Peter Meijer Loses In Michigan

I predicted this.


“Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) slammed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in a CNN interview Wednesday for spending almost half a million dollars on an ad that boosted Republican John Gibbs’ profile in his challenge against incumbent Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.).

Driving the news: Meijer, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump after the Jan. 6 insurrection, lost the GOP nomination in his district to Gibbs on Tuesday night. …”

New York Post:

“Rep. Peter Meijer, who ripped Democrats this week for bankrolling his Trump-backed primary opponent, lost his bid for a second House term to challenger John Gibbs in Michigan’s 3rd District Tuesday.

Meijer, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump over last year’s Capitol riot — and who was targeted for defeat by Trump as a result — conceded early Wednesday with results showing Gibbs ahead by almost 4,000 votes with more than 88% of the expected ballots counted.

“This was a hard-fought primary campaign and I want to thank everyone in west Michigan for their support. … I also want to congratulate my opponent, John Gibbs, on his victory tonight,” Meijer said in a statement, according to the Detroit Free Press. …”

New York Times:

“On the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 attacks at the U.S. Capitol, Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, took to Twitter not just to condemn that day’s violence but also to warn that the dark forces behind it were still very much alive and still a threat to the future of American democracy.

“We know that those who wanted to topple our democracy haven’t given up and they have moved their assault to state capitols and legislatures across the country,” Mr. Cooper wrote. “Governors must help lead the way in standing up for the truth, protecting our democracy and making sure that it’s the vote of the people that decides elections.”

The governor was right to sound the alarm. So it is deeply troubling to see Mr. Cooper and the organization he chairs — the Democratic Governors Association — support and finance a cynical political strategy to support pro-Trump candidates in Republican primaries, on the theory that they would be easier for Democrats to beat in the fall general election. …”

After briefly giving it a rest after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Democrats have cynically droned on all year about 1/6 and “defending democracy” while backing Trumpist candidates in the Republican primaries. Donald Trump has been largely successful in purging the party of the haters and losers who voted to impeach him over January 6. By and large, Republican voters have chosen to punish treachery. There have been no resounding wins even for those who defied Trump and eeked out victories.

Donald Trump will soon announce his 2024 Revenge Tour. If he is elected president again in 2024 (a real possibility given his lead over Biden in the RCP average), he won’t be thwarted this time by Paul Ryan and the True Cons like he was in 2017. There will be considerably more Trumpists in Congress after the next two election cycles. The likes of Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Peter Meijer and Tom Rice will be long gone.

Punished Dump, a man denied his rightful throne who has been treated VERY UNFAIRLY, will be surrounded by sycophants and enablers. There won’t be anymore Rex Tillersons or Gen. John Kellys. There won’t be any illusions about the generals. There won’t be any real agenda except for settling scores and payback nor will there be much in the way of ideological resistance inside the party.

Rep. John Gibbs will be like … yesssuh, Mr. Trump. I will vote the way you want me too, Mr. Trump. It will be quite a change from last time. MAGA is well on its way to becoming the new establishment.

Note: Donald Trump isn’t a racist. He knows a yes man when he sees one.


    • His career experience includes working in conflict analysis and running advisory operations with an NGO.

      Another midwit beta — goes to college to get a credential: a soft, easy liberal arts degree — universities are churning out obsequious statists with these useless degrees by the millions — they get jobs in education, the media, etc, where they fill a slot in some org chart — they aren’t good for anything else.

      • >obsequious statists


        linkDeSantis working towards a world where education credentials don’t matter, the most frightening thing imaginable to Resistance Twitter. Without them, how else will conformists with 105 IQs feel like they’re part of an intellectual elite?

        People like Meijir, mediocre NPC types who seek acceptance and perceived status through conformity, and then imagine they are something special, are a danger to freedom — everyone saw this during the COVID panic.

    • I assume he’s part of the Meijer dynasty that owns the Meijer box store chain, a Walmart clone in the Great Lakes region (with a better produce department.)

  1. “Donald Trump will soon announce his 2024 Revenge Tour.”

    Great, just what we need, another Dump term.

      • He wouldn’t stop the rioting, looting, attacks, and destruction by BLM/Antifa. People lost their businesses, looters walked off with expensive things, and there was arson too.
        Suddenly, Trump is powerful now. Allegedly he is going to sue Hillary Clinton, after all of the threats to put her in jail.

        You know, all of this is like a theater play. Both sides have a role. It’s like they moved Trump aside, put Biden in, so people would get so sick of Biden, they’d be begging Trump to come back.

        You watch, if Trump gets in, he will give “Dreamers” millions more dollars. Meanwhile, working class Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

        And I heard on the radio that Biden is going to raise taxes, so he can fight “climate change”. Soon, most of us will be in the 40% bracket. Actually, he needs more money to for housing, food, and free medicine for illegals. They are probably spending millions a day on them.

        • >He wouldn’t stop the rioting, looting, attacks, and destruction by BLM/Antifa.

          That’s actually one instance where I think Trump made the correct decision.

          Fun fact: governors have full command over National Guard troops stationed in their states — so any governor in any state with cities experiencing BLM rioting could have, at any time, ordered the NG to go in and suppress the violence — just like any mayor of an affected city could have asked the state’s governor for NG troops to help local police suppress the violence.

          The fact none of that happened is the fault of the mayors and governors, not Trump.

          Imagine the outcry if Trump, against the expressed wishes of state and local politicians, had unilaterally ordered NG troops into cities experiencing BLM violence, and then ‘rioters of color’ died — he would have been impeached again.

          Trump should have called a special news conference to 1) make the above perfectly clear, so everyone knew who was responsible for allowing the unrest to continue, and 2) he was ready to grant requests for additional federal assistance — but he was too stupid to do that.

  2. That’s a shame. In a perfect world someone like Meijer would have been a great leader that would look after the interests of White Prople because he. unlike the growing nonwhite political bloc, is a true White person one akin to those White politicians back when White interests was of the highest priority.

    Meijer and the rest of his White racial kinfolk have every reason to push back against the nonwhite bloc because the genetic integrity of Whites, which are anatomically and therefore truly different race compared to Nonwhites who are all genetically the same as explained by this work in race.

    If more Whites like Meijer where to build a political bloc around this fact of true White difference; then Whites will finally have a chance to save their cultural and racial heritage and identity.

      • That would be … never. This goes back to an important point made chiefly by HW against the whole ‘white nationalist’ tick some posters here exhibit. Whites like Meijer are never going to do anything but sell you out and throw your sorry ass beneath Schlomo’s Church of Woke bus with Pope Nosferatu at the wheel. This divide between white shitlibs and other whites is chiefly rooted in class, or ‘status’. As author of the novel The Great Gatsby noted a century ago during the twilight of the white elite in the US:

        “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different.”

        With wealthy whites now, this attitude is several orders worse than in Fitzgerald’s time (a century ago). The usury-machine now controls nearly all wealth in the west. There are very, very few wealthy whites who have either made a fortune independently of the Jews or come from old money (old money diminishes over time. The once great Vanderbilt fortune is now split up among hundreds of heirs). If they want to keep their high status they need to ask “how high?” every time Schlomo Bankstein says “jump goy!”.

        The many PMC wannabes look at folks like Meijer and continually ask how high in their crush to fellate Schlomo at every opportunity without having to ask the question. That’s how you get ahead in Murika, and that’s one of many reasons Murika has to die. White shitlibs are literally several orders more evil and treasonous than Vikdun Quisling, who was executed for the crime by the Norwegians. Quisling probably acted more out of fear and wanting to spare death and destruction at the hands of the SS et al than out of any hatred for his people.

  3. “Mr. Cooper wrote. “Governors must help lead the way in standing up for the truth, protecting our democracy and making sure that it’s the vote of the people that decides elections.”

    On election night of 2016, Durham County polls shut down around 7, due to some technical problem.

    When they reopened after midnight, the votes suddenly appeared that gave Mr. Cooper a slight win against our Republican Governor, Pat McCrory.

    McCrory, a very nice man, who did not have the stomach for campaigning against Cooper as he should have, also did not have what it took to get to the bottom of how he had been cheated.

    He merely opted for his legal due – a thorough manual recount.

    Recounts, however, do nothing more than reduplicate false votes, as we saw in the 2020 presidential contest, that election one which will never be properly investigated because the efforts to do so were successfully stonewalled, until enough records could be washt.

    A few years later, Governor Cooper took advantage of a BLM lynchmob, called off the Raleigh police, and then, against our monument law, allowed the mob to destroy out greatest Confederate monument on the capital lawn.

    The next day Governor Cooper had the monument pedestal removed, this in the name of ‘public safety’, or so he said.

    In light of this, I do not see that our current governor has any qualifications to make the above statement.

    Millions of Tarheels feel the same, and look forward to our current Lieutenant governor, a very very conservative Negro – by the name of Mark Robinson – taking over the governor’s mansion and beginning a whole host of actions with our Far-Right very White rural dominated legislature that will make our leftist cities howl.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if Lt. Governor Robinson, by then the governor, will see the emigration of at least several hundred thousand Leftists from our state.

    If many White Southerners no longer comprehend what our views, culture, and laws are, nor feel the desire to defend them, be assured that Lt. Governor Mark Robinson does and will, and he will have the full backing the smalltown and rural Tarheels behind him behind him.

    We elected him to the position of Lieutenant Governor with this very mission in mind.

    The Jew England Yankee Empire and the Leftist Scalawags of our state want the Tarheel Negro to be elevated.

    We have one, just the right one, and we will give them just that – a 2nd Reconstruction Era Negro Governor, though not in blue, but, in grey, as wore untold numbers of Lt. Governor Robinsons Southern forefathers…….

    • I had a feeling that when you came back you would be selling the retarded Black Confederate myth. Read your fellow ethnic Kevin Levin’s book about Black Confederates. He does a good job debunking a myth that shouldn’t need debunking because it’s so dumb to begin with.

      • @Durham…

        If you regard Black Confederates as a ‘myth’, you do not have company with Frederick Douglas, he who constantly pestered Lincoln to issue the emancipation so as to attempt to tear away the very significant support the Southern government was receiving from tens of thousands of Black Freedmen.

        Reality cannot help the fact that it interferes with what you wish to see.

        • I and the OC were referring to the myth that blacks were in the CSA as frontline soldiers, like the USCT. They were not. He said they wore the grey. They didn’t.

  4. Is this post sarcasm? I honestly can’t tell because you spent the whole Trump presidency saying you wish the Democrats had won

    • Descriptive.

      Trump is purging his enemies inside the party. He will have a much friendlier Congress to work with in 2025. I didn’t say it would be a good idea to vote for him or that he wouldn’t be crippled by many of the same problems as last time

  5. I have delivered to Meijers plenty of times, and know a lot about that family from talking to the employees. It is no secret that the Meijer family is Jewish.

    • LOL. The Meijer’s are about as Jewish as Paddy’s pig. Of course the way the Paddy’s vote in Congress you would never know it.

  6. Another midwit beta — goes to college to get a credential: a soft, easy liberal arts degree — universities are churning out obsequious statists with these useless degrees by the millions — they get jobs in education, the media, etc, where they fill a slot in some org chart — they aren’t good for anything else.

    Midwit trust-fund brat. Columbia is an infamous nest of Wokedom and indeed the place where the roots of the Church of Woke were established with (((Herbert Marcuse))) and the rest of the (((Frankfurt Schul))). Indeed such people are literally good for nothing, except perhaps for fertilizer or hog slop.

    The founder of the chain, his grandfather Hendrik Meijer, was an anarchist and a socialist who “did not affiliate with organized religion” and married fellow anarchist-socialist (Gezina Mantel) from Netherlands after she joined him in Michigan. They married in Grand Haven on November 11, 1912, to commemorate the date anarchists were executed following the Haymarket affair. Meijer was part of a group called “Modern Sons of Marx” who met on Sundays instead of going to the Dutch Reformed Church when in Holland, Michigan. Given the hostility evident towards Christianity, even from the supermarket itself the behavior exhibited could be indicative of Dutch crypto-jews, or working class socialists who got rich and dropped the populism on the way.

    As can be seen from the WP article, the family was always leftoid. Thus Peter Meijer, whose record in congress was thoroughly Recucklickin’ – is just another tiresome infidel from a family of infidels.

  7. Meijer…I believe that’s a Norwegian-Finnish name….only other time I have seen that name is in Special Functions theory… very important for doing integrals and solving differential equations….

    • >I believe that’s a Norwegian-Finnish name

      Netherlands — per a comment above (‘Midwit trust-fund brat’), he’s a scion of the Meijir family (link) — Meijir is a large private operator of ‘supercenter’ retail stores, ala Wal-Mart — link

      His financial disclosures list more than $50 million in assets, primarily from a Meijer family trust.

      He can afford to fuck around and play politics as a hobby.

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