Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds To Vicious Leftist Attacks

I have heard from various authorities like Orthodox Slumlord that White Christian Nationalism has never been a thing because Christianity is “incompatible” with nationalism, racism and White identity.

Note: I would say all this talk about White Christian Nationalism, a National Divorce and the Great Replacement is an improvement over MAGA. It is a step forward from Dump.


  1. Slumlord: “We are all one race the human race”. Typical conservative that panders, grovels, apologizes and defends races that hate his guts. Conservatism has never conserved a thing and is a losing ideology.

    • Apparently his missed the part in the Bible where God favors a certain race over all others.

      Oh wait it’s not just a part, it’s the whole bloody thing. The Bible is the story of God’s chosen, Israelite, aka us.

  2. Critics don’t have to understand it. They just have to know they’re not to be a part of it…and get used to living on their own, without being propped up by all those evil “racist” (fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever-pseudo-sin-term) people.

  3. Keith Woods has been putting out good material on the topic of historical nationalism recently, debunking the modernist theories of nationalism that degenerates like orthodoxshtetllord adhere to.

  4. Does “Christian nationalism” doesn’t have a policy platform beyond banning abortion? You keep acting like there’s going to be a re-establishment of the thot patrol but I fail to see it. Even something as relatively non-controversial as enforcing our laws against adulty I don’t see them proposing.

    “I have heard from various authorities like Orthodox Slumlord that White Christian Nationalism has never been a thing because Christianity is “incompatible” with nationalism, racism and White identity.”

    Not just him. The leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention will say the same thing, as will Catholics etc.

    • It’s far beyond the SBC and the Novus-Ordo Vatican II catholics under their current anti-Pope. Nearly everything calling itself by the name “christian” in the west is really just Church of Woke dancing down the road to hell repeating Talmudic tropes.

      Probably very few ‘churches’ in western countries are not in favor of exterminating peoples of Euro origin. Significant numbers worship the Synagogue of Satan, while others worship the golden dindu. Read up on the Church of England clown Justin Welby – indeed a perfect justification of Nietzsche’s contempt for Christianity. In happier times this creature would have been burned at the stake.

      Have to admit old Koba had a point when he mused that ‘With a person there is always a problem. No person – no problem.’ Slumlord is probably an ADL troll who they hired on the cheap. His patriarch is Nosferatu. It’s no wonder a fair number of the folks who oppose woke dogma have zero use for christianity, for the religion is now largely subverted and going into full inversion in a fair number of instances. Why pretend any more? Just declare the Church of England to be a witches’ coven and be done with it.

  5. You do know all the homos are going to come out now as Christian nationalists, Ric Grenell, the Log Cabin Irish fags they are all Christian nationalist now. The new definition of a Christian nationalist, is a Irish homo who takes it in the can and loves Jews and Israel.

    I can get over Milo is Irish, that explains why he hates Muslims and why all the Irish hate Muslims, it is because Muslims repress homo sodomy and the Irish are the most pro homo sodomy people on earth. I get it now.

    Thank you Milo. I see I see.

  6. You are either Pro White or Pro White Genocide. Everything else is superfluous. Which are you MTG?

  7. Funny how those saying “Nationalism is not pretty” have a avatar displaying the Bandera colors ie “Ukrainian Nationalism”

    Their hypocracy will be the death of them since folk´s see and make notes

    • @Confederate Holdout…

      Antifa types supporting Ukranian Nazis

      How absurd is that, right?

      Never forget that for a debate point.

      Good eye on your part!

  8. The problem is the Nation-State is more State than Nation. Free Trade Global Capitalism and its insistence on national interdependence has rendered the modern Nation-State construct obsolete. In that regard the Ethno-State must be viewed as the successor to the Nation-State and the next step in the political evolution of our race.

  9. I am not a Christian in terms of belief, but I acknowledge that we are probably in the minority within our movement. I don’t like to hear those who are not Christian saying that Christian Nationalism is totally useless. But it is true that is not a direct attack.

    I don’t recall the term Christian Nationalist being used by anyone who is actually a Christian Nationalist until now. There is a movement in Calvinist thought called “Postmillennialism” as well as “Theonomy” and I think that Christian Nationalism is really just a media label for actual theological concepts which before were largely just shop talk among seminarians and well-read laymen. Theonomy puts far less a gloss on the Old Testament than most Christians do, but I still think that the heart of the thought behind Christian Nationalism is inherently anti-Jewish power.

    The Jewish power Jesus opposed in his own time and in his own way does not need to be and should not be the way we oppose it in our own time. Just like you wouldn’t today go out and try what George Lincoln Rockwell tried to do in his exact way. Everyone thinks he was sincere then, but no one would think you were sincere now. The problem with Christianity is you get locked into the dichotomy of Jew-Gentile struggles from 2,000 years ago, and this isn’t the same geopolitical landscape now as then.

    I think Christians are necessary but not sufficient for success and every effort must be made to privilege Christianity without violating the conscience of non-believers. I’m also firmly convinced we need to win over white women far more than we have. They are absolutely necessary too, and this is where we are still losing the battle: within the family (should it even exist). Would Marjorie Taylor Greene and Anne Coulter actually bothering to put on a shirt sometime help or hurt in this regard?

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