1. In late Soviet Union they also removed people by announcing that comrade X unfortunately is sick and can not fulfill his duties anymore so comrade was sent to retirement with all the respect. This was much honest that murders and show trials.

  2. Nobody gives a shit if he has cancer or is just an idiot. Everyone has always hated this guy. Only people with axes to grind and naive wine moms ever pretended otherwise to get him elected.

    • He probably got the syphilis by sharing one of Hunter’s whores.

      Dementia Joe doesn’t have cancer, Dementia Joe is cancer.

      • “He probably got the syphilis by sharing one of Hunter’s whores.”

        Probably, he got it from kamala. Cancer, COVID, or syphilis — whatever it takes to kill the evil old bastard.

  3. He’s outlived his usefulness to our real “chosen” overlords.

    I think the following statement isn’t far off now “Due to concerns for my heath, as well as, the well being of my family and the Nation, I will be stepping down as President of the United States in September. Please support Vice President Harris as she assumes the duties of President. God bless America. Take seat now.

    • I always thought that was the plan from the very beginning. They’d use him to get Harris into position because no one would have voted for her.

    • Apparently he got cancer from oil spraying on the windshield of his mother’s car when she was driving him to grammar school. That is what the idiot claimed in the speech he gave.

      I’m waiting for The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine to confirm this though.

  4. It’s an undeniable fact that Biden presents with dementia, but retardicans will never call that out.

    • Repukes work for the same bosses that Shitpants Joey does. With the caveat that he’s just a retarded ventriloquist’s dummy, take note that he’s had more of his legislative and executive agenda enacted and enforced that Dump did in four solid years of “owning the libs’ on Twitter. There is no opposition party, just the fake and gay GOP, typified by Lady G, Captain Underoos and Mitch the Bitch.

      Voat moar harder, zeks!

  5. Give Joe the stuff that is harvested for all those aborted babies, embryonic stem cells, that will make that blood sucker feel young again.

  6. Soon to be President Kamala? My god this country is a joke and a travesty.

    • Cackling Kamala, Come on Down! She is exactly what this GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire richly deserves. She is the logical endpoint of what The Left preached for years and is now Accepted Wisdom by the “conservatives”, horrible Republicans, MAGA types, Fox TV preaching, suburban liberals, etc.

      All men are created equal, the coloreds are just as smart, Whites are evil, It’s her turn, women are entitled, not just eligible to hold public office, wogs should be let into the country by the tens of millions, no person is illegal, diversity is our strength, cultural enrichment, etc.

      All of that shit will be on the line when Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President. When she fails spectacularly, which is inevitable, the cascading national and international failures will be inextricably entwined with Cackling Kamala, the Left, the “conservatives”, the Liberals, The Usual Suspects, the Democrats, the Republicans (who aided and abetted for decades), et al. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

      Unfortunately, the rest of us are along for the ride, like it or not, through the Tunnel of Horrors when the wheels come off the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire. Don’t forget to vote in November, Dominion is counting (literally) on you.

  7. Well, if he was getting pushed out for dementia it would reflect badly on the democratic party machine since it would confirm the rumors were all true and obviously they would have known all along and pushed him in anyway. Cancer they could claim just struck like lightening, however it’s probably true as it looks like another Freudian slip up from the crook. Is it in fact brain cancer? That could explain the dementia as well, if not seems he has both old timers disease dementia and cancer. He won’t last long then, you have to be strong willed to fight cancer and senile folks go quickly.

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