Tales From The Movement: Kenny Parker

UPDATE: To my surprise, this story also ended on a happier note than I originally thought. I apologize to Ken for the harsh tone of the article. It was too meanspirited and detracted from the point which I was trying to make which was how contact with the White Nationalist movement can twist some people into shapes which they later come to regret and feel the need to move on from. Ken was going through a phase in his life. He has embraced Christianity and has become a better person for it.

Do you have any regrets in life?

I have some regrets which I don’t like to talk much about.

I have some stories which I will one day share with my grandchildren like the time I drove to Virginia to march through Charlottesville with assclowns like Jeff Schoep and Kenny Parker.

To be crystal clear, I have no regrets about our cause. I loved the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments in Charlottesville. I used to admire their beauty when I lived in Virginia in 2010. I stopped with my wife after Trump’s inauguration in 2017 to take pictures with them. I love the Old South and its culture and the Confederacy and loathe the people who came out to protest us and later tore those monuments down. I haven’t changed my view that those people are the scum of the earth.

It’s just that … we didn’t really know a lot of the people we were getting mixed up with at Unite the Right. Insofar as we did know them, there were a lot of things there that we blinded ourselves to like the fact that it was always a terrible idea to “unite” with their ilk and that we were damaging ourselves by doing so. There was Kenny Parker, for example, an NSM member and Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Florida. He was one of the biggest assclowns that I met during our series of rallies in 2017.

I remember when we were introduced at our previous event in New Orleans. We had gone to New Orleans to protest the removal of the Confederate monuments too. I was standing outside of my hotel room, drinking a beer and recording a Periscope video when Kenny Parker approached us, removed his shirt and proceeded to proudly show off his American History X swastika tattoo on his chest.

Kenny later went on to make a complete fool himself in this VICE documentary before renouncing White Nationalism with Jeff Schoep who is now involved in some deradicalization grift.

Do you see the wizard in the video?

That’s an individual we used to know as Max Murphy. I’ve met him.

Years ago, he tried to infiltrate the League of the South. He befriended one of our most outspoken pagan White Nationalist members. They became besties. He presided over the pagan ceremony in which he got married. We later found out he was working for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

I’m really not a bigot. The truth is that I am too openminded for my own good. These people who I really didn’t know at all advertised themselves as being pro-White and that was good enough. Sure, they weren’t my cup of tea, but I wasn’t going to be an optics cuck. I bought into the idea that we should join forces with these people. We should all unite in solidarity in order to save the White race or something with Kenny Parker and Jeff Schoep. Unfortunately, the cause of the White race would have been a lot better served by exercising greater discernment and staying the f*** away from these people.

Kenny taught me an important lesson about White Nationalist activism. There are some people in life who just want to show their ass to the world on camera and it is best to stay as far away from them as possible. They don’t really have a cause beyond seeking attention and expressing themselves.

Suppose that it had never occurred to us to “unite” with these people and that we had stuck to our little Southern culture rallies and secession. Where would we be today in 2022? Would we have built up more or less support now that everything we were talking about has gone mainstream?

I’m sorry, but simply being White isn’t good enough. It’s a plus, but it is not everything. Culture matters. Morality matters. Character matters. Your values and beliefs matter. The way you conduct yourself in public matters. It matters whether you have honorable intentions and motivations.

Kenny seems like a better person these days. Choosing to parade around with him through the streets in a distant state in this phase of his life isn’t a decision that has aged well though. As with what happened in Shelbyville, there is no denying that this is a strand of cultural DNA that runs deep through the White Nationalist movement. It continues to resurface no matter how hard you try to keep it offstage.

I don’t get it … the sheer weirdness of it. I never really got that far away from my own culture. These people blasted off into orbit and left earth behind for their fantasy world.

Note: I’m pro-White.

I don’t need to wear a brand or a label though to be pro-White. I don’t need to march through the streets with Kenny & Co. I don’t need to ignore their obvious shortcomings. I never needed them.


  1. How many Whites in US? 170 million?

    Who are the leaders of the movement in that enormous Whiite population to at least raise awareness against Jewish tyranny (at least the ones I’m aware of)?

    It’s Andrew Anglin, Snake Baker, Matt Heimbach, Richard Spencer, Hunter Wallace, Fr. John +,

    • We found out that pro-whites can’t organize without the glowjoggers using gay ops to destroy what they build.
      Once we are so many that we make up a good part of the glowjogging community, this will stop, and then we no longer need a movement, as we’ll just be the populist mainstream.

  2. British MI6 say that the key to co opting political movements lies in, penetration and control.

    See: MI6 50 years of special operations by Stephen Dorrell.

  3. “time I drove to Virginia to march through Charlottesville ”

    You were sincere, reaching to accomplish higher goals, making a strong effort. You didn’t know that ((millions )) would be spent to bus in thugs, corrupt police etc.

    Yes, you must be selective in who you associate with. For now, the public displays of NS and KKK symbology have to be put away.

    You’re so right, some are just childish attention seekers. Beware of ppl wi tattoos, especially NS and klan related.

  4. The Jews are causing the decline of White people by promoting the self-interest and individualism of White People as well as pushing Nonwhite viewpoints that are cemented into the minds of White people by constant mediums that push for empathy so that Nonwhites can freely grow and slowly conquer the West without worrying about White racial resistance.

    The Jews have once again pushed lies and deception to subvert White People to the point of extinction.

    The fact that White people are an anatomically different race of people, which is proven here.
    should be the very reason that White People everywhere should unapologetically fight for their race, culture, and heritage.

  5. It was either this guy, or another one, years ago, who was in prison, got White tattoos all over like armor, and later got out, and renounced his belief and association with whites. So he basically USED the other guys in prison for protection. There was some TV documentary about him. Of course the media praised him.
    The only explanation is LOW IQ.

    • @Brad, I’m saying this for your own good brother you really should consider denouncing the movement completely and come out like so many of us have. I can honestly say that every single friend, and acquaintance of mine that I had in the movement has denounced it, and left. Now stop and ask yourself that question if literally everybody I ever knew in the movement has denounced it, and left then there is something significantly wrong with the movement. The whole thing is just wrong, the obsession with race, the ideologies, the whole subculture of “Whiteness” is a pathology that normal intelligent moral people shouldn’t support. Regardless of whether you think you are a complete “extremist”, “radical” or “racist” it matters not you are still holding onto it. All of us were in denial when we were in the movement, but once we left we all felt weights lifted from us. I can honestly say that when I became Orthodox I completely left the movement, and racialism, when I did for the first time I felt the spirit of God enter me, and literally felt like a new man. It’s time for you too now Brad do some serious soul searching. You don’t need this stuff man it’s beneath you. I pray you will search out the truth, see the errors and wrongs and come out like so many of us have. God bless you man.

      • @Orthodox Slumlord….

        If race-consciousness left you when you became orthodox, you either do not know how ethnic Orthodoxy is, (in this country) or are in a cuckt American Orthodox parish with an Orthodox priest who is a cryptic woke personality..

        If it has not yet occurred to you, yet : you can be pro-White, Orthodox, and not be harbouring hostile thoughts towards people not those things.

        The notion that you are either a perfectly equal friend to everybody, or a perfectly hostile enemy to everybody is not only totally out of kilter with the history of The West, it runs contrary to both the example set by Christ, and, as well, his Eastern Catholic Church.

      • @ Orthodox Slumlord i don’t understand this sense of sin, do you think that other communities, races or groups have this sense of guilt?? Muslims no, jews no, africans of course no, chinese no, american indians no, Eskimos no……… why should only european or european descendants have it?? Also another thing: this sense of guilt is provoked by people on the left who have no regret for communist massacres and genocides, or for muslims massacres or black crimes. I tell you as friend Orthodox, please come back… you have no to be a nazi or a klansman but come back with your old position for white culture before white race and don’t feel guilty.

        • @Marcel…

          Your reply to Orthodox Slumlord is absolutely correct.

          To be fair, Orthodox Slumlord is speaking of a process that has occurred within him – that of becoming occupied by The Holy Ghost, and, as a result, his erstwhile use of White Nationalism as a religious hedge seems pathetic by comparision.

          This is a problem for many Christians of today, they who, never figure out that, just because they now have this incomparable thing, The Holy Ghost, within them, does not mean that they are to withdraw from the world and prance about in the Garden of Eden, blithely unaware and uninvolved with events of the day.

          In your analogies of other peoples, and their relationship to the Ultimate Cosmos, they feel no conflict in preferring their own kind.

          That this conflict so often occurs in this country is not arbitrary, but the result of false dichotomoty that has been planted into us by The Jew England Yankee World Order.

          They have made us apt to this conflict so that they can control us – nothing more, nothing less.

          This is a severe psychic test, one which many many of us fail, because we fail to fathom in what sort of environment we live – one in which every part of your mind, body, and soul is preyed upon by the powers that be.

          That said, it seems that a growing number of people, particularly the younger generation, have reached a critical mass of understanding wherein they no longer feel a conflict between Christ and tribe.

          This is exactly as Christianity was for nearly 2,000 years, until the mid 20th century, when thought control techniques became so expert and well-entrencht, through mass media, that they could manipulate tens of millions, indeed, hundreds of millions, of people, at will.

      • Mental health problems, and chances are fetal alcohol syndrome.

        The Ku Klux Klan was a secret, personal invitation only organization. In other words, back in the way back, you were invited in person to join The Ku Klux Klan. There were no printed or written invitations! Surely NO 800 numbers etc. LOL. Also, The Ku Klux Klan was a Confederate veterans organization.

        • @Orange…

          “The Ku Klux Klan was a Confederate veterans organization.”

          Yes, the first Klan was that, or, with less filtering – an army OF Confederate veterans to fight a guerrilla war against the United States Government – a war which they, the first Klan, unlike the formal Confederate government in Richmond, managed to win.

          As to the 3rd Klan, the rural Southern Klan that ineffectively fought forcet integration in the mid 20th century – yes, they were organizations, often out of the local Baptist Church, that were formed only from local men who approved of each other as men.

          They were family men and professionals, with very few mental defectives, unlike the 5th era Klan of today, which, though many good family men and professionals are still involved, also has a disproportionately high percentage of the mentally unstable and demonically possessed.

          In the case of the 5th Era Klan, it depends upon the group and the leadership whether they have a prohibitive degree of mental defectives involved with them.

  6. This is retarded. He is going to be baptised and become a Christian to escape white supremacy? But white supremacy, is moral supremacy and white supremacist are supreme because they adhere to the teaching of Christ. The whole idea behind racial segregation was Christian, to protect and defend the weak and the innocent from harm. Black were seen as a threat to do harm and had to be segregated to protect the weak and the innocent.

    Without the knowing of what a Christian is you are going to have all these Jews, Irish and homos all proclaiming they now are Christian when in actuality they are deceivers who want prey. The wolves in sheeps clothing is how Christ described them.

    Ric Grenell and Jay Sekulow are prime examples. Don’t be fooled.

  7. Morgan Radford is an Irish on her mothers side. They are all the same. They want to elevate themselves by putting others down. Others, be they white or Muslims or Chinese, others who don’t think the way they do.

    When was the last time you ever heard an Irishmen or woman defend one of us or our rights? When was the last time you have heard an Irishmen say let him alone that is his right? You just don’t hear it.

    • You were recently deported from Dublin for homosexual harassment of Irish males. What gives you the right to spout forth?

      • @Mainz Mothmann—-homosexuality predominates in people who breed and produce children within their own bloodline, peoples like the Jews and the Irish. God does not approved and he has punished your blood in condemnation. How can two peoples Irish and Jews lead and rule without the blessings of God? You can’t schmuck.

        • homosexuality predominates in people who breed and produce children within their own bloodline,

          You oughta know, brownshitbag. I think the problem with demented people like you is that you’re so stupid you don’t know how stupid you are. None the less, I have a tip for you It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to babble on and remove all doubt.

          • @DICARLO—- there are over 200 hundred Jew only genetics diseases, brought about by Jews producing children with their sisters and cousins for centuries, centuries kyke. Don’t you find hilarious that the Jews, your kind accuse white southerners, those yokels of being inbreds? It takes a real inbred retard to do that wouldn’t you say so kyke?

            I would be happy to list all the Jew only genetic diseases if need be, you just ask okay kyke.

            God hates you and cast a plague on your blood and you are too fzxcking stupid to see it.

  8. C’mon OD readers, don’t you know it’s time to wrap ourselves up in the masonic flag of the regime in DC and carry the Cross to ultimate victory. I’m sold. SMDH!

    • I’m not sold.

      Still, I think it is funny that they are doing it. Hence, the Homelander banner. This embrace of Christian nationalism reminds me of that scene from the show

  9. Barely within 5 short years current US opposition moved from micro movement to large mass movement . This is one of the greatest political success of all times.

    Probably Jews knew. Their horrific and World Wide hysteria over C`ville demonstrates that not everything there went wrong but probably everything went right.

    Of course crooks and weirdos with swastikas might be not the most pleasant persons but the fact remains that with those strange people mass movement was pulled off at the time when decent people in neckties gained nothing in many decades. They still keep whining on their academic well educated websites what nobody reads. One C`ville gained more than all Amren and Scandza “conferences” in 40 years.

  10. Having an optics crisis 5 years after everyone else? You not wrong – but why doing a big dramatic thing about it? Power through, avoid pettiness and attack the real enemy.

  11. I agree with you on everything, people that change idea in front of a filmaker or camera are ridiculous, but i think that Schoep and Parker are better than McLaren and other people. Obviously what they did was not the most beatuful choice ( i mean denounce people who were there friends), but Schoep and Parker unlike McLaren have retained a shred of dignity. Schoep is obviously a former but he still denounce far-left and antifa and also now he doesn’t describe himself as leftist, he simply stay away from politics. I remember that when Aaron Jay Danielson was killed by an antifa in Portland, Schoep denounced the gesture on social media, saying it was extreme left-wing violence (and he was already a former at that time). Regarding Parker, i know less Parker but i remember that in 2020/21 he had a photo of Trump on facebook and publicly supported the election of Trump in 2020. So Parker left the movement and became a former in 2018 and two or three years later he was still conservative and Trump supporter. Instead McLaren has totally changed his views like a bipolar and weak peronality does. This is the difference, i want only to reason, i hope that no one attack me for my point of view about this.

    • I never once “denounced people who were my friends.” In fact in my resignation letter, I stated that “I still considered them as my brothers, but I just could not go on living like that any longer.” I, unlike anyone else on this thread have always used my real name and never hid behind anything.

      • @ Ken Parker glad to know you, as you saw in my previous comment (and you can see it in my other old comments on this website) i always defended you and Schoep on this website, because i understood that you and Schoep still denounce far-left, antifa violence, woke undemocracy, cancel culture, etc. You simply walk away from labels but you’re still conservative i think and this is not wrong. Instead other people like McLaren (but fortunately they’re minority) are bipolar traitor who flipped from an extreme to another like clowns.

        • The morons like that who just go from one extreme of the spectrum to the other are the worst. They make a lot of people who back away from it feel that if they don’t go commie or antifa that they are still a Nazi. Those people, in my opinion, should be sent to a turd world country.

          • Yes Ken, they accused Schoep to be still a nazi only because he denounce antifa, like Arno Michaelis, like you and others. Jack Buckby, who is still conservative, is accused to be still a nazi only because he still oppose to gender fluid and illegal immigration and on wikipedia (corrupt admins) call him still a nazi. Last thing: why we have to worship Heather Heyer, George Floyd and leftists don’t apologize (instead they celebrate) for what happened to Aaron Jay Danielson?? Danielson was a Trump supporter killed by an antifa in Portland, killed from behind in a cowardly manner…… why didn’t his also become a national case? why didn’t some left-wing activist apologise to his parents like some right-wingers did to Heather Hayer’s parents?? why wasn’t there national outrage in this case too? because he was right-wing, then the double standard is used. Those on the left don’t just want people to leave the far right, unfortunately it is clear that they also want people to join the left/extreme left, if you don’t they will persecute and slaughter you even if you claim to no longer be far right. Anyway Ken i’m happy with the way you think, you are a good person.

  12. I can’t help but wonder how many of these guys are plants, FBI informants or blackmail victims.

  13. It did seem that different subcultures were being mixed at UTR & WLM.

    But why not clarify & disambiguate. Especially for the UTR 5th anniversary.

    The core idea of UTR was sound: Speech & Statues – Jefferson & Lee. A first amendment rally (Jefferson) for a statue who was considered by Eisenhower to be a hero (Lee). Jefferson & Lee had courage & thumos & were examples of republican liberty who warned of centralized power & tyranny. With the broader metapolitical point the that Sam Francis made about culture & demographics:

    “The end result of the attack on Confederate symbolism, in other words, is not merely the disappearance of the Confederate flag, “Dixie,” and other symbols and customs of interest mainly to Southerners and Civil War buffs but, in time, the eradication of all symbols from pre-1960s America that suggest a white-based or “Eurocentric” public identity.”

    And the core fact of UTR is that it was textbook anarcho-tyranny: literal antifa brought the anarchy & the authorities provided the tyranny by deciding not to police the event. See The Heaphy Report.

    The alt-history where the event was policed is unknown. It should have been policed regardless of some folks on the politically eccentric side of things. Wasn’t the idea of a free speech rally that it would cover the mainstream to the edgy? No one predicted that the authorities would throw the event (which is what initially threw me).

    Loretta the Prole liked your writing and wanted to meet you at UTR. You’ve never written about or been interested in interwar European movements & a subset of the attendees were more edgy than she expected. So it’s fair to say that people like Loretta were being “united” with people who weren’t on the same wave length.

    So, it would be useful to signal that some subcultures are in their own lane. But no need for anyone to go under the bus. Look at the Newsom and Christian protest. The people who pick up on changes in the zeitgeist can be unusual. Tbh I admire the radicals who are willing to take brickbats & struggle when no one was interested.

    Also the majority of attendees looked fine. TWP had some good ideas but my impression is that there has been some reflection. The work shirt/helmet combo actually had a humorous agitprop feel tho. IE/VA/LotS looked good. And lots of fine people did turn up. They got doxed, fired, legal bills, prison sentences & joke lawfare. What an outrage.

    The 5th anniversary is coming up. Why not make the speeches that were denied. Even online. Clarify the messaging & what happened. The public are beginning are more receptive post-2020. The term anarcho-tyranny has entered the public mind.

    The core theme of the AR as you expressed it – Realism Identity Iconoclasm – was very valid. And the AR did seem to need parameters – especially for anything IRL.

  14. I think you can be opposed to optics cucking *and* refuse to organize with losers like Kenny. It just takes a discipline that no one really understood we needed until 2017 and the mess that turned into.
    Lesson learned. Time to move forward without them.

  15. I think I know what you mean.
    While technically you are a white nationalist, you’re uncomfortable with the label.
    More than being a white nationalist, you’re a normal guy from rural Alabama.
    It’s normal for people of all races to wanna stick to their own kind, or it was the norm from the dawn of man up until just a few decades ago.

    It’s not normal people living traditional lifestyles who coined the term white nationalist to describe themselves, it’s overeducated, upperclass weirdos living peculiar lifestyles who come up with and pathologize these labels.
    They want to take a phenomenon like the instinct and wisdom to stick to your own and isolate it from everything else, claim it’s just a product of social conditioning, that it has no utility, that it’s pathological, then rewrite the next generation’s programming.
    These people look at normal guys and gals living traditional lifestyles the way scientists study the behavior of animals or, the way a horse-breaker tries to tame a wild horse.

    They want to dominate the rural, and urban working class peoples of the US culturally, intellectually, socio-psychologically, morally, spiritually and even medically now with their MRNA vaxxes the way they want to dominate say the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, for their own good of course, there couldn’t possibly be anything pathological about what they’re doing, they’re the enlightened, ones, we are all just dumb animals in desperate need of their help.
    These people may as well be an alien species trying to takeover our planet.

    They’re conquerors, it may be difficult to think of them that way because not physically intimidating, but they’re wealthy, they hide their neocolonial instincts behind smiles, laughs and refineries, but they’re largely in control of the banks, the media, well to put it succinctly, they control the 7 mountains.
    I say it’s high time we take the 7 mountains back like ‘Christian nationalists’ or, normies rather suggest we do.
    They’re the aliens, radicals and weirdos, degenerates and deviants, and as you’ve said history ebbs and flows, sooner or later history will humiliate them.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, there were plenty of times when elites had more respect for rural and urban working folk.
    This elite has grown far, far too detached from reality.

    Also wanted to say yes, a lot of people adopt (operative word there) white nationalism sincerely or insincerely but who’re otherwise liberal, libertarian or even progressive in thinking, like Richard Spencer.
    You don’t see white nationalism in isolation, but as one normal, healthy value among many.

  16. I agree with you. But the caliber of the members depends upon the organization. I knew an organization that actually did polygraph tests on all prospective members as well as background criminal checks and personal interviews before he/she could join. I think that is an excellent idea! The quality of your propaganda and how you conduct yourself determines the quality of your membership.

    Ask yourself next time you go to a racialist gathering: are these they type of people I would hire if I had a business? Would I trust them with my wife or kinds in an emergency? If no, get away from that group. Think Orania. That is a good model.

  17. “I’m sorry, but simply being White isn’t good enough. It’s a plus, but it is not everything. Culture matters. Morality matters. Character matters. Your values and beliefs matter. The way you conduct yourself in public matters. It matters whether you have honorable intentions and motivations.”

    This would make an excellent marquis for this site.

    What God made you has a place, but, ultimately, it is less important than what you do with that…

  18. In retrospect C’ville, for all the trouble it caused the pro-White participants, was a big & necessary win: the kikes & all their race traitor whores from McAuliffe, to the VSP, to the C’ville police & city council, to the feds & (((media))), wildly overplayed their hand & so blatantly colluded against the UTR people that even dull normies could see it. The whole outrageous orchestrated railroading planted the seeds of resentment of such totally one-sided unfairness that would later flower to full bloom when (((they))) went on to equally transparently put the skids under Dump in ’20 (even if they didn’t change the vote – I bet they did – they certainly colluded to deny him access to the social media “town square” and other crucial measures that alone were sufficient to shaft him).

    As for trash like Parker & Schoep: anything for attention – and this time shekels, too. People with tats of any kind tend to be stupid riff-raff, and the same goes for those who like to play dress-up.

  19. You don’t know who you can trust these days. One day hopefully a legitimate group or organization will come along with strict ways of vetting people to make sure they’re not feds, informants, spies, etc. Nothing is foolproof but you have to try and protect yourself to keep out the undesirables.

  20. Hey Bradly, I am sorry see that you are so angry with me four + years later. There are a few things that we can agree on and many that we can’t. I knew that before C-ville or A12 or whatever that hell you want to call it, that groups like the NSM should not interact so closely with groups like LS. See, I still remember that if I put the “O” in the middle of “LS” that I will hurt a bunch of feelers. The different groups have values that are too dissimilar to get along without always arguing and fighting with each other. I know this very well as I was one of the very few so-called Christians in the NSM. I got crap from the fake wizard and the tough guy, Eric Meadows, who is most likely Mr. Elf on here, about how Christianity is fake and all that other BS. Old tough guy Eric sold their house in Georgia after the Harrisburg, PA rally, because some antifa homos threw fliers out in their neighborhood. Maybe odin and thor are too fake to protect them from a bunch of commies in skinny jeans. That is when him and Angie moved to TN to start their “Hoff.”

    I am also sorry if I didn’t meet your expectations for an ideal specimen of the white race. Maybe if I had B-cup mammary glands crammed into a tight polo shirt like you, and walked around holding my phone on a selfie stick all day making some stupid ass periscope video, I would have been more pleasing to you. In regards to my behavior at the NOLA event, I had just got out of Mr. Tubbs truck after having to smell your token Hispanic, Chris Cedeno, who apparently doesn’t know what a shower or deodorant are. Immediately, I was greeted by old Sean Winkler and Jeremy Walls, who might actually be half black, with plastic German tanker helmets, chains, and sling shots. Big deal, we were having a good time and they asked to see my tattoo. Yes, I was an idiot to put that on my body, but it is covered up now. If I could go back in time and do it over, I wouldn’t have any tattoos. No one seemed to care that Ike Baker was hugging that toothless whore with the swatty tat on her side when we were in Pikesville. So yes, I was very active and that was my life for six years. I lived it 24/7, 365 days a year. I was a member of NSM Media as well and that is why I ended up on so many films. If you think I was bad, find all the ones with old Major Mike in them. I was always throwing out fliers basically single handedly, going to political events all over Florida, and worse yet, I was going to school at that libtarded place known as UNF. Between the pro baby killer groups, SDS, and BLM events, which happened on an almost daily basis, I was used to being very loud and confrontational because I believed in the values with everything I had in me. I confronted those groups that I encountered head on, one against 100 + leftists.

    So here’s the thing, you didn’t like me at all, and I really didn’t care much for you either, yet I respected you because I knew that you were doing what you believed was the best way for you to help the (((movement.))) I didn’t like the fact that most of the younger guys were all into that podcast BS, where guys would just run their cock holsters about stupid shit, yet when SHTF, guys like Cantwell would actually shed real tears. WTF. Every event that I would attend, all I would hear from the younger group was crap about red/blue pills, kek, 4chan, and discord. Has any of that crap helped the white race? That would be a big old FU&K NO!!! I didn’t care much for the alt-right crowd, and that also pushed me to be more energetic at events. Guy’s wanted to be like Dick Spencer, with their fashy cuts, get dressed up, and do other very homosexual related activities that they thought would help the master race. Look at TWP and how silly they looked in public, especially behind their commie leader HeimBITCH, AKA Fonzie the Bear. They only way I could tell the difference between them and antifa was by the color of the bandanas hanging out of the back pockets of their skinny jeans. Yes, I did tell Heimbitch that when I was a member of the NSM after he decided to run his mouth about some stupid $hit on Veteran’s Day. She got her feelings hurt and called Jeff and tattled on me. That fat pile of human excrement wouldn’t even be allowed to go to boot camp let alone graduate from it.

    Bradly, yeah, it’s cute that you chose to call me by my childhood name. You also stated that, “I don’t need to wear a brand or a label though to be pro-White.” Yet you belong to an organization to do so. After seeing all the dumb shit that I have seen in this (((movement))) there is absolutely no reason to be proud of the skin I was born in. I am not ashamed of it nor will I ever apologize for it. Most of the LS folks claim to be Christians but Proverbs 16:18 says “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Yes, I also realize that this response isn’t the most Christian way to approach this matter, but it is also pretty ridiculous that you, someone you I probably spent less than ten minutes of my life interacting with you, but you are still obsessed with romanticizing my time that I was in. Dude, I have been out of it for over four years. Don’t blame your failures on a few guys that walked away from it.

    Here is the thing, it pained me to walk away from the comradery of all that BS. I had and still have friends that belong to organizations. I cannot justify hating someone based on their race at this point in my life. I don’t give a crap what any of the Harry Potter worshiping Odinists have to say about this, but as a Christian, I reached a point in my life where I figured out that I am supposed to follow Jesus and not people who call themselves silly things like Imperial Wizard or Commander. The (((Movement))) is doing more to hurt white people than anything. Just at C-ville alone, look at how many people screwed up their lives by getting charged with and convicted for felonies.

    You guys make me laugh. Just like Jewish people create all the problems that the world faces, anyone who gets out is automatically a fed. If I was a Fed, there would have been a few more people locked up right now who rode on the “Hate Bus” to VA and back. Additionally, if I was on the “Jewish” government’s pay roll, I would not have been fired from Johnson and Johnson or kicked out of UNF. Ken Parker has always stood by his beliefs until he found out that they were wrong. I found out that there are more important things in life than worrying about what color skin your neighbor has.

    I have left that crap behind and moved on with my life. Six years that I will never get back and probably another six years before you stop crying about me. I don’t even know why I am wasting my time with replying to you. I doubt you will post this. You will probably censor it just like the libtard media does. I have had a ton of people offer me positions to work for them and promote some communist agenda. Besides a few short news interviews that I have done for free, I have had zero contact with MSM. I refuse any kind of speaking tours, lectures or anything else like that. I will not be used to promote anything that I don’t believe in, even if I get paid good money to do it. Name one other former besides myself that has not taken any paid gigs to promote a leftist agenda. I am definitely not a libtard or antifa scum. I will always believe that homosexuality is a sin, abortion is murder, illegals should stay home and fix the mess in their own country, etc…There are a lot of “formers” who were only in the movement for five minutes and claim that they had some leadership position just so they can capitalize on this nonsense of promoting the liberal agenda. I will not do that. I get up every morning and work a real job to pay my bills.

    So Bradly, you may want to find something else to worry about besides someone who has been out for over four years.

    • Ken,

      I’m not angry with you.

      I do remember you though and the impression you left on me.

      I also remember watching your dramatic exit from the movement in the videos above.

      From the beginning to the end, you struck me as someone who yearned for attention, who was going through some crisis or phase in your life, and who was making fool of himself on camera. Thus, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when I saw you being baptized out in the ocean. You also did that on camera.

      Among other things …

      1.) LOL about Eric. I also heard he moved up to Tennessee.

      2.) I’m glad that you are a Christian now. I was a Christian when I briefly met you.

      3.) I don’t blame you for our failures. I don’t recall ever saying that. It didn’t occur to me.

      4.) I don’t hate people for being non-White. I never did. Maybe that was you though.

      5.) I agree the Alt-Right was ridiculous

      6.) I never said you were a fed. No, I thought you were real, but Max was a fed or a cop.

      7.) You publicly rejected your beliefs on camera.

      8.) If you are still pro-White (love your own race), a Christian and culturally conservative, then great. That’s an improvement. You never had to follow Jeff Schoep around, obsess about race all day or blow a horn in front of a flaming swastika while a black guy was laughing at you to be this.

      9.) And yes, I needed to get in shape after Charlottesville.

      • First of all, I want to say that I appreciate the civility of our discussions on here. Second, I am sick of seeing all of these mistakes when I go back read my post again. I will reply more in-depth when I get back to my computer.

        • @Ken Parker, glad to see you denounce racism and the movement by coming out. I myself also have left, and denounced it. A true Christian can’t be Pro-White and racist, PERIOD!!!

      • @Brad you said Ken was basically. a trashy weirdo retard and he called you on it. I really hope you genuinely find Christ.

        • No, I said that he was going through some weird, angry phase due to his contact with the movement. It wasn’t unlike Gabe covering himself with tattoos and getting in trouble and later coming to regret it. I didn’t write the article to trash Ken, but to wonder why people who get deeply involved in the subculture end up like that

          • Fair enough. Well anyway I hope you make a genuine conversion to Christ, and denounce the movement, pro-White stance, and racism entirely!! It seems like you are super close to coming out, and denouncing it. You are beginning to see the holes in it, but still trying to hold onto being “Pro-White”. It makes no sense to identify with a label when the majority of Whites are the real problem. I’m not gonna identify with that label. You clearly know there are good and bad people of all groups, so why would you label yourself? The movement has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. I still honor my ethnic heritage and culture without being “pro-White and racist”. It’s when you slap the label “White” on that is the mistake. Why not just identify with your particular ethnic culture instead? Think about it. Great men like Nathan Bedford Forest and George Wallace denounced it all when they had a genuine conversion.

          • @Jimbo “the majority of whites are the real problem” is a very racist statement, you walked away from the movement and that’s good. You left nazi or KKK or whatever you were and that’s good. But you cannot spread wokism now: first of all Forrest never apologized, he was proud southerner and had never any regret, he simply understood that after the war times had changed, BUT he never regret his ideas or his past actions, nor his values. Being pro white ethnic or culture is racist?? No. The way you talk i guess you’re on the left political side. No one here is racist, we only want less wokism and a society in which each person and each group can be proud of their heritage; can be free to think and speech wat they want and not follow the woke mass; can choose people that they like and choose people to be with or would prefer to be with.
            Sorry man i respect your thought but it seems too imbued with wokism.

  21. @Marcel, you are wrong and need to read this book. NBF recanted his racist past when he had a genuine conversion to Christianity at the end of his life, as did George Wallace. I’m not into Wokeism I’m very much anti Left still. The only thing changed was I left the movement and racism, Whiteness behind and repented.

    • I read a book about Forrest and i confirm my previous statement, Forrest never regret his past actions, he simply understood that the world has changed after the civil war. He never became a “former of his time” as probably leftists want you believe, or better they not believe this since they have destroyed all his monuments and demonised him. Forrest was an intelligent man that understood the changing of his time (without necessarly agree with that change but he respected the winners of the war) and second he understood that the KKK way of action never worked because it was simply violence and violence always doesn’t work to spread your ideas. This was the last Forrest, but his ideas were the same until the end of his days.

        • Man I give up convincing you about Forrest and about white…. i think only that leftists did a good job with you formers…….They have finally convinced you that white people suck, that they are guilty of the evils of the world and that they are the worst ethnic group. The next step I think will be to convince you that there is no such thing as biological sexuality but that sex is as woke people say only a cultural matter and that we can change it whenever we want.

          This is a book: https://www.amazon.it/That-Devil-Forrest-General-Bedford/dp/1542609968

          • Marcel, I know a few formers and the only ones that I know of who fall for that wokeism BS are the ones who hang out with Arno.

            There are infact only TWO genders and nothing that anyone can do can make you change your chromosomes. A dude can chop his junk off and he will just be a dude with a mutilated genitalia.

            I will say, that after being a former for four plus years, that OD is actually pretty fun to read, especially the comments. My take after reading comments for a few days is that the movement will never be strong or united for many reasons. The main reason I am seeing here is that the movement is full of alphas and they will argue over the most ridiculous and insignificant things. Heathens will always think they are right, Christians will feel the same, SN’s won’t like Nazi’s, Klan and Nazi’s will only get along long enough to attend public rallies to make their numbers appear larger than a half a dozen….etc. I have been around a lot of different members from many different groups. Every group thinks they are the best. I am guilty of this during my time in as well.

            This is another reason I have decided to leave. I need to focus getting my shit together and being the best Christian Man that I can. You can be a former and not be Antifa, woke, gay, commie or any of that other crap. I am no longer a racist or a hateful person, but I will say that I have much more in common with the folks on here than I do with the libtards on MSM. You all have a good night.

  22. Good evening everyone. So I understand if anyone who was or is affiliated with the movement has any animosity towards me. I left because it was the right decision for me and I believe in my heart that is what the Holy Spirit was telling me to do.

    So yes, at times while I was in, I did try to catch the attention of the media, but it was for the purpose of free advertising. When I left, all I did was contact one news station in Jacksonville, simply to apologize to the city for all the BS I had created. Next thing I know, Arno, who I never met in my life, was down in FL with MSNBC in tow.

    I wanted to do a simple exit with no fanfare but it is what it was. I happened to be very good friends with Anthony Karen, who I met at my very first Klan event, and since I saw him at more rallies than most members, I extended an invitation to him. He didn’t have anything to do with all the hype after I left. So if you notice, with the exception of the MSNBC peice, all of the clips are very short.

    I would like to reiterate the fact that I have not taken a single penny from any source over leaving the movement nor have I been forced to endorse any liberal garbage. I do not stand with BLM, Atifa or any other communist faction and I never will. If you watch the entire MSNBC thing, you can see that from the two minutes of footage that they actually used, I did not allow them to blame Trump for A-12. They left out the part where I said that we (when I was in the Klan), sent Obama an honorary membership card to the KKK, and an award for being the number one Kleagle in history. Arno tries to pretend like he had something to do with me leaving, but after discovering that his values align more closely with Antifa, I have cut all ties with him.
    That should be the full version of what I am talking about.
    I have been offered to attend political events and speaking events for hire, but turned everyone of them down. I will not pedal any leftist agenda!!!

    So with all of that being said, if anyone doubts my motives, I encourage you to reach out to me at kenneth-parker2@proton.me

    I don’t want to put my personal or work email out there, and I know some people on here only use proton, so I made this account solely for the purpose answering any questions some of you may have. If I feel that I can trust you, I am even willing to entertain phone calls.

    I hope you all have a good night and feel free to contact me directly.


    Ken Parker

    • Parker, to me it’s enough that you have still your values and that you don’t support violent leftist now. I fully respect you and i think you’re loyal and smart. Once time i read a post of Arno Michealis denouncing antifa, but i don’t know Michaelis so it’s all i can say.
      I renew my best wishes to you, friend.

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