John Hawley Will Vote No On Adding Sweden and Finland To NATO

Good for him.

I’m giving credit where it is due.

We need less globalism. We need less involvement in Ukraine. We need to focus on our massive problems at home.

Sweden and Finland have legitimate security concerns. We’re not living in the Cold War though. NATO should be replaced by an EU military. The EU and Russia need to find some way to settle the war in Ukraine and restore peace in Europe.


  1. The topic du jour is Nancy’s trip to Taiwan.

    RT has some truly retarded saber rattling articles fresh off the communist party talking points.

    Everybody is acting the fool, but aircraft carrier strike groups are moving toward the region.

    Looks like another very publicly choreographed provocation intended to give both countries an excuse for further debt borrowing and dereliction of duty by the ruling class while their globalist system comes apart.

    I’m actually kinda fascinated watching this slow motion game of chicken. Its so clearly fake and gay that it reminds me of the sharks and the jets squaring off in yet another overwrought dance routine or something equally queer.

    God I hate the Chinese, but I have zero interest in being involved in serving them their just deserts. So fucking tiresome, all of this.

  2. Empire pushing all it’s vassals to the limit.

    Switzerland also was forced to quit neutrality, their mostt beneficial thing over the centuries and join anti Russia bloc

    This demonstrates that Empire is in worse condition than most of us believe. Unsing last hidden reserves is sign of extreme weakness. Gamblers usually keep their aces to the last moments.

    • It is extremely foolish. They should stay neutral. Why sign up as cannon fodder for the homosexual-mongrel “West”?

  3. It’s just an outlier. The U.S. Senate is completely in favour of expanding the NATO war against Russia, and Serbia, Syria, Iran, etc. Not only Sweden and Finland, but also Japan, Colombia, and other U.S. satellites in Asia, Africa and Latin America are on a path toward full admission to the evil league. Even Israel is loosely affiliated, although NATO serves Israel.

    The true nature of Scandinavia, that had wanted to appear socialistic and peaceful for so many years, is being revealed now as it re-militarizes. Piratical, feudal, imperial Scandinavia had never really changed. No wonder that MILLIONS of dirt-poor Swedes and Finns fled to the U.S. and Canada before some semi- (fake) socialism was established in the early twentieth century.

    “Let the peasants eat tree bark, and not become lazy”:

  4. Archduke Piglosi goes to Malaysia, then to Formosa. Interesting game of chicken. China lacks the lift capacity for a full invasion. Some kind of blockade, air and sea, is possible. ZOG wants to be rid of Xi Jinping. If he loses face here, he might be replaced.

  5. Yesterday it appeared that the trip was called off, but now it looks like they are going for it. Not Nancy or any other selected representatives, but the unelected Neocons are in charge; and ultimately, the hidden, wealthiest highest Elites, who are ultimately in charge, will make this decision. If “They” want war, there will be war.

    China is under restored, communist leadership now (not revisionist traitor Deng anymore) and it will defend Chinese sovereignty in the historically Chinese island.

    • Saying the neocons are fomenting war is a good first step. Hopefully, they’ll soon be saying bankers are fomenting war, followed by Zionists and at last saying Jews.

    • Interesting that violence is perfectly fine with you as long as communists are doing it.

        • Who said anything about defending ZOG? I will shed no tears if a carrier group gets blown out of the water.

  6. We’ve also got conflict again between the Muslims in Kosovo – egged on by Nato with their giant Camp Bondsteel there – and the Serbians – egged on by Russia, and also China, Chinese locations in the Balkans also getting hit in the Nato bombing campaigns two decades ago.

    Nato is openly talking they are ready to act to defend the Albanian Muslims in Kosovo, Serbia talking loudly they are ready to act as well to defend the Serbian minority under oppression in Muslim Kosovo.

    Another fine mess for Nato etc and USA tax dollars.

    • Yeah, NATO — they can deal with Serbia handily. They can repeat their civilian slaughter of the 90s and maybe they’ll blame it on the Russians.

    • Russia came to the aid of little brother Serbia in 1914, was too weak to help Serbia in 1992, but will it do help in 2022? It seems the Neocons are provoking it to do so, to stretch Russia thin and wear it out.

  7. It’s amazing how much of US foreign policy consists of little more than senseless gestures seemingly aimed at nothing more than provoking confrontation — and it’s often done with about as much finesse and subtlety as the average schoolyard bully shows.

    NATO should be dissolved rather than expanded, and replaced with a long overdue genuine rapprochement with Russia.

    And the US should give high priority to gracefully exiting security guarantees given to Taiwan literally generations ago, when China was poor and backward; today China has the world’s largest economy, as well as a capable military that is growing in size and technical sophistication every year.

    • >Amerika is a bully nation, an immoral nation because it does the bidding of jewish extremists.


      Something for the thank-you-for-your-service-tards:

      linkHearing chatter that it could be Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri. — taken out by a CIA drone strike in Afghanistan. Waiting on official confirmation. Would be a very big counter-terrorism get.

      I don’t know about you, but there hasn’t even been an official announcement yet and I already feel safer.

      Looks like both COVID and the ‘War on Terror’ now belong to the category Things That Will Never End.

    • “It’s amazing how much of US foreign policy consists of little more than senseless gestures seemingly aimed at nothing more than provoking confrontation”

      It’s an old strategy that has served ZOG well. Constantly harass the enemy with passive-aggressive actions, provocations, proxy forces, clandestine assassinations, coups, and so on. When the enemy finally gives the tiniest push-back, declare this to be an act of aggression that requires further punishment. Repeat until open conflict starts.

  8. While I wish the best for Europe, Hopefully the EU and NATO collapses like the Soviet Union before it.
    Most or all of these supranational organizations need to go, they serve ziocorporate interests, not the people.
    Russia isn’t our enemy, they’re a socially conservative and relatively fiscally populist democratic republic now, the way we should be.
    There is no clear aggressor in this war, Ukrainians have been oppressing Russians in Donbass since at least 2014.
    Russians are preoccupied with their internal affairs and their borders, the way we should be, they’re not expansionist like we are.
    Russians seem to have rid themselves of ziocomm, hopefully we follow their example and rid ourselves of ziocorp.

    • Russia and Putin won my respect and admiration when they finally stood up to the kike kleptocrats and said “No more!” Everyone loved the sad old drunk Yeltsin because he let the kleptocrats steal with impunity and hated President Putin because he eventually put a stop to the looting.

      When the Cold War ended there should have been a rapprochment of friendship and comity between the former USSR(Russia) and the west, but, instead the kikes decided to loot Russia, like they did Germany after WWI, instead.

      Now there are parties here in the west openly advocating stealing Russia’s resources, like a bandit, and it is clear that one side is in the moral right and one side is in the wrong; and, sad to say, the United States is now on the side that is in the wrong.

      • Pat Buchanan advocated the same thing. Too bad that the arrogant and stupid didn’t listen to him.

  9. The Taiwan thing could easily erupt into a real war, a shooting war. No one seems to believe this is even possible, especially the geniuses in the U.S. Government making all the bad decisions. That is the most worrisome thing of all. I guess the thinking was the same in the summer of 1914 in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, London and Moscow.

    After being wrong about war in 1914 the damn fools then thought WWI would be over by Christmas (at the latest), both opposing sides believing in a decisive victory. It’s amazing how big the screw ups are from the genius class and how they are never held accountable for the death and destruction they rain down on earth. The U.S. Government must win the Nobel Prize this time for having the absolutely worst people possible in charge.

    If war erupts over Taiwan it’s inconceivable that Dementia Joe could go on national TV and rally the country the way JFK did in October, 1962 at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The idea is laughable. He would just get the finger in return in spite of a massive propaganda campaign from CNN, Fox TV, NYT, WP etc. That bitch Nancy Pelosi, who looks like a dried up piece of beef jerky that walks and talks would probably escape the carnage unscathed, unfortunately.

    • With the idiots we have running foreign policy the last thing I want to see them get us into another war and with a nuclear power, no less. The people who ran nations in 1914 were geniuses compare to the ones we’re saddled with.

    • If the geniuses in Washington decide to start a war, Brandon will be among its first casualties. He’ll “tragically” die of something before hostilities commence or shortly thereafter. He’s already a major liability to TPTB, and having him under foot to lead a war effort is not a risk they’ll want to take. Moreover, they’re not going to get cold feet or have sudden pangs of conscience over icing fellow gangster Biden should they deem his quietus necessary.

      And no one should feel bad for Joe, if his ticket is punched. He played his dirty game for over 50 years; he and his family profited handsomely from his crookedness; but now it’s his number that’s come up.

      • Dementia Joe and the whole rotten crew in Washington deserve to get in the neck, good and hard, too. Unfortunately, the rest of us are along for the ride through this tunnel of horrors.

  10. If China and the US engage in a military war, it will be interesting to see how the new and improved diverse US woke military will fare.

    • The Chinese are no doubt quaking at the very thought of the Great Pink Fleet coming at them, led by the fearless Admiral Levine. Wonder of Lady G can get a nice uniform with lots of gold-braid. There’s even a fitting rank in the navy: Read Admiral (lower half). It would be an inspiring sight, no? Admirals Levine and Graham leading the Great Pink Fleet into the Formosa strait. I’m sure they would be at least as effective as the Russians were at Tsushima in 1905.

    • >… how the new and improved diverse US woke military will fare.

      The frontline fighting troops are still inordinately white and competent (albeit relatively small in number) — regarding the military, the US has been massively outspending China for decades on both hardware and systems — so the US has good weapons and, without a doubt, overall superior strategic capability; things like targeting, integrated command and control, etc — and any conflict will never come to combat between ground troops, where China, via sheer force of numbers, would have the advantage.

      People cite China’s hypersonic missiles and e.g. the vulnerability of US aircraft carriers; while true, to sink a carrier you have to be able to locate and reliably target it, and then the missile has to function properly and strike the target — I think that is a much more difficult feat than most people realize.

      If anything, I would wonder somewhat about the quality of US leadership — the reliability of the officer corps.

  11. I’d guess they attempt to sink everything sailing in or out. Shoot down any aircraft.

    That or send 500,000 into Donbas to sweep away NATO.

  12. Hawley’s was the only dissent — Rand Paul voted ‘present’.

    What does Rand think he’s getting by voting “present”? That the neocons might say hey he’s not so bad after all?

    Paul seems like his father, meaning pretty useless when it comes to actually getting anything done — he puts on a show by jousting with Fauci over whether the US funded ‘gain of function’ research, but nothing ever comes of it — just more ‘gotcha’ red meat for his undemanding supporters.

  13. “The EU and Russia need to find some way to settle the war in Ukraine”

    The war in Ukraine will be settled when Ukraine wins.

    This is not hard to understand. An alleged Jacksonian American should understand this concept.

    (Russia cannot win. That horse left the barn in the first week. They can, possibly, kill many of the people in Ukraine, cause most of the others to leave, reduce all the cities to blasted rubble and the farmland to wilderness – but that is their best case scenario.)

    (Pardon me: the BEST case scenario would be Putin suddenly declaring that all his war objectives have been met and now all Russian military forces are pulling back to prewar boundaries, and the Ukrainians saying “huh. Okay then. We won’t chase you.” But there is a 0.0% chance of that.)

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