Axios: Trump Plots 2024 Revenge Tour

I support the sentiment.

I doubt it could be competently executed though.


“Former President Trump’s top allies are preparing to radically reshape the federal government if he is re-elected, purging potentially thousands of civil servants and filling career posts with loyalists to him and his “America First” ideology, people involved in the discussions tell Axios.

The impact could go well beyond typical conservative targets such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service. Trump allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department — including the FBI, and reaching into national security, intelligence, the State Department and the Pentagon, sources close to the former president say.

During his presidency, Trump often complained about what he called “the deep state.”

The FBI needs to be abolished.

The entire “intelligence community” needs to be abolished.

“Sources close to the former president said that he will — as a matter of top priority — go after the national security apparatus, “clean house” in the intelligence community and the State Department, target the “woke generals” at the Defense Department, and remove the top layers of the Justice Department and FBI. …”

Jared’s mismanagement of his campaign is one of the top reasons he lost the 2020 election.

“Daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner are no longer involved in Trump’s political operation …”


  1. Donald Trump….never trust this tapeworm parasite…Just ask yourself two simple questions:

    Who will Trump pick as his economic advisors?

    Who will Trump pick as his military advisors?

    Trump on the campaign trail:”‘Putin would not have invaded Ukraine…….Putin was afraid of me because he knew that I would have bombed the Russian Military in Ukraine…”…..This is what you will be voting for… addition to a massive increase in Chinese Legal Immigrants….and Hindu Legal Immigrants….and Sikh Legal immigrants……”

    • Doubt he would close the southern border too. He will say the millions got in, were allowed in, and there was no active border, so they are citizens.
      How can anyone trust him? He allowed businesses to be looted and burned, people attacked, police stations burnt down, while in office, but the MAGAs don’t seem to care one bit.

  2. He’s a slow learner, but he’s finally onto something — still I don’t trust him — I know he was relentlessly persecuted and ridiculed by the political and media establishments, but he consistently failed to use the power of the presidency — his appointments were horrible — he turned on his friends, e.g. Sessions — he’s dumb and a vain narcissist who above all else wants people to like him — his farcical intervention in a case like that of ASAP Rocky was embarrassing and a stain on the office — on his way out he pardoned Jewish white collar criminals but did nothing for Assange — despite thinking fraud cost him the election, on Jan 06 he made that shitty little video saying those who entered the Capitol deserved to have the book thrown at them — even today he has said next to nothing about the ridiculous ‘insurrection’ narrative, and the way those arrested are being treated.

    • Losing the election and getting stabbed in the back by all the snakes who worked for him probably helped open his eyes a bit. He was naive about all sorts of things like the generals. The fact that he had no government experience hobbled his first term.

      Will things be different in 2025? Probably not, but the crushing and humiliating experience of losing the 2020 election was a kick in the ass that will make a second term different than if he had won in 2020.

      If Trump had won in 2020, it would have been more of the same. Trump’s base wouldn’t be nearly as radical as they are today. His followers are far more radical than Trump himself now

    • WMD Liars Pretending Trump Relevant and Totally Going to do Real Populism this Time

      … Trump was hated by our parasite class because he actually ran on doing what the people want. That’s the only reason why he was hated. He showed to the entire World that Conservatism is fake. Nobody wants that. What people want instead is some guy who’s going to do the bad things to the bad people and make your streets cleaner and your cities Whiter. That’s what people actually want, and we saw yet another example of this with the Florida woman who called for the doctors who prescribe permanently sterilizing hormones to people to swing from the trees. The People loved it, the Conservative denounced. …

      • They always focus on the unimportant issues. They never focus on anti-whitism, massive immigration, the millions and millions on welfare, lack of good jobs, violent crime, continued erosion of our cities, high inflation, CRT.

    • @eah – That’s a great summation of Trump. I don’t know, though. When you consider what is sitting (or more likely, napping) in the Oval Office right now… No matter, though; because I truly believe that TPTB will never let Trump enter the White House as President again. He won’t able to resist making a spectacle of himself in the next election cycle, but it’s over for him.

      • > I don’t know, though.

        I understand — it’s the lesser of two evils conundrum: do I vote yet again for the lesser of two evils?

        For me, the answer is no, I won’t — I broke my voting fast and voted for Trump in 2016 (an easy decision), but I did not vote for him in 2020, and won’t be voting for him in 2024 if he runs/is nominated — I just can’t and won’t do the lesser of two evils thing anymore — in addition, I actually dislike Trump: I think he’s buffoonish, and his populism is cartoonish.

  3. Learned your lesson yet Donald? No Irish and no Jews, no Miley’s, no Kelly’s, no Gary Cohn’s, and no homos either. You can not let these people near you, they will subvert and undermine your intentions.

  4. The moronic white-wing supporters of the Republican Party & Trump though, can’t figure out he’s a phony Zionist conman leading them nowhere. That was his appointed role–a relief valve for the white masses to gather around & dissipate their political frustration into nothing. The Republican Party is part of the Marxist dialectic to morph the nation into an anti-white Judeo-Communist tyranny. If the millions of white-wing masses had any intelligence they would recognize Trump as a demagogic fraud, abandon this Zionist owned Republican Party & start a new one controlled by them..but they’re too moronic for that, thus they will be unable to effectively combat the ‘Great Replacement’ project…

    • Trump endorsed the governor candidate, Lake, who is pro-immigration.
      Right now, there is no border, and it’s not illegal to walk into the US…so the millions who have done this, and will do this, will be instant citizens, and get more and more from us.

  5. “I doubt it could be competently executed though.”

    It doesn’t need to be. This is the central issue with how the dissident right views national politics, and why it is autisticly floundering around unhappy with every candidate for one or another fringe reason, never organized toward any constructive end, and why ultimately it needs to completely fade from any public consciousness.

    The conceit of both the dissident right and the alt right before it was that the federal government needed to be taken back, reformed in our image, and wielded against the jews and blacks to bring about an ethnostate, a utopia for Whitey comprised of wheat fields and populated with Eastern European trad wives who spend their days pregnant and walking through said wheat fields singing hymms or whatever Orthodox Christians do and similar dumb shit that will never happen.

    We don’t, in fact, need Trump to be anything other than the bull in the Washington china shop that we originally sent him there to be. The utter dysfunction and deligitimization of Washington MUST be the goal, so that states are forced to step into the vacuum and establish parallel institutions that are increasingly independent of central governance.

    Nobody cares if he pulls it off competently. We just want the swamp drained. Its been pretty clearly stated since day one. The place is irreparable. It just needs neutralized and replaced.

    Trump is just the guy for this. Everybody that voted Trump understood this. Drain the Swamp was the goal. It got diverted by tax cuts for rich people etc. Its time to smash the gears of the machine.

    • His talk was all lies, to get in. Just tell people what they want to hear. Republicans are still doing this, criticizing liberal appointees and politicians, but never doing anything about them. People say that the Rep going after them is so great, we need more like that. What a waste of time.

  6. Fire all of DC and build a new national capital right smack in the middle of the country like around Branson MO or in Kansas or something. Sure it will go bad eventually as all things decay, but for now we’d have a fresh new start with some new life.

    • Yes, agreed. We need new power centers.

      We desperately need new media centers – Branson MO or Nashville Indiana. Where does Hallmark produce their very white movies targeting women viewers.

    • Who has the power to do this? Or is this more fantasizing? We all know what should be done. But no one has the power to do anything.

  7. If he intends to fire thousands upon thousands of woke communists throughout the federal government including the department of justice, pentagon, and intelligence community, that alone is a reason to vote for Donald Trump in 2024.

    • Another empty promise from the shill who hired only those recommended by SES (Soros Employment Service) and then acted surprised when lifelong swamp-dwellers expanded the swamp instead of draining it. That was likely the plan all along of course. He had his chance and he failed. Time to dry up and blow away along with the rest of the chaff.

  8. The biggest Trump supporter in my neighborhood in semi-rural Indiana now has a Trump 2024 flag on his flagpole, just below the Stars & Stripes. He kept his Trump 2020 flag up until it literally dissolved. He also has a sign in his yard that states “I support Israel – no land for peace.” Can’t fix stupid.

  9. So he plans to do in 2025 what he should have done in 2017?

    Fine, I guess?

    But, like 2017, the only way this can be done is by calling up the militia to intimidate the Deep State. Trump is not that type of man.

    We really do need a Modern Cyrus the Great

    • IT’S ALL TALK, just like he did for 4 years. Just like the Republicans do. Just talk and talk. Yell and rant, make promises, but NEVER deliver. He is not on our side.

  10. If Bill Clinton was our first Black president, then Trump qualifies without a doubt as our first Jewish president.As long as he worships Jews, will there be any real change? When all is said and done, more will be said than done!

    • At least he has fallen out with his jew daughter. Hopefully the Kushner criminal family will have no say in the next go-round, for whatever that is worth.

  11. Really- what do you expect from a president that throws Jeff Sessions under the bus, but keeps a sidewinder like Rod Rosenstein in office? If I had one wish it would be that once elected, Trump suddenly becomes jew wise.

  12. Trump was never important!

    However what is important is what he awakened and left in his wake, something that have been dormant too damn long but is now stirring!

    There is nothing stopping this, not Trump not the enemy nothing

    • Ivanka & Kushner not being involved is true until it’s not… meaning Jared & Ivanka were also not very central in his 2016 campaign… until Trump actually had a shot at winning.

      Will Ivanka & Jared be involved in a second trump White House. Almost undoubtedly.

      For right now trump would be happy to play along that Ivanka & Jared have NOTHING to do with and will have NOTHING to do with maga part deux.

      If he fails they’ll be completely clean of 2024, and if he succeeds they can jump on whenever.

      He knows they’re not popular with his base so it’s helps him and them to have this messaging out right now. Jared & Ivanka can regain standing in their community/social circles. And when if trump is getting close to winning his base won’t leave him for bringing them on in the home stretch and it would gain him favor with people he would want on his side.

      It only makes sense he would down play Jared & Ivanka as non-existent now and to bring them out in the summer of 2024 to reassure the GOP he’s safe (possibly sooner, really comes down to when he wants to signal to the GOP he’s total safe and puncture his outsider a facade). And by that time the grift on desperate whites will have been successful.

      I don’t think trump will get past the primaries. GOP voters pride themselves as being pragmatic. Trump could over come his flaws by saying I deliver, I’m a winner. But he ended his presidency as a victim and while this is a very normy take I do think it’s largely correct. Trump doesn’t have winner energy anymore. Republicans pragmatic pride was weaponized by trump last time but he’s given that up by embracing the hostage-trump narrative.

      While his hostage trump copes bought him empathy points in the short run saying elect me and nothing will change but that’s just because the deep state is so afraid of me they’ll do Russia gate times a 100 on me… isn’t a winning message.

      And while lots of people would still believe all the trump copes. They still are looking for a winner that can get stuff done.

      This is why Trump is ACTUALLY saying he wants to get rid of the intelligence agencies, because I’m sure some personal gripes but because this then frees him from his own narrative of inaction.

      However like anything trump leverages for power as soon as he’s cut in on the deal he’s good with it.

      It also might be a hardball threat to stave off prosecutions but I think it’s more about freeing himself from his own self limiting narrative.

      It’s all bullshit. Fuck Trump. Fuck DeSantis.

  13. Trump’s campaign slogan: “Give me another chance! This time I really, really mean it, not like last time.”

    With rising stars like DeSantis or the Hindu Nimrata it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

  14. It’s really sad to see that some of the regular OD commentators are still pitiful republican normie patriotards. Yep, keep cheering on that rotting corpse of the nation you thought you knew, and still are maddeningly loyal to.
    Your playbook is retarded and bound to fail bigly.

    • Yes, and offer up your children to Moloch when the U.S. Government passes a bill of conscription after the November elections to show your true patriotism, Fox TV says it’s the right thing to do.

      Don’t forget; Taiwan, Ukraine and Our Greatest Ally are counting upon You to make sacrifices for them and their just causes. They have already purchased mercenary services from the scumbags in Congress so It’s Your Turn Now.

      The people waving the flag will be shocked when the U.S. Government really does mean It’s Their Turn Now. They always thought it would be someone else, anybody else whom the U.S. Government picked for its wars.

  15. All those things should’ve been done the first time around, but instead Orange Dump went to (((Jared))).

    Even if his eyes are at long last opened and he’s determined to do it, he’d almost certainly fail because he’s just an incompetent, egomaniacal assclown, Plus he’s already too damned old for the office – although clearly vastly sharper than Asshole Eyes.

    He needs to get out of the way and let a younger, genuinely serious man do it (if any truly exist under this corrupt jew/billionaire system). He could contribute by fully endorsing that man: joint rallies to work up to fever pitch the enraged MAGAtards even more radicalized by Biden, etc.

    That would be the smart way to take revenge – but it wouldn’t be the Dump way, because everything must be about HIM.

  16. He over promised and under delivered. What he did do, however, was show up the Left for the imature psychos that they really are. With Biden in, they can rest easy again. But his presidency was four years of wasted time.
    He may as well have done everything he said he would, because the left hated his guts anyway. Instead, he was hated, without actually doing anything.
    So there’s your democracy:- Conservatives who fuck around achieving nothing, or leftists who continue to lead the country down a progressive sewer. Needless to say, democracy is a failed concept.

    • On the contrary, Shitpants Joey has unleashed the Church of Woke for everyone to see just how psycho they truly are – even to the point we have some fragmentation seen in strongholds like Mexican areas of Texas. The endless negrolatry and hate-whitey screeching is causing more normies to walk away from them. It’s going to end in war so it hardly matters. Democracy is a scam – always has been.

    • ” . . . democracy is a failed concept. There it is, right there. That should be engraved in stone with gilded letters at least 30 inches tall in every airport, at the entrance to every city (especially Washington), every state capitol and especially in Congress, the home of scumbags.

      • @12AX7,
        It’s in place to give people a false sense of having a say, or some control of their nation’s destiny when we all know that’s bullshit. Same Jewish power, same lobby groups, same policies regardless of who gets in. It’s farcical. When ‘conservative’ politicians are in control, immigration, crime, offshoring, foreign aid, gay rights, etc somehow still occurs. It’s never stopped.

    • @Goose “He may as well have done everything he said he would, because the left hated his guts anyway. Instead, he was hated, without actually doing anything.”

      I’ve thought that too. If he knew he was on his way out, and there was more leftist control going on, why didn’t he do what he could before he left? Instead, he tried to placate certain groups by letting them riot and loot without consequences.

  17. We’ve heard it all before Donald, shrinking government, streamlining government, blah, blah, blah. When you start saying “Make America White again” I’ll start listening but I’m not holding my breath.

  18. So, this is it? This is the Win? People Thinking about Secession & the Great Replacement Theory? Trump 2024?

    What a waste of time this whole 2015-2022 exercise has been.

  19. “Sharma is prescriptive about what gets a person on his list. He wants applicants who want to cut not just illegal but also legal immigration into the United States. He favors people who are protectionist on trade and anti-interventionist on foreign policy. They must be eager to fight the “culture war.” Credentials are almost irrelevant.”

    All the right goals. I read that lengthy piece, and will read part 2.

    This multi-group recruitment effort to vet thousands of “America First” staffers to ready to replace the permanently embedded shitlib bureaucrat scum who obstructed Dump every step of the way is a very good & necessary thing if he wins a second term and he doesn’t want it to turn out to be just another revolving door assclown circus.

    It all depends on Orange Dump’s level of seriousness & iron resolve. We didn’t see an atom of that from him for 4 interminable years.

  20. Trump is not the guy. He talked big and did little. Provoked his enemies without reducing them. Watched his friends stick their necks out for him, and kept watching as his enemies cut them down one by one, right up until the very end. On Jan 6 he called on his supporters to march on the Capitol, then went home and watched events on TV – a general who abandons his men will never regain their confidence. He made everything worse, with no attempt at all to turn that to anything useful.

    He’s a slightly less disfunctional Ross Perot. Perot’s comeback attempts were laughed off. By 2024, nobody will be taking Trump seriously anymore.

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