How To Transition a Rooster To a Hen

The Science says you can do this.


  1. Animals in the wild know to stay with their own kind and that includes mating. Leopards,cougars, lions, tigers, jaguars are all in the cat family but don’t intermingle or mate with the others cats.

    • ” know to stay with their own kind and that includes mating.”

      Even down subspecies.
      Mountain Grouse with Mountain Grouse.
      Sage Grouse with Sage Grouse.
      Prairie Grouse with Prairie Grouse.

      In rare instances they do interbreed, none of the females are interested in mating with the hybrid offspring.

      Get this, USDA won’t allow the importation of African Antelope, because it will contaminate the genes of American Antelope.

      Our GD government is more concerned about Damn antelope than human genetics.

  2. I have the feeling that Dr. Victor Frankenstein is sitting in on some of these meetings, when it comes to how to corrupt God’s creation.

    • I wonder if the Romans had the same feeling, when their empire was being destroyed by Christianity, which is a tool of oppression.

  3. Again, people who talk about science and refuse science and biology (which clearly is based on male and female) …… and we have to lost our time with this moronage.

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