1. I think that we will not have the decade. Economy and financial sector are in so bad shape that they will not survive years.

    Also everybody want to stop wars, get rid from the Empire and start living normal life.

    All this puts tremendous pressure on the already weakened Empire.

    • ” as the economic toll of the war starts to topple Western governments. ”

      Beyond that,

      With Europe’s crippling dependence on Russian Nat gas Putin has an opportunity to shatter NATO, politically.
      (As NATO should be dissolved, a threat to political stability in Eurasia and globally.)

    • “Also everybody want to stop wars,”

      Juri, you’re too sincere in your projections.
      There are very powerful forces in the MIC and the geo-power institutions that want wars, for profit and power.

  2. You’re right. It was, rather autistic. But very enjoyable for all that. How much actually happens like he thinks, we will just have to see. I’m not sure it will be as dramatic as all that though. Rather than die in a fight, it’s more like some obese pink haired trans furry, shoving Cheetos in his mouth passing out from diabetes, general disease, and aids.

  3. Well, Gordon Change has spent the last twenty years predicting “the imminent collapse of China” so I take all these Chinese doomsday predictions with a grain of salt. Another think is when the US goes broke, if it isn’t already, the biggest unnecessary expense to cut (as if it were some caller to Dave Ramsey) is the prohibitively expensive Navy. A broke America would no longer be the global Naval Power, nor is Biden and his little woke yenta girl string pullers any sort of leader who would get the farm boys off to fight “over there.” More and more of what is left of Normal America is just waiting for the occasion to pounce and try to restore some sort of resemblance to the nation we grew up in.

    Covidianism is the biggest mistake a ruler can make, that and the non existent “Climate Crisis” both of them wreck the economy and society, the cure is far worse than the disease. Nations who follow either of these policies are shooting themselves in the foot, if not in the chest. I’d shy away from these long term weaknesses like aging populations and expect the near term problems more likely to manifest by looking at who is “green” or a covidian and who isn’t. I don’t know how 2024 will play out but DeSantis does a 100% anti covidian track record on his resume that will only help. Resisting the greens is equally important, lesser things like standing against gender madness will be judged in the future too, that corporate shill governor of Arkansas failed that test big time along with my soon to be ex-congressmen GOP Rodney Davis who voted for the queer marriage abomination. But in the future what you do now to either support or resist the “climate change” hucksters or covidian lockdown maniacs will be the scarlet letter you wear on your chest.

    I already see strange economic decisions being made in the west by car companies more in tune to what you’d expect under Khruschev than a normal market economy. Ford just announced massive layoffs so it can concentrate on electric vehicles, a whole bunch of other traditional car makers also announced plans to go all electric by 2030 or some future date like that. Why? Are these market driven decisions or political? Where is the great demand for electric cars coming from other than the smug privileged elite like in that South Park episode making fun of hybrid cars? Who is eeking to pay $80K for an electric car instead of a gas sedan for $25K? Who can afford those things? Why would you want to change from making affordable products to a niche item few can afford? How are the working poor living in apartments supposed to afford those things and where would they hook them up to recharge? These are not market driven decisions, this is ideological madness, the west will fall unless these people are tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

    • “working poor living in apartments ”

      Simply dismissed with ‘they can take public transit’. We both know that’s absurd, but the ruling elite neither know or care.

      The reason to go electric, most new oil is beyond America’s control sphere. America is very vulnerable to ‘oil control’.

  4. Its all a setup from the start. The West isn’t sending Ukraine anything of significant value to contribute to ‘victory’. Its similar to the ‘Cold War’ where the West was purportedly ‘anti-Communist’ but was actually subsidizing the USSR. The Ukrainians themselves have stated much of the promised war material hasn’t arrived. The transnational Jewish Oligarchs & their visible Jewish proxies (Biden, Johnson, Zelensky, Putin et al.) colluding & coordinating their war to demolish Ukraine & exterminate thousands/millions of white nationalist Ukrainians to prevent the creation of a Fascist Ethnostate from forming. This is what they will do to any ‘white nation’ they perceive as a potential threat to their global Zionist-Communist hegemony.

    • Why did the nationalists play along with Zelensky? I bet there were plenty of opportunities to assassinate him. Now they are being exterminated for him.

      • You’re not a nationalist if you want to give away your country’s sovereignty to the EUSSR and to NATO – two tentacles of the Zionist Globo-Pedo Empire. They’re either fake-nationalists (as you see with the Scottish National Party) or morons. Retarded goys who are an easy mark for Uncle Schmuel and his minions, who will gladly have them fighting to the last Ukrainian.

  5. The video says its not click bait but it basically is. Our enemies are immoral but they are not the stupid, the New World Order has been built to last. People are so numb and fat these days that the idea that they would “rise up” against their evil NWO oppressors is laughable. If the market crashes then it is done on purpose.

    Don’t underestimate our enemies. They are putting all bets on the table that we will own nothing and be replaced through relentless immigration. They are also putting all bets that we will do nothing about it and they are right. People these days are trash, no sense of moral compass, no sense of respect for work ethic, no sense of honor, no sense of respect for your community.

    Hunter, everyone is glued on their phones like mindless zombies in the Matrix and you are counting that somehow just reducing living standards will somehow cause these people to rebel. Everyone is looking out for themselves and their families, the NWO has successfully killed the collective idea of group identity. The only group identity there is in the world is loyalty to the liberal new world order.

    This video is laughable and was obviously made by someone looking for instant click bait.

    • I agree. There are so few honorable whites left. Many whites will scream for their football team, but take no notice or interest in what is going on around them. They don’t care about doing what is good, they only care about hedonism and working less and partying more.
      There are too many whites who live for TikTok and the horrible pop music made by mulattos.
      We are literally lost in this big ocean of idiots.

    • For decades Whites have been deliberately programed into a demoralized state of guilt and self-hatred. This has to be reversed.

    • >Hunter, everyone is glued on their phones like mindless zombies in the Matrix …

      Mea culpa — I have worked on cellular modems (2G/3G/4G/now 5G) since the late 1990s — for most of that time I regarded the work as challenging and state-of-the-art; which it is, in terms of both SW and the mixed signal (analog, digital) baseband — but when I see the massive social impact of these devices, which really accelerated with the introduction of Android and the iPhone, I do feel some regret.

      Also, the industry does not really want to find out if there is a risk to health — there is now way too much money involved.

    • Maybe not collapse, but worse, wild convulsions of inflation, anarchy, tyranny, recession and chaos, as China has experienced many times in history.

      We, as Americans, have been very blessed with stability.

  6. the imminent collapse either means a collapse of governance or the collapse of human society which are caused by two different things. Collapse of governance is caused by corruption and instability in government while collapse of society is caused by societal changes that bring about the dissolution of an ethnic or racial group. The latter is caused by widespread diversity which erodes group cohesion. China, for example, has experienced many instances of governmental collapse
    but has always been able to recover their civilization hence why China & Chinese identity has survived despite the dynasties.

    So, if ethnic or racial groups manages to survive then such people can save their ciliation even if parts of theta civilization collapses and here is why this is the case.



  7. May the Washington-London double-dildo Axis of Evil collapse, sooner rather than later.

  8. In Italy we will vote in two months because the government has fallen, i only hope that something can change…..

  9. It won’t collapse. There’s too much money and economy from the decades of growth and wealth in the US. It will just be more people in the poorer class, as the tighter rich class prevails.
    As this country, and others, continue to give nonwhites more and more money, things will get worse. But it won’t tank, not all the way.

    • “economy from the decades of growth and wealth in the US. ”

      There’s even more debt, much more.

      ‘Collapse’ may not be the right word, rather ‘convulsions’.

  10. @OS

    So here in our midst, as we get closer to the end of the world, is a professional race hustler who plays the race card for profit if not in money then fake “righteousness”/fame.

    But since “white”, “black” is meaningless to you, why have you become attached to OD? Do you only hang out with “white” people, or what? I mean you have the whole world out there to play your game with.

    How about you go to Chicago every weekend and go door to door and scream at those sorta dark complexioned people (trying to avoid using the word “black”) and call them racists and demand that they come out and let you smash their racial sins in front of the whole community and bring shame on them so they will repent of their sins and so you can “punch” your “stairway-to-heaven-card” for another ecclesiastical victory. Remind them they need to quit shooting all, well uh, dark complexioned people and start shooting more light complexioned people instead (similar to what Sister Souljah was saying, she was 20-30 years ahead of her time).

    Maybe someone will be sure to bring a laptop/phone/etc to your hospital room so you can report back to all of us light complexioned people here at OD on your “success” in Chicago if you don’t end up in the morgue instead.

    I know, I know, someone answered the call and instantly shot a light complexioned person. Success!!

  11. Speaking of the collapse of the liberal world order, a few weeks ago I listened to The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization by Peter Zeihan, who was featured in a Breaking Points video you linked to a while back. He’s of a different worldview (he describes himself as a homosexual, an internationalist, and a green among others), but the geopolitical facts he presents in the the realms of demographics, economics, geography, finance and the like I found fascinating and very insightful. You might give it a listen give it a listen on your next road trip out west.

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