ELCA Condemns Christian Nationalism

Of course.

Watch closely.

The liberal modernists of ELCA have strongly condemned Christian nationalism.

Christian nationalism, which is the radical idea that Christians shouldn’t be governed and led by non-Christians, is a very useful test for revealing who has been compromised and which institutions have been infiltrated and subverted and thus are loyal to liberalism and secular humanism.

Note: See also Ukraine flags.

The only thing missing in this profile are pronouns.


    • The ELCA is a CULT OF SATAN. My wife and I had firsthand experience of it, for over twenty-five years.

      It’s no wonder the state of Minnesota is so utterly IRREDEEMABLE. The ELCA is the largest synagogue of Satan in the state.

      “THis is most certainly True.” – Martin Luther

  1. A good book on nationalism from a Catholic perspective is Christopher Dawson’s “The Gods of Revolution.” Basically, he argues, the Catholic Church is a universal church and therefore is against nationalism. That is not to say that the Church sought to abolish particular cultures but rather to elevate them and to unify them under one baptism and one creed. He argues that while the northern Germanic barbarians brought a vigor into Christianity through their conversion, a manly courage if you will, their minds continued to be haunted by paganism which is manifested in nationalism. Whereas Catholicism seeks unity, paganism seeks disunity (i.e., nationalism). Not surprisingly, he argues, it was a man of north German stock who led the Protestant revolution against the unity of the Church, Martin Luther, which resulted in decades of war and the creation of the nation state by the Treaty of Westfalia. This resulted in national churches that broke from the Catholic Church, and are now apparently dying out. The point of this long comment is that these “ministers” or whatever they are are too dumb to realize that Lutheranism was the root of nationalism in Europe. But Catholics should not support nationalism, which is pagan, but rather a confessional state that acts in accordance with Catholic dogma and recognizes particular peoples, cultures, and languages.

    • The official Catholic view regarding the matter is that race, the people, the state, etc. are fundamental values of humanity and have a necessary and honorable function in our world, but shouldn’t have their level of importance increased to the point of idolatry or decreased to the point of neglect.

      Pope Pius XII, in Summi Pontificatus, says “The Church readily approves of, and follows with her maternal blessing, all regulations and practical efforts that, in the spirit of wisdom and moderation, lead to the evolution and increase of the potentialities and powers which spring from the hidden sources of life of each race. She does, however, lay down one provision, namely, that these regulations and efforts must not clash with the duties incumbent on all men in virtue of the common origin and destiny of all mankind.”

      In other words, ethnocentrism is approved by the Catholic Church as long as it doesn’t interfere with our duties as Catholics (such as make us uncharitable towards others or make us hateful). I definitely plan on reading Langella’s book, seems like a fascinating read.

  2. It is the kids they are after. Why? The Jew hatred of the innocent. I am telling people love kids and dogs. You hurt a kid or a dog and people want to kill you. People are not going to stand for this.

      • @MPO—Schmuck, you will know them by their fruit. Drag queen story hour for kids is not the fruit of the Lutheran. It is the fruit of those who hate the innocent, the Jews. Why did the Jews kill Christ schmuck? Answer me you obnoxious diseased filth.

      • Don’t except brownstain to condemn his own. He saves his vitriol for the Irish Catholics while giving his own a pass.

        • @John—-I don’t hate the innocent John. That is the difference between you and me. Get it Christ killer? Boy that Karen Dunn is really something, what crimes were her adversaries accused of?? What crimes John? Tell Mick tell.

  3. Christian nationalism, in my opinion, doesn’t help with preserving the White Race. Foer most of the Middle Ages the Church was entirely centered around Europe where Europeans themselves would spend their lives worshipping God & Jesus Christ in their own localities which meant the White race was more or less intact but when colonialism and the subsequent desire to spread Christianity to all people started the Church would begin to slowly destroy the White race as nonwhites were converted to the faith which was Christianity’s goal from the beginning.

    This fact along shows that all Chrisitan nationalism will do is revive the group morality that ensures societal order and cohesion but with many races, most of them Black, living together as a loose individual association because Christianity’s morality is individual morality disguised as group morality since Christians only do good for their community in order to attain individual reward and pleasure in Heaven or be punished for acting on your individualism during your time on Earth either way individuality is present making the Christian community an unstable one that is prone to individualism once the shackles of fear and submission brought on by Church authority becomes broken.

    Racial nationalism, on the other hand, is only about the group making it far more stable for group cohesion not to mention a universal purpose for continued existence. In fact, there are several sensible reasons why human groups can and should be centered around race instead of religion and those reasons are presented below.

    • Mr. Ford: first off, let’s hear from a major biblical commentator, to set the stage:

      “Christianity should be twisted in with national constitutions…the kingdoms of the world should become Christ’s kingdoms, and their kings the church’s nursing fathers…do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations…Christ the Mediator is setting up a kingdom in the world, bring the nations to be His subjects.” – Matthew Henry.

      As I wrote back in 2009 (I was prescient!) Rome has EVER been only interested in ROME, not Christianity, since at least 1100. She is (as the Reformers noted of her) ‘… no TRUE church.”

      Her adoption of a FALSE model of ‘caesaro-papalism’ after she schismated herself in AD1054 (via the addition of the ‘filioque’ in the Creed) led to two ‘innovations’ that directly affect your concerns, as expressed in your comment.

      Rome adopted two CONTRARY ideas to Christianity’s mission, and focus, over a thousand years ago. And most Westerners don’t realize that fact. The Eastern Orthodox do, and have manifestly been very vocal, ever since! What are these heresies?

      First, by making one member of the Holy Trinity (the H.S.) a ‘created thing’ rather than God (for that’s what the filioque does, ‘philosophically speaking,’ [ godhistorydialectic.wordpress.com ] it left a ‘hole’ in the Trinity, that the Papal Office was more than glad to fill. Thus, a mere man came to be thought of as GOD on Earth. Sorry, big heresy there.

      Then, the Pope promulgated two subsequent heresies. One (since he was ‘as the voice of God’) was “Universal jurisdiction.” Instead of Christendom being concentrated/located in the bosom of the Roman Empire (i.e., Europe) the pope, full of himself, claimed that the WHOLE WORLD was ‘his own.’

      Following on that (and, with the discovery of the “New World”) His Popiness also proclaimed something that NEVER was in the minds of the first 10 centuries of Christendom- that ALL RACES, ALL PEOPLES, ALL HOMINIDS, were to be ‘converted’ – the next big heresy.

      For the “Faith” that Christ said He was come to proclaim, HE also said He was only to deliver to ONE people- the “Lost Sheep of the HOUSE [Gr. “oikos” race, ethnic family, in-group] of ISRAEL.” i.e., WHITE MEN.

      DOUBT ME? We see it, even in 2022:[ “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov praised Ugandan officials for their refusal to take sides over the conflict in Ukraine after meeting his counterpart and the president in Kampala.

      “Those old colonial instincts and old colonial policies are being demonstrated in the practices of western countries; they want everyone to take a side, for or against them,” he told the press Tuesday.”]

      (ADAM- you know, the first ‘man’ in Genesis, actually means, ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush’ in the Hebrew.) And the ‘world’ of the “Great Commission” was the World that the Apostles knew- i.e., the World of EUROPE, and none other. Even the Holy Spirit turned the Apostles away from Asia, and made them focus on Europe. THAT’s what Acts 16:6 means. They were FORBIDDEN to go to the non-Whites outside of EUROPE, and THAT is in Holy Scripture!

      So, it is NOT Christianity that should be abandoned, but the FALSE VISION of a corrupt and graceless ROME (who, sadly, passed on this fallacious vision to her Protestant daughters). As Hilaire Belloc (Himself a convert to Rome, amazingly enough had this much inner insight to point out that “EUROPE is the FAITH; the FAITH, EUROPE.” Christianity IS the WHITE MAN’s Religion, and his alone. – The White Christ.

  4. How would the Protestant reformer Martin Luther respond to this if he were alive today?

    I expect he’d be helping to gather wood and build a nice stake on which “Pastor” Groomer could be attached to aid in his journey to his eternal reward with a red-hot bonfire sendoff. Where the hell is Vlad Tepes when he’s needed?

  5. It’s too bad Christianity is the tool of the j’s.
    It would be the only place whites could congregate.
    But it’s clearly a cult, and they even reduce their own basic tenet of having to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior, so they can favor the J’s. Shows how much they really think of their own religion.

  6. Wisconsin or Missouri Synod is the way to go if you are Lutheran. ELCA are a bunch of Somali loving faggots.

  7. How would the Protestant reformer Martin Luther respond to this if he were alive today?

    With a few choice cuss words.

    The Lutheran Church here in The Old Country is just as bad as ELCA.

    But this sickness has permeated so deep that it has now eaten up the LCMS. I maintained my allegiance with the LCMS and my membership in my particular church, including my money, even from a whole ocean away. But when the LCMS bent the knee for George Floyd two years ago, that was it. I was out.

    • Just doin’ what the big boss tells them to do. See here, and here. As long as they are obedient step-n-fetchits, they’ll never want for free money.

    • Stephen- How’s synagogue life, these days?

      Great to have Nosferatu as your Ethnic Klan leader, huh?

  8. Noticing all the ranting from shitlibs about MTG being a “nazi”? Pretty rich coming from those folks with the blue and yellow flag of Country 404, where they have whole divisions of Judeo-Nazis.

  9. All these whining left wing assholes purchased Zealot by Reza Azlan where Jesus is presented as a Zealot Nationalist. Given my own political views I suppose I could have run with that idea. “Look libshits! Jesus was a chauvinistic bigot who wanted an Empire ruled from Judaea, says so in this book you are promoting.” I guess it only took so long for members of the right to pick up on the opportunity presented in this book written by a card carrying member of the club. What if Jesus was a violent insurrectionist? I guess we are about to find out.

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