Blake Masters Wins U.S. Senate Nomination

Blake Masters, the former chief operating officer of Thiel Capital and the president of the Thiel Foundation, won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona last night.

From what I have seen of him, I don’t have much to complain about. He would be a vast improvement over the likes of Jon Kyl and John McCain and Jeff Flake who normally represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate and push for amnesty. He will probably vote like Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene which is the right way most of the time. As with J.D. Vance, I would rather have Blake Masters in there than people like John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham whose politics aren’t anywhere near as close to mine.

At this point, I don’t even care that he works for Peter Thiel because the biggest obstacle to our politics are that diminishing bloc of elderly conservative politicians in the Republican Senate led by McConnell who went all in on backing the war in the Ukraine. They repeatedly throttled the Trump presidency on all sorts of issues whether it was the withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan or immigration.

If you want to be involved in mainstream politics, I think your top priority should be the Senate races because that is where the real power is at these days as we have seen with Sinema and Manchin. The president’s agenda passes the House and then it lives or dies in the Senate.

UPDATE: Blake Masters is getting high praise from Sam Adler-Bell of the Know Your Enemy podcast.

New York Times:

“In his victory speech in Chandler, Ariz., on Tuesday night, Mr. Masters — who was endorsed by Donald Trump in June — echoed the themes of his campaign: America is in trouble, riddled with crime and disorder; illegal immigration is an invasion; Big Tech is censoring conservatives and colonizing young people’s minds, while globalist corporations outsource jobs and make American life all but unlivable for middle-class families. In his speech, Mr. Masters attacked “a small minority of hard-core Democratic Party activists” who, he said, “control newspapers and television and schools and universities — and you better believe they control Big Tech, too,” framing the race as a battle against “the cartels,” “giant global corporations” and “a system that’s actively trying to destroy families.” …

To close followers of conservative politics, this message may sound familiar. Mr. Masters is unmistakably a figure of the New Right: militant, internet-savvy culture warriors who position themselves as insurgent challengers of the sclerotic establishment in both parties. No longer doctrinaire libertarians, they see coercive state power as an indispensable tool for achieving conservative ends: mandating patriotic curriculums in schools, supporting the formation of “native-born” families, banning abortion and pornography, and turning back the rights revolution for L.G.B.T.Q. Americans.

“If you’re not using any political power to shore up a good society that follows the rule of law,” Mr. Masters warned recently, “you’ll get rolled.” Locked in civilizational battle with the radical left — the “enemy of true progress, the enemy of everything that is good” — conservatives who insist on libertarian orthodoxy are, for Mr. Masters, like pacifists in wartime: “You can recite an eloquent poem about pacifism right before they line you up against the wall and shoot you.” …”

All of this is true.

I see nothing to disagree with. It is the conventional wisdom these days.


  1. Will this Blake Masters realize that Whites interests deserve to be acknowledged and implemented by government because of the anatomical differences that set Whites apart from other people making them a special group among many as explained here.

    Nah he probably won’t because White people apparently are considered evil for opposing illegal immigration & protecting their communities from Hispanics who constantly cross the border into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the name of Hispanic conquest over the Gringos.

    • One of the principal points of his campain has been opposition to illegal immigration. As for his ability to acknowledge race directly, he has in no uncertain terms singled out blacks as the principal cause of violent crime. He has a white wife and several white children.

      Its possible he will mellow his apparent stance for the general, its possible he’s just a bold faced liar, and its possible he’ll turn around as soon as he gets a seat, but for now, he’s certainly talking the right talk.

      • Yeah they all say they’ll “vote for a wall”, but nothing changes. There’s far too many who have gotten in, in the past years. I hope he does what he says.

        • I never hear any of them say a word about legal immigration, the way most of them got here. Apparently, they’re okay with destroying our race as long as it’s done “legally”.

          • Yep, “legal vs illegal” is the MAGA thing. They think millions and millions coming in, to live off of us, is fine, if they do it “legally”.

            Most of us don’t want one massive nonwhite group coming in at all. They aren’t our race or our culture, and they don’t like us.

            I don’t know how it’s being paid for, since so much money is spent on them. They don’t pay a dime for Medicaid or even Medicare. The old ones coming in get on SS too, and don’t pay a dime, nor did they pay into it.

            Biden wants to raise our taxes.

  2. Closeted right wing Irish homos, like Terry Dolan, are the ones responsible for the legalization of gay marriage and the defeat of the Briggs initiative AND AND are going to be the ones for the big push for legalized child rape. Don’t be a pedophobe, nobody likes a pedophobe. you vile, morally repugnant pedophobe…… We have heard it all before.

    Two senators in a closely divided senate would give the homo Thiel, Manchin like powers.

    Why did Thiel spend 10 million dollars to spite someone for telling the truth about his homosexuality? Alright you are a homo, so what? He had big plans that is why, and those plans were political and demanded his life style remain a secret……in order to deceive you and me and get something done by tricking us. What does he want done? Why did lapsed Lutheran Greg Johnson go to Catholic University??

    to diddle young boys?

    • From today’s Dublin Times:


      “Robert F. Browning, a flamboyant American homosexual tourist, was arrested and detained by Garda officers after attempting to grope local construction workers while wearing nothing but underpants imprinted with the face of Pope Francis…”

      • @Mainz Mothmann—–why, why do the Irish gravitate to positions of authority, be they straight of homosexual, to serve their own interests and the interests of their own kind or to serve the interests of the common good? Judging by your comments, and the flack I get for telling the truth about the Irish, you and the Irish generally care more about your own than the truth, or about what is best for the rest of us. It is obvious to me. And if there is a large section of the Irish that are homos why wouldn’t their own do all they could to help them have a better time in life? You do not really care about the South or Southerners, or whites or Christ, can you be honest for once in your life and tell me so Mick?

        Nothing wrong with getting slammed in the can either, if that is your thing. I have a problem with deceit. Those who say something that is not true to gain an advantage in some way and to manipulate the system for their own benefit. Dolan was a Irish faggot who died of AIDS. And he never admitted to it not even on his death bed. Does Sean Hannity still play country music on his radio program on Fridays? Hannity is the same thing as that Irish faggot Dolan, a deceiver, and deceit is of Irish blood. Is that your real name Mainz? Do you want to be trusted Mick, learn to tell the truth.

  3. I wrote at the start of this year that the real acid tests to whether the Republican Party body politic and electorate in the United States was truly in the process of changing or nah were going to be Vance and Neil Kumar. I should have also added Masters.

    Masters and Vance had/have something that Kumar did not, which is, Peter Thiel’s money. Then again, Peter Thiel isn’t playing with house money, so he’s not going to burn money. Kumar was up against an entrenched incumbent funded by Walmart. The other two were not facing incumbents, at least in their primaries. And in Vance’s case, not in November, either.

  4. @Frederick

    “Will this Blake Masters realize that Whites interests deserve to be acknowledged and implemented by government?”

    It does not matter whether he does this or not.

    The key point is that he, Mr. Masters, is on the cusp of promoting what is in White Interest and will add his voice to Congress ladies Boebert and Green.

    We cannot turn back a 75 year clock in one great leap or, even, 5 years.

    We can, however, be grateful and optimistic see what a radical change in rhetoric the candidates of 2022 have, when compared with those of 2018.

    Physical reality follows spiritual reality, and rhetoric is the transitional medium between the twain.

    If it was not, The Jew England Yankee World Order would not have spent most of the last century redesigning how White Gentiles talk, because talk produces think.

    After decades of no change, suddenly there is a cataclysmic change occurring which, for a change, the JewsMedia is neither covering up nor lying about.

    They, like a snake concerned for it’s fate, are coiled and striking before it’s too late.

    It is, however, too late.

    Whites will not be made permanent second class citizens in the nation that we built from scratch.

    No, we are not ‘immigrants’, as an immigrant is someone who leaves his country and then applies for permission to enter a prestablisht country.

    WE, EUROPEAN AMERICANS, ARE THE NATIVES, and we will not continue to be mockt and dislacet.

    The clock will not be turned back to the Jew-England Yankee World Order heyday of 2008, and, no, we will not continue to rubberstamp New England Yankeedom’s ascaetick mania : placing at the behest of The Jewish World Order the country that is ours.

  5. Trump endorsed Kari Lake won, for GOP Governor candidate for Arizona. Horrible, she’s been pro-immigration and pro-amnesty. The other candidate Karin Robson, was a better choice. She was against immigration and was endorsed by the border guards and police, and Mike Pence, LOL. But she was the better choice.

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