Christian Nationalism Isn’t An Op 2

I disagree with Warren and Jazzhands.

Fash the Nation:

Before we condemn Christian nationalism as a gay op created by Jews in order to deradicalize people or deter people from joining your National Socialist group, I would suggest we should take a look at the literature that has been circulating among White evangelicals over the past decade.

Note: Let’s hear these people out. This stuff has been flourishing in evangelical and Pentecostal churches alongside QAnon which spread through them when Dump was president.

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  1. “”…gay op created by Jews…””

    Its not the first time. When Russians and Eastern Europeans teared down Soviet Union, then every last dissident group trashed all others that they are KGB controlled opposition. A lot of them probably were. Yet somehow Soviet system came down.

    All revolutions have been one big mess. Romantic freedom fighting made later for propaganda purposes..

  2. My test for if a movement is legit and a threat to the system is if they’ve been banned from the big social media platforms. White Nationalism has been banned, Christian Nationalism hasn’t. It will be interesting to see if the major accounts promoting Christian Nationalism are removed in the coming months.

  3. Never heard of Seven Mountain theology. But, yes, been going on for decades. I came by dominionism through Presbyterian theonomy, namely, R. Rushdooney and company. Even CI was picking up on it during the early eighties. Once was a big deal in California. Seems to have passed over to charismatic conservatives as it was driven out of the synods and presbyteries in my area. Wonder what kind of material continuity or lineage might be had between old Theonomy and 7 Mountains? Today more impressed by 19th c. broad churchmen writings upon “Kingdom of God on earth” and related National Church questions. Seems like our starting point– where they left off prior to the Wars.

  4. I was curious to see if any of these pastors in the video actually named the problem. I chose one video, about media. I did not see anything that gave me confidence, and the one non-biblical reference to Israel was about them sending aid to the USA after 9/11:

    If they are more woke than I know, please, tell us, because:

    I do not see a divorce coming between Christian evangelicals and Jewish money. If you prove me wrong, I will eat crow for decades. But the fact is, these are the same exact people that took white racial politics after the Civil Rights movement and turned it into modern evangelical politics. It has been discussed numerous times across multiple platforms that a way to reactivate Southern Whites politically was to get them hopped on an issue (abortion) that previously they cared little about.

    This feels exactly the same.

    • In the video on the media, he describes the people who control the media as being the enemy who need to be removed from power and replaced by people who share his faith and worldview. What exactly is the problem? Are they not the enemy?

      • But do they even know who the enemy is?

        I’ve heard conservatives bash the media for decades and they were still absolutely clueless about the who/whom part.

        We’ve all seen what happens when we just infer that people ‘get it’ without them explicitly stating their position. It’s all dog whistles. That is my problem.

        Maybe they will start name dropping the JQ. I hope so.

        • Explain why anti-White Jews who work in the media are a problem, but the White leftists and liberals who work in the media, who are on Twitter, who believe the exact same things, who have the same values and attitudes, are not the problem.

          • You’re not wrong, and that’s my point: Christian Nationalism will spend 100% of its time attacking other white people and conveniently skip over Jews.

            If I’m wrong, great. If not, it’s an op.

          • “Explain why anti-White Jews who work in the media are a problem, but the White leftists and liberals who work in the media, who are on Twitter, who believe the exact same things, who have the same values and attitudes, are not the problem.”

            They both are obviously, but since the former actually own/control the media and give the latter their marching orders, it makes them THE Problem.

      • Replacing libtards in the media with Bush-era Christian Zionists who still defend the Iraq war and believe that Christianity is synonymous with American liberalism wouldn’t really be an improvement.

        • It is precisely the belief that Christianity is synonymous with American liberalism that is being rejected here. Obviously, you can’t establish Christian control of all key cultural institutions and staff those institutions with your own people without discriminating against and replacing the Jewish and liberal atheists who control them now

        • Theoretically, Christian Nationalism would put Christian interests before Zionism & opt to not elect Zionist Jews to positions of power. Shabbos goy Zionist Christians could slither in but it would be hard for them to get elected by shilling for Zionism. So under a serious application of Christian Nationalism, we’re not likely to see a return of electing bloodsucking neocons.

          However, theory doesn’t always align with reality. Christians are quite gullible & it’s not hard to imagine their movement getting subverted into Judeo-Christian Nationalism.

          Whatever the case, Christians rejecting liberalism, militantly defying globalist efforts to enslave humanity, & seeking to establish a society that reflects conservative Christian values is a big step forward from where they used to be. Christians are becoming increasingly based while atheists are becoming gayer by the minute.

          It doesn’t seem like an op. It seems more like the result of the Jewish Liberal media who are always paranoid about white Christians. The media goes into meltdowns when they get scared. It happened with Trump’s first presidential run. It happened with Musk buying Twitter. Now they’re scared about Republicans openly embracing Christian Nationalism & unapologetically associating with extremists like Torba or Fuentes. Not everything in the media is a 4D chess operation.

          And no, you don’t need something like Christian Nationalism to subvert & ruin white nationalism. White nationalism ruins itself all on its own. It’s a dumpster fire of feds & easily psyop’d retards. Which is why no one wants anything to do with it. White nationalism wasn’t about to take America by storm. It’s going nowhere & staying that way for a long time. If it ever takes off, its success will owe little to the self-marginalized retards who currently populate it.

          • However, theory doesn’t always align with reality. Christians are quite gullible & it’s not hard to imagine their movement getting subverted into Judeo-Christian Nationalism.

            Inasmuch as entire denominations and vast swaths of Evangelical Protestantism have been subverted into a deadly heresy about a Satanic cult that was formed after Christ’s ministry to destroy Christianity, there’s little if any imagination that has to be involved. The Talmud post-dates the New Testament by 500 years or so – though parts of it were around in Christ’s era (which is why he was always taking on the Pharisees). Jews pay little attention to the Torah or prophets directly. All teachings therein are filtered (usually subverted and inverted) through the Talmud.

          • “Theoretically, Christian Nationalism would put Christian interests before Zionism…”
            Just NO. They’ve not done this, and you’re just chasing a dream. Their religion demands they be the gentiles, the goy, and be servants to the Chosen.
            Then you go and crap on WN.

          • “Then you go and crap on WN.”

            For all the faults of Christians, they’re still better people than wignats.

        • I didn’t watch the whole thing.

          There are millions of White college educated leftists who believe the same things and those people work in the media too so probably not. Most normal people don’t draw a distinction between the two and see them all as the enemy because they have the same beliefs.

          • Quit coping.

            The white libtards in the media are janissaries. We both know where the money and influence for all of the disgusting/anti-white garbage in the West comes from, and it’s not white libtards, as horrible as they are.

            The reason I know Christian Nationalism is an op doesn’t have anything to do with white nationalism. It’s clearly an op because the media is just trying to re-repackage the same old race-blind Republican bullshit, but pretend it’s somehow a radical thing that the libtards are very worried about.

          • I see.

            This is an important distinction which we are unable to grasp. There is a difference between our White liberal enemies and our Jewish enemies in the media who are on Twitter.

            Sure, they believe the same things, have the same values, vote the same way, act the same way and oppose and treat us the same way because they are all on the same team, but one group – the vastly larger one – are Muh White Brothers and we should devote our lives to wanting to create a new nation state so that at end of the struggle we can once again live under the same government with them.

            Christian nationalism is an “op” that was created to deter White Christian evangelicals from listening to obscure podcasts or joining tiny National Socialist groups which Americans have never showed in any interest in joining over the course of the last 70 years.

          • Reread Vanilla Ice’s post several times. He said it very well.
            White Christian Evangelicals don’t need to be deterred from WN. They aren’t interested in it.
            They want to build more homes in Africa.
            They want their kids to date more darker folks.

    • For a Christian Nationalist, the only meaningful distinction is between Christians and non-Christians.

      • Why should anti-Christian racial nationalism have any appeal to Christians? Like, why should I want to in an anti-Christian White ethnostate that is full of the same people who have destroyed this country? Why should I want to create a new nation with people who see themselves as my enemy simply because they are White?

        • You shouldn’t. It’s good to see that you’re finally being an honest and true Christian unlike a lot of delusional Christians here that think they can have their cake and eat it too. Christians must always put their religion before their race. Christian negroes and mestizos must come before atheist Whites. It is scripture. Please make it clear to non-Christian Whites and the media in general that White Nationalism is now officially state atheist. White Nationalism and Christian Nationalism are two separate, competing movements with differing visions of how society should be run. Good luck to you all and keep on driving those Jews crazy.

          • So, let me get this straight.

            Your plan is to appeal to the less than 5% of atheists who might be persuadable to join your racial nationalist cause. After winning the support of these people, you will then proceed to create a White ethnostate. You will do this while attacking and alienating the over 80% of rightwing Americans who are Christians. You’re right that I don’t see how this works

          • Historically, how much effort has Der Movement really ever put into recruiting White leftists and liberals? Next to none. Our association with anti-science, conspiracy nut Christians, conservatives, and libertarians has alienated them all. Aside from a lack of a true Pan-European ideology, this has likely been the source of our downfall. After over 100 years of failure, time for a new direction.

          • Haha, I knew you would bring up Spencer. There is difference between a White Nationalist focusing on recruiting anti-White liberals and a White Nationalist becoming an anti-White liberal. Or maybe he’s trying some sort of secret infiltration strategy and is just botching the execution, especially with the Apollo nonsense. He might even be a controlled op to preempt the sort of ideological pivot I’m arguing that White Nationalism needs to make. But that’s veering into conspiracy theory territory.

          • Richard Spencer hates Christians and conservatives so much and now the Dissident Right so much that he has finally become who he is. He has embarked on the road to nowhere. There is Mark Brahmin and maybe a dozen people with EU, Macron and Apollo avatars tagging along and sharing Richard’s hot takes.

            I know the back and forth is getting pretty tense on this subject. It is a spirited debate. I look at what Spencer is doing and then I look at these trends among Protestants. I have concluded that it is going to be much easier to radicalize White evangelicals. These people aren’t hopeless. They are persuadable

          • Valerios

            I’m a pro-white libtard. I’m a hipster racist. I was a big fan of Richard Spencer. My blog was listed as one of the top ten ‘Alt Left of the Alt Right’ back right before Trump.

            I cringe at Christian Zionism. I would have been all on board with ‘pro-white liberalism.’

            Instead it was gay neckbeard Reddit atheism but like Hitler was a pagan vegetarian or whatever stupid bullshit they come up with.

            Now? I’d rather throw my lot in with regular white southern Christians like James Edward of Political Cesspool and Identity Dixie than take seriously any of that gay bullshit from the Andrew Anglin TRS crowd.

            I gave them a chance they fucked it up because they are Jews and Feds.

            So if you want to build your movement, go ahead. But Southern Christians aren’t the ‘op’ – you internet trolls are the op.

            Plus I can say proudly without any hesitation I oppose baby killing.

          • @Valerius “Christian negroes and mestizos must come before atheist Whites. ”
            Wrong. Race is first.
            This is the reason the world is so messed up.
            If you put all Christians first, you will just get what you have now.
            No wonder we are in such a mess, with how you Xians think.

          • So because you were right about the op that was Donald Trump you have decided to throw your lot in with the even more ridiculous op of Christian nationalism?

            I’m a white southerner that has no antagonism to Christianity, but this is obviously a shit-tier media pantomime to re-repackage race-blind GOP faggotry as something useful to disenfranchised whites.

          • @Valerius

            Persuading libtards to be pro-white? Slight possibility, I guess. To be nationalists? Not likely because nationalism is an anathema to leftists for its implicit obligations for women to stay at home & have lots of kids. On top of that, you’re dealing with a slave morality that hates everything that displays strength as well as anyone who valorizes it, because they themselves are weak. And that master morality they loath is epitomized by the white race which is hence the root of their anti-whiteness. They are spiteful mutants with an axe to grind against normal people who will always see them as disgusting freaks. So these mutants might hate whites solely out of spite towards normal white people. The bigotry they experience will be associated with whiteness in their minds. People underestimate just how bitter & resentful these people are, how totalizing their malice is. You won’t get anywhere with these broken people.

            To be fair, not all leftists are this damaged. But are the salvageable ones really worth it? How valuable of an asset is someone who can be duped into hating their own race? On top of that, these people are largely out of reach anyways. All of them exclusively use platforms that deplatform conservatives. You can’t red pill people who refuse to listen to your arguments. So why bother with them?

      • @Valerius:

        I respectfully disagree. The perception of Christianity being White European, while not as strong as four or five hundred years ago, still exists, albeit implicitly.

        Any Non-White Christians, especially those who attend White majority churches are attracted to them because they are drawn to and crave the implicitly White order of these institutions.

        The best analogy I can personally reference is that of my own Catholic origins with my family choosing to immigrate to WASP America from France and the French Swiss canton during the 19th century and the Polish side coming in the early twentieth century. We were drawn to the efficiency and competence of the WASP culture and assimilated to the language and culture.

        Of course, that was when WASP America was confident and had no problems setting expectations and enforcing the standards. Though the first generations attended Catholic churches, we were implicitly Protestant. Many of the younger generations are trending explicitly Protestant after getting their feet wet in Non-Denomination churches.

        So as long as the Christianity Christian Nationalism promotes represents and upholds the discipline, order, and competence the WASP Americans did when both branches of my family arrived it will remain attractive to adjacent Whites, i.e., Non-Whites with implicit White values. The Blacks referred to as Oreos and the Mestizos and other Browns referred to as Coconuts by the Anti-Whites of their race. As well as retain White voters.

  5. Who hates “evangelicals’ i.e. White Americans, often Southern, rural, and more church-going than average?

    1. Jews
    2. White Anti-White Liberals
    3. Nazi cranks and clowns of The Movement

    I know which side I am on and I don’t need a lecture in theology to know why.

    • Hey, I love White Southerners. I just hate your religion. I love White Anti-White LIberals too. I just hate their ideology. Two sides of the same brainwashed coin. Hate the sin, not the sinner, haha.

    • @Banned Hipster The Jews might hate Evangelicals, but they LOVE the Jews, they will do anything for them. They don’t even care what they say about their Jesus.
      I’d take my chances with Anglin over James Edwards. These guys won’t ever part with their religion, thus being subjugated and passive about what the real problem is.
      I don’t care who has a group, a radio show, a book, etc. It’s all talk, and most of them don’t even speak for me, and the people who realize how bad it’s gotten.
      Religion WILL NOT save them. They believe in the God of the Jews, and they cannot turn against the Jews ever. So who is kidding who?

      • Evangelicals are pro-Jew not because Christianity mandates it but because the American civic religion mandates it. Real Christianity is more anti-Jew than any major belief system. Jesus Christ told Jews who did not believe in him, of whom today’s Jews are the continuation, that they were “of their father the Devil”. That means the fact Jews are Satanic is orthodox Christian belief, literal gospel truth. I don’t think even National Socialism said Jews are literally Satanic.

    • Banned Hipster,

      You are such an obvious dissention troll. You are not even a Southerner.

      Yeah, your based “speaking in tongues,” rattlesnake juggling, Flat Earth believing, roadkill eating bunch of fire and brimstone Jethro and Ellie Mae Clampetts are the salt of the earth and the obviously will bring on a New White Renaissance. LMAO!

  6. “Christian Nationalism Isn’t An Op”

    *posts a bunch of examples of Republican party propaganda showing that it is in fact an op*

    • I’m not following you.

      I posted a bunch of videos where were published years ago. This book “Invading Babylon,” which is like the manifesto of the movement, was published in 2013. There are a bunch of books about the subject on Amazon. It takes like two minutes of searching YouTube or Google to come across all sorts of material that goes back over 20 years. How exactly is this an “op” that is designed to deter people from joining obscure White Nationalist groups? Isn’t it obvious that evangelicals who have no interest or familiarity with that scene are talking about this stuff among themselves and sharing it in their congregations where it is growing?

      • -“This book “Invading Babylon,” which is like the manifesto of the movement, was published in 2013. There are a bunch of books about the subject on Amazon. It takes like two minutes of searching YouTube or Google to come across all sorts of material that goes back over 20 years.”

        Did the Republican party not exist 20 years ago? Republican operatives have been shaping the religious right for decades. Almost all of modern American evangelical Christian beliefs and culture could be considered an op, given how closely tied in they are with Republican party propagandists and their political goals. The “counter-jihad” stuff was being seeded into those circles decades before it became relevant in the early 2000s, too, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an op (it was).

        -“Isn’t it obvious that evangelicals who have no interest or familiarity with that scene are talking about this stuff among themselves and sharing it in their congregations where it is growing?”

        Evangelicals are the right wing counterpart to “I support the current thing” redditors. A mass of ready-made dupes who sit around waiting for the next Republican psyop to drop. The fact that they are talking about something and it is growing in their circles is almost proof in itself that it is an op, just as libtard NPCs discussing things (police murdering Blacks, “protect trans kids,” Asian hate, Ukraine, gun violence) is almost proof itself of an op seeding those memes for political purposes.

        • Sigh.

          Feel free to continue focusing on the less than 5 percent of atheists who aren’t raging shitlibs.

          • I’ll stick where the growth potential is. Anti-Americanism, secessionism, anti-capitalism, and White minority strategy.

            I will avoid areas with no long-term growth potential: Civic nationalist American patriotardism, assimilationism, Zionism, and Milton Friedman neoliberalism, i.e. the Republican party platform, which coincidentally happens to be almost identical to what “Christian nationalists” believe (not an op).

          • Me too.

            If you look at who supports secession and who is worried about the Great Replacement, it is the same people who support Christian nationalism. In contrast, there is no significant support whatsoever among atheists or pagans for this or any other rightwing view even including racial nationalism. The audience for anything remotely pro-White is overwhelmingly religious and Christian. The Whites who oppose interracial marriage, for example, are overwhelmingly Christians.

            It is funny how adamant that atheists and pagans are on the internet that their views are somehow more linked to White identity. The reverse is true. If you are a self described atheist, you are far more likely to be a woke libtard or a transsexual or to be in an interracial marriage or to be divorced than a White Protestant.

  7. Do these folks care that Christians have been marginalized and pretty much eclipsed by Islam, Woke PC Lib politics, Talmudic Judaism in Constantinople, Rome and Jerusalem?

    “Is the Pope Catholic?”

    That was the old “duhhhhh” question.

    But with this CINO Pope, I would say the answer is

    No he is not.

  8. I’m going to have to go with Warren and Jazzhands on this one.
    Why? Hunter, your previous post on this topic lists FBI op attomwaffen and long gone Spenser as the leading examples of WN; I think it was very disingenuous.

    • How so?

      Richard Spencer was the most well known and prominent face of the Alt-Right. It also isn’t clear how everything that happens in the world is a massive conspiracy that THEY are doing to deter people from listening to obscure podcasts or tiny National Socialist groups.

  9. I don’t listen to Fash the Nation anymore, but I can imagine their criticisms, as its always the same one which leads only to the conclusion we should do nothing but continue listening to their increasingly inane and repetitive formulaic media.

    TRS broadly have been the most anti Christian influence on dissident right politics for years now, and hardly can be considered a reasoned authority on anything regarding theology. I’ll wait and see if The Godcast does a show on it to see what Mike has decided is the networks stance on Christian Nationalism. They are the accepted safe Christian outlet of TRS.

    As I have time I’ll watch the vids above meanwhile.

    • FYI,

      It was NJP member who protested in Waukesha, Wisconsin when the anti-white BLM terrorist drove through a Christmas parade and murdered six innocent White folks and critically injured dozens more. NJP was also on the ground in Fargo, North Dakota to bring attention to brutal racially motivated murder of 14 year Daisy Paulsen, and demand that hate crime charges be brought against the African immigrant. Once month ago, National Justice Party’s recent protested the racially motivated killing of Ethan Liming in Akron, Ohio.

      What has anyone or any other organized group done in the Post-Charlottesville, Merrick Garfinkle DOJ, and Alajandro Mayorkas’ DHS done to bring attention to anti-white violence occurring in the jewnited states?

  10. I’m skeptical. Christian Nationalism sounds an awful lot like the old Moral Majority that rose to fame along with Reagan in the 1980s. Got a lot of “Born-Again” converts for a bit, but really went nowhere with its political influence in the end, at least nationally. If it wasn’t for the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, I wouldn’t be paying attention to CN at all.

    • “Christian Nationalism sounds an awful lot like the old Moral Majority that rose to fame along with Reagan in the 1980s”

      Thats because it’s the same thing. Some of them are literally the same exact people who were hanging around with Billy Graham back in his day.

  11. “Christian’s who complain that Christian nationalism is not Christianity, are just terrified that “Christian Nationalism” might actually DO something about the culture, rather than just rub your hands and complain about it. If your being attacked, as the saying goes, you’re probably over the target…..

  12. Hitler & the Nazis exposed this Judeo-Masonic-Communist nexus/conspiracy last century & its existential threat to the white race, but nobody listened much outside of Germany, except for a few intelligent individuals like John Amery, Mosley, Ramsay, Beckett, Unity Mitford & William Joyce. Instead the prodigious majority of white gentiles united to extirpate Nazism–so their Jewish Overlords could continue governing them & the world. The white race had its chance with Hitler, but blew it, instead preferring Rabbi Jesus & Rabbi Marx…

  13. I would go as far as to say that TRS played a crucial role in driving from the Altright the healthiest, most functional and decent people that initially identified with the dissident right politics, many of these were overtly Christian but not welcome in the altright because of the fedora tippers and brigading trolls that have always orbited TRS and the Daily Stormer.

    • I’m not up to speed on what is going on there.

      Fr.John linked to the conversation. This stuff has been circulating in evangelical churches for years now among people who have nothing to do with the White Nationalist movement. Just because they haven’t heard about it doesn’t mean it is an “op.” It takes like a minute of searching Google to come across this material

    • Mike Enoch was the man who ran to the front of the stage and staged ‘Hielgate’ at the Spencer event.

      I don’t know if Enoch then went home and showed his Jewish wife his stunt done for the cameras of The Atlantic, a Jewish magazine, or if they were already divorced.

      I love the show, they aren’t a serious ‘movement’ they are a comedy show that does ‘Nazi Minstrel’ performances for the Jew media.

      Like Charlie Brown and Lucy’s football, Southerners just can’t help themselves and fall for this bullshit every generation.

      They never mention their movement leaders from the 90s because they don’t want you to remember how many are Feds and Jews.

      • “They aren’t a serious ‘movement.’ They are a comedy show that does ‘Nazi Minstrel’ performances for the Jewish media.”


  14. Lance Wallnau-

    “His prediction that Trump would be a modern-day Cyrus was challenged by left-wing news outlets but vindicated on March 5, 2018, the day Prime Minister Netanyahu met with President Trump in the White House to thank him for his historic embassy decision, linking him to Cyrus.”

    Lol. Wallnau’s Trump prophecies have been sanctified through the affirmations of his holiness Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “Dr. Wallnau is a strategist, futurist and compelling communicator who has shared platforms with Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo, and best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell. He has conducted training for the United Nations and spoken at Harvard, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the London School of Theology.”

    Lol, sounds legit. Not completely Jewish or an op at all lol

  15. seven mountain theology? Well, I am not surprised that one of those mountains isn’t race. I have mentioned that Christian, or any religious group solidarity, is a blatant lie because of the selfish ulterior motives of its followers which will show itself in full force once the shackles that bind them to Church authority and the fear of God are broken.

    Groups that are bound the physical world like race are built on real foundations based in nature not some made up conception of some otherworldly place of salvation that can only be fulfilling the individual. Racial groups, especially, are only about the group because it’s the common genetic constitution that is important to all group members not their individual feelings, desires, or goals although the latter can be incorporated into the group for mutual benefit,

    So White racialism, which is really based on the fact that Whites are an anatomically different race of people compared to Nonwhites where the differences between them are explained here.

    • The glaring problem with what you say here is that identity and biology are two different things. You are conflating the two. Being White is one thing. Appreciating it is another. Thus, there are millions of White people who have a negative sense of White identity, who hate whiteness, who feel guilty about being White and who are “Doing The Work” to make the country less White because that is what they understand as “racial justice.”

      • @Hunter Wallace They have a negative view, because their religion tells them everyone is their equal and they have to let parasitic people come here and live off their earnings. They have a negative view, because their religion promotes “being kind” and diversity hires. Their religion tells them they aren’t God’s chosen folks, and they have to earn their way to heaven by playing by the rules. The chosen don’t even have to acknowledge Jesus, they get a free pass into heaven. Their religion tells them they are born with a stain, sin on their soul. If you get rid of this stuff, you can be free. You’d be more free worshipping Jupiter or Ra or Apollo.

  16. Bill Johnson-

    “His historic actions for Israel should appeal to believers, as the biblical mandate to pray supportively for Jerusalem is a clear priority in scripture”

    Brian Johnson, son of Bill Johnson, on his interracial adoption-

    So what does “Christian nationalism” mean? It means taking control of the “seven mountains,” so that you can force White people to adopt Black kids and to worship Jews and Israel. Not an op!

    • It means taking control of key institutions- the media, entertainment industry, academia and so forth – and replacing the people who are there now with Christians

      • And who do these people consider to be true Christians?

        -Pentacostals who convulse on the ground and pretend to be speaking in tongues as a sign of receiving the Holy Spirit
        -People who believe that interracial adoption is a sacrament.
        -People who believe that George Washington made a covenant with God to protect Israel
        -People who believe White Americans need to fight WW3 against “Gog and Magog” to bring about the rapture.
        -Jews, who are automatically saved because of their earlier covenant with God

        If your goal is to replace insane anti-White shitlibs with equally insane anti-White Evangelical Christians, then “Christian nationalism” should be right up your alley.

        • This is an easy one to answer.

          We have mountains of polling data on all three groups – Jews, evangelical Christians and atheists. The data shows that Jews as a whole are more rightwing on social issues than atheists. Evangelical Protestants are the most rightwing group in American politics. Thus, replacing the Jews, White liberals and White atheists who currently dominate the news media, entertainment and academia with White evangelicals would result in a profound shift in values. It is true that some White evangelicals adopt African babies, but it is also true and there is a mountain of evidence to this effect that no other group in the country is more opposed to interracial marriage. Jews and White atheists are the most accepting of gay marriage, interracial marriage, “trans,” abortion, polyamory and so on.

          • “Thus, replacing the Jews, White liberals and White atheists who currently dominate the news media, entertainment and academia with White evangelicals would result in a profound shift in values.”

            A profound shift in values towards belligerent American imperialism, patriotardism, zionism, unchecked plutocratic excess, assimilationism, and all of the other values of the religious right.

            The libtards would almost be preferable because at least they are so viscerally repulsive that it creates a siege mentality as an immune response from normal people. Republicans making their poison more palatable by disguising it as “traditional Christian values” doesn’t evoke the same response.

          • No one’s polled me. I don’t trust polls anyway, because you can usually find a poll to back your argument.
            Dart is very correct here.
            The idea of hoping Christianity rights itself is a fantasy. Zionism has it by the throat.

  17. Do any of these political Christian nationalists ever “notice” or comment on the lying, filthy perverts being featured in most every White American’s living room?

    If CNN’s Jeff Zucker, or old, hairy pervert porn star Ron Jeremy knocked on your family home and asked to camp out in your living room to corrupt your children, should we let them in?

    Here’s a Farstar comic I thought up on that subject.

  18. The only way that all seven mountains can be reclaimed is if one of those mountains (Government) has total control over the other six mountains. The state has to be totalitarian in order to undo the damage that capitalism and liberalism has caused ever since frankly the beginning of America as an independent country.

    Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

  19. Hunter, the issue you seem to be ignoring is that “Christian Nationalism” is an op becaude the system fears White people forming a new racial solidarity against the blacks and browns then they do having them get involved with something as toothless as Christian Nationalism. Christian Nationalists reject racialism almost as much as liberals do and those videos you posted aren’t even that ground breaking. It’s just more tame religious right nonsense that has no teeth and will do nothing but waste our time.

    • Christian nationalism isn’t an “op.”

      White evangelicals are just getting more radicalized. These people aren’t listening to or paying any attention whatsoever to the Alt-Right or White Nationalism.

      The real op is that the anti-Christian drumbeat in those circles is already so repulsive and self marginalizing that these people wouldn’t be interested even if you could ever get their attention. That’s why it is a stagnant and shrinking scene these days. No op is needed.

  20. I understand what you’re getting at as far as appeal to the base of politically active people goes. From a strictly propagandistic standpoint “we”, being Jewish Power aware people, do not actually have any reason to be drawing this strange line to further segregate ourselves from the normal political sphere and I’m not sure what any of all this argumentation and comment section attacks gets us. As a movement, we should be harnessing this energy and using it to appeal and draw in more people.

    Yes, grifters and the Republican apparatus are going to do what they have always done. Yes, there is a reason why this is being spun up right now to direct people away from and defocus from racial politics. No, that doesn’t mean that this energy can’t still be channeled into where it needs to go. Yes, these people ARE becoming racially aware.

    The radical notion that people who hate the media, the bankers, the war profiters, and politicians in power can’t also take notice that the people pushing this agenda are Jewish is retarded. Just like the idea that we are going to be able to deradicalize a bunch of libtard antifa is likewise retarded. There is absolutely no reason to think that our ideas, and even proposed solutions will be unattractive to this group of Christian Nationalists since we all have the same talking points. But if we start ignoring it or deriding it because “its a gay op”, we gain literally nothing and lose potentially everything. If we start attacking our fellow travelers over minute differences unimportant to our overall struggle, we fracture further and fall deeper into obscurity.

    Personally, I put my fedora up a long time ago and have no problem reconciling White Nationalism and being a Christian. I don’t know why we have to pretend like there is some sort of inherent incompatibility with the ideas when there isn’t other than edgelord priors.

  21. There’s nothing like the easy path of convincing a group of people to get rid of themselves.
    Christian Nationalism is what backed the Neocons under George Bush.
    We already know what that’s about.
    If people want to go back to having white nations, they have to look at history before Christianity.

  22. From the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod:

    WHEREAS, It is widely but falsely assumed that Luther’s personal writings and opinions have some official status among us…

    WHEREAS, It is plain from scripture that the Gospel must be proclaimed to all people–that is, to Jews also, no more and no less than to others (Matt. 28:18-20); and

    WHEREAS, This Scriptural mandate is sometimes confused with anti-Semitism; therefore be it

    Resolved, That we condemn any and all discrimination against others on account of race or religion or any coercion on that account and pledge ourselves to work and witness against such sins; and be it further…”

    “Most churches are no longer led by zealots and martyrs and true believers willing to die for the faith. They are led instead by people who are essentially businessmen, corporation executives, people more concerned with keeping their tax exemption than with doctrine. People more concerned about popularity and public relations than about theology. And these people have been willing to yield to pressure, to go with the flow, to do whatever is expedient, instead of what is right.”

    William Luther Pierce on “Churchgoers”, 1997

  23. Under a Christian Nationalist immigration system, will they prioritize a Christian Haitian over an Atheist Norwegian? If so, that would be insane. If not, then they’re admitting that race is more important than Religion.

  24. Hunter Wallace

    I hope the comments on the subject illustrate the real issue.

    The ‘White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Movement’ **IS** the ‘op.’

    Just read these people, they hate their own people, their own culture, and white people generally, for two reasons.

    First, probably half of them are Jews and Feds.

    Second, none of these people are political in the sense of engaging the political system.

    They are a religious cult, Greg Johnson’s ‘Esoteric Hitlerism.’

    No matter what you try to do, the SPLC will ALWAYS dominate your forum with this ‘nazi’ bullshit.

    THAT is how the op works. The purpose is to shit up every online forum to stop regular whites from organizing.

    You wanted to discuss the radicalization of your people and instead you have the same Movement ADL trolls trying to prevent that.

    Mike Enoch became America’s number one Nazi while living in Manhattan while married to a Jew. He, personally, destroyed the Alt Right by collaborating with the Jew media.

    What possible benefit does anyone gain from even speaking to these trolls?

    ZERO. There is only downside.

    People are easily fooled by SPAM online. There aren’t enough of these people to matter, don’t cater to them, unless you want to run a third rate 4chan forum.

  25. This Wallnau schmuck and his Seven Mountains BS is a straight up bought and paid for Jew stooge.

    Jewish money bought off most of the Church already 100 years ago. Much of this was done via Rockefeller money (Rothschild agent).

    Christianity in the Bible is Tribal and Nationalist. The Scottish or American Southern Clan system was pure Christian.

    People like Torba get it somewhat, but not like a Southern man. Talk to a Southern man in private and he willl tell you, these joggers have to go back to Africa. Yankee Christians are not going to go that route.

    Cannot see Christian Nationalism accomplishing anything politically within the current system. Especially since the polls and elections are rigged. I always agreed with Gary North on that.

    Judaism wants one Tribe to rule the world. Christianity, the New Testament, rejects that. All tribes are included. And that one tribe is specifically excluded. Cast out.

    The Nazis in this debate have a point. None of these Christian Nationalists are yet tribal. It is a fatal defect. On the other hand I don’t see how Christianity’s near 2000 year tradition of Nationalism/Tribalism can be a ZOG op.

    The Churches are filled with false preachers, such as this Wallnau, and a million more such. Many are trained infiltrators. Many are just paid actors. Just look at the grinning idiot Wallnau. His pictures scream “fake”.

    If you read the New Testament closely, you see that the Jews have no reason to even exist. They are obsolete and Luther had that right.

    Yet here they are still, ruling through usury, blackmail, murder, a hyena media, bribery, pornography and other demoralization techniques, and a vaccine industry that has no basis in science.

    What can we do? Secede. Then after that. Whatever comes next, we will decide it. Us alone.

  26. Here is a good rundown on the op nature of what the media is calling “Christian nationalism”:

    Particularly, the section on what the author calls “the Patriot Ideology Industry.” Don’t be fooled by labels. What the media is currently calling “Christian nationalism” is not linked to 19th century Southern Christian nationalists or to early 20th century populists, but to mid-20th century patriot ideology organizations like the John Birch Society, the Council for National Policy, and the Committee on the Present Danger, along with Straussian and Machiavellian elements (both practicing political deception) like the Claremont Institute and the Thiel network. Those are the people politically backing and representing what the media is calling “Christian nationalism.”

    The media attempting to link the current phenomenon, that they are calling “Christian nationalism,” to guys like Father Coughlin is just their hamfisted attempt at associating it with fascism, since everything has to play into their fascism narrative. In reality, there is little relation. It has its origin purely in cold war era Reagan/Bircher/Republican organizations like those listed above, and much of it is being revived and repurposed for cold war against China. What do Thiel, Claremont, Council for National Policy, and Committee on the Present Danger all have in common? All serve American plutocratic interests and all have been pushing war against China for years.

  27. I think you’re wasting your time posting 20 videos in a post; nobody has the time and people come here to read your thoughts on issues, not to watch videos.

    As to Christianity, I don’t know why it has to be brought up in Hard Right politics. European Rightists weren’t very interested in religion. Mussolini was an Nietzschean atheist, Hitler referenced sometimes a vague Providence and that could mean anything, Goebbles didn’t like Christianity, Himmler was into all sorts of pagan esoterica…only the Romanian Legionaries had a strong Christian background but even here it was mystical Orthodoxy. Today, the European Far Right views religion as archaic and obsolete. I couldn’t see myself reciting these stupid, Bronze Age oaths myself.

    You’re not even a believing Christian yourself, it’s more a utilitarian thing with you.

  28. This is the standard explanation.

    The Jews did this to us. There is some merit to it. Jews are high educated, highly intelligent, resourceful, clannish people. They are also disproportionately atheists. It always amounts to evading the thought that White people are ever responsible for their own actions

  29. Franco and Salazar were authoritarian Catholics (but not fascists). Historic fascists weren’t interested in religion. It’s true that you had to believe in a higher power to join the SS but that’s pretty vague and meaningless,

  30. References to Judeo-Christianity is a contradiction in terms and a scam. The emphasis on the OT among Evangelicals is off putting.

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