves mention only because he has been around forever and has occasionally made sense, at times in the past even angering media bosses and milquetoast conservatives with mild criticism of the Zionist lobby and our endless futile wars. But he’s an old hand at switching sides, and has always landed back on safe ground in the Establishment camp, having a string of books on the New York Times bestseller list to show for it — the hallmark of every well-known conservative, and the reward for playing the game. This is what one would expect of an insider who worked for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan in their presidential years — both of whom wore a conservative hat but never did one thing to put their country on the right track. Nixon was nothing more than an ambitious and pragmatic politician, while Reagan was a basically nice man but totally lacking in substance, a Hollywood actor who played his conservative role to the hilt. What Buchanan offers is a kind of schizophrenic conservatism. Quoting from his writings many years ago, independent researcher Michael Hoffman showed that Buchanan has an ingrained habit of contradicting himself and compromising the truth, that his modus operandi is “to mix very eloquent insights and very well-written and memorable and defiant turns of phrase with one or two sentences crammed with weasel words… [and to] adapt himself to certain illusions so as not to appear too weird and far out to Joe Sixpack.” Buchanan’s half-hearted bid for the presidency, in which he resorted to cheap tactics to distance himself from the “far right,” deeply disappointed his supporters, not once but twice. A tired old gasbag forever stuck in political kindergarten, a profile in mediocrity whose accomplishments in life add up to zero, he continues to blab and write dust. On vaccination he has taken no position that I know of. The best that can be said for him is that he has more self-control than the rest.

    Conservatism has become undefinable. The voting records of politicians who get themselves elected by singing a conservative tune are often indistinguishable from those of their liberal counterparts.

    Americans who call themselves conservatives don’t even know what they believe, preferring to let the tough talkers do their thinking for them. In addition to Fox News, that media fortress of belligerent couch potatoes, there are plenty of vapid conservative Web sites and obnoxious radio talk show hosts who have no interest in honest debate but rather in maximizing their ratings by insulting anyone who disagrees with them — if they’re allowed on the air in the first place. They’ve been playing this game for as long as I can remember with their silly outbursts and their complaining about the way things are, lashing out at “liberals” and “the Left” all the way to the bank, the same way their adversaries lash out at “rightwing extremists” and “white supremacists” (with even some conservatives now, like Sean Hannity, bashing “white supremacists”). It’s a carefully supervised farce, even if most of them don’t realize it. Virtually all these conservative media puppets, not to mention politicians, have three things in common: They’re rich, they’re strong supporters of Israel, and they endorse American military aggression around the world. Some are pretty bloodthirsty about it. Most of them also avoided military service during wartime, some going to great lengths to shirk their patriotic duty while others did the fighting and dying. The Vietnam War is a case in point, and Trump a typical chickenhawk.

    With the draft looming, Donald Trump got four student deferments, then, despite playing three collegiate sports, claimed he had heel spurs, his fifth deferment.

    Nothing illustrates the meaninglessness of contemporary political jargon better than the subject of this book. There is no “conservative” or “liberal” position on vaccination. The late, liberal Democratic senator Edward Kennedy was an advocate of compulsory vaccination, as was the equally slimy conservative Republican senator Bill Frist, a doctor with strong ties to the drug industry. Yet Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., also a steadfast liberal who supported Hillary Clinton for president, has become an articulate spokesman exposing CDC corruption and ripping the vaccine industry (though sadly he insists that he’s pro-vaccine).

    The children of pacifist hippie types are as likely to be unvaccinated as the children of heavily armed survivalist types. We associate the first group with the Left, the second with the Right, but both loathe the government. As the political sands have shifted, the distinctions between Left and Right have largely evaporated, except in street fighting where the lines are clearly drawn. To my mind, the only difference between liberals and conservatives these days is that the political IQ of the latter is, on average, five points higher, with both in the low double-digit range. Conservatism, in the old sense of the word, no longer exists, having been hijacked by “neo-conservatives,” a grossly misleading term.

    This is the subject of the excellent and effectively banned book The Judas Goats by the late Michael Collins Piper, which traces the fraud of modern conservatism back to its roots — the Trotskyite branch of communism in the old Soviet Union, heavily Jewish in origin, whose followers emigrated to the US and metamorphosed into the fanatically pro-Israel neo-cons, from whom nearly all well-known conservatives today take their cues.

    According to Piper,

    The modern-day disciples of Trotskyism are key figures among The Enemy Within, twisting old-fashioned conservatism into a divisive and destructive force that is utilizing America’s military might, the blood of its children, and its national treasure to enforce a global Zionist imperium — in short, a New World Order.

    And Piper was right on target in slamming “conservative” Fox News as a controlled pseudo-opposition — a seemingly sensible alternative on domestic issues to the liberal slop dished out by the other major networks, and one that consequently attracts a large audience, but in reality a blaring propaganda platform for endless war and American and Israeli terrorism.

    The Judas Goats, published in 2006, is as timely as ever, but the proliferation and growing influence of conservative web sites and some new players merits additional comment since they have added to the confusion. A good example is Tucker Carlson, who came on the scene after Piper’s work was published and who, like Pat Buchanan, is more sensible and likable than the rest of the crew. But he too knows which side his bread is buttered on, and expounds accordingly. Perhaps the most fraudulent of the conservative web sites is breitbart.com, which is not only heavily staffed by Jews and stridently pro-Israel, but was actually conceived in that country. These people sometimes take stances, probably insincerely, on certain issues, like gun control and Third World immigration, that strike a chord in White Americans and this confuses them. When the mainstream media refer to such entities or individuals as “ultra-conservative” or “far right” they confuse the issue even more, which is their intention.

  2. Brad, ordinary people aren’t radical because do activism and expouse youreself is difficult, dangerous even if noble and necessary. Several people in the western world think more or less like us but they know that is risk today oppose wokism: you can lost your job, professors can be against you in high school and also in university, journalists and media can be against you and even other ordinary people can attack you…… so a lot of people think like us, at least on some points but they are rightly afraid of the woke’s Inquisition . Me too, was a little afraid of getting a shirt with the Confederate flag and General Lee or Forrest on it, or the classic Confederate bandana, but then I thought that if so many people walk around with Che Guevara, Lenin, Stalin and Mao tze tung shirts, then I can walk around with Lee or Forrest who are saints compared to the communists I mentioned and that various young people have on their shirts. They attack me in the street? I will defend myself.

  3. Tuckah said several times: “It’s not about race.” Sorry Tuckah but it’s all about race all the time.

    Perhaps Tuckah finds that to be a bridge too far right now for the normies. He also put all the blame for the 1965 immigration law on those notorious scumbags LBJ and Ted Kennedy. That’s too easy.

    The 1965 immigration law was called the Hart-Celler act because those were the two politicians who wrote the bill and pushed it through Congress. Ted Kennedy was the floor manager in the Senate, he rounded up the votes which was easy. He was probably drunk most of the time anyway.

    Emanuel Celler (D. Brooklyn) was the driving force behind the legislation. He believed that the 1924 immigration law greatly restricting immigration hurt his people so he advocated for years to have balls out immigration especially for Jewish immigrants, consequences be damned for the rest of us. Apparently this made him a great humanitarian force of nature.


    • Can’t you read between the lines? Don’t you think Tucker knows this and also knows he can’t say it? Nobody who gives a speech like that isn’t really disgusted deep down by the barbarians, you just can’t go so far as to say explicit racial things.

  4. The media and politicians are mad at Tucker Carlson because he is telling the truth. I don’t know how you can call the great replacement to be a “conspiracy theory” when our borders are intentionally broken by the current administration. Joe Biden is on tape saying immigrants out-populating the native born population is a positive outcome.

    The NWO wants a more obedient Brown population of workers ruled by communist liberal policies. A population that works for less, demands and expects less (because they’ll own nothing as they claimed), and obedience with whatever policy or war the government implements.

    As much as Marxist Jews are to blame for a lot of this, the sad fact is that they have plenty of White allies who are sympathetic and even implementers of the great replacement. Which is why I don’t consider myself a White nationalist, hard to believe in your own people when even your own people want to replace you.

    • This originated in the hatred of the jew on the street for white Americans. All the gentiles taking part in this now grew up in these coastal areas with 10-20% jews in their schools that set the cultural tone that they picked up without really understanding where it was coming from. Before they had the cultural control, rich white gentiles rarely held good opinions of the non-white races as a whole. You could tell they got the elites though by the mid 60s when we suddenly abandoned our paternal control and resource development of so many savage areas of the planet.

  5. >Trump should announce soon that he is running again in 2024 for he can get indicted by Merrick Garland, arrested and convicted and sent to prison.
    That would great, as I don’t look forward to the Trumpanzees shitting up all our boards.

  6. Is the Moshiach a conspiracy theory too? The people can not survive in a world built on truth.

  7. Most whites in most Western countries have met lovely black and brown people. They work with them, attend the same church as them or buy items in their stores. It allows them to form the opinion that if we get even more of them, it can only be a positive development.
    But the question is this:- will society be the same with them as the majority,as it was when they were the minority? I have a saying:- a glass of water is great for you, but a whole river will drown you.
    The average white has good experiences with non whites in person, and usually only hear the negative stuff about them on TV or in the news. On top of that, many whites just aren’t political.
    We all love tacos or a good curry. But it doesn’t mean we want browns as the majority in our countries. They have their own.

    • My experience has been positive with non whites living in a rural area and very bad with other whites. Being a separatist just doesn’t make any sense to me, and can make things worse between groups when they do interact.

      • “Most whites in most Western countries have met lovely black and brown people”

        You don’t realize the damage this will do to the greater genetic gene pool. Think generations ahead.

        As David duke illustrates in his first book, Portugal was the most advanced country in Europe in 1400s, they brought in 7% blacks, now they are the most backward.
        (Also, damn ugly.)

      • “whites in most Western countries have met lovely black and brown people. They work with them, attend the same church as them or buy items in their stores”

        I don’t think you realize how delicate our gene pool is.
        If we lose just one Pasteur, Fleming or Jenner, it would set civilization back centuries from its potential.
        People just don’t understand the importance of protecting our genes and those of other WHITES.

        • @Arrian,
          Yes, I do realize. I’m certainly not pro immigration or miscegenation, and wasn’t attempting to come across that way. I live in Australia where three dynamics are occurring simultaneously:- endless immigration, non white birth rates exceeding ours by about 3 to 1, and mixed marriages, particularly of white men to Asian women. And I just hate it all! Studies conclude that Asian women and white men are hugely attracted to each other,and it’s obvious on the streets.
          I’m actually far more anti Asian than this website seems to be. I see these seemingly inoccuous, giggly little Asian women as a big threat to our gene pool and way of life, and really can’t stand the sight of them. And bear in mind that Asian countries don’t have this problem of miscegenation, as they are populated only by Asians. The future of their gene pool is assured.

          • The Asians that we have in my area tend to be college students. They are here to study and go back to China. I very rarely see White-Asian couples. The Chinese girls here are always with Chinese boys. These people are just passing through and getting their degree

      • I am very happy to be living in a 95% white area. Crime, especially the violent type, is not really much of a concern here.

  8. I just wanted to add that I am thankful to Tucker for playing that clip of Biden talking about whites becoming a minority. That video needs to be shown over and over again.

  9. Dear Tucker Carlson

    Last night you claimed that if nonwhite legal immigrants and their nonwhite US Born Children worshipped the Muh Constitution then everything will be alright. This is clearly utter bilge….and a childlike fantasy.

    The Hindus in our America will always be about race. The are voting to take guns away from Southern White Men in the State of Virginia….isn’t that hot shit Hindu arrogance.

    The Hindus and Sikhs are coming to America legally so they can vote the Native Born White American Working Class Historic Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America……to state the very very obvious.

    • Maybe we could Voat Moar Harder…

      This only ends one of two ways, not through the delusion of “voting”.

  10. At this rate, with the way the powers that be keep insulting the population with nonsense, red state America is going to have beliefs two thirds of the way to the The Klan. And they’ll have done it to themselves. If the Left had kept things like they were in the 90s, they might have ruled forever, but they just couldn’t tone it down. Everything has to be pushed, and pushed

    • It’s what they do. It’s never, ever enough. They are insane. They think they are building utopia, but their road leads to hell.

  11. My great grandmother never learned (((English))). She was French but German was basically made illegal here in the Land of Liberty.

  12. Nice try but Tucker is not agreeing with you “White Nationalists” Brad and he is not pushing the “White” replacement theory bullshit because like myself he’s smarter than that. If you listen carefully to what he says he clearly says that the people the left wants to replace are native born Americans not “Whites only”. He also clearly rightly says that it has nothing to do with race whatsoever. You are taking talking points from the far left and projecting your worldview into Tucker Carlson. In doing so you are just as bad as the far left libtards. Clearly there are pro White Tards like yourself. Nice try but the mainstream right has not embraced White Nationalism.


    • Oh really?

      In what other sense did the Immigration Act of 1965 lead to radical demographic change?

      Tucker isn’t radicalizing the audience. He is following the audience. The audience understands that Whites are specifically being replaced by our immigration policy and strongly resents that fact. The audience is far more radical than Tucker to the point of openly embracing secession and violence if necessary to stop it. As with everything else, he sanitizes these topics for television.

      Tucker’s job is to appeal to the populist Right and keep them on boars. Hence, the content. Same with Hannity and conservatives

      • Tucker says what he thinks and believes. You’re just mad because he’s not a moron like you. Unlike you I’m a businessman who deals with the public, and I’ve never met a white separatist. The only time I did was when I was in the “movement” years ago. The average person thinks like myself and Tucker Carlson not like you. Your views are autistic and retarded. I meet good people of all races all the time, and bad are mixed into all races. No race has a monopoly on morality or intelligence. The right thing to do is treat people individually and not as a group. If you had any experience working with the public you’d be smart enough to know how a decent person would treat and interact with everybody. The kind of rhetoric you petal is not intelligent or moral. If you want to isolate yourself from people that don’t look like you knock yourself out. Just don’t expect the majority of good moral folks to embrace your idiocy.

        • As I said above, the audience is much more radical than Tucker who frames it that way because he is on television. The polls clearly show massive racial anxiety in that swath of Trump’s base. It is the audience which is pulling him in this direction. The same is true of the vax stuff

          • ‘polls clearly show massive racial anxiety in that swath of Trump’s base”

            Just wait until this hyper-prosperity ends, things will turn ugly.

        • I’m sure you likely lost your mind. It’s sad you probably put allot of strain on them. Most pro-White people are insane, criminal, or have a type of anti-social or other mental disorders. I never met a normal individual during my time in the movement.

      • It’s been nearly impossible for Europeans to immigrate since the 70’s. My great grandparents didn’t even need visas.

        • I’ve met sons of German veterans of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1950’s, no problem. They were solid, upstanding citizens who didn’t like Communism or politicians who appeased the Communists. Of course, they would be undesirables today, only wogs are allowed in.

        • Why do we want any more strangers coming here? Europeans coming here without visas is how we got into this mess. The early country wanted self sufficient settlers to farm the land to solidify the American claim on the continent against the English, Spanish, and Indians. Unfortunately after the frontier closed in 1890 and this was no longer needed, immigration still continued on of people showing up to become paupers in the city instead of farmers on the plains. It was from this rabble that socialism, radical politics, organized crime, and jews showed up on our shores and took 30 years for this ineffective political system to turn off the spigot before the newcomers usurped the system for themselves and opened it back up to kill what was left of the country and culture that existed before they showed up.

          All the constitution fetishists think America is the final form of perfection. I see it more similar to the big box Harrison Chronometer with the springs and swinging arms. The world’s most accurate clock at the time, a marvelous creation. But it needed to stand still and wouldn’t work on a rocking ship. America was a good start, but the American system has some fatal flaws. It tolerates evil and allowed itself to be overthrown. Most people I interact with when you discuss some nasty perversion like cross dressing will toss out the “well it’s a free country, you can do what you want” even though they are completely disgusted with it. I even held this attitude until fairly recently, but rethought it over the last couple years seeing the fruit this tree bears. A government is an extension of the family, leadership is like the father, paternal. A good father would not react like that if his child engaged in such shameful behavior. A paternal society should not tolerate wickedness, you don’t tolerate your daughter degrading herself making “twerking” videos on Tik Tok, you don’t allow your son to prance around in women’s clothes like James Pritzker and Bruce Jenner. No, maybe total freedom isn’t the way to go and what people think “America is all about” is a dead end in the Darwinian struggle of human societies.

      • Why bother? — isn’t the race denial bullshit he posts here enough to show you what a fucking moron he is?

    • Um, everyone knows that Tucker Carlson is a lying shill. The point is he is FORCED to pretend he isn’t anti-white to get an audience.

      Why do you hate white people so much?

    • “If you listen carefully to what he says he clearly says that the people the left wants to replace are native born Americans not “Whites only.””

      You can read between the lines to easily see what he meant by that. Or in your case, clearly not. Regardless, fuck the mainstream right and fuck conservatives.

      • “You can read between the lines to easily see what he meant by that”

        There is nothing “between the lines.” He means exactly what he says (constantly). Tucker does not care about race. He cares about electing republicans. He takes every opportunity to make that perfectly clear. If he actually cared about race but was trying to hide those views, then he would not spend so much time promoting race-blind meritocracy. It’s not 4d chess. He’s not secretly on your side.

    • One wonders why Orthodox Slumlord wastes his time “slumming” here when he finds the political analysis and opinions so baseless, out-of-touch, fringe and retarded.

  13. “ 2014 to 2016 felt like taking two steps forward. 2017 to 2020 felt like taking a step back. 2021 and 2022 feel like taking two steps forward again.”

    I am not impressed. So what if “awareness” is rising?

    Something like 9 million illegals have entered our country in the last 1.5 years, whites are still dying, and the tards want to re-elect the orange clown to waste another 4 years.

    None of your “steps forward” are accomplishing anything, because they will always be 10 steps behind where they need to be.

    I only care about results at this point, not “awareness”. Conservatives have a limitless ability to fail despite being “aware” of certain truths.

    • I first became aware of the Great Replacement in 2001. It was the foundation of everything that followed and explains how I spent the last 20 years. Most White people were either unaware of this or it was deeply taboo to talk about until about two years ago

      • I came from SoCal originally. It was already a big problem in the 70/80s and by the 90s if you didn’t see it for what it was you had to have been literally blind. We didn’t call it the great replacement obviously but white working class people did talk about it amongst ourselves.

        You’re very fortunate for it not to have been an obvious problem until 2001. I remember having to step over passed out drunken Mexicans in our apartment building stairwell when I was in HS. Prior to that it was a decent white working class neighborhood. That’s one of the reasons I utterly despise that deracinated fool slumlord. He probably lives in a majority White area and has no idea what it’s like to see America turn into Tijuana before your eyes and what that REALLY means. I considered myself lucky because some areas became literal war zones. Something, Mr. “Races don’t exist” doesn’t understand, but I sincerely wish a damn gangland war zone on him. That’s what it literally takes for some people to learn.

    • >I only care about results at this point, not “awareness”.

      I hear you — but it’s still important to get more Whites to see how threatening this racial replacement is for them (see 2020) in order to get them to stop fearing being called racist; as I’ve said before, the physical elimination phase of diversity has already begun — if raising ‘awareness’ helps with that, then it is serving an important purpose.

      linkRacist is a pejorative used against us in psychological warfare to keep us White people from speaking out against (and ultimately resisting) what is being done to our people and our nations.

      • link

        I grew up in upstate NY. It was rare to see negroes in the smaller towns. Starting in the 1980s, state prisons and call centers replaced manufacturing. Many of the negro and mestizo criminals from NYC were sent to upstate prisons where their wives or girlfriends would visit and realize their welfare benefits went a lot farther because of the lower cost of living. A colonization effort began and has compounded the economic woes. … My hometown had the double whammy of deindustrialization and corrupt local politicians. It lost half the population between 1960 and 2000. The population loss was stopped only by throwing the city open as a refugee dumping ground. Once the grants for refugee resettlement expired, the refugees went on the taxpayer’s dime. The school system used to be pretty good. Recently it was sued for not providing adequate opportunities to a literal UN student population. A church was replaced by a mosque. … I did some family history research and called up googlemaps to see the house my father grew up in. It’s now a vacant lot and the adjacent house is boarded up. … When Whites regain power, we need to settle some scores. I blame the liberal whites and jews more than the browns who are just reacting to incentives.

        Some may have seen and remember this piece from a few years ago about Utica NY:

        My Hometown Is Gone

        • “It’s now a vacant lot and the adjacent house is boarded up”

          Also , the property taxes , to support all the POC , have driven out many WHITES.

          Your story can be repeated for 1,000s of towns in America.

  14. Anti-anti-whiteness is now mainstream and running against the open anti-white bigotry of Antifa like Jared Holt is now a winning issue for Republicans.

    Tucker Carlson is the highest rated media celebrity in the country, and Republicans who promise to stop mass immigration are poised to take over the government.

    We normies, regular Americans, are not going to tolerate anti-whiteness and while we know Republicans are lying scum who will never actually lift a finger to stop mass immigration unless forced to, they might go after the funding of some of these anti-white groups which is a victory in and of itself.

    Things are looking up!

  15. It’s not a racial issue, it’s an economic and social issue, says the voice of normie right wing America.
    Totally ignoring the most important fact that Whites will be a minority nationwide in less than twenty years, thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act.

    I know that Tucker has to be careful how he talks about this issue, but Pat Buchanan was saying the same thing thirty years ago! THIRTY! I still have a copy of his 1991 column that praised Lawernce Auster’s 1990 booklet “The Path to National Suicide”, which was my awakening on this issue.

    • Yep.

      I read Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis like 20 years ago. Back then, Buchanan and Francis had been kicked out of the Con Inc. club. Sam was good friends with my father in law

  16. This isn’t new. The media has just decided to start calling plain old conservative opposition to illegal immigration “the great replacement conspiracy theory.” Republican party propagandists like Rush Limbaugh have been going on about it for decades, and like Tucker they all say it has nothing to do with race.

    • “media has just decided to start calling plain old conservative opposition to illegal immigration “the great replacement conspiracy theory.”

      Control the narrative, Control the narrative.

  17. Definitely agree with HW’s last comment, that DJT may be “indicted by Merrick Garland, arrested and convicted and sent to prison. If that were to happen, it would push things along even faster in the right direction.” I appreciate for what DJT has done for American politics over the last seven years, but I think he has served his purpose and now it would be better for the America First agenda to get someone else as the GOP candidate. My preferred choice at this time is Ron DeSantis.

    I get the sense that most on the Left think that if they remove DJT, the America First movement dies. Not true at all. DJT was the battering ram which opened the Overton Window on what could be discussed or proposed, but he is not the movement and the movement is more than just a cult of personality.

    • ‘that DJT may be “indicted by Merrick Garland, arrested and convicted and sent to prison. ”

      Really doubt that. With GOP taking both houses, Garfinkle might find himself under indictment.

  18. >“2014 to 2016 felt like taking two steps forward. 2017 to 2020 felt like taking a step back. 2021 and 2022 feel like taking two steps forward again.”

    That’s cuz Cheeto spent the better part of his time in office pulling the wool over the eyes of his base, making them believe they were winning (everything was 4D chess with MAGA normies – a sentiment being fueled by grifters & shills), all while online censorship ramped up, “anti-semitism” was banned from universities, SLAPP lawfare effectively outlawed pro-white public demonstrations, and antifa/BLM destabilized the country with riots that resulted in innocent bystanders lynched, small shops looted & burned, statues everywhere being toppled. Good thing he monitored the situation! LAW & ORDER! And for good measure, add in his constant fellating of Isreal & Bibi, his bemoaning of black incarceration rates, his pardoning of rappers & Jewish criminals, his LGBT pandering, and, worst of all, his promotion of the minstrel show Diamond & Silk. His presidency was like one big humiliation ritual for his base. Everyone else may have forgotten it but it is burned into my brain.

    That said, Blormf *is* a better choice to have in office that Biden per se. The problem is with the easily decieved MAGA base. I made the case back in 2020 that a Biden presidency would be worse legislatively, but better in the long run in terms of radicalizing the right. I was proven right 100%. Having a dem in office is better than a neocon in populist clothing. At least the downward spiral of America isn’t being covered up. I can only hope they steal another election.

    NOTE: if everyone in Trump’s base was smart instead of gullible plan trusters, I’d want Trump in office, not Biden.

  19. As negro Eddie Murphy quipped about a starving man, Tucker Carlson is a stale saltine cracker that to the starving man tastes like a Ritz cracker.

    The first commentator on this thread nailed Carlson succinctly.

    Granted that Carlson has moved the (((mainstream right’s))) Overton Window, he is to pro-Whites what Gregor Strasser was to the NSDAP.

    Devin Stack did one of his best deep dives on “The Tucker Carlson Question ” in the video with Hebrew Heights in the title. It’s available on Bitchute.

  20. Jared Taylor never names the Jew and if you do it in a comment on AmRen it will be deleted — despite this, overall his work has been, and still is, valuable; he and AmRen do a lot more good than harm — so I won’t criticize him — there are plenty of others who address the JQ.

    It’s the same with Carlson — he has to play a civic nationalist in TV (maybe he is one in real life, I don’t know); nothing else is possible — and like Taylor, his presence on a platform as prominent as Fox does more good than harm.

    At this point I dislike these faux big brain takes where random internet guy tells us the scoop on Carlson (or Taylor or whomever) — we know.

    • E Michael Jones destroyed Jared Taylor in their debate. Jared is an atheist materialist so whatever he says is futile.

    • Jared Taylor doesn’t simply “never name the Jew.” It would be nice if he did that. He names them, says they are our fellow Whites, and says we need to work with them to fight against the real problem: Black hood rats. Like Tucker, he doesn’t simply stop short of addressing the specific issue, he pushes the opposite narrative that is against our interests.

      Having a policy of not talking about Jews does not imply that one needs to shill for Jews instead, yet Jared Taylor does this. Having a policy of not talking about race does not imply that one needs to shill for race-blind MLK “I have a dream” ideology instead, yet Tucker Carlson does this. The sound inference to make here is that both Jared Taylor and Tucker Carlson actually believe the messages that they are putting out, that Jews are our friends and that race doesn’t matter, respectively. If they were merely concealing their views, there would be no need for them to go all the way and endorse the opposite viewpoint, as Taylor and Carlson do.

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