Michael Peroutka Wins Republican Nomination For AG In Maryland


Did you see this?

Huff Post:

“Michael Peroutka, a neo-Confederate activist who’s refused to disavow a racist group to which he once belonged, has won the Republican nomination to be Maryland’s next attorney general.

Peroutka, a former Anne Arundel County Council member, beat his opponent Jim Shalleck, a former state and federal prosecutor, on Tuesday. He’ll face Democrat Anthony Brown in November. …

As documented in a recent, extensive Vice News profile, Peroutka is part of a growing Christian nationalist coalition that’s tightening its grip on the GOP. He believes lawmakers should “take a biblical worldview and apply it to civil law and government.” …

And in 2002, according to Vice, Peroutka gave a speech to a racist organization called the League of the South, in which he said he was “still angry” that Maryland did not secede from the Union during the Civil War.  …”

I’ve met Michael Peroutka before.

He spoke at one of the first League of the South conferences that I attended about a decade ago. I think I may have voted for him when he ran for president on the Constitution Party ticket.


  1. For what i know, as also you wrote in this article, Peroutka left League of the South, even if his principles are still conservative. It’s ridiculous that they attack him because of his past in the League when he’s not anymore in the League because he didn’t agree with the League tone and method.

  2. Both Maryland and Delaware would have seceded if they were allowed to, in the case of Maryland Yankee occupiers literally had to arrest the elected legislators before they could hold a vote.

    The first Southerners to spill Yankee blood were the men of Maryland who opened fire on Yankee troops in Baltimore about to board the south bound trains to invade Virginia.

    Now Maryland is enemy territory worse than Occupied Northern Virginia.

  3. There’s a longstanding attitude in this movement – understandable on some level, but irrational in the current year – that unless an aspiring politician is exactly like we want him to be, then he’s not good enough. Political purity, basically. Renegade Tribune and the Vanguard crowd specialize in this.

    I don’t see how it hurts or waters down the WN Movement for conservatism, the Republican Party, and WN to increasingly blend together, blurring the distinctions among both. It would only hurt us if we surrendered on our major principles – such as race mixing being a bad thing. I’m not worried about that happening. Increasingly, the conservative movement and the GOP are unable to gatekeep and keep “The Bad Stuff” out.

    Our job as a movement is to drag conservatism and the Republican Party rightwards, and continue to goad them into growing balls and punching back against the Left. We shouldn’t want to destroy conservatism. We should transform it in our own image.

  4. These Christ killers like Jared Holt do not get, there is nothing wrong with hating those who prey upon the weak and the innocent. In fact it is a good, a righteous thing, the Christian thing to do. Why do you hate the unborn Jared? Where you born that way or was it inculcated into your pea sized brain and you were too morally weak to fight what was forced on you?

  5. It’s pretty funny since Peroutka is a Czech name so it’s highly unlikely his ancestors were anywhere in Maryland during the war.

  6. The only appropriate response to shitlibs when they “demand” disavowals of sane pro-White positions/affiliations is something like:

    “I disavow nothing. Let my enemies disavow their nation-destroying Cultural Marxism.”

    Never defend. Always counter-attack.

  7. Everyone has a mother and a father, and you might not be sure who the father is, but, you know who the mother is. LOL. His mother might be a Smith or a Jones. Then you have grandmothers.

    The earlier your family came to the US the harder it is to figure out whose who too. LOL.

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