Bill Maher: Let The Population Collapse

Don’t be a Reddit atheist.

Progressives are increasingly embracing childlessness to fight climate change. Henpecked liberal White men are also getting vasectomies to appease their feminist wives and girlfriends who are upset about the demise of Roe v. Wade. It is a culture of death and degeneration. The celebration of abortion as an inalienable constitutional right is only one aspect of this.

If these people were seriously concerned about the environmental impact of overpopulation, they wouldn’t be dismantling immigration enforcement or demanding the expansion of legal immigration. Whites are set to decline in absolute numbers over the next several decades.


  1. Tell me why Redditors are wrong about this one. Humans consume tons of natural resources & contribute to lots of waste & pollution. Look how much forestry has been depleted over the centuries. That you can fit everyone inside Texas seems besides the point.

    • I’m not saying it is eugenic that they are offing their bloodlines because they actually believed what they read in the media, but that is what a lot of them are doing. Imagine giving up having children for the sake of the planet.

      This is actually a Jewish homosexual griping about how there are too many people around. I shouldn’t have to spell this out. Some men are so deferential to women that they are literally snipping their balls off and letting them be carried around in a purse

      • “Imagine giving up having children for the sake of the planet.”

        So some Ethiopian or Hindu can have 10 or 12 of the most parasitical wasters.
        That’s the plan.

        Libtards wallow in the most self-delusional contradictions.

        • Re: “some Ethiopian or Hindu can have 10 or 12 of the most parasitical wasters”:

          In Ethiopia, millions of Christian (Ethiopian Orthodox) women have been persuaded to use birth control drugs or have been sterilised, while Ethiopian Muslim women continue to avoid the drugs and sterilisation and have many children. You can see that Ethiopia will soon no longer be classed as a “Christian nation.”

          Neopliberal India surpasses Ethiopia in mass sterilisation, mostly involuntary, in whch millions of poor Hindu women have been “herded like cattle” into camps where the operations are performed, quickly, often botched, with no apologies or compensation.

          In Peru, the Neoliberal (capitalist) Fujimori regime embarked on an ambitious sterilisation program to “Whiten” (or “Spanish”) the population by reducing the “inferior” indigenous majority (Indians).

          Bangladesh, a Muslim country, was sterilising millions of poor dark-skinned Muslim Bengali women at the rate of up to 50,000 per month, in return for a certificate entitling them to receive welfare.

          China under the traitorous leadership of arch capitalist-revisionist Deng Xiaoping, enforced the U.S.’s “One Child” depopulation policy, which was required by the U.S. (!!!) as part of the original trade deal. But now China is returning to Chinese ethno-socialism under the wise leadership of Xi Jinping. The CCP is being reformed, and Han Chinese women are being encouraged to have many children just as they did under Mao. However the corrupting (selfish, individualist) influence of capitalism, especially strong in the urban areas, is working against reproduction in China just as does in all capitalist countries. China desperately needs another Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to restore the connection of the atomised, consumerist urban population to the soil of China and to each other.

    • “Progressives are increasingly embracing childlessness to fight climate change.”

      Yet the same people extol travel, go here, go there. World travel is the goal of most all libtards. Yet what is the most energy wasteful activity, but travel. Climbing on a jet qnd spewing tons of exhaust into the upper atmosphere, for no productice purpose, aside from vanity. If they truly cared about climate change, travel would be a major sin, to be shunned by all these self-righteous do-gooders.

      Libtards are hypocrites in most any direction you measure them

    • “It is a culture of death and degeneration.”

      Beginning with integration.
      Anyone with average or better intelligence knew that mixing WHITES and blacks would drag down WHITE achievement.

  2. They tell the West to have fewer children to ‘help the environment’……..then tell us to import half the third world to help fill labour shortages. They never tell China or India to do something about their environmental regulations………that are non existent. The double standards are shocking.

    • They aren’t crossing the border to come here to work. They are coming here to live off of us, and take advantage of our healthcare. When 70 and 80 year olds are bussed in so they can get on our Medicare and SS, it’s not about work. They are going to drain this country dry.

      • “They are going to drain this country dry.”

        They already are, have been for decades.
        We could be far ahead of our current situation if not for the drag of inferiors.

    • “The double standards are shocking.”

      That reveals the deep hypocrisy and contradictions of the llibtards.

    • “They tell the West to have fewer children (…) They never tell China or India….”

      No. The U.S. ordered China (under the revisionist mis-leadership of Deng Xiaoping) to reduce the population (via the disastrous “One Child” policy) as a non-negotiable requirement for free trade (the “Everybody Get Rich” policy) with the U.S. I can cite many other examples of imperialist schemes for depopulating non-Western nations. See my comment above.

      • @Merthyr Rising – The fact remains that Africa is set to over-populate the entire planet. This would never have happened without Western White intervention. So, what went wrong with the anti-poc people depopulation plan here?? No matter what the official policies are, or what political pressures have been brought to bear, non-Whites are increasingly out-populating White people on planet earth.

        • @Old EnougbToBeYourMother. It’s the Christians who have been housing, feeding, and enabling their population to grow. Just about everyone knows their population would be near extinction without white intervention. Millions sent over there. Help with droughts and famine. Medical care for Malaria, Ebola, AIDS…even with this big diseases, their population is growing by 15 percent. Just about every leg of Christianity sends money and aid to them.

  3. They want the population to collapse, the White population so they can control the minorities. Get rid or breed out the ones that will put up the most resistance, Whites and the rest will fall into line.

      • “wars got rid of a lot of the smartest and most fit men”

        and women and children and teenagers, by the terror bombing of Germany.
        Plus, all the children not conceived because of the privations and separations in warfare.

        Actions have consequences, beyond just the immediate and primary.

        • “Actions have consequences, beyond just the immediate and primary” slaughtering White Christian’s by the way thousands 1861-1865, didn’t really help matters much either, Adrian.

    • “They want the population to collapse, the White population so they can control the minorities.”

      Yep, that’s been the plan, for over 50 years.

  4. Re: “the environmental impact of overpopulation”:

    Capitalist overconsumption, overproduction and urban-cosmopolitan lifestyle, and imperialist miitary activity (note that the U.S. military is the world’s single largest polluter of the environment) have much greater impact than the existence of “excess” billions of peasants.

    • Why are billions of African, Chinese, and Indian peasants so desirable to you for any reason at all? Whites are damn fools for enabling the massive population growth of these groups.

      • I merely pointed out that the system does have and does carry out depopulation schemes for other groups besides Whites, where needed to maintain control, increase wealth and power.

  5. Like socialism, workers rights, the arts, environmentalism, population control can work both for or against us.

    If we’re talking the population of places in American ‘Hoods, or in Haiti, the Congo, Pakistan, now Paki areas of not so merry old England – hell yeah we want population control, population reduction.

    Margarett Sanger was in to Eugenics. So should we.

  6. Bill Maher has sex with Ann Coulter. Yes, disappointing on Ann Coulter’s part. That’s what he said on his show with Ann Coulter there, and she didn’t correct him. He said something like,”…well you won’t say that when you are in my bed tonight”, and she didn’t say a word so they must be sleeping with each other.

    So disappointing. Sleeping with the enemy.

    I have no doubt a lot of you hate her but she consistently looks out for the average White guy’s interest far more than any other Republican. She is big time against mass immigration and even points out, hardly anyone mainstream does this, the over representation of Jews in the election process. I don’t know anyone but her has done this that is on TV consistently.

    She also hammers Trump constantly for not following through.

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