Jim Obergefell On The Future Of Same-Sex Marriage

I’m on Team Christcuck.

There is no equivalence between my Christian marriage and this abomination. I also have no problem with White evangelical Protestants encoding their religious beliefs into law. It would be a vast improvement over what we have now.

Christian nationalists need to hurry up and reestablish their dominion over the family which is one of those Seven Mountains.


  1. Same sex marriage is an abomination. You can’t reproduce being a dyke or a homo, that is what they want.

    • Indeed. Sodomite shame ‘marriage’ is but a mockery of the institution. The reason they wanted it, other than despising proper ordered society, is that ‘equality’ then requires that we teach sodomy as the equal an actual family in schools and society. If ‘they are the same’ and ‘love is love’ then teaching that an intact family is superior a broken home, or an orgy, or prostitution, or anything else, is hateful bigotry full of hate with No Place In Our Democracy.

      Same logic as Loving, oddly enough. Why can’t people in their own community set the standards as to what should be encouraged or discouraged? If the people of a place cannot say no to community destruction they are not free and are instead ruled by the whims of distant tyrants.

      Reminds me of what finally lost me my Twitter account, this exact sentiment.

      “Sodomite. The concept of a ‘homosexual’ is a bit like ‘trans’, using their terminology reifies the concept. The disorder is in what they do, their actions, and the sodomites live to revel in deviance. ‘Sexuality’ has naught to do with it.”

      Apparently disagreeing with the words being used in today’s ‘definitions’ (which, as per the new definition, are malleable) is a hate crime as well. Simply stating that sodomy is wrong would be a ‘hate crime’ if they had their way. They would make Christian expression illegal.

  2. Right, somebody’s beliefs are going to be made into law. I’m quite sure like you, Christian beliefs make a far richer, better worlds. Families, faith, search for truth and producing beautiful art and music, and other culture goodness. Or you can go with globohomo atheism, homosexuality, lesbians, man hating feminism, pedophilia, euthanasia, and hating religious faith and practice. And the most debauched art and music. Plus lots of lawlessness. Na, I’d rather be one of those “Christ Cucks”. Being “sophisticated “ seems rather inhuman to me

  3. There is nothing impressive about these “Christian Nationalists”. They just sound like normal republicans from 15 years ago, basically Evangelical Bush voters. Obviously I prefer them to libtards, but that isn’t saying much. Nothing good will come from the GOP moving back to its Bush Era positions. For all of Trump’s flaws, at least he moved some in the party to more reasonable views on race.

    • I think it’s another concocted diversion. They don’t want us to notice the millions and millions crossing into the US legally, because there is no border.
      It’s also another way to attack whites.

  4. There’s nothing ‘christian’ about despising homosexuals. The entire human race knows in their heart that queers are filth.

    • I dunno. Stoning fags is at least as based as tossing them off buildings like the muslims do.

      It is a natural aversion traditional peoples all share though, I agree.

    • The truth is they are about the only people who are bold enough to admit they do. The true level of opposition is doubtlessly higher, but lots of people are afraid to say that publicly because it is so taboo

      • How is this group going to be the solution? They aren’t even able to take a stand, because they are afraid of public opinion.
        Obviously, there is no rule against miscegenation in Christianity. We’re all God’s children.

        • You’re right, Christianity is simply not useful to what you want. It is a universal religion.

          Clearly the solution is to convert America to Nazism. How do you propose to do that? Dress up in a costume and hang around on the street corner?

          Let us know how that goes.

          • “You’re right, Christianity is simply not useful to what you want. It is a universal religion”

            While being facetious, you’re also right. Putting racialism on Christianity is like pounding a square peg into a round hole. If you pound it hard enough you can sorta, kinda, in a way, make it fit, but not really. Universalism will always dog Christianity and there isn’t much you can do about that. Could it be a stop gap measure for now? Nothing says it couldn’t be. Whatever works.

            As long as people put abstract ideas ahead of their race, like religion, politics or economics, etc, we’re always going to have this problem. To be blunt, Whites have a real problem with this and anything “Universalist” causes Whites to go into dysfunction mode. If I had a solution to this, I’d be shouting it from the rooftops. In the long run, “Pray more harder” isn’t going to work any better than “Vote more harder.” It would be nice to have a solution that could work long term, so we don’t need to do this again in 50 years.

  5. Seems I need to adjust my gaydar. A girl at work who isn’t in my department, but whom I found quite attractive, has come out as lesbian. I realised when she showed up with a new lesbo hairdo……..which reduced her visual appeal by about 99%. I suddenly took her off my secret list of women I’d take on a hot date if I was single! Why do they insist on looking hideously fucking appalling the minute they come out? Don’t they still want to attract people, even if it’s of the same sex?
    Faggotry is something I’ll never get.

  6. Anthony Kennedy Irish Mick, did not make his ruling on gay marriage because of the 14th amendment. He made his ruling to help his own kind, the Irish. The Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline. This results in an inordinate production of homosexuals. Just look, these obnoxious Irish homos are every where and Kennedy gave them what they wanted out of loyalty to his own kind. Not because he cares about fairness or justice or equal treatment, because he loves his own blood no matter how sick twisted and perverted it maybe. The Irish are never wrong, they are as pure as the driven snow and are without sin even when they are molesting your kids right in front of you in public, remember that. They can do no wrong, in their own eyes. God has a different way of seeing them though.

  7. Supporting marriage equality is pro family? Lol…….now I’ve heard it all. They should just be thankful we don’t toss em off buildings!

  8. Sometimes USA society is ahead of Europe, sometimes lags behind it.

    Leftists may be expecting the USA to soon come to a moment like in Europe, where most Europeans just walked away from Christian beliefs. Europeans say ‘Christian’ as cultural identification – i.e., not Muslim etc – but only 5% believe or go to church in many EU countries. Zoomers doused in leftist propaganda at school, maybe will turn out like this. This will make all the LGBT stuff much easier if religion suddenly fades overnight, like happened in Europe.

    On the other hand, it seems that religion thrives in societies where there is economic fear. In the USA you can still become homeless or very poor thru job loss, medical bills etc, ditto most of Latin America, & most Muslim countries. Europe on the other hand, became a ‘security blanket’ culture after WW2 … and that may be key to the decline of faith there.

    Interesting to recall that many USA founders were quietly not Christian, often ‘Deists’ – an unsustainable vague ‘religiosity’ of those growing up Christian but rejecting it, an idea too abstract to transmit successfully onwards to children not taken to church.

    And also to recall that, USA founding fathers took the same strategy as many 1930s German Nazi party leaders – not Christian themselves, but not seeking to irritate and annoy the Christian normie majority around them. Adolf Hitler’s gang were smart enough not to publicly denounce ‘christcucks’, but today’s USA rightoids haven’t picked up on the good sense of that.

  9. Well, back when Bush and Roverrated were trying to score some Cultural War brownie points with the religious right by touting DOMA (defense of marriage act), I urged those with religious leanings to push for and support an amendment prohibiting the state from defining marriage at all. Just set up civil unions and the past traditional marriages could be grandfathered in.

    That would leave but to private institutions and various religions to enforce their own definitions of marriage and indemnify them against any malicious lawsuits by gay couples who want force Christians to cater to them.

    As I predicted, the leftists got the court to legalize gay marriage and the gays couldn’t seem to locate gay caterers to save their souls.

    The best way to overturn Obergefell without unlocking a door that swings both ways and will do so more frequently and violently every eight years is to get the government out of marriage completely and forever. Press for a constitutional amendment prohibiting government officials from getting involved at all.

    • No, the whole idea that people would be confused into thinking gay marriage is even possible is anethma to most people who ever lived. But since this poisonous propaganda has born its fruit…the Apple of Sodom…we need to ban it and define it as nature intended.

    • Historically, the Governments left marriage up the church(s) and it’s involvement is fairly recent. The problem is, Government involvement in marriage is now big business. Lawyers love it. With Government out of the marriage business, Divorce court would have to shut down as well as Family court probably. Not only that, it would lessen the interference in our lives and the we can’t have that. Those dirty plebs need the bureaucrats to run their lives for them!

  10. Seriously you can see the shift in culture. In Rocky Horror, a hedonistic “anything goes” pro gay message “Weimaresque” film from 47 years ago the “gay marriage” scene was still treated as comical farce. The topic was seen as “too absurd” even for gays back then. Now young people and coastal elites are so brainwashed they claim to see nothing wrong with it. Of course in reality “gay marriage” is a lesbian thing…not really Franken Furter and Rocky Horror at the alter but two equally ugly dykes.

  11. Evangelical Protestantism is HOT GARBAGE, and is the worst form of “Christianity” there is. If you are serious you only have two options either Orthodoxy, or Trad Catholicism.

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