DeSantis Country

Yeah, I don’t think this works.

Is this a leftist gay op, a Groyper parody of the White Nationalist movement or a case of direct action by autists? I’m leaning toward a gay op because no true wignat would see Ron DeSantis as anything other than a massive Israel cuck.


    • Exactly. Trump is no less philosemitic than DeSantis. Trump also supported banning “anti-semitism” from universities. He’s a joke. His fan base is a joke.

  1. Could be 4chan hitting back at desantis for his anti-anti-semitism legislation . They guilt him by association

  2. Probably Antifa (FBI in training). If they were really clever they could have showed up in Azov Battalion nazi regalia, with a big poster of their Judeo-Nazi hero Zelensky (tricky-dicky of the piano). That would have caused some migatards to go “tilt” like a broken pinball machine. The gaslight media wouldn’t know what to do….

    • I totally agree, Mr. Pace.

      I merely looked at the comments to see if anyone thought as do I – Leftists posing as ‘Desantis-admiring Nazis.

  3. Fake. The merchant meme, siege mask, and nazi flag are tired and boring. If it was real it would be new, not larping Rockwell who’s been dead 55 years now.

  4. Remember friends that in some cases leftists infiltrate in right wing events and something wrong to ruin right-wing reputation, this is not conspiracy theory because is an old political tactic which was used also by some on the right. In my country we’re are close to the elections and it just so happens that someone is drawing swastikas here and there so the left can once again point to the fascist danger as a campaign……….. Who knows why these symbols only appear on walls during election campaign periods……. probably the left need some arguments.

  5. If the guy with the swastika face tatoo would show up you would think these guys were Azov touring their jewish paymaster

  6. Obv a leftist op. It’s identical to the “white nationalist torch rally” they held for Glenn Youngkin.

    Only thing they’re missing is a noose, which leftists for some reason think is a common WN symbol.

    • Good point.

      Do you remember the guy in the Nazi shirt who got punched at Spencer’s event at the University of Florida? This reminds me of that

      • Fun fact: The University of of Florida has the largest number of Jewish students than any other college in the country. Raw numbers, not a percentage.

  7. Looks like Antifa to me, the leftists love this “guerrilla theater” strategy and not how coordinated the pounce was with these leftist twitter mob? Didn’t they do this to Youngkin too? The media lies so much they can pull this completely fake crap with abandon. Sort of like that fake prison “race war” Wasco tried to start in a blatantly fraudulent way in the 1982 James Woods movie “Fast Walking.”

  8. Probably right, Hunter – gay op. Many white nationalists & real neo-nazis are stupid, but not this stupid.

    • It could be some autistic stunt by Groypers to try to make DeSantis look bad by parading around Turning Point dressed up as wignats. The thing that doesn’t make sense to me us guys with Nazi flags glorifying DeSantis

  9. >huge glaring swastikas & happy merchants everwhere
    >fold seems on the Nazi flag
    >a woman among them
    >“IT’S THE STUPID” (wtf?)

    You couldn’t make a more obvious gay op if you tried. But even if real, the question is: does anyone outside the far left still buy this crap?

    • link

      At the link is a video of someone I believe is affiliated with TPUSA, or at least sympathetic to them, saying the same thing: it’s some kind of theater or psyop to discredit TPUSA et al — no one knows who they are or where they came from — anything about them really — they just showed up.

  10. The entire ‘neo-nazi’ movement has always been a gay op since FBI informant and almost certain Cointelpro collaborator – and his Jew writer, Dan Burros – George Lincoln Rockwell invented the Nazi Costume movement to disrupt CCC organizing in the South.

    Half of these OD commenters are more or less the same thing, SPLC runs various Nazi blogs and we know FBI encourages such things.

    Andrew Anglin had Jewish writers and one of my favorite podcasters, Mike Enoch, helped the Jew media turn the Alt Right into a Nazi clown show while his Jewess wife was appearing on his Nazi show.

    Nazi=Fed=Jew 100% of the time.

    Southern patriots should never allow these Jewish Nazi to co-opt their movements, networks, and culture.

    Patriot Front too … really how fucking stupid are you people?

  11. An Israel cuck Desantis may be, but his stance on administration of the state of Florida through the Covid gayop was absolutely for the interests of the state of Florida, when the entire Zionist machine was relentlessly hammering him for not toeing the line on lockdowns and vaccines.

    A guy that asks Sheldon Adelsons widow for money to campaign with, but pisses on the leg of ZOG when he has the need is better than any leadership we’ve seen from anybody in Western government, and applaud him.

    This is a great example of why the dissident right is increasingly irrelevant, as it can’t see the forest for the trees where Jews are involved and always find an autistic reason to kneecap anybody with any power to do anything beneficial for Whitey.

    • Do you think these people are real wignats? I have a hard time believing it. I think this is some kind of stunt

      • They are fake. This is basically their playbook. We made it easy for them when we decided it was a great idea to march with tiki torches through a southern college town screaming about jews.

  12. Ag Secretary Nikki Fried, one of the candidates running for governor, called on DeSantis to denounces these “neo nazis”. I’m sure her campaign has something to to with this crap. DeSantis would do well to ignore it.

  13. This is pure faggotry. Some of the pictures you can see NSM stuff. The Florida NSM was famously being led by a paid FBI operative for years a while back. Remember when they held a parade in Florida and there was a riot. Then the city was trying to sue the FBI after they found out the whole parade was set up by a paid operative.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty grotesque the way he prostrates himself before Jews and Israel — he constantly whines about anti-Semitism; he even legislates against it.

      It’s hard to imagine him not having a warmongering neocon foreign policy.

      Normally you expect some of that from any American politician, and in the ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’ sense sometimes you just have to hold your nose and support them anyway — but with DeSantis it is extreme, so I don’t think I could vote for him.

  14. DeSantis should denounce the waterhead squish named Charlie Kirk, and his faggy Turning Point cabal.

  15. 99% this is a leftist/fed gayop. There are no neo-nazis who would go out and hold cringe boomercon signs like “Desantis country.” Only leftists who don’t understand the nuances of the different right wing groups would put these two things together.

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