Viktor Orbán: Hungary Isn’t a “Mixed Race” Country

Predictably, Rod Dreher is squeamish about this excellent groundbreaking speech.


In such a multi-ethnic context, there is an ideological feint here that is worth talking about and focusing on. The internationalist left employs a feint, an ideological ruse: the claim – their claim – that Europe by its very nature is populated by peoples of mixed race. This is a historical and semantic sleight of hand, because it conflates two different things. There is a world in which European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe. Now that is a mixed-race world.

And there is our world, where people from within Europe mix with one another, move around, work, and relocate. So, for example, in the Carpathian Basin we are not mixed-race: we are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland. And, given a favourable alignment of stars and a following wind, these peoples merge together in a kind of Hungaro-Pannonian sauce, creating their own new European culture. This is why we have always fought: we are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race. This is why we fought at Nándorfehérvár/Belgrade, this is why we stopped the Turks at Vienna, and – if I am not mistaken – this is why, in still older times – the French stopped the Arabs at Poitiers. …”

I agree with Orbán on race mixing.

I’m looking forward to what he has to say about it at CPAC.

If I said something like this, Rod would denounce me as a racist and a far right “white supremacist” and a “demon” or whatever, but since Orbán is saying it and Rod lives there now and is on the payroll and has to remain in the good graces of his patron, well, it is best to let this one slide.


    • White flight is not the answer. We must stand our ground and not give up territory, except as a last resort.

      • Ephesians 6:13–14 (KJV 1900): Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in ?the evil day, and ?having done all, ?to stand. 14 Stand therefore, ?having your loins girt about with truth, and ?having on the breastplate of righteousness

  1. In the last few weeks, Soros’s rent-a-mobs have been doing a lot of “street theater” in Budapest. I surmise Soros Inc is gearing up for another color revolution.

    Viktor Orban is only one of two people who I have personally met, talked to and shaken hands with at the time that they were/are heads of state or government. I’ve been close to many more, but no desire to meet them. And my impression of Orban in the flesh is that he looks like someone who is both always worried about something and always has a lot on his mind. In his situation, who wouldn’t? Mind you that was back in the fall of 2018 when I met him, when his worries were fewer than they are now.

  2. If we only had a leader that had the balls to say that in the US. Then again, Hungry isn’t a multicultural shithole like the US.

    • I agree Orban deserves praise for speaking out and for taking what actions he can. Keep in mind however that Hungary gave up its sovereignty as a nation to the EUSSR and NATO – both divisions of the Empire of Lies. As such they work together to serve as a kind of massive open-air Hotel California for the peoples of Europe: They can check out any time they like but they can never leave.

      The only way Hungary will be truly free is to leave the Empire altogether. That’s a problem of course for the empire – even in its present ramshackle state – could easily crush them as fast as the Soviets did in 1956. Orban would have to nuke-up on the down-low in order to exit. Otherwise they would need to invite the Chinese in to set up some weapons aimed directly at London, Paris and Berlin (for starters).

  3. Viktor Orbán is the key political figure in Europe right now. He is the EU leader talking the most sense regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, much to the pain of Poland, the EU apparatus and and all the rest of them.

    Orbán has the ‘Balkan brain’, where common sense about Russia-USA and re globohomo and migration, runs very deeply across the trad-inclined peoples of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the areas of the old Yugoslavia, the Balkans somewhat parallel to the USA ‘Old South’.

    Orbán is not sending weapons into Ukraine, and he’s stockpiling Russian gas via the pipeline that runs from Turkey thru Bulgaria and Serbia … gas which arrogant Germany demands that Orbán share with them after their green windmill etc failures, but Orbán says NO.

    Orbán points out how the sanctions hurt Europe worse than Russia, the world is NOT on board with the US-EU demonising of Russia, and how throwing money and weapons into Ukraine only kills more people without defeating Russia at all.

    Orbán says Europe is going to be economically wrecked unless USA talks to Russia to end the Ukraine war. Orbán says the EU missed its chance to be relevant, by not being proactive when Ukraine violated the ‘Minsk Agreements’. Under Minsk, Ukraine was supposed to refrain from violence against its Russian regions … but Ukraine continued to attack those separatists, with 13,000+ Ukrainian Russians dead since 2014, the key genuine ‘justification’ for the Russian invasion this year.

  4. How long before the Church of Woke Slumlord comes along as tries to tell us there’s no such thing as a Hungarian … that Hungary is just a location on the map and the working of magic dirt automatically morphs Nigerians running scams in Budapest into being “Hungarians”?

    • Anti-Whites often claim there’s no such thing as the White race. Then Anti-Whites demand “Diversity”, aka forced multiculturalism, for exactly those people in exactly those countries they say don’t exist.

  5. I going to have to disagree with Orban on this one. Hungary is a racially mixed country but it a different kind of mixture compared to the racial mixture that is occurring in the multicultural West.

    The racial mixture of Hungary is one of genetic association while the standard racial mixture is racial variation. This means that Hungarians have black blood, from Asia, and non-black blood, from Europe, mixed together creating a patchwork of non-black and black people mixed together within Hungary as well as other central European nations.

    However, this genetic mixture still distinguishes Hungarians from Non-Whites because Non-Whites are pure Black with many variations and if these pure Black people enter and swamp Hungary then Hungary will become a Black nation losing its non-Black genetically unique elements which are explained here

    Overall Hungarians shouldn’t be mixing with these pure Black people because even though Hungary isn’t racially pure, they are still racially different from Non-Europeans, Pure Blacks, or Non-Whites.

    • Doesn’t that other party Jobbik claim that Hungarians are mixed race or something to that effect because of their origins in Central Asia?

      • Forget about all that shit — Orban has traveled to many major cities in Europe and has seen what they are like — what Orban means is that he doesn’t want and won’t accept muslim and African asylum seekers (refugees); he just doesn’t quite have the guts to say it that openly yet — but that has been the policy under him, e.g. refusing a quota of refugees from other EU countries that the EU wanted to send to Hungary — the EU sued Hungary over this, won in court, Hungary ignored the ruling, now the EU is suing Hungary again.

        It seems likely Hungary will eventually have to leave the EU — if they do, being on good terms with Russia will be an advantage — here also not being part of the eurozone helps (it makes leaving the EU simpler, among other things).

        In a 2003 referendum, 80+% of voters in Hungary said they favored EU membership — Hungary joined in 2004 — obviously, since then a lot has changed — the EU is constantly harassing Hungary over things that really have nothing to do with Europe or being European, e.g. third world migrants and aberrant sexuality (LGBT) — so the EU stopped being ostensibly European and started being openly globalist — so actually the EU left Hungary, and Europe more generally, and not the other way around (assuming Hungary leaves) — even Brexit was not enough to get the EU to make a course correction.

        Today Germany seems to be the European country most bent on committing national demographic suicide — as its biggest financial backer, Germany is the de facto leader of the EU (this is why Ursula von der Leyen is head of the EU Commission; after a failed stint as German Defense Minister, she was installed in the EU job by Merkel) — so with some lag, what happens in Germany will happen in every other EU country — Denmark is putting up some resistance; they are also not a eurozone country — I’m sure anti-EU sentiment is rising in Denmark.

        • @eah…

          “It seems likely Hungary will eventually have to leave the EU — ”

          Yes, they already have done so, in all but name.

          If you need an exact date for Hungarian secession from the EU, it came last year of the laws against the proliferation of LBTQ propaganda in Hungary, that measure confirmed by a national referendum in the beginning of April, which showed that well over 90% of Hungarians do not want to institutionalize sexual perversion.

          In any case, the reality is that Hungary is now back in the Russian block, along with their neighbour directly to the South – Serbia and many other nations in the world, most notably the BRICS countries, and their new applicants – Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

          Though many in The West have a studied obliviousness, the governments of the Woke West have managed to bully most of the world into an alliance against it.

          • “refusing a quota of refugees from other EU countries ”

            That’s the reason so many Germans are buying homes and establishing residence in Hungary.

            Nice to see you, Ivan 🙂

          • @Arrian…

            Thank you, Sir!

            And, yes, all the Germans buying second, and or first homes, in Hungary, not to mention the 60 billion dollars in annual trade between the two places seems to fly under public radar….

      • Its on average a few percent of “central asian” DNA, from tribes that at the time were much more europid than the current inhabitants of central asia. Hungarians cluster closely with other europeans genetically and to describe them as mixed race like a mulatto or even a askenazi jew is disingenuous. If this slight admixture didn’t happen 30-40 generations ago they would make the same claim because both germanics and slavs contributed to modern Hungarians.

    • @Frederick Ford…

      You’re right to point out that Hungarians are ‘race-mixt’, as, even by Viktor Orban’s own admission in 2021, they all have Pecheneg Blood (Turkic Tribes).

      Nevertheless, what Orban was really saying was that the Jew England Yankee World Order is not going to have a free hand at using forced mass integration to take apart the modern Hungarian tribe – Hungary and Hungarians, as it has successfully had in the Western part of The West, most notably the United States, and more recently France, Germany, the Low Countries, and Scandinavia.

      To be clear, though Hungary is ‘mixt race’, their particular tribal blend has been established and unaltered for well over a millenium, or, for at least as long as they have occupied the current lands, diminished though that domain has been since the Treaty of Trianon in 1923, while they were still crawling out from under the Judeo-Bolshevik leadership that pillage them after the debacle of WWI

      But, this is all picking at little details.

      What is important is that Orban is blazing the trail towards a renewed Hungary, a renewed race-conscious Europe, something which is not arriving a moment too soon.

      The damage already incurred is already massive, and no better example for that than my own people, White Southerners, we who will no longer stand up for ourselves, no matter what the powers that be do to us.

  6. Rod, who has written books about “staying put”, traditional culture, etc, sure seems to move around a lot. He’s now in Hungary? His family practices what he preached more than he does.

      • 2 of 3 divorces are initiated by women — women normally marry ‘up’, i.e. a man who is more intelligent, has greater SES, and more general wherewithal — more women than men going to college means fewer acceptable marriage partners for these women — so marriage rates will likely remain low, and women will likely continue to initiate a sizable majority of divorce actions, including after inadvisably marrying ‘down’.

        • Women trade (significant others) up; men trade in. Women value security above anything else, because they know they will not be able to take care of themselves in their old age. That is why women excuse any and all antisocial behavior of their children-they want at least one of their offspring to watch out for them when alone at 70. That is logical on their part.
          Men seek constant validation of their physical prowess, and thus are tempted to drop an older partner for a younger model, who will show the world the man still has it physically. Women know they will be helpless when they become a seasoned citizen, and act accordingly. Men are too vain to accept the inevitable. Those are your trigger mechanisms for the tendencies cited above by commenter eah.

          • “2 of 3 divorces are initiated by women”

            Hah, try 80%.
            Most western women are shrews, given the chance they’ll loot any simp they can.

  7. Orban is such a piece of shit just like Desantis. Yes, faggot, Hungary is a mixed race country. You have Finns, Huns, Aryans and probably more. I forgive him for jailing Spencer but he is still a fuckwad. Don’t trust this guy for a second, he is just posturing.

    • Sorry, I couldn’t resist

      The conservatives have spent the last year or so glorifying Orban and saying that Hungary should be the model for the New Right. Then he goes and says something like race mixing is a tragedy that is destroying the ethnic cohesion of Western European countries.

      I’m just pointing to that and saying I completely agree with their new hero. They should get on board and move away from their cucked position

      • 1) I don’t trust Orban. 2). I think white race mixing is great. Preferable the couple chooses a dominant culture. I had a good Duh-tch friend that married a French woman and later came back to Holland for college, speaking fluent Duh-tch. These are basically super-whites compared to detritus that never leave their home town.

        • I had a good Duh-tch friend that married a French woman

          They’ve been mixing since Roman times.
          Hadrian’s Wall was manned by Batavian (dutch) cohorts.
          Romans used lots of Batavians in various places , they were valued for their courage.

          Did you know, the Romans had Egyptian legions in Vienna ?

    • Sadly, every White nation is mixed. All the original tribes got all mixed up with each other and with other elements quite some time ago. That doesn’t mean we should keep doing it with the extremely alien elements they are trying to erase us with.

    • Unfortunately, loudmouth ignoramuses like you are not uncommon.

      Hungary is nothing like the West — I don’t remember seeing a single Black when I visited Budapest a few years ago — and I saw very few muslims; only a handful, really — even nearly all the tourists were white.

      People like you wouldn’t recognize a harmful purity spiral if it spit in your face — given what’s going on in the rest of Europe, criticizing Orban is idiotic — he’s putting up genuine resistance to the toxic norms being peddled by the EU.

      Due to the phony ‘Holocaust’ extermination story, every country in Europe shows obeisance to Jews; you just have to accept that for now — but also here Orban has been willing to stand up to the more noxious forms of anti-European Jewish subversion, e.g. of the kind pushed by Soros.

      • “Hungary is nothing like the West — I don’t remember seeing a single Black when I visited Budapest a few years ago ”

        What’s a good site for airfares ?

    • @KT-88…

      Yes, Orban is a ‘posturer’, yet, in light of the out and out scalawagedliness of the leadership of The West, he is a breath of fresh air.

      • >Yes, Orban is a ‘posturer’, …

        I do not understand this kind of rhetoric: Orban is not a ‘posturer’ — he takes concrete actions and does not back down, even after legal censure.

        At this moment in history, it’s foolish and counterproductive to criticize Orban (who I am sure is not perfect), yet this form of quasi performance art is common on the Right — which confuses me.

        Mediterranean crossings up 50% over last year as migrants land in Italy in the thousandsMore than 1,000 illegal migrants arrived on Italy’s shores via the Mediterranean on Sunday, according to AFP reports.

        The seriousness of the problem cannot be overstated: currently, these people are simply not sent back — they are allowed to stay; some are distributed to other EU countries willing to take them — right now, there is no sign that either the flow of migrants (word has no doubt gotten around: make it across, and your worries are over), nor the absurd policy of non-repatriation, will stop — anyone who stands up to this demographic obliteration of Europe via low quality human capital from the third world should be encouraged and supported.

        • @eah…

          Thank you for your excellent and civil commentary at this page.

          I agree with you that we ought not be picking apart our comrades on the fellow Right, especially not at this time, and especially not Viktor Orban, he the best leader in the world, after Vladimir Putin and Nahrendi Modi.

          By the same token, however, I did want to acknowledge that KT-88 has spoken some truths.

          I have watched Viktor Orban for years, and, in recent years, my Hungarian has progressed to the point where I watch the news from Hungary in Hungarian, and most especially from their political equivalent of The League of The South – Mi Hazank Mozgolom, and their great leaders, Mr. László Toroczkai, Dora Duro, and Elöd Novak.

          That said, I also listen to the Hungarian Leftist news and their more establishment conservative Fidesz circles.

          As every person, and, especially political figures, Viktor Orban has many sides – in his case some being corrupt and posturing, other sides being brave and gallant.

          The Southern equivalent of Viktor Orban is the erstwhile governor of Louisiana, Huey Long.

          All the best to you on this day.

        • Thank you so very much, Dear Banned.

          May the Good Lord continue to bless your endeavours, if, for no other reason than, that you have had the unmitigated gall to repeatedly speak truth to powerful that shower us with vitiation and lies.

  8. When the wheels come off the U.S. the big separation will be by race. Those PMC types, liberals and their “conservative” friends will flee to White enclaves to avoid the Haiti style colored mobs. We will then see how much race is merely a social construct.

    • “When the wheels come off the U.S. the big separation will be by race. ”

      Are people that smart ?

      • No, they aren’t that smart. It will be instinct, the instinct for survival, especially for those with children that will drive the White stampede away from diversity. No doubt many of these surviving geniuses will still be spouting diversity bullshit as they get patched up in White areas from the injuries inflicted upon them by their diverse pets.

        It’s like those stories on TV occasionally: some idiot is all bloody while the sheriff’s department is hunting for his Pitbull: “he’s never bitten anyone before, I don’t know what set him off, not all Pitbulls are vicious, they just have a bad reputation, he was always gentle with children before this . . .”

        The Big Brained types are always the stupidest, the most obtuse, the most gullible. Once they have gulped down a certain propaganda line that’s it, they cannot learn anything else. Reality will be their new task master when the wheels come of GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall and he is a very harsh taskmaster.

  9. Victor Orban seems to be the one and only SANE White European leaders. Others are falling down in to stupid sh***.

    What’s with the Ukrainians fighting their so closely related Slavic European kinsmen the Russians and having a horrible vulgar, Je* comedian as the Ukrainian leader? And there are open National Socialist battalions fighting their/our Russian kinsmen to what, bring NATO, homoterm, Black hop hop rap music to Ukraine? Some how this is refighting World War II for the Nationalist pro White side?

    What the fu**>

    Then Putin and Belarus are taking it out on Central Europe smuggling North African and Pakistani/Afghan child rapist sexual groomers in to Poland, Lithuania or Greece and Italy to move them north West to German and Sweden to rape our girls.

    Somehow nobody but us or Victor Orban sees all this shi*.


    • It really is shameful on the Ukrainians part. They should have taken the opportunity to get rid of that jewish pied piper.

      • @Tikkun Olam…

        It would seem that the Western Governments are on the verge of doing what you wish for…

    • The funniest thing about the Ukraine war is Anti-Whites pretending to care about Whites.

  10. Hungary doesn’t need liberal journalists like Dreher trying to destroy their nation. They really should deport him.

  11. Each and every one of you should do an ancestry DNA test. I’m guessing some of you would be unpleasantly suprised. My sister is about to do hers. I promise to give you an honest breakdown of whatever it is.
    Maybe they’re all Jewish controlled, so yes, I’ve taken that on board.

    • “Each and every one of you should do an ancestry DNA test. ”

      F that noise.
      I’m not voluteering my DNA to anyone.
      (Do you know that all these DNA companies feed their info into USZOG databasses ?)

      I look in the mirror, I’m happy with what i see.

      • @Arrian,
        I get your sentiment. But what exactly can they do with it once they obtain it? I’m sure the government already knows everything about us that they need to anyway.
        I could be missing something.

  12. Viktor Orban sure loves his Chabad Lubavitchers just like Trump and Putin, and Johnson, and Trudeau, and Zelenskyy et al. The list is as endless as the Lubavitchers themselves.


  13. Rod Dreher is to Hungry as Greg Johnson is to Ukraine. A person with influence and an audience with political connections in a foreign country.

  14. 1) Fash the Nation outlined the FINKEL THINK that SOROS et al. have already done with HUNGARY and Orban. I think they WERE right. But I think Orban and the vast majority of Magyars DO want to remain ‘White’…. But here’s the salient quote. FWIW.

    “Jews have been erecting false dialectics for millennia, going back to antiquity in ancient Rome, as noted by philosopher Bruno Bauer. Most people do not understand how the basic version of this dynamic works and are forever trapped in the false dichotomies of red team vs. blue team, right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal – the political Punch and Judy show. Getting oneself unglued from that is often a major step forward on the road to political enlightenment. It also presents a new set of problems for dissidents. If the dichotomy is false and the dialectic is disingenuous, who has my back? Who understands the system like I now do? Who is BASED? It’s important that we also understand that the system accounted for this phenomenon as well. Intelligent people won’t be finked forever and are very rapidly beginning to re-examine the power structure through a new lens and begin asking questions about who sits atop its superstructure.

    Finkel-Think has evolved with the express purpose of tricking this newly minted dissident demographic in addition to keeping normie lightswitch brains stuck in two party ping pong politics. Having two strategies running simultaneously – what novelty! It’s what Trump’s entire 2016 campaign was predicated on. And Bolsonaro’s. And dozens of politicians across Europe. This is the essence of Fake Nationalism.”

  15. Washington Post has called Orban a “neo-Bolshevik” and a “Neo-Bolshevik of the new right or alt-right.”

    But Orban is not a socialist.

    Here is a series of videos on the history of Hungarian socialism, which ended centuries of peasant suffering under the boots of Roman Catholicism and feudal and plutocratic elites until the return of capitalism in 1989:

    The most recent addition to the series recounts the astounding success of the first three-year plan:

    • @Methry…

      The Anglo-Jewish World Order, and their sycophants within Hungary, have called Orban every name in the book – corrupt, tyrant, anti-democratic, a sociopath, a dissembler, neo-Liberal, pederast, and now he is ‘a neo-Bolshevik.

      They did the same thing to Trump in 2016 – ‘Trump was Hitler’; ‘Trump was a Grand Wizard of the resurgent Klan’, etc, etc…

      It didn’t stick to Trump, and it has not stuck with Orban.

      To be clear, many Hungarians have complaints about what they regard as Orban’s ‘mismanagement’ of the economy – the Left complaining he is not ‘EU enough’ and the Nationalist Party complaining that he has put Hungary at risk by having it participate in corporate globalism.

      Hungary still has not been able to turn around the demographic problem, which is why, recently, Ms. Dura Dora, the vice-president of the Hungarian Nationalist Party (Mi Hazank Mozgolom) vext the Hungarian feminists by calling on every Hungarian mother to bear at least 4 children.

      Be that as it may : most Hungarian voters, an unusually large amount in the last election of the past April,, see Orban as a steady, wiley, and dependable hand at the helm.

      Thus, Orban’s party, Fidesz, won 66% of the parliamentary seats, those results giving Orban an overwhelming majority as a basis for his power.

      Neo-Bolshevik or not, Orban must be doing something right.

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