Tucker Carlson: Zelensky Appears In Vogue

Just a reminder … this is the main reason why the economy crashed and prices are spiraling out of control and gas has become so expensive. I have to get a new estimate on my car because I was going to get several things fixed on it last month before we went out West, but I never got around to it and now the price has gone up again over the past month.


  1. You really have to ask, Carlson? The answer is a single sentence which you are afraid to utter:

    Because Jews want it. They will order their tricky-dicky piano man to fight down to the last Urkrop. Then they’ll order the draft to send white Murikans to die over there. The entire congress of whores will obey, too.

    Few others do. Most Murikans are so mal-edumacated (thanks to Jew control of public edumacation) that they can’t even find the fake-and-gay country on a map. What’s even more amazing are the large numbers of whites who take their instruction about morality from the Synagogue of Satan, whose ‘morality’ is an inversion of actual right and wrong.

  2. “Zelensky Appears In Vogue”

    Major PR push. The PR companies and their agents are spreading the bribe money far and wide. Cash, coke and hookers, you can get anything published.

    Just like payola, in the record biz.

    • People are not buying it.


      Volo is like Marie Antoinette. Anyone adept at graphics programs who can superimpose Volo’s head on Marie Antoinette’s body, preferably showing her with a lowcut bodice?

      • The creature’s head would like much better in a guillotine’s basket, or at the end of a well-stretched rope. There’s been a HIMARs hit on the prison where Azov battalion prisoners were being held. Apparently those shitbirds were starting to sing. 53 dead. If the Judeo-Nazis in Kiev think Ze ordered this, they’ll probably eliminate this particular noxious piece of pig-shit soon, as predicted by Lira. As I understand it HIMARS are operated by NATO troops in Ukroid drag and only take orders from the Pentagon.

        • They are doing the same shit as in 1944-45 when they bombed Nordhausen detention camp and blamed it on the Germans

          ZOG are scum that even kill their own pawns, i actually feel sorry for the Azov guys even if they are satanists and criminals

          As for the NATO scum i hope they get them and parade them infront of the cameras for all the world to see

  3. ” and now the price has gone up again over the past month.”

    EVERYTHING ! Auto parts, hardware, tools, lumber etc.
    Construction supplies blew a hole in my wallet.

  4. Collapsing regime doing desperate stunts. They got also small victory down here in Eastern Europe. 6 unelected Soros judges legalized homosexual marriage in Slovenia rejected there by referendum 3 times.

    Now whole Eastern Europe wondering how Slovenian perverts can win war in the Ukraine, elections in the US or solve any other problem what haunts Global Elite.

    Such stunts are actually good. I prefer Slovenian perverts and Vouge covers to decisive action intended to crush opposition with iron fist.

    • No, he’ll lead the European Union to Armageddon with China, build the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and so forth, once America and Russia have deleted each other with nuclear exchange.

    • When this war is over there will be no america

      unless you refer to a small fishing hamlet in the Amazon

    • He can work the Catskills circuit. When he drops his pants and plays HaTikvah on the piano with his schlong, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

  5. Disturbing and tasteless, on both sides — but then Zelensky seems like a grandstanding piece of shit, and American journalism of all kinds has been getting trashier and trashier.

    War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture and inhumane treatment

    Above is a link to a 2016 OSCE report — it says it’s the 2nd report, so there was one before it — probably several after it, but I don’t know for sure and will not bother to check.

    So it’s not unfair to assume similar ‘crimes’ against ethnic Russians and Russian speakers have been happening in eastern Ukraine since 2014; Western media has just largely not covered the ongoing conflict there.

    Considering the timeline, Russia was actually fairly patient: they pushed for a diplomatic solution, and did not recognize the independence of the autonomous republics (declared in 2014) until February 2022, shortly before the invasion began.

    Regardless of how one feels about a region of a country declaring autonomy, it would have been better for Ukrainian governments, including Zelensky’s, to attach the highest importance to solving that problem.

  6. Europe is committing suicide with the boomerang of its anti-Russian ‘sanctions’ … And the Russian government has just hilariously released a 1-minute video trolling the European Union, ‘Time to Move to Russia!’, openly boasting that Russia has:
    – cheap gas and electricity
    – beautiful women
    – traditional values and hospitality
    – no ‘cancel culture’
    – great cuisine, architecture, vodka, and fertile soil
    – an economy ‘that can withstand thousands of sanctions’ LOL

    Here’s the vid on the twitter feed of the Russian Embassy in Spain, English subtitles

    Lights are already going out in Germany to conserve fuel, given no one knows how the EU can make it through the winter with the tight, sometimes suspended, flows from Russia

    EU energy storage tanks are only 2/3 full … but even if completely full the supply wouldn’t last much more than a half-year

    Home electricity & heat bills are destroying the EU working and middle classes, leaving little room for optional purchases, blowing up the EU economy

    Poland and Hungary are doing well on gas storage … but the EU bureaucracy just told them that possibly the EU will seize that gas and distribute it to Germany, because stupid Germans closed their nuclear plants and gambled on windmills and solar panels that hardly work

    ‘Europe’s grand plan for energy security is to take away stored gas from those who have it’ (Remix News)

      • Maybe it’s all a blessing in disguise? Could be the EU might have to start removing their brown pets when things go pear shaped.

        • Nope. They’ll be drafted to serve in the invincible banana-legion to invade Russia when Field Marshall Nudelman commands it to be so. Most of the parasites who landed in the EUSSR in the 2015 era forward were military-age males.

    • “but the EU bureaucracy just told them that possibly the EU will seize that gas and distribute it to Germany”

      That’s the kind of stuff that starts wars. Is the EU willing to shoot it out with Poland and Hungary if they tell them to stick their decree? I can see the propaganda already, “The NAZI’s are back again to pillage our countries.” Yeah, that is gonna go over well. Can the EU get any dumber?

    • @balticus

      Europe is not committing suicide, Europe is being murdered. ZOG is transitioning to the East and needs the West, especially the US, destroyed.

      Europe has to go through intense chaos and the systems of control in Europe have to be brought into profound disrepute so the new system of control the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) can be brought in. Think order out of chaos.

      Remember Mackinders Heartland thesis, who controls Eastern Europe controls the heartland, who controls the heartland controls the world island, who controls the world island controls the world.

      Europe has a very bleak future ahead of it, thanks to the treasonous politicians who sold the people out for the banksteins.

      Death to ZOG.

  7. The Catskill circuit- or what in the 50’s and 60’s they called “the Jewish Alps”.

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