CNN: This Is What It Means To Be a White Christian Nationalist

Gerald L.K. Smith was based.

MAGA should be encouraged to evolve into this. It ought to dump the drag queens and the rest of the baggage of the Trump years like Jared Kushner and MIGA.

Note: I could vote for this.

Gerald L.K. Smith was light years ahead of his time in anticipating where this country was going.


  1. This country was founded on CN ,it just wasn’t called that at the time. We were a 90% majority White Christian Nation until the jews sponsored and had passed the 1964/65 immigration and civil rights act. Hopefully one day the pendulum swings back to what worked and made sense. I hope I live to see it.

    • As long as Christians worship and absolve the j’s of any wrong doings, they will continue to grow in power. They control almost every white nation now, through politics, banking, and economies.
      Christians take no notice of the anti-white agendas of white nations. They think it’s great that the US has so many in high place political positions, too. The j’s will never let it go back. They are more than enjoying the power they have. They want to be at the top. Their holy books talk about getting rid of the gentiles, the Amaleks. Christianity was invented to overthrow Rome. Most whites have no concept of conniving and plotting. It’s so odd, that so many Christians still worship each and every single one of them, even though they openly reject their Messiah.

      • You’re so full of SH**, I don’t know how you function each day.

        I’ve stated on this forum, innumerable times, quoting a myriad of authors, that Christianity is the fulfillment and supersession of apostate Judaism/Talmudism, and you continue to deny it, PRECISELY BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF DON’T WORSHIP CHRIST AS LORD.

        So, in that, you are the equal of the Jew, and just as damned. And if HW finds that ‘offensive’- well, so did Judas.

        • The evidence says Pilot is right on this one, regardless of what you say.

      • If Christians would reject Yahweh but keep Jesus and high church traditions it wouldn’t be that bad.

        • As St. Justin Martyr said: “‘Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel.”

  2. The brilliant american hillbillies will achieve victory now through “Christian Nationalism,” a Christian Nationalist is even more bizarre that some Negro in an Armani suit eating caviar in a restaurant. It’s ridiculous.

    Christianity is an offshoot from Judaism, or more accurately is an heresy from Judaism.

    Catholicism is grotesque but at least there were some barriers against Jewish power and machinations. Protestantism destroyed those barriers, that’s why the Jews supported and promoted all the Protestant sects since they were all based on the Old Testament and the rabbinical commentaries to the Talmud.

    That created among Protestants a sympathetic attitude towards the Jews especially in the Netherlands, England and U$A – populated with politically very childish people – wich resulted in the development in those countries of the most Jewish of the protestant sects and naturally with the extraordinary power and influence attained by the Jews there.

    Curiously never occur to the people of England or USA that they are just stupid and so stop with their infantile plans and machinations, it’s totally the opposite, somehow they think they are smarter than everyone else.
    Now the inane novelty it seems is “Christian Nationalism.” It will end either in nothing or another disaster.
    The harder they think the most damage they inflict upon themselves and white people everywhere, it has been this way for quite a long time.

    • Catholicism is grotesque but at least there were some barriers against Jewish power and machinations. Protestantism destroyed those barriers, that’s why the Jews supported and promoted all the Protestant sects since they were all based on the Old Testament and the rabbinical commentaries to the Talmud.

      All those barriers you mention were gone with Vatican II, which is hardly a new thing as it was ratified by the Sodomite Anti-Pope Paul VI in 1965. No more evangelization of Jews is allowed as they (along with Muslims) have a ‘special back door’ to the throne of Jesus himself. Not making any excuses for Prots – who are in the same toilet as the RCC: totally subverted. Do catch up.

      • Dispensationalism says every j will go to heaven. Doesn’t matter if they reject Christ. That rule is only for the gentile. Doesn’t matter how good or bad they are. You have to wonder….what kind of “all-just” god has such favoritism and partiality?
        The Book of Timothy says Christ came to save the House of Israel, yet Christians make up these ideas to include themselves in there. “It’s for everyone!” and “He came to save ALL men!” and “The New Testament is the new covenant with Yahweh!” and “We’r.e the REAL Jews!!”
        Whites need their own religion, not some Middle Eastern desert religion, and they did for thousands of years. Our ancestors did very well, and had several great civilizations. A religion that tells you that you were born with an “original sin”, and that you’re not worthy of anything, and that you’re lowly scum, and God doesn’t really want you, because you can’t help yourself, and it’s YOUR FAULT that Jesus had to come here and die for you, and that you’re not as good as the J’s.They got to demand a homeland based on their religion, only because Christians enabled it.

    • @Puppy—–You love your Moshiach don’t you Christ killer and you would do anything for him, right or wrong kyke?

      The only thing that is standing in your way is that guy, that loser living in his mommies basement way back 2,000 years ago. You hate him don’t you kyke?

      Why schmuck?

    • “Christianity is an offshoot from Judaism, or more accurately is an heresy from Judaism.”

      False, like all you Christophobes. Christianity is the SUPERSESSION of Apostate Judaism.

      It alone is the TRUE Biblical Religion. (which means, Protestant-schism, is NOT that religion)

    • Sin and be POS all week then go to Church on Sunday and they are good to go.

    • The mega churches(cults) are already doing it now.

      “They’re your spiritual cousins!”

      Just one big happy family.

  3. The label “Christian nationalist” is absurd. Christian refers to self-described followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Nationalist refers to adherents of nationalism, an ideology that affirms the value of nations. A nation is a group of people who are related by birth and thus share common ancestors. Christians do not comprise a nation since the group of Christians is composed of persons from many nations. Christianity is a universalist religion that shuns ethnic particularity. Scottish nationalism is logical and historical as the Scottish people comprise a nation. However, Christian nationalist is inauthentic and absurd as Christian people will never comprise a nation. Christianity is best suited for multi-ethnic or multinational contexts like late Imperial Rome.

  4. George Fox (Quaker founder) said the Light and Spirit of God are not only in the English, and other Europeans, but also in the Indians, and in the Turks, Asiatics and all peoples. Truth, mercy, love, faith, redemption, and eternal life pertain not to Europeans only but “to ALL nations that dwell upon the face of the earth, so the gospel is preached to EVERY creature under heaven, which is the power that giveth liberty and freedom and is glad tidings to every captive creaure.” Meanwhile, ethnocentrism is a real, natural force or tendency, and families, tribes and nations exist, and are natural. Two different, real things: the eternal and the temporal. The two should not be conflated or confused as in “Christian nationalism.”

  5. Christian Nationalism = colorblind melting pot universalism under a different name. The fact that the Jews who control the American right are responsible for creating and promoting this concept should tell you all you need to know about it. Also if you’re going to have an Abrahamic religion as the basis for your identity why not Islam? It’s about a million times more based than Christianity is.

    The National Socialists proved that only racial nationalism can unseat Jews from power. Jews know this and that is why you’re allowed to be a Christian but never a ‘racist’.

    • 1. The definition of Christian nationalism is that only Christians should rule over Christians and that Christians should control the government, economy and all key cultural institutions. This is a total rejection of colorblind melting pot liberal universalism.

      2. As Rachel Maddow pointed out, Christian nationalism was created and promoted by people like Father Coughlin and Gerald L.K. Smith who were enemies of the ADL. It is implicitly anti-Semitic because it would require the removal of Jews from all positions of power in society.

      3. What sense does it make to insult and alienate the people who are the most sympathetic to racialism and nationalism and to loudly identify yourself with Islam or Rachel Maddow? This made a lot of sense in the Alt-Right. BTW, what happened to it?

      4. The National Socialists successfully discredited and stigmatized racialism and nationalism and empowered Jews and liberals for generations. We’re only now just barely beginning to recover now that everyone who lived through that era are dead or almost dead.

      5. Jews like Jonathan Greenblatt are all for Christian nationalism.

      6. What sense does it make to want to live in a White ethnostate with people who hate whiteness and who want to dismantle “white supremacy” and who subscribe to every degenerate trend imaginable?

      Why should we want unite with those people? Because they are White? Muh White Brothers!

      • The National Socialists proved that only racial nationalism can unseat Jews from power

        Nah. They hate the Confederacy and demonize it almost as much as they do Nazis, and the South was pretty much the ultimate manifestation of White Christian Nationalism. The Confederate Flag and the Swastika are routinely cast next together. Southerners were portrayed as vile, backward hicks going back to the early 20th century when Modernism first rose.

        Then there’s Russia, in which the Romanov Dynasty opposed Jewish domination so thoroughly that Jewish financiers – specifically Jacob Schiff – had to fund a second French Revolution, AKA the Bolshevik Revolution, to depose them. Jews consider themselves “God’s Chosen People” and thus will viciously hate and undermine any regime that tells them “No,” whether thats Nazi Germany, the Confederacy, or Tsarist Russia. Two of those three civilizations were explicitly Christian, one Protestant, the other Orthodox. Tsarist Russia wasn’t even racialist, and still the Jews deemed the need to destroy it.

        You are flat out wrong to assert that only Racial Nationalism can overthrow Jewish power. Christian Nationalism can and will do the same thing, There are many paths to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children, if thats your thing.

  6. That’s just it Brad, neither Jesus nor the apostles promoted or sanctioned nationalism of anykind. Anybody who does is a heretic. You’ve made it clear many times that you aren’t a devout Christian anyway, and I expect at best you are a cultural Christian.

    • ortho doodle dandy. ROMANS. Chapter 8 verse 16 ” The spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of GOD ……… I will vouch for the host of this site …………but I am not picking up anything good from you ……….. It,’s wensday prayer meeting tonight, so ortho, go find yourself, a nice baptist church, when you get inside, hit that altar flying and ask the good Lord to forgive you of your sins……..also, ask him to straighten out your confused mind …….you really need help and a lot of prayer, ortho diddle doodle………..

  7. Allowing all these ANTI-CHRISTS on your board, Brad, merely confirms O.S.’s last comment. I think you became LCMS to appease your pop-in-law, and your wife… but you still THINK just like the anarchist you once were at Auburn, and have not grown in your faith, or grace. I had great hopes for you, but I see Torba over at Gab has a far freer, and more consistently ‘catholic’ pov. And better posters.

    I find less and less the site that Stonelifter, and even Denise and I once used to visit with relish, and more and more, just a bunch of antichrist bastards, who hate the Jew, but who worship the same god- Satan.

    • No, I got interested in Lutheranism before I met my wife. I joined the CofCC and League because I was already a Christian

  8. The Bible affirms nationalism. In Acts 17:26-27 Paul states that God created the nations and set boundaries among them so that men would seek after Him. From this statement we see that nationhood advances the faith. Thus, we also see why the anti-Christ globalists of our day want to recreate the undivided humanity of Babel.

    Christ recognized the significance of nationhood when He called on His followers in Matthew 28:19-20 to teach and baptize the nations. The divine plan is a diversity of peoples under the unity of faith. Christian nations will exist in Heaven (Rev. 21:24).

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