Slate: Christian Nationalism Used To Be Taboo. Now It Is All The Rage

I’m not bothered by “Christian nationalism” or “White Christian nationalism.”

If I were to take one of these tests that sociologists are using to define these terms, I would probably score in the 99th percentile. I have always been pro-White, but that isn’t the sum of my identity.

There are millions of White people who are worthless cultural degenerates and a major theme of this website has always been covering and resisting all of the various manifestations of our cultural decline. I look at White people who have been infected and twisted by liberalism, modernism and antiracism as being like carriers of the Bubonic Plague. Some of them are irredeemable while others can come back from the abyss. There has always been a moral, cultural and spiritual side of our struggle.

We love our own people. We’re not indifferent to losing them to the black hole at the center of liberal “mainstream” culture. This is one of the most powerful drivers of our engagement in politics. We’ve seen people we love and charming places we love transformed by our cultural elites in ways that have made them alien to us. It is not just racial decline. It is also moral and cultural decline in which people remain biologically White, but a shell of themselves. The “trans” craze which is being peddled to children who are encouraged to mutilate their genitals is the most spectacular example of the phenomena.

I think here of the polite, gentle, friendly, easy going, good natured culture of the South which is so bound up with our evangelical Protestant form of Christianity. There are parts of the South which are geographically Southern like Charlottesville, but which have ceased to be Southern. We can’t love those places like we used to. They have been changed in a negative way. It is not progress. It is creeping decadence and decline. We’re all seeing it and reacting against the same problem although how we articulate and understand the cause of this varies.

White Nationalists would say these people have had their minds poisoned and degraded by Jewish networks which dominate the news media, entertainment industry and academia. There is a lot of truth to this. Those people and institutions are indeed the core of the problem. Add the qualifiers of atheist, liberal, modernist, antiracist, urban and cosmopolitan and you can get even more specific about who is dumping the toxic waste into our culture from their perches in big cities and college towns.


“A year ago, calling someone a Christian nationalist was an insult.

The phrase was in the air after Jan. 6 rioters had come to the Capitol wielding Christian iconography and speaking of their cause as a religious crusade. Crosses and bibles and banners citing scripture were held aloft by a crowd calling to hang Mike Pence and overthrow a democratic election.

In the aftermath, as many horrified Republicans scrambled to condemn the violence, evangelical pastors decried “Christian nationalism” as deeply dangerous—especially in response to experts and reporters who noted that support for Trumpian extremism had become “inextricable from some parts of white evangelical power in America.”

Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, called Christian nationalism “idolatrous” and pushed back on the idea that evangelical Christianity was linked to what had happened at the Capitol.

“Nationalism is always a clear and present danger,” he wrote a week after the insurrection. But linking it to “American evangelical Christianity,” he said, was an unfair “accusation.”

By this summer, Mohler had updated his thinking.

Speaking on his podcast on June 15, the theologian said: “We have the left routinely speaking of me and of others as Christian nationalists, as if we’re supposed to be running from that.” He added: “I’m not about to run from that.” …

It also includes violent extremists willing to tear down democratic processes to bring about their vision of a white Christian nation. And while the vast majority of people who could be categorized as Christian nationalists fall into the first two camps, experts worry that the idea of a self-identified label could bring different kinds of Christian nationalists more closely together. …

Right now, there’s some debate as to whether “Christo-fascism” more accurately describes the danger posed by this increasingly emboldened segment of the Christian right—or if, conversely, it lets self-identifying Christian nationalists (and other evangelical Christians) off the hook for tacitly supporting extremism. …”

IMO, “Christofascism” can’t come soon enough.

White identity must be defended. Christianity must be defended. Republicanism must be defended. I see myself as being at the intersection of the defense of all three. I want to live under a free government among my own people bounded by our traditional Christian culture.

It is now “radical” to say this. I am an enthusiastic defender and champion of the authority and legitimacy of the White Christian social order against the corrosive acid of modern social liberalism.

Note: What do you call this demon that is so clearly possessing these people? They are still White, but they are like zombies with broken, troubled souls.


  1. The first one is particularly horrific because she was very attractive and gets no benefit out of it? Usually attractive girls don’t do that? Are some of these actresses taking a role as a punk or something?

    • No, liberalism is genetic mental defect. This creature was born like that. Before, relative normality hold back expression of this creature disease.

      Psychical problems are very similar to physical problems. Diseases go worse under pressure. Lot of guys discover only in the army that they have something pre born problems. Normally people don’t run 30 kilometers with 30 kilogram backpack, so they do not know about their small hearth arteries or weak knees or other problems what come out only under extreme pressure so doctors can not discover them in advance.

      Trump is wiser than most of us. His trolling was for sick brains like 30 kilogram backpack is for weak knees. Trump with other trolls hit them were they hurt most. Like any other weapon of war, friendly fire occurred. Endless flipflopping and stress drove some of his supporters also mad. But our side stress is the price to drive enemy mad and expose its madness. In the army, sometimes death of recce platoon is also price of exposing enemy defense system.

      Additional gain is that such people now controlling enemy so Jews and communists can not back to normal anymore. They are taken hostages. For example they could save economy by rolling back all Green shit. But they cant, their own empowered brats will rip them apart. In the Europe, the same. With decisive action, it is possible to relaunch some science based energy so we could survive the winter. But brats do not let emergency rescue and because of that winter of hell is ahead.

  2. Coming up in Metairie:

    >shrinking the narrative gap

    >two days of intense interaction around topics we can’t not talk about anymore

    >Dialogue will flow around topics like Deconstruction, After Evangelicalism, Colonialism, the rise of Christian Nationalism, Biblicism, Racism in the Church, LGBTQ+ inclusion and Climate Change.

    • Can’t resist sharing one more traditional (as opposed to woke or social-liberalism-corrupted) White-girl song:

      A traditional rural-cultural White girl evidently wants a husband and traditional family. She plans to use the farm tractor to destroy the neighbor’s farm where her rival for her old boyfriend lives, and bring him back. English translation: “I will set off in a tractor, I will fetch him myself (…) Why did you, milkmaid, take someone else’s lad? I am a girl with character. I do not like rivals. I will go and wreck the whole farm with the tractor.”

  3. Excellent work from the host, who imo, is the voice of our people, I can think of no one else, who speaks as straight, plain and honest, as anyone, who articulates our message, as it should be, the voice of our republic……

    • Hear, Hear!

      Let’s hope for Secession from the Left 2025. At the end of the day we cannot live with these people any longer, but Christian Nationalism is still subordinate to the worldly Take Back America and doesn’t have the faith or courage needed to separate. The Left has true faith.

  4. I believe all Whites can be saved from the depths of Liberalism. The moral and cultural decay of White Prople has to do with a single lie. One is that morality is objective and has only one right path. This is not true because morality is based on what is beneficial or harmful to an individual or a group and in a finite world like ours whatever benefits a person or group tends to harm other people of groups hence why all the wars and hate that the Liberals dread occurred and it is the reason why Whites were aggressive towards nonwhites throughout history.

    But Whites have been made to feel guilty about their ancestors defending their interests by making Whites emotionally and mentally identify with Nonwhites which makes Whites hate their race znd culture resulting in high individualism which turns respectable Whites into degenerates.

    so if we can get Whites to positively identify with their race again and expose the lies of moral objectively that the Jews insist are real; then a new resurgence of White Nstionslidm and Pride will come sbout which will expel all that seeks to destroy Whites.

    That new White identity fortunately does exist and that is that White are anatomically different from Nonwhites which makes them racially exceptional and they should therefore protect this speciality ftom Nonwhites, who are genetically dominant. By avoiding race mixing and creating separate communities away from Nonwhites without backlash.

    The evidence for White biological difference is presented here.

    Whites are simply misguided individuals who has a hidden enemies everywhere that act like they have their best interests in mind but it is up to us to show them the truth and save them before they ruin their mental and physicsl health for the benefit of Nonwhites & Antiwhites.

  5. “Christian Nationalism Used To Be Taboo”

    When was that? I can’t recall it ever being taboo. “Christian nationalism” has been a perennial feature of the Republican coalition. We had “Christian nationalist” Sarah Palin running with John McCain not even that long ago, and her family treated as minor celebrities in mainstream media. We had dollar store Sarah Palin knockoff, Michele Bachmann. We have “Christian nationalist” Ted Cruz and “Christian nationalist” Ben Carson. I can’t think of a Republican presidential primary without at least one “Christian nationalist” running.

    • Re: “Christian nationalism has been a perennial feature of the Republican coalition. We had “Christian nationalist” Sarah Palin (…) We had dollar store Sarah Palin knockoff, Michele Bachmann. We have “Christian nationalist” Ted Cruz and “Christian nationalist” Ben Carson….”

      Exactly. I agree that “CN” is old hat. Conservatism including right populism will never be found walking on NEW ground (and for that matter, the fake “left” side of the system/coin never does anything really new either). I remember evangelicals becoming very excited about and some even actively campaigning (yes even in church) for each of the Christian nationalists that you mentioned. Rafael Cruz, the so-called “white horse of Revelation,” who is not a natural born citizen and perhaps not even a citizen almost became the GOP nominee, and therefore, almost became President, thanks to very strong evangelical support.

  6. I think I understand how Sauron corrupted some elves into becoming orcs. Thats quite a set of disturbing pictures you displayed. It’s heartbreaking to see lovely young ladies bent and warped like these. It’s satanic

    • >Thats quite a set of disturbing pictures you displayed.

      He forgot about Moldylocks, although he posted about her previously — link

  7. All this stuff coming from the media is meant to energize the white, left wing, ‘SJW’ ‘PMC’ base of the Democratic party for the midterms. The Pussyhat crowd.

    They can’t run on the economy, they can’t run on Trump anymore, Jan 6 is a bust worse than Russiagate, so scare the white shitlibs with Handmaiden’s tale and Mike Pence electrocuting gays, etc., etc.

    After the BLM riots, screaming ‘white supremacist racist’ isn’t working anymore.

    Of course neither the GOP nor the Dems want anyone to mention mass immigration and the current invasion over the border.

    But enough of the GOP base isn’t paying attention to the ‘mainstream’ media. So this ‘Christofascist’ nonsense is only an issue to the most radical part of the Dem base, and the fashtards.

    No one else is paying attention. It is not a real issue.

    • I more or less agree.

      I enjoy mocking these people though. I like to roll my eyes, troll them, feed into the fantasy and paranoia. This “Christofascism” stuff has captured their imaginations. They are lashing out at Christians and that will alienate them and push them in our direction

  8. Christian Nationalism is just a fresh paint of coat the Left has put over the old Reaganite Religious Right.

    The vast majority still have the same beliefs but the Far Left has gone bonkers and moved really far far Left with them gays & trans & CRT

    At my old job working a liberal university I would get emails about alleged ‘White privelge’ and then leave and see like half a dozen homeless White guys outside in the sides of the road. Where is their privilege. The Lefts wacky ideas demonstrably do not accord with reality.

  9. Jesus loves the little children/All the children of the world
    Red and yellow, black and white/They are precious in his sight
    Jesus loves all the children of the world

    • Those pictures are a prime example of what happens when Whites stop paying attention to what their children were are being taught. And what their government is doing. And what their Companies are doing. Basically, Whites have been AWOL for years, and it shows. History will not be kind.

  10. I’m not bothered by “Christian nationalism” or “White Christian nationalism.”

    If it upsets and causes distress to those freaks on the left either do I.

  11. Those young girls are going to grow out of that and when they do they are going to ask themselves what made them do that. Each successive generation comes to hate the Jews more and more. It is the natural course of events.

  12. Those nose rings have to go. They’ve become mainstream now. They aren’t a good look. Neither are tattoos or navel rings. That kind of body modification is from third world savages.

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