Lauren Boebert Calls For Biblical Citizenship Training In Public Schools

I’m fine with this.

For one thing, this is another proposal which would repulse the right people. Banning abortion, gay marriage, interracial marriage, “trans,” pornography and so forth won’t hurt our culture. It will encourage “progressives” to self deport and move away from “Christofascism” though.



  1. “lauren boebert says she wants a biblical citizenship test in the US”

    Hasn’t the dear child read the U S Constitution ?

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

    • You think the Church of Woke is somehow not a religion? Hell, at least 60% of that which brands itself as “Christianity” is not distinguishable from the Church of Woke in any significant way. (The ELCA being one small example of many). As for the constitution, it’s a long-dead letter, having been used as toilet-paper for many decades now by all three nominal branches of the lawless regime occupying the District of Corruption – with the blackrobes soiling it most of all.

      If the recent decision about Roe actually means anything (still up in the air), different states would have the right to determine what type of moral instruction is to be taught in tax-funded schools. Shitholes like Illnoize and Kalifornica can teach Satanism as they do now, while other places can teach some type of basic Christian-derived morality.

      • The first Amendment was to prevent a STATE Church. It was not to prevent overt Christianity. It was the various Protestant SECTS IN ALL 13 COLONIES, that were afraid of a national Anglican Church (which would not have been a bad thing, imho). It was NEVER about NO Religion. There is no neutrality.

        “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

        “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (i.e., we) will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.” – Dr. Gary North

        “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”

        “I am arguing that the evangelical testimony of historical sanctions that was available to the nations round about ancient Israel is still in operation. [Deut. 28)….. Christian Reconstructionists assert that this covenantal tool of evangelism is still operating, and that it still impresses lost sinners” [and that] …they will inevitably be confronted with the reality of God’s sanctions in history. They cannot escape it.” – Political Polytheism, 146-7.

        Aren’t the JEWS being duplicitous when they deny to U.S., what they permit to (((THEM)))???

  2. Yes the more people can see the distance between them and us on the issues, the better. Abortion celebration , gay, travesties, “diversity “ , constant war mongering, disgusting art and music, feminism, anti working people environmental policies, etc against Christian ethics and . Works for me.

  3. Bible training in Public School won’t fly on Constitutional grounds, but the left will go into absolute hysterics. Maybe we’ll be lucky and a few will stroke out.

  4. The Vicar of Christ Pope Francis got down on his knees and kissed the feet of African migrants.
    He kissed the hands of Jewish Rabbis (nothing wrong with that because he worships a crucified Rabbi, even though the story is fiction).
    He has admitted that “inside every Christian is a Jew.”

    Pope Francis is the most perfect Christian I’m aware of. Any “Christian” who says that Pope Francis is wrong is either a liar or stupid.

    • Pup, The mewling’s of the athiest are boring as hell, but I am picking up a more toxic venom from you, I know your scared, trembling inside and your worst fears are true, you and your kind, are running out of time………….

      • Yup. This SOB is scared that God will call him to a reckoning, sooner rather than later.

        We’ll be praying for you, SON.

      • What about the issues he raised, Terry? You can’t actually address those in any meaningful way, Terry?

        • Thumpers are thoroughly brainwashed. Christ, they’d even defend that faggot pope because he says he a “Christian”. How about a little honesty there, boys. The pope is a kiddie diddler and should be a profound embarrassment to all Christians, well, probably not judeo-Christians. Yeah, we’re going to have Christian Nationalism. LOL!

      • Why are you so hysterical, and who are you talking to, MORON? This is just an example of Christian Nationalism.

  5. There is no operative political ideology in the US other than liberalism, just as European man is the most individualistic and least ethnocentric by nature.

    Those who expect whites to become ‘race-only’ and Americans to become authoritarian collectivists are the Euro equivalent of a Japanese person saying the Japanese people act too Japanese and should act like Turks instead.

    As Kevin MacDonald noted, we are ‘egalitarian individualist’ and need a ‘overarching moral system’ to cooperative collectively. When an ideological system fails, we revert to individualistic libertarianism.

    It was precisely the failure of traditional forms of civics and religions that led to the libertarianism, and that is where we are stuck.

    Obviously the ‘fash’ cranks have only one single ability, to assist the Jew media in attacking their opposition.

    In the South and certain parts of the rest of the rural areas, Christianity retains a powerful hold, precisely because Church denominations are the only civic society left after the collapse of the Golden Age of Fraternity. With the decline of the centralized control of electronic media, it is possible for the Evangelical denominations to grow.

    Possible, but not at all likely, in fact, you’d probably have better odds winning the lottery.

    But as you say it helps the great sort, it is an inspiring example of defiance, and it pisses off the right people.

    If your goal isn’t to win elections in San Jose and Chicago, Christianity has no downside.

    • “European man is the most individualistic and least ethnocentric by nature”

      Not by nature, but through decades of intense psychological conditioning.

      • Exactly! Rank and file Whites don’t see is the jews, and this is due to pro-jew indoctrination that jews have been able to deliver 24/7/365 for decades. cognitive dissonance pertaining to any of the many topics pertaining to jews and their subversions, is quite difficult to overcome. Because the jews control not only the media, but practically all information we can access, they have been able to achieve an almost bulletproof barrier of cognitive dissonance — blank stares, a failure/refusal to respond, even hostility, or they gotta’ go. Cognitive dissonance is a program of psychological warfare — brainwashing, studied, researched, and perfected by jews to prevent those they have indoctrinated, from being able to consider an alternative views to anything jews have indoctrinated them with.

  6. @Amanda Tyler…

    Are you even listening to yourself?

    Who put you in charge of deciding how whole peoples would be?

    Would you regard Hinduism as a threat to be removed from East Indian life, or, by the same token, Pantheism from the Iroquois?

    No, of course not – because, for all your education, you have never fathomed that you were programmed, who programmed you, and why?

    Without programming, no one gets to the position you have on you own people.

    Oh, but wait, I forgot : you are part of the great cookie-cutter Humanity – in other words, an orphan of your own choosing.

  7. “Any “Christian” who says that Pope Francis is wrong is either a liar or stupid.”

    Both Martin Luther and John Calvin identified the Pope as the anti-Christ! Begone demon!

  8. I’m sure 50% of the “training” will involve a certain shitty little country in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    • I’m sure 50% of the “training” will involve a certain shitty little country in the Eastern Mediterranean.

      Since ALL of Christendom considered the Jews to be finished, at AD 33-70, We just go with the Faith as it was DECIDED in 1776. For even Pope Pius said it a hundred years ago:

      “The Jews have not recognized Our Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, the Church cannot recognize the Jewish People.. Jerusalem must not go into the hands of the Jews.” – Pope Pius X to Theodor Herzl (on their meeting to have the Catholic Church recognize Jerusalem as the future capital of the homeland of the Jews, ca. 1904 – from the “Complete Diaries of Herzl”)

  9. Lauren Boebert says a lot of things But she doesn’t really do anything. I’ve seen her videos going back. It’s just a lot of noise. These people KNOW they can never get this stuff passed, yet they make a big promotion. They scold and yell at the leftists, but never really charge them with any crimes.

    • I agree with you there.

      She is a pot stirrer. Legislation wise though, nothing is going to pass the Democratic House in this Congress. Even if the GOP had the House and Senate, nothing would happen because of the filibuster

      • Thanks. Instead of chasing rainbows, they should put their energy, time, and money, into sending some of the Mexicans back home. They’re draining our social services and bringing crime. Or stopping Biden from sending these billion or million dollar packages to Ukraine.
        I read Boebert would ask her voters for money, and it’s sad, because her husband is a multi-millionaire.

  10. Laura Loomer has converted to Christianity. I’m sorry for doubting you, Hunter. Christian Nationalism is totally real, and I’m 100% onboard.

        • I had forgotten about Laura Loomer. This is probably a desperate cry for attention like MILO’s stunts

          • Bravo Boebert!

            Just knowing that some neck bearded atheist on Reddit is in a tither over this sensible new policy proposal has cheered me up from the electoral lose in Kansas on abortion.

            Let’s keep fighting the good fight and triggering the Libs. With time the owning of Libs will come again like happened in 2016.

          • She has publicly fought for free speech, perhaps at times a bit melodramatically (like chaining herself to TWTR headquarters), which is something I respect; while I never followed her closely, I have no reason to doubt her sincerity there — so I won’t question her sincerity or motives here either (not that I care whether she converts or not, or that it matters) — anyone who makes a substantial part of their living via social media, which she probably does, needs to generate attention (George Lincoln Rockwell knew this long ago, and was quite candid about the reason for some of his antics).

            Regarding every- or any-thing else about her … meh, I don’t care.

          • @eah This was the same mentality following Milo around. Many did not know he was Jewish, and when he said that white young men didn’t care about that sort of thing, people actually listened to him. He, along with some others, ruined the “Alt Right”, which wasn’t really WN.

            Aren’t you even able to discern when you are being played???

          • As a Christcuck, I never cared or had anything positive to say about MILO. He was always deeply repulsive to me. A better question is why did the Alt-Right cozy up to him. Why weren’t they deeply repulsed by a Jewish narcissist who dresses up in drag and has sex with black men? I would say that speaks to their mindset

          • @ Pilot AUGUST 4, 2022 AT 10:56 AM

            How am I ‘being played’ by saying to the extent she fights for free speech that is something I can respect? — whether she’s Jewish or not — I was aware she’s Jewish; in that context I don’t care.

            I paid zero attention to Milo — people in the erstwhile Alt-Right I took note of were the ones who emphasized white identity and came out against anti-whiteness, and who seemed to me to have enough gravitas to appeal to ‘normies’.

            Don’t be so eager to demonstrate your lack of reading comprehension.

            I mean WTF.

    • >>Laura Loomer has converted to Christianity.

      Just what we need, another crypto saboteur in our midst.

      • I just checked her GAB account and as of 2 hours ago (her last post) she is calling herself America 1st jewish woman. Let her call out her fellow tribe like brother Nathaniel does. If she did that with the same vitriol as he does I would be impressed.

          • There are some cartoonish aspects to her online persona — but I (still) see no reason to question her fight for free speech, which is something I can respect and ‘take seriously’.

            BTW, did you expect people to take those endless posts full of COVID death counts that you put up for weeks seriously? — asking for a friend.

            You’re not much good at self-reflection, are you?

          • I didn’t say she was all bad.

            Obviously, I support free speech. Look at the comment section of this website.

          • @eaf They aren’t fighting for you or your free speech. This all has gone down before. They jump on the bandwagon for “Whites”, but they are just infiltrating. Just because someone says they have a common value, doesn’t mean they are on your side. They might not like “diversity”, too, but they aren’t on your side. They know just what to say to you!

      • Jews can become Christian, but they can’t become White. This is why White Nationalism will always be superior to Christian Nationalism.

      • Lauren Simonson Southern and Faith Goldy will have to come up with something to top this.
        More of the Alt Wrong.

  11. If using teachers to instill an ideology worked, then the Western Europoors would still be Christian, while the Eastern Europoors would still be commies.

  12. ‘Reading the Bible in schools’ is one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for ideas

    Most people recommending ‘reading the Bible’ do not actually read it at length … there is good reason Christian churches downplayed or discouraged reading the Bible for centuries … It was ‘reading the Bible’ that led European Christianity to fall apart two centuries after Luther

    Yes, you can cherry-pick nice, sweet, lovely Bible passages … but there are huge horrors in that book … Christianity succeeds better by not reading the Bible in full.

    Even John Calvin himself blanched at the Bible passages where ‘God gives orders’ to his precious Jews to genocide not only men but women and children … Calvin could only say ‘Deus vult’ – ‘God wills it’. There is a scene in ‘Clockwork Orange’ where the young thug in prison loves Bible-reading because the violent passages are sadistic porn for him.

    Hunter is correct, however, that it seems to be political suicide for the ‘Right’ to publicly repudiate Christianity … Deist USA founders understood this … even Adolf Hitler’s privately-paganistic Nazis understood this

    Some Hollywood personalities tried to launch major campaigns about horrible Bible passages, but of course were sidelined by significantly-Jewish media. One was Paul Winchell, the once-famous ventriloquist (1922-2005) of ‘Knucklehead Jerry Mahoney’ … a B-list Hollywood actor, Gary DeVaney, followed up with a website ‘The God Murders’ about the more brutal and barbaric Bible texts.

    ‘Christian Nationalism’ probably has the general problem of the ‘Right’, hitting a ceiling of about 40% … the combination of media-following single women, migrants and minorities, and white shitelibs, being the majority 60% … the Bible itself can be deployed against Christ-Nat as it gains traction.

    ‘Christian nationalism’ will maybe succeed more, if the Bible-Christian part is SOFTLY downplayed … with ‘Christian’ open enough to include those who look on it as cultural heritage.

    • “Hunter is correct, however, that it seems to be political suicide for the ‘Right’ to publicly repudiate Christianity … Deist USA founders understood this … even Adolf Hitler’s privately-paganistic Nazis understood this”

      Don’t forget that Christianity has changed since the time of AH. Now you have some denominations actively pursuing White Genocide through the Great Replacement. That changes things. We can’t give them a walk because they’re “Christian.”As I mentioned on another article, Christians need to clean up their own house. If they make non-Christians do it for them, it’s not going to end well for anyone.

    • I thought about digging up a bunch of pernicious Bible verses but then realized how much of a waste of time it would be. It’s very difficult to detach people from deep-seeded programming. Most just instantly reject any attempt at it.

  13. Bible classes , should not be mandatory, but volunteer after school, get together’s, shouldn’t be a problem………
    Not in public school’s anyway, public schools will soon be a thing of the past anyway, but the subject itself, being brought up, is very positive, it seems a lot more normal, than catering too the bizarre agenda of the woke/left…………

    • Yes, Dear Terry – public schools are on a decline.

      In North Carolina public schools were a late 19th century thing, something at which The Northeast states lookt on in horror.

      That it was so was because Tarheels feared exactly what has happened with public schools – that they would be a platform for indoctrination for our children, by those who would intend us harm.

      Anti-public school advocates of Victorian North Carolina were exactly right, and those who derode them owe them a posthumous apology.

      • Koba said it best, but the lesson is nearly always lost on idiots:

        Education is a weapon whose results depend upon who is aiming it and at whom it is aimed.

        Now ask yourselves a simple binary question: Who holds this weapon? At whom is the weapon aimed? The child-abusers who send their own offspring to the Globo-Pedo indoctrination centers known as “public school” in the USA are scarcely better than those who pimp their kids to folks like Epstein.

      • >… public schools are on a decline.

        Nearly everything wrong with public education in the US today can be traced to two main factors:

        1) Diversity — other than Asians (who are still a relatively small fraction of the population), non-white kids have significantly lower achievement scores — a ‘bad school’ is a school that formerly had a white supermajority (like the country as a whole), but is now full of ineducable non-whites — the ‘dumbing down’ and lowering of standards to facilitate what is effectively social promotion was a reaction to changing student demographics, as was CRT and other ‘woke’ nonsense attempting to explain the difference in achievement levels between Whites and Asians on the one hand, and NAMs on the other (non-Asian minorities, primarily Blacks and Hispanics) — all of this is done to avoid acknowledging that the difference is due to genetics — Christian Nationalism and ‘biblical citizenship training’ do nothing to address this demographic problem.

        2) The growing dominance of women in education — women now outnumber men in college; in some schools it is 60:40 or more — that trend has been in place for some time — the vast majority of these midwit women get soft liberal arts degrees, and many end up with jobs in education, where they now dominate both teaching and administration — women are psychologically far more likely to embrace conformity (the ‘latest thing’ or fad in education) and behave like NPCs.

    • @Dart….

      Maybe, maybe not.

      You fail to remember that, until recent decades, Christianity was the bastion for those sceptical of, and or opposed to Jewry.

      As that is the nearly 2,000 year pattern of Christian history, it is reasonable to bet things will soon enough go that way again.

      The last 50-75 years are an exception to history, NOT the rule.

      • As long as the hostile elite rules America, do not expect Christianity to revert to the historical pattern. The hostility of the American press towards Orban and Hungary is evidence of the attitude of the hostile elites attitude to orthodox Christianity. Boebbert biblical citizenship training is part of the Zionist project to indoctrinate American Christians into Israel worship.

        • Jim, worship of jesus, is done all the time, without worshipping judah land, you should try it, it’s not that hard…….. I have noticed a pattern here, the people who oppose Christ/Christianity, know very little, zero scripture study, you were raised, with no spiritual instruction period? We will continue, too be patient with you people, though inwardly, any way, you people are a challenge at the least, their is much at stake here, your souls for instance, but their is absolutely no way you will lead or govern our people, after babylon falls, time is short!!!!…,. Pick a side, or one will selected for you….

      • This is an excellent point which is quite lost on some of the critics of Christianity per se. They are largely ignorant of history. Jews are not targeting atheists. In fact an atheist Jew can easily move to Israel and receive all sorts of free gibs from the retarded Christian taxpayers in several countries. (Germany, for example, continues to pay reparations despite nearly all the alleged victims of the Holyco$t being dead by now). Laura Loomer, who has supposedly converted to Christianity is now forbidden to make aliyah under the laws of Murika’s ‘mostest important ally’.

        With its state-supported churches, that which is branded as “Christianity” is indeed just Jewish-controlled Satanism – whether nominally Protestant or Catholic. There are very few genuine Christians remaining in western Europe and old churches are regularly burned or converted to mosques. Keep in mind that when Micron’s folks torches Notre Dame de Paris, those cheering loudest of all were of (((the nose))).

      • No maybe about it. When American Republicans talk about Christianity, they mean so-called Judeo-Christian values, such as individualism, human rights, “freedom” (capitalism), and Zionism. There is no other meaning to what they are saying. Feel free to look up Lauren Boebert’s understanding of Christianity, and you will find that I am correct.

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