Marjorie Taylor Greene Comes Out As a Christian Nationalist

Twitter is losing its mind.

Marjorie Taylor Greene came out of the closet.


  1. How long before she apologizes and goes and visits a holocaust museum? She was TPUSA the other day which should tel you her true intentions.

      • Maybe so, but he also supports faggots,(Remember his black homo friend) jews and nonWhite immigration as long as it’s “legal” Christian Nationalism doesn’t support faggots unless it’s the watered down version.

          • The fact that Marge and Charlie feel compelled to associate themselves with this suggests a strong wind is blowing through the GOP base. Marge is a troll and Charlie is a party hack.

          • Charlie Kirk’s head is two or three sizes too big for the rest of him. He should see a doctor about getting that fixed before he does anything else. Maybe there are pills he can take or an operation he can get, he looks like shit.

      • IMO, Christian nationalism, like MAGA civic nationalism, is just another dead end. It will do nothing to address the life and death issues that confront our race every day. We need a Pro White party. BTW, Isn’t MTG a big Israel fan like Trump was?

  2. “healthy multiracial democracy”

    That is Three times the oxymoron

    Gentlemen this is where we at

    End the union, end the war

    • @Confederate Holdout…

      ““healthy multiracial democracy””

      It’s just Judeo-Bolshevik-speak for ‘Death to Whites and White Nations’.

  3. “Worship based rabbi yeshu & his jewish volcano demon daddy yahweh to save yourselves from the pernicious influence of jewry, goyim.”

  4. “Colorblind” Christian Nationalism is the last “Fink” of the enemy as Balogh said, it´s all to divert from the Racial question

    Brace for “Based Blacks in a Priest hat”

    People please don´t fall for this

    • This indeed – a profound truth. There’s an ambiguity about Christianity as political force, from both the Christian and Jewish sides.

      Christian nationalism is a powerful idea, but ultimately the all-Jewish-authored Bible and the Christian framework, have many back doors for Jewish power-grabbing, ‘anti-racism’ etc.

      Some Jews find Christianity super-useful (Christian Zionism etc), some Jews detest it because Christianity became a centuries-long vehicle for white-heritage goyim culture

      Notably, hero-for-some Vladimir Putin has directly denounced ‘nationalism’ wholesale, as something separate from Russian ‘sovereignty’ notions – his Ukraine invasion being to ‘protect minorities in Russia’s multi-cultural sovereign sphere’ and not ‘nationalist’ –

      And with white country governments nearly all condemning Russia now, Putin and Russia govt, are now openly doing anti-white memes, that white countries owe their wealth to ‘robbing’ Asia and Africa … Putin rather understandably crowd-pleasing the non-white developed world, non-white nations being most of those not taking sides re Ukraine … here, officially-tweeted meme by Russian gov:

    • You’re obsessed with the Irish, so much so you are deluding yourself. Milo is Greek, Irish and a jew on his grandmothers side. Other than being wrong on those points, you;re right about him being a homo and a pedophile.

      • @John—–Milo Hanrahan is the guys name. My point is and you do not seem to get it schmuck is the Irish are of a kind, there exists certain identifiable traits in Irish blood that differentiates them from the rest of us, one of those identifiable traits is the desire for power, the desire to command others. And once the Irish attain power, attain a position of authority they use their power to benefit themselves and others of their kind, not the rest of us. Anthony Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both used their power to benefit Irish homosexuals, people of their own kind, to the detriment of the great public good.
        And before you get started, Pat Buchanan went to Terry Dolan’s funeral. He was their to pay his respects to that Irish faggot,and Reagan’s right hand man, who died of AIDS. Pat Buchanan know all these Irish faggot in Washington, they are his own kind. What kind are you John,the kind that wants to mind your own Goddamned business or the kind that wants to tell everybody what to do?? What kind John?

        • I think you have me confused with yourself. All you do is attack Whites. Who’s side are you on, Schlomo?

          • @John—- I asked you a question boy. Do you know how to answer a question boy? What kind of person are you, the kind that likes to mind their own business or the kind that likes to tell people what to do. Do you know how to give a straight answer there boy?

      • Bob can’t help himself. He is pissed off that he doesn’t have that good Irish blood and he’s pouting about it.

        • @Sertorius—-we through are previous exchange have already come to an agreement that the Irish are inbred child molesters and pedophiles. Remember schmuck?

          You like telling people what to do and how to think, don’t you Mick? Until things get a little bit to real, and you gotta fight to force your way on others, right Mick? Then you play the clown like a little faggottyassed Jewboy, right Mick?

          • Hi, Bob!

            Let me tell you about my time on the Emerald Isle. We had a stop over at the Shannon Freeport returning from Germany. Ireland really lives up to its nickname. Such greenery. Anyway, I went into the freeport itself and the locals love my name tag that said “Murphy”. Some of the locals wanted to buy me drink, but I had to decline much to my regret. To make up for it I bought some books, including one titled “Jokes that the Irish tell about the English”. It was pretty funny. I gave it to my brother and the next time I see him I’ll pick the best jokes that I will share with you.

            Erin go bragh! you limey cuck prick, 😀

        • @Sertorius—Milo the Irish homosexual is involved with Taylor Greene in order to subvert and undermine Christ and Christianity, just like Uncle Ted and just like Terry Dolan did. There is a pattern here. The Irish homo is the henchmen of the Jews and is used time and time again to subvert and undermine Christ and Christianity. That is your blood working against the will of God, your kind, and I ask you what do you have to say in defense of your own kind and you say what………….

          • I say this, Bob. Half the people on the Internet are lunatic and you are one of them. Nonetheless, you are an entertaining lunatic for me with your rants about the Irish. I bet you check underneath your bad to make sure a Leprechaun isn’t hiding under it. If you find one he won’t have a pot of gold for you, but a bundle of Dynamite to use on your silly ass.

        • “Do you think anyone is stupid enough to buy into his claim to be straight now?”

          Yes, I don’t think you grasp the depths of stupidity the gullible are capable of .

          I see a bright future for Milo, as a TV preacher.
          I have visions of him in a falcon 7X, flying from revival to revival.

        • No, but I can wish that he can be celibate, and that God can heal his soul….

          Don’t become the current crop of commenters you have on your site, HW.
          You once were better than that.

  5. Marjorie Taylor Greene is my congresswoman. I support Christian Nationalism because it is anti-globo-homo. I believe Christianity does a lot more good than harm when it comes to politics, so it is harmless and often useful.

    Christian Nationalism is useful because Christian Nationalists essentially view liberals as servants of Satan. This form of Christianity which views its enemies as irredeemable because they are serving Satan is extremely useful, our enemies are not interested in ceding ground to us (not even half an inch) and showing them weakness just emboldens them.

    Liberals are like sharks, if you give them a drop of blood, they go into a frenzy. Never ever back down to a liberal, it just makes them stronger.

    Being she is my congresswoman I do vote and support her, I do despise people who ridicule her. Richard Spencer hates her because Marjorie Taylor Greene has a platform of congress to express her views unlike himself where Spencer has been confined to Marxist twitter with the few handful of followers he has left. He also obviously hates her because of her politics, but that’s no surprise since Spencer is a communist.

  6. Increased balkanization is good. While I don’t support Christian (Civic) Nationalism per se, it may prove useful in making the Jews increasingly hysterical so that they reveal their power to the normies. It’s too bad Der Movement is too inept to take advantage of the situation.

    • There’s only one race the human race. The idea of sub-species of humans is a lie and not supported by biology.

      • This is dimestore sloganeering. Nobody cares about your talmudic hair splitting about taxonomical distinctions.

        That there are irreparable and irreconcilable differences in the races is manifestly evident.

        • That’s the thing there aren’t any significant differences in “races” that’s long since been debunked. Humans are so close genetically that we can’t be separated into sub-species or races. The reason race is even used is for societal classification. But there’s not enough genetic differences to classify humans into different races. Here’s a good article by a biologist.

          • ” there aren’t any significant differences”

            Duffy’s antigen.
            Limits blood transfusions and blocks most all interracial organ transplants.

            Scotland Yard only needs three points on DNA to determine the race of the sample.

          • Slumlord nonsense. The only difference between the mountain gorilla and lowland gorilla is a slight difference in foot shape.
            Now, have you ever been close up to a full blooded Black?

        • @Arrian,

          Why do people who need organ and bone marrow transplants tend to match more with people of the same ethnic or racial background? Does the higher success rate of intra-racial versus inter-racial transplantation suggest that race has some biological reality?

          Pilar Ossorio

          In the organ transplant world, I know there’s a big focus on trying to recruit more African Americans to donate organs, under the assumption that race-matched organs are going to have a better chance of success. It’s true that people who are closely genetically related are more likely to have a good genetic match on organs. For example, siblings can often donate organs to each other or will be well matched for each other. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s more likely to happen. So if you’re studying a group of people who are actually related because they all live in the same city and their ancestors all came to the U.S. from the same village or community, then it would make some sense that within that group they would be more likely to have matched organs.

          On the other hand, it’s false to assume that people of the same race are going to be more closely genetically related. To the extent that races are these very huge four or five groupings of human beings, they encompass people who are very distantly related to each other. As distantly related as people of two different races. Intuitively people think that those of the same race are more closely related, but the genetic data show that this assumption is false.

          Jonathan Marks

          To build on what Pilar just said, I think there is a crude assumption out there that race is a metaphor for family. That the family is a small related group and a race is a big related group. People take that metaphor too literally, when in fact there isn’t necessarily any biological truth to it. This question takes as a presupposition this false assumption.

          Alan Goodman

          I think Jon and Pilar have really hit the major crux of it. I just want to add that even when you accept the assumption built into this question, it may not be true for the reasons you think it is. If the assumption were true, is it because of race? The answer is no, it’s not because of race, it’s because of geographic closeness and genetic similarity. We tend to be more genetically similar to people whose ancestry we share, but that isn’t the same thing as race. You have to look at where the assumption breaks down – individuals from South Africa and North Africa, for example, are very genetically different, and not coincidentally, those two places are also very geographically far away.

      • Thanks for the laugh, Jewlord. However, humanity has high levels of genetic heterozygosity and differentiation (Fst) compared to many species that are divided into multiple subspecies. I still have that ticket to the Congo for you. Or how about Haiti? Those are two great Christian Nationalist countries that prove race doesn’t matter.

        • Show me the science that proves there is major genetic differences between people. I’ll wait because I’ve studied the science so I know. There is simply not enough genetic differences to use “race” as a real scientific category. Put it simply there is the human race with different ethnicities but no subspecies and no races according to biology. When you find contemporary science not outdated 19th century pseudoscience then holler back at me. By the way my uncle has gone to both Haiti and Africa several times. Orthodox Christianity is growing fast in Africa actually.

    • Fair point. While it’s obviously fake-and-gay like Republican dog-whistles usually are, stirring up the rabid types amongst the Church of Woke has a certain ironic Alinsky-like benefit. The enemy makes more mistakes and we should never interrupt our enemies when they make a mistake. While the Schadenfreude can be very tasty, it’s of little value unless the enemy is truly routed and ultimately destroyed. MTG has bowed her knee to Schlomo already so don’t be fooled.

  7. Amusing watching these silly “rabbis” complaining about things that Christianity caused like slavery, etc are amazingly ignorant about Jewish influence in slavery, pornography, pediphilia, and all kinds of social problems. Not to mention Israeli politics. Christian nationalism couldn’t be any worse than Jewish nationalism has been. More and more people could care less what some “rabbi” thinks.

  8. Nice to see theses pricks losing their minds, pulling their hair out, running around shrieking over MTG and the rest of the Christian Nationalists. This is a good sign, they really do need their meds to function day to day.

    Wonder what they will do when their champion, Dementia Joe, (or Cackling Kamala) 1.) gets the country in a big war 2.) fails in said war 3.) the country goes grid down for an extended period.

    Where will they get their meds, what will they do without Twitter, Tik Toc and cell phone service?

    Now that’s real suffering, right there, like those starving Africans on TV begging for more White man’s magic except the TV won’t be on either.

  9. J. D. Vance, the great Republican civic nationalist hope (his wife and child are Indian, dot, not feather), is abasing himself in Israel while his Democrat opponent is actually campaigning in Ohio. The Republicans richly deserve to take a beating in the November elections. They are hopeless, hopeless.

    I don’t care if the guy is a Yale grad. He is so fucking dumb he cannot see that the people he is slobbering over 6,000 miles away at the Wailing Wall are laughing at him as he fritters away his time chasing money instead of Republican votes in Ohio this summer. If he does miraculously win in November I guess God heard his prayer: “Oh God, I know I’m dumb as a stump, I should be in Ohio but please, please, just this once, how about letting me win anyway?

    • The herds of sheep in Ohio don’t provide the shekels Mr. Vance needs for a stellar political grifting career in Murika. They exist only to be shorn of their money, lives and children, as it’s written in Talmud. If he fellates the Schlomo-schlong the shekels will be forthcoming. You can be rest assured his D-jersey ‘opponent’ fellates them as well. You don’t get to run for congress, especially senator, unless you suck the schlong good and hard. Voat moar harder, zeks.

    • O’Asshole Paul Ryan stabbed his boss Jim Traficant in the back over a used welding machine, at a time when there were hundreds, if not thousands of used welding machines kicking around the Youngstown area. This is what put Traficant in prison, also complaints that Traficant used his staff to help out around his farm in Ohio—which Ryan and the staff objected to doing.

      One of my pals, not on Traficants staff, helped out around Traficants farm a couple of times in order to get to know Traficant, and he enjoyed the experience.

  10. The Conservatives and Republicans in general have never “defeated” the left wing of America. We all know why. So anybody “Conservative” that embraces any form of Nationalism is a step in the right direction for the entire right wing of America. Still I’m not a fan of Republicans as I’m a Third Party voter. My cup of tea anyway. Deo Vindice !

  11. “Amusing watching these silly “rabbis” complaining about things that Christianity caused like slavery, etc are amazingly ignorant about Jewish influence in slavery, pornography, pediphilia, and all kinds of social problems. Not to mention Israeli politics.”

    Kike scum like that fugly-ass sheeb Ruttenboig aren’t “ignorant” of a god damned thing: they know exactly what they’ve done to Whites down through the centuries, so they are terrified that the time approaches when they’ll finally be made to pay for it once & for all. That’s why they furiously project their capital crimes onto us.

    Let the so-called “Christian Nationalists” begin at last to counter-attack the aggressive kike filth – not as “libruls”, “secular humanists”, “atheists”, or even “satanic pedophiles”, but as jEWS – and they’ll be worth taking seriously.

  12. These people will do absolutely anything to avoid dealing with racial issues. Another iteration of derad conservatism, this time cloaked in christianity will get us nowhere closer to solving the demographic catastrophe we are facing. Explicit racialism and white advocacy or fuck off.

  13. Sure, Christian nationalism is the way to go, even though blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be Christian than whites are. Way to completely lose the script, guys.

  14. >Twitter is losing its mind.

    Twitter has long been the social media epicenter of ‘mass formation psychosis’ — its character limit results in emotional ‘hot takes’, and these have a lot of appeal to people who don’t think much, if at all — they are of limited intelligence and analytical ability; they are people who value social acceptance and conformity — hence they support the status quo, including the ‘current thing’ promoted on social media.

    But even crazier are normal people who still imagine it will be possible to co-exist with them and a media that promotes a toxic societal agenda — things like homosexual marriage and trangenderism.

    In physics (thermodynamics), entropy is the concept that absent external influence (force) a system will evolve to a state of maximum disorder — the West is experiencing societal entropy as Christian moral strictures have been relaxed or abandoned in favor of secular moral absolutism, with the media playing the dominant role in establishing the secular moral canon.

  15. Rutterberg- What a fitting name for a RUTTING JEWISH SHIKSA ho. She’s an ugly woman, who is a Jew, who can NEVER be a leader or teacher, yet she pretends to be one…. a Whore, in other words.
    Anathema, Anathema, Anathema.

  16. The usual suspects never mention their favorite religion: Political Correctness, the Anti-White religion they’ve imposed on the rest of us.

  17. Very hard to make American Judeo Christianity work for us. It’s been tried. The one good thing about Christian Nationalism is our women do have babies.

    So many downsides – 90% White European Christian nation in 1960 obsessing that Democrat Presidential candidate John F Kennedy was a Catholic Christian not a Protestant Christian. How fU@*$&@ was that.

    Then there was the idiot Pat Robertson Christian Coalition desperately recruiting AK Governor Mike the Huckster Huckabee to run against Mitt Romney because Mitt’s main fault he was from the LDS Church of Latter Saints and they weren’t in the Christian Coalition’s minds real Christians as opposed to the guy who defeated Mitt Romney – Barack Obama who was from Black Liberation Theology hate White people cult.

    Hey senile Pat Robertson, did you think Barack and Michelle Obama and AL Sharpton in Black Liberation Theology hate White people Jeremiah Wright Cult was real Christian?

    Did any of these “Real Christians” have run campaigns to end all Muslim immigration or just “Notice” the Pakistani sexual grooming scandals in Rotherham England Afghan and Syrian Rapeugees making Sweden the #1 rape country outside of subsahara Africa?

    Do these American Real Christian Nationalists ever just notice that Christians have been marginalized religiously ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem and Constantinople – which were the hearts of Christiandom for hundreds nearly a thousand years?

    Any of these Christian Nationalists just “notice” who runs the USA media – who runs the hard core porn industry?

  18. “Any of these Christian Nationalists just “notice” who runs the USA media – who runs the hard core porn industry?”

    They’re too simple minded.

    Their theology will thought-block them before they can see the obvious.

  19. “a healthy multiracial democracy”

    The kind that only ever exists in the imaginations of people like Chistopher Mathias

  20. ‘Christian Nationalism’ is just a friendly and socially acceptable way for those still at least partially cuckt to make a step towards White Nationalism.

    That’s a big step, and one which augers well for the future.

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