Secular Talk: MTG Comes Out As “Christian Nationalist”

I watch Kyle Kulinski.

I listen and share a lot of his videos here.

I agree with a lot of his takes on foreign policy and economics.

Kyle, however, stands at the intersection of a bunch of cultural issues where I am on the opposite side of the aisle. He stands where atheism overlaps with “trans” and antiracism and contraception and interracial marriage and gay marriage and divorce and homosexuality and feminism and premarital sex. He is a stalwart supporter of the Sexual Revolution. He supports abortion on the grounds of “bodily autonomy,” but rejects that principle when it comes to forced vaccinations. He supports the legalization and use of all types of illegal drugs, hardcore pornography and drag queen performances in public schools.

There isn’t any real difference between Kyle Kulinski and Andrew Torba on dominionism. Kyle supports the dominion of modern liberalism and secular humanism. Torba supports the dominion of Christianity. Freedom for Kyle isn’t self government. It is the freedom of the individual from the government in certain specific areas like sex and drugs, but not in gun rights or economics. Kyle supports progressive activist judges reading social liberalism into the Constitution and striking down the laws of dozens of states on issues like abortion and gay marriage. When one man like Anthony Kennedy makes a decision on an issue that he supports like gay marriage, it is a blow against “authoritarianism.” When those issues are left up to voters to decide for themselves in their state legislatures, it is “full blown authoritarianism.”

The difference between Kyle’s dominion of atheism and social liberalism and Torba’s dominion of Christianity is that one inexorably leads to a self-absorbed, degenerate, hedonistic society of hopeless people who are addicted to drugs and who are most likely on welfare whereas the other wisely sets the limits and boundaries which are necessary to cultivate virtue and to maintain a decent civilization.

I would much rather live under Torba and Marge’s dominion of Christianity. It is not even close.

Note: Admittedly, I am having some fun and trolling with the Homelander banner. I’m just saying it is obvious which side is better. There are real differences here.


  1. I think that we are not living under a true liberalism, because if one intendthe liberalism as the society of individual rights and freedom, so in that case we should be free to talk about our ideas, our culture, our politics without being censored or beaten, or arrested and fight in a courtroom. I think that yes we live under a form of liberalism and there’s no doubt about this, but at the same time this liberalism is not the original or at least that of the 60’s/70’s/80’s and 90’s, because today its foundamental base is shut up all people who disagree with leftism or cultural left or marxism. Today there’s a leftist or marxist (at cultural level) form of liberalism which is not true liberalism, it’s a sort of inquisition 2.0 and liberalism is only at at an economic and migratory level, instead in the society and culture we have a degenerate leftist, marxist or radical chic culture.

  2. >Culture war bullshit matters after all

    Only because the media pushes these emotion-laden issues so hard that they get into people’s heads — does anyone seriously believe BLM was important? — that cops were systematically mistreating Blacks all over America, often unjustifiably shooting them dead? — it was all total bullshit from the beginning — but the media made it important by shoving it down our collective throats 24/7 — I mean there is now even a sports facility in Berlin named for George Floyd; they even call his death a ‘racist murder’ — how ridiculous is that?

    The media is very powerful and its influence is toxic.

  3. You do not understand how these people operated. First comes the desired political policy goal, be it abortion or gay married then comes the argument. You are never getting the true reason why they want what they want only a concocted argument for it, that they believe you will buy. That true reason that they never tell us is the hatred of Christ. It is their sole motivation.

  4. “Admittedly, I am having some fun and trolling with the Homelander banner.”

    I watched The Boys to see what the fuss was all about, and because it was billed as “Unlike any super hero show you have ever seen”. But no, it is exactly like every superhero show I have seen, in that it is written by self righteous liberal jews who have nothing but contempt for their host population.

    I stopped watching after the Stormfront character showed up, and started sleeping with the Homelander/Trump character. Strange coincidence how she looked and behaved exactly like an annoying mouthy jewish feminist, but later did some racisms. So obviously feminism is no longer of any use to them.

    “I’m just saying it is obvious which side is better. There are real differences here.”

    Being ruled by anyone except jews would be better. Just sayin’.

    • The Boys is a shitlib show written by the anti-White Jew who was behind Supernatural. Homelander is the villain in the show and is supposed to represent conservatives and the Right who are portrayed in a bad light. Much of the show is a thinly veiled commentary on current events as when the Stormfront character was supposed to represent the Alt-Right. Anyway, I put Homelander on the banner as a FU to any of these people who might be reading. I assume they watch the show like a lot of these people I know

  5. OT

    Based Latinx new Republican member of Congress Mayra Flores votes to give green cards en masse to non-citizen offspring of primarily Indian tech workers:

    GOP Rep. Mayra Flores Defends Visa Giveaway Vote as ‘Not Amnesty’

    Anyone interested can watch a video of Flores being questioned/harassed about her vote here — link

    Sorry, but regardless of her party affiliation, anyone who sees the election of a midwit non-white woman like this to the US Congress as noteworthy, or some kind of positive, is fucking nuts.

    And it must also be stated: rather than stick to the facts, conservatard publications like Breitbart prefer to gin up outrage by using red meat words like ‘amnesty’, which they know will set the plebs off — but technically, the amendment essentially removes a green card cap by easing ‘age out’ provisions of current immigration law, i.e. it does not grant ‘amnesty’ to anyone here illegally — but it’s bad enough of course.

    The mass cumulative effect of the importation of Indian (and other Asian) tech workers over the last 40 years or so is a very ugly phenomenon, and largely underreported — it has contributed heavily to the shocking demographic transformation of places like the SFBA and the Dallas/Ft Worth region.

    • These people, Indians (dot, not feather), the Maya Flores types, all of these wogs need to be deported en masse whether they were born here, have citizenship, whatever argument they present. GTFO is the only acceptable policy.

      Obviously this is not possible now but as the country disintegrates, especially as the disintegration accelerates, (it is not a linear process BTW), possibilities will open up that are unthinkable now. As Lenin said, “Worse is better.” As has been noted many times: “We aren’t voting our way out of this”.

    • The defection of hispanics to the Republican party is overrated. Many conservatives are excited about it, but it’s probably more of the case of them being fed up with the LGBT crap & the lack of pandering to hispanics by the Democrats than a genuine embrace of constitutional conservatism. I can’t imagine their racial tribal reasons for voting Dem in the past simply disappearing. You can expect more betrayals & compromises from Con Inc. to cover up that fact & keep the illusion of the viability of multiracial democracy alive.

      We saw this with Trump too. He spent his term bemoaning black incarceration rates (surely as a gambit to secure his re-election) and lo & behold there was an increase of black votes for Trump. And there was no shortage of people in the media celebrating it as a refutation of white nationalist beliefs. But if you had to comprise on your conservative beliefs to get the non-white vote then that’s hardly a victory, and hardly a refutation of white nationalism – just the opposite in fact. If anything, law enforcement is rather lax in their dealing with black criminals. But good luck campaigning on that.

      Ultimately, the Republican party won’t be stuck in a permanent cycle of loses. It will just move to the left to get the non-white vote.

      [As a side note, it is curious that hispanics displayed white identitarian concerns in the polls (i.e. whites are being discriminated against, white heritage is under attack). Is this a case of white-looking castizos experiencing the brunt of anti-whiteness?]

      • @Anon:

        The Hispanics and working class East Asians defecting to the Republican Party makes sense if you look at it through the lens of race rather than ideology.

        Any Republican who thinks that their Non-White voters want some kind of Neo Conservative jingoistic party practicing the GOP’s current toxic values promoting “limited government” pushing non-stop wars to “defend our democracy,” free trade, endless tax cuts, and pushing tsunamis of temporary foreign worker visas will be miserably disappointed.

        The Hispanics, Asians, and, increasingly, disillusioned Whites just don’t buy into JFK’s famous ” Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country” spiel. They see right through True Conservatives Incorporated’s conniptions over the National Debt any and every time the American taxpayer wants a return, i.e. a strong social safety for his investment in taxes and in the case of the veteran life, limb and sanity. Then and only then do they turn into deficit hawks.

        If Republicans want to get and keep the Asians and Hispanics, they must accept that these new Republicans aren’t true conservatives but Anti-Black. Remember that these people live close to Blacks and suffer a lot of violence at their hands. They need to drop the piety about Democrats being the real racists, stop slobbering over the plagiarizing, adulterous, race hustler who was assassinated over fifty years ago and end all the pandering they are tempted to do with Blacks.

        And if the Republicans want the Whites to get out and vote rather than just throw up their hands in disgust and stay home, they need to avoid any temptation to pander to Asians and Hispanics.

        Focus on the awful economy, lawlessness, and teachers unions that seem more interested in grooming children for pedophiles that would debauch them rather than educate them in skills that will enable them to be self-supporting adults.

  6. HW does not bother to cite the Bible as evidence for the truth of his assertions. Seems to me he knows more about statistics than scripture. I don’t understand why. If I had a book with nothing but 100% truth why bother with anything else? It’s what makes Marjorie Greene look and sound as intelligent as she does. But Hunter would rather have MTG than GLR because Rockwell was agnostic. Same with Dr. Pierce.

    Speaking of…Dr. Pierce shows how the Russian Revolution was pulled off by Jews in front the world but “the lemmings didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t in the funny papers or the movies.” He might as well have said “the lemmings didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t in the Bible.”

    If one looks through the Christian signaling to the substance of the arguments HW makes, you will notice that there is nothing distinctively Christian about any of his objectives/goals and there is no argument made that is based on any principled biblical exegesis. Because HW knows those arguments are unpersuasive to even his audience.

    • If GLR or William Pierce were to establish an absolute dictatorship, wouldn’t their first move be to remove these people from all positions of power in government, the economy or culture? If so, then what is the objection to Christian nationalism, as that is what is being proposed here? Getting rid of this network of elites from key positions of influence is a necessary

    • This reads like a teenager mad mom made him go to church.

      The fact people still talk about ‘GLR’ as if he was sincere shows you what a joke these people are.

      If I were the SPLC I would make sure my trolls were the majority commenters on sites like OD and troll the hell out of people about Christianity, Nazi bullshit …the Irish.

      Nothing would be at all different. That is what the ‘movement’ is.

      HW tries to post about politics and he gets nothing by trolling from people who want to have arguments best left for Sunday school or justify their exhibitionist costume fetish.

      The ones who aren’t SPLC trolls are just cranks no one else will humor.

      • Nothing but ad hominem argumentation on your part, but yet you say not only am I insincere, but GLR was too. If you had non-fallacious argument, I suppose you would have made it. But I do agree with you about the part where you said “arguments best left for Sunday school” which fits into my point entirely. I think your arguments would be more intellectually honest if you did your best you avoid logical fallacies.

  7. Last evening there was a good 4chan /pol/ thread on Christian Nationalism and Marjorie Taylor Greene, linking to two Occidental Dissent articles in the original first post

    Was a hugely popular topic, going to the max bump limit of 300+ posts before it was archived

    Quite a few people cheering for Greene and the whole idea, even by people admitting they weren’t all that Christian themselves

    General support along the lines Hunter describes … the superb trolling of the left, wokesters, top lib Jews etc … and the fact that it’s a general vehicle for nationalism, ethnic-cultural thinking etc, well-rooted in the real base of people

    Maybe too as with many Europeans in Orban’s Hungary, ‘Christian’ doesn’t always mean people ‘believe’ too meticulously, the label is sometimes just a shorthand for European-white-Christian heritage, a feeling of affiliation

    The 4chan thread started with this good meme photo of Greene and her quote, “I say it proudly, we should be Christian nationalists!” –

  8. “The difference between Kyle’s dominion of atheism and social liberalism and Torba’s dominion of Christianity is that one inexorably leads to a self-absorbed, degenerate, hedonistic society of hopeless people who are addicted to drugs and who are most likely on welfare whereas the other wisely sets the limits and boundaries which are necessary to cultivate virtue and to maintain a decent civilization.

    I would much rather live under Torba and Marge’s dominion of Christianity. It is not even close.”


    Indeed, this is the pith of the matter and perfectly stated.

    I grew up in the Age where The Jim Crow South decided to accept the Jew England Yankee Empire’s definition of life –

    Drugs, Sex, & Rock-n-Roll, science instead of God, self-absorption and self-adulation in lieu of God, tradition, and tribalism, nihilism, or every kind, instead of preservation.

    Surveying the carnage of this terrible decision that we, Southerners, chose, and continue to choose, I realize what a terrible turn we took back at that fork in the road that great New England Yankee bard, Robert Frost, so aptly dubbed,’ The Road Not Taken.’

    The sum of my life lived can be boiled down to one rule of thumb – if you, or yours, take a path not to the Good Lord’s liking, his disapproval will, over time, become startingly clear.

    The problem for many of us, however, is that, once we have invested our ego into something, we often find it so difficult to admit that, we’d rather bring in a bevy of lawyers and publicists to rationalize it, justify it, and amplify it even further.

    This country, particularly my country, The South, badly needs a reset – and not one that the oligarchs of The Jew England Yankee World Order thinks it needs.

    Indeed, every single thing that is wrong with us, at this time, can be connected to our decision to cohabitate with those who advocate the snake’s position in Eden.

    Until we get the hell out of Snakesville, we, Southerners, will fester under a ‘dominion’ of tall weeds.

    Thank you, Mr Griffin, for no writing not only the truth, but, what tens of millions of Southerners are, at this time thinking, irrespective of how conscious we are of that, and or what manner in which that perception/projection takes place.

  9. Most of the ecelebs who were the face of the Altright were jerked over left libertarians like Kyle, which is where they got their shitty urban worldviews about christians, and their natural contempt for working Whites, exemplified by their presumption of being a vanguard of some kind for Whitey, when honestly nobody asked em.

    We have some commonalities with Guys like Enoch and TRS, even with Anglin and Spencer (who is gay). But in reality they are still urban swpls with no affinity for gun culture, no attachment to soil by blood or labor, are all atheists, none of the important things that identify heritage Americans.

    In hindsight, I think the Altright was probably an astroturf vanguard movement that probably had more than a little outside black money behind it.

    You all want to talk about something that came out of left field virtually overnight and became a media fixture, its the Altright.

    Many of the people who got lumped into that were pre existing, like HW obviously, Vdare, Uncle Jared and even that piece of shit Anglin. And that lent gravity to thw thing. But TRS, Spencer and most of the rest of that ecosystem came out of nowhere or inexplicably exploded in circulation, with much of the rest just riding the groundswell making money like Baked Alaska or Milo.

    I don’t trust this stuff anymore, and am far more likely to watch Alex Jones than listen to TRS podcasts or anything else.

    It all stinks of gayop and dark money. Anything thats logical conclusion leads to marching through a college town with a tikitorch screaming about Jews is pretty much fucked in anycase.

    • You’ve kind of answered your own question there. Spencer and McLaren’s background largely explains where they ended up.

      Enoch hasn’t gone that way in spite of enormous social pressure (his dad disowned him and told him to change his name in order to impress The New Yorker) and still does his own thing. I can’t comprehend how traumatic that must have been for him. It speaks to the vast cultural difference in backgrounds.

  10. Workers of Georgia take heed! In one of her most revealing moments, your selected representative, the Elite-serving extreme Conserver (of the system) “M.T.” (not Maggie Thatcher, I mean Margie Taylor) blows up a car with “Socialism” written on it:

  11. She has also called the Democratic Party a new “national socialist party” (NAZIS), and she uses the holocaust narrative, and supports Israel/Zionism and the fake nation Nudelmanland (Khazarkraine).

    • eeyip… cause their “lord”, “king” and “god” is a Jew… need I say more? and global communistic tyranny is what they will get

  12. She can come out as anything she wants but that doesn’t make it true. I don;t trust anyone that apologizes because it got too hot for her politically.

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