Wajahat Ali: The Handmaid’s Tale as a GOP How-To Manual

Wajahat Ali is one of my favorite Twitter libtards.


“Life in America now reflects 20th-century art. But instead of experiencing the egalitarian vision of Star Trek, we’re witnessing the dystopian nightmare of a Handmaid’s Tale that’s increasingly serving as a blueprint for a potential Republican theocracy.

Margaret Atwood’s celebrated novel about an extremist Christian nationalist cult overtaking the United States has inspired numerous analogies to the GOP’s radical and misogynistic counter-majoritarian policies. Published in 1985, Atwood’s novel imagined what would happen if America’s religious right enslaved the few remaining fertile women as breeding vessels for powerful men, known as Commanders, who would strip them of their autonomy, name, and identity.

After the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in 2020, the comparison felt cliched and hackneyed. It was just too on the nose! Justice Barrett was once a “handmaid” for the controversial and secretive Christian group People of Praise, whose founder, Kevin Ranaghan, allegedly had total control over the women’s lives according to the sworn affidavit of a former member, Cynthia Carnick. “When I was part of the People of Praise I was in full life submission to Kevin Ranaghan, under full obedience to him and he exercised this authority over most areas of my life… [he] controlled my dating relationships, deciding who and when I should date,” Carnick wrote in her 1993 statement.

While the majority reacted in horror to these allegations, Republican leadership and conservative extremists on the Supreme Court apparently found inspiration. …

None of this has anything to do with being “pro-life” or pro-religious freedom. It’s always been about maintaining power and control for white Christian men and unleashing religion as an oppressive weapon against women, minorities, and all perceived enemies. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you listen to Republican leaders who are now openly admitting to being Christian nationalists. This includes GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who recently said, “we need to prove to people we are the party of Christian nationalism.” Not to be outdone, Rep. Lauren said the church should “direct the government.” Right-wing activist Charlie Kirk agrees: “There is no separation of church and state. It’s a fabrication. It’s a fiction. It’s not in the Constitution.” …”

I’ve watched The Handmaid’s Tale.

The premise of the book is absurd. No one is interested in enslaving, brutalizing and raping fertile women in order to fight an environmentally induced fertility crisis. The truth is that millions of White women squander their fertility because of liberalism. It is a cultural problem.

These women have lots of sexual partners because sex has been decoupled from marriage and reproduction in our culture which romanticizes hedonism and self-expression. They become DINKs or dog moms. They get involved in interracial relationships or go down the LGBTQ road to sterility. They go to college and stay there to pursue master’s degrees. They use birth control and get abortions. The most common problem, however, is that everything is so expensive in this country that having lots of children has become an economic burden and responsible couples are having fewer children than they want. It is too expensive to afford a house in a nice neighborhood or to pay for a private school.

We don’t want to create the fictional Gilead. We’ve been talking for over a decade though about creating a White Republic with Gileadean characteristics. Imagine America without modern liberalism. Instead of dismantling the White Anglo-Saxon Christian racial, ethnic and cultural core of the country, we would be trying to restore it to its former prestige. We would still have a republican form of government. We would have a strong Constitution that limits the power of the federal government. The states would settle controversial issues like abortion. Christianity would set the parameters of the culture.

This wouldn’t be “fascism” because there would be no dictatorship. The people would be allowed to rule themselves at the state and local level instead of being ruled by bureaucrats and technocrats. This wouldn’t be a “theocracy” either because there would be no official religion and no one would be required to become a Christian or forced to attend church. Christians would dominate each of the Seven Mountains though – the government, family, the church, education, the economy, the news media, arts and entertainment – instead of the Jews and other atheists, liberals and modernists who dominate these institutions now who are poisoning our culture and debasing our people.

Wajahat Ali, of course, would hate it. He would be living on the other side of the border though after the National Divorce. The Wall would separate the Acela Corridor and the West Coast and most people who are on Twitter from “Real America” which would be an independent country.

Note: The League and other groups have always wanted a Christian Republic. There is nothing new about it. It has always been part of the mix.

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  1. “Wajahat Al, go back to where you came from”

    Unfortunately, that is San Francisco, CA.

    Wajahat is the American-born son of legal Pakistani immigrants.

    A product of the Hart-Cellar disaster that brought in cultural / racial undesirables to populate the Democrat voting block.

  2. dastardly deeds depicted:


    >its quest to make Handmaid’s Tale cosplay a reality

    >In the upcoming fifth season, set to debut September 14, “we dip into how the right has seeped even into Canada, which has been treated previously as a very sacred place; we’re showing that Gilead rises there as well,” Littlefield said.

  3. No muslims, no Jews. They have their own countries already. Just adopt Israels immigration policies and reverse them. If they are not racist neither are we.

  4. Imagine America without modern liberalism. Instead of dismantling the White Anglo-Saxon Christian racial, ethnic and cultural core of the country, we would be trying to restore it to its former prestige


  5. “have always wanted a Christian Republic”:

    Iran for example is an Islamic republic, with limited religious freedom for minority Sunni Muslims, Eastern Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews and other non-Shia religious groups, and it is semi-socialist (see: “Iran: Socialism’s Ignored Success Story” by Ramin Mazaheri). So why not a Christian socialist republic?

    However Iran is mono-racial and close to mono-ethnic and mono-religious, whereas the Imperial “Homeland” contains the world’s most ethnically, racially and religiously diverse population. A “republic” is a “thing of the people.” WHAT people?

    • Interesting side note is that Zoroastrianism is the first of the major monotheistic religions for goyim, which Jews claim to have invented.

      Jewish voices themselves talk about creating 3 other monotheistic religions in turn, each a tool for Jews to push aside a goyim power which had conquered or was restricting Jews. This history is important now for understanding the ‘christcuck’ line of argument.

      Babylon conquered ancient Israel and took Jews to Babylon, and Zoroaster aka Zarathustra pops up in Persia with a monotheist religion (with big Satan-type opposition, so some call it ‘dualistic’), some ideas of eternal hell etc … a 500s BC precursor of Christianity, which helped Persia’s Cyrus to declare ‘freedom of religion’ and let Jews go back to Palestine … where a bit later Jews were later conquered in place by the Greeks (‘Book of Maccabees’ battles etc, Greeks trying to outlaw circumcision, which disgusted them) and then Romans.

      Re Christianity itself, Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965) famously bragged that Christianity was a Jewish creation deployed to undermine and defeat the Romans over a long term, with intentional cultural genocide of goyim paganism. Ravage is the biggest Jewish cold shower for Christians, this Jew openly talking of Christianity being a Jewish scheme to replace white pagan culture with one grounded in Jewish myths.

      Palestine and Jews then came under Greek Byzantine Christians, who never forgot their battles with the Jews before the time of Jesus; the Byzantines put Jews under permanent ban from being in government, education or money-lending.

      Islamic Prophet Mohammed was dealing with Jewish traders in Damascus and one of his wives was Jewish. Some Jews brag they weaponised Arabs via creating the Muslim conquest religion, and helped Muslims to take Palestine on condition Jews would have full civil rights again, unlike under the Byzantine Christians. Jews then helped Muslims conquer Spain etc … Before 1948, Jews and Muslims got along much better over the centuries than Jews did with whites in Europe. Notably, Jews in Iran are quite happy staying there even now.

  6. “The Wall would separate the Acela Corridor and the West Coast and most people who are on Twitter from “Real America” which would be an independent country.”

    As for Chicago it could be given to Justin Trudeau. He wants to import more third worlders to Canada, give him Chicongo instead. Instant diversity!

  7. “took Jews to Babylon, and Zoroaster aka Zarathustra pops up in Persia with a monotheist religion”:

    Thus you subscribe to the very latest possible date for the origin of Zoroastrianism, and the Jewish conspiracy theory. But Zoroastrianism could have and I think did begun organically in Iran centuries earlier, and might have influenced or created Jewish monotheism, instead of the other way round.

    Regarding the origin of Islam, there is a theory with some evidence that it actually began not in Arabia but in Palestine or Syria, and that the first central shrine was located in Petra in Edom (Nabataea) before moving to Mecca.

  8. This is all very fascinating, politically, but as someone asked in one of the other threads: Why Now? Suddenly we get Roe Vs. Wade and various gun laws overturned out of the blue. Now the media is suddenly all riled up about Christian Nationalism, which really wasn’t much of anything until last week. My suspicion meter is starting to peg. Something is up and I don’t think it’s going to be good.

    • Your answer is a combination of Twitter and Roe v. Wade getting struck down. The latter was a project that was 40 years in the making. The former is where the libtard hive mind lives and where hot takes spread like wildfire which shape the news cycle.

      I spend a lot of time on this site mirroring and making fun of Twitter. It is why I had the Handmaid’s Tale banners. It is why I am writing about Christian nationalism. I want to fuel the media hysteria and encourage “journalists” to freak out about Christianity and attack Christians

  9. Demoncraps are trying to make “1984” a reality, only with the addition of White genocide and mandatory sexuality. At least IngSoc didn’t do White genocide and vaporized homosexuals.

  10. When you let nonWhites into your country, they don’t assimilate, they take over and turn the country they invaded into the ones they left.

  11. Wah-jew Ali and that other brown guy Fraheed Zakaria on Chicken Noodle News (CNN) really annoy me.

    I prefer the good old days where the only colored guy in tv lecturing me was Jesse Jackson.

    I am even annoyed with Cenk YouPorn of the young Turks. Why is he allowed to deny the Armenian genocide but David Duke can not tk about the alleged Holocaust?

    • There can only be one (((Holyco$t))). It’s the greatest scam ever told and (((they’re))) not about to let some damned Armenians* horn in. There’s also a fair amount historical evidence that Schlomo was heavily involved in whipping up the Turks and Kurds to slaughter all those Armenians – the first nation to accept Christianity (in the Roman Imperial era of 100-200 AD). The two-millenia hate runs strong in the Synagogue of Satan.

      *There’s a fine Russian proverb which states that it requires at least three Jews to swindle an Armenian.

  12. I have no time for brownies telling us how to make our countries better and more tolerant. Did they do it in their own countries? No, they instead ran away from them. We should never take lectures from these activists who think they know more about creating a successful nation, than we do.
    Pakistan doesn’t have clean running water, and is a third world dump, yet when they’re in the West, they suddenly have all the answers! Fuck off!

  13. The Handmaids Tale…I’m so sick of that damned, second-rate book. It feels like a modern version of To Kill a Mockingbird; totally worshipped in all extravagance to its literary worth.

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