Mehdi Hasan: Conservatives Embrace “Fascism” At CPAC

Don’t laugh.

There is a grain of truth to this.

It is why I am featuring the tongue-in-cheek Homelander banner on the site.

Over the past three years, millions of White conservative normies have become so radicalized that there isn’t much difference anymore between them and us in rhetoric and issue polling. You don’t have to wall yourself off from mainstream society inside a weird subcultural ghetto anymore. The number of radicals outside of the ghetto in the “mainstream” is exploding.


  1. PS Because I don’t have cable TV, I’ve seen this fellow Hasan only online, in clips like this one, but I have to say it’s a bit amusing to watch him get all worked up about this. I’d guess the (((persons))) who are signing his paycheck are just saying, “Yeah, yeah—fascism. Seen it a thousand times. We’ll survive.”

    • Mehdi Raza Hasan is a British-American political journalist, broadcaster and author of Indian descent.

      How many people named Smith or Jones are on TV in India trashing that country’s native stock? — Jews who control the media put these mouthpieces on, I think in part in an attempt to humiliate us — but ultimately it’s Whites who are debauched and stupid enough to allow it.

      • This Hasan character and his friend, Fareed Zakaria, who looks like a piece of old beef jerky, need to go back to India Right Now. There are too many wogs in the country, we don’t need them lecturing us on anything.

  2. Interesting to see what I’ve been saying for years finally start showing up in alternative media.

    Parallel institutions must be built now, States are going to have to form regional coalitions for mutual support as many states don’t have everything they need to be self sufficient quite yet.

    This should be the goal. Not a coup at the national level where we get some boomer emperor elected to do the impossible of reforming washington.

    • A very insightful post. I’ve long thought the same thing. Look at a map and most of the territory is red. Just like in 1861, the Confederacy was larger than the northern states, which were clustered in New England, north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River. Yet this comparatively small region conquered the geographically larger area of the Southern states.
      The main thing a society needs to survive is energy. You can have modern farms without oil and you can’t have modern civilization without electricity. No more plows pulled by mules and horses. No going back to that.

      Texas, Lousiana and Oklahoma make a good prospective country. Access to the Atlantic Ocean, lots of oil and oil refining capacity as well as relatively mild climate and agriculture.

      Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas and all the midwestern states going north to the Canadian border are possible members of this coalition. Florida of course would be great. Alabama would be a natural member of this new coalition and Tennessee and possibly Kentucky. Dont’ know about Georgia and the Carolinas and Virginia.

      Actually I think there might be some re-alignment that would transcend state boundaries and involve red counties joining across state lines. This is true in Oregon, Eastern WAshington, Northern California and Idaho.

      Seattle and Portland are bad news, but are dependent for their existence on surrounding areas which could cut off their lines of communication and transport.

      Metropolitan So. California is extremely vulnerable. It imports all its water and food and it’s main export is pornography and crackpot ideas. Of course it’s a port of entry for slave labor goods from China, proceeds from the sale of which are used to fund the Chinese war machine that is now threatening us with WW3.

      I could go on and on. But the idea of regional coalitions is spot on. We need to give more thought to this kind of thing.

    • >Parallel institutions

      Every state already has ‘parallel institutions’ — at this point, it ought to be clear that the anti-federalists were right — so any ‘parallel institutions’ at (any newly constituted) federal level must be kept to a bare minimum — otherwise in time the same calamity will repeat itself.

  3. Fascism is anything populist progressives deems reactionary.
    Since the progressive hegemony have won for so long, it’s earlier progressive policies that is causing today’s problems. Solving problems caused by progressivism, is not more progressivism as we are experiencing, so the plebs start to look for reactionary solutions, and that is just pure fascism.

    • Well said. Racism is anything blacks say it is. Anti-semitism is anything Jews say it is. Fascism is anything liberals say it is. “Recession” used to be two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Now it’s something else. You can’t talk with these people.

    • “the plebs start to look for reactionary solutions, and that is just pure fascism”:

      Would you call peasants’ revolts against feudalism and capitalism fascist movements? I would say the opposite.,_Thieving_Hordes_of_Peasants

      “Propriety and single interest divides the people of a land and the whole world into parties and is the cause of all wars and bloodshed and contention everywhere” – Gerrard Winstanley

  4. George Bush was a fascist. Mitt Romney was a fascist. Ronald Reagan was Literally Hitler. Also Obama was Hitler. Trump was Hitler x100!

    In the future everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.

    • @Banned Hipster:

      Just when I thought I got over your awesome wit, you reel me back in and my cyber crush is on again.

      P.S. Have the decency to issue spew alerts in the future, Buddy. I was chugging a soda when I read your prediction, LOL.

  5. This is just an alarmist being hypersensitive towards even the slightest instances of seemingly widespread “fascist” ideals.

  6. Problem is, is that “conservatives” are all christians zionist and are being shepherded as sheep into treason and the global communist monarchy from Jerusalem… from the Babylonian’s book of dialectics: Acts 7:48; 2 Thess 2:11

  7. Fascism is state corporatism, right, moderate, and fake “left” capitalist plutocratic oligarchism, generally with a “patriotic” or “nationalist” face, but really of, by and for the elites and their cohorts the upper middle class, and condoned by the petty bourgeoisie who hope to gain something too. Thus, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez are just as much fascists as Lady Lindsey Graham and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. Of course Orban is fascist, no doubt about it! So are Bojo and Macron. So is the “left” Green Party of Germany, flagrantly fascist! The list of fascist political leaders of the U.S. and its satellites goes on and on, is almost endless. Fascism is, simply: capitalist politics and capitalist government. Capitalism (aka fascism) has dominated the world for several centuries but cannot continue indefinitely if life on earth is to survive. Fake “progressivism” is also conservative because it supports the same system. Voters get to choose between right, moderate and fake “left” fascists, in capitalist (s)elections.

    • Welcome to the club, MR1831. You have finally seen the light. The merger of the commercial and authoritative apparatuses in light of their mutual material interests, using the communications and coercive apparatuses to channel thought and deed among the remaining citizens, is the name of the game. In all jurisdictions, at all times, among all paradigms for living.

      Now just acknowledge that your “socialist” brethren operate the same way and we will have a comprehensive view of the facts of life: government as an extraction racket, used by both the officials in their authoritative positions and those who have legal authority over wealth producing assets to get and stay rich, without facing competition. See, not so hard, is it?

  8. When Mehdi Hasan speaks of Orban’s minister for ‘diversity’ Zsuzsana Hegedus, quitting over the Hungarian president’s recent speech in Transylvania, he fails to mention that…

    A. She is an Hungarian Jew – so, she is ultra-sensitive about such matters.

    B. That the two are so close that ‘Viktor’ often drops over unnanouncet at her Budapest apartment for tea and ‘advice’.

    C. That Zsuzsana is a hothead who has already reconciled with Viktor and has unfired herself right back into her former job.

    Also, when Hasan refers to Orban as a ‘far-right authoritarian figure’, he fails to mention that the Hungarian Parliament meets every Monday, where all the minority parties publically rip up all his policies, and, as well, LGBTQ groups hold ‘kiss-ins’, on public squares, even though this nauseates most Hungarians.

    Thus, to say Hasan engages in hyperbole would be the understatement of the year.

    But, yes, of course, he is a supporter of The Jew-England Yankee World Order, and, as such, he wants to encourage Whites to continue to move over for everyone else.

    So, everyone who does not want to move over, immediately, and without a smile on his face, is a ‘Far-Right Authoritarian’.

    Just a few years ago, this kind of ‘report’ uset to be vexing, but, now, as The West is beginning it’s long trek back to it’s Gentile Nationalist roots, is more amusing.

  9. If Hasan is selling his stock in Goebbels, buy it, for it is no stretch to be bullish on the prospects of Goebbels’ stock in the 21st century.

  10. If only.

    A democratic republic can only work (for Whites) in a relatively homogeneous, White dominated culture and Nation.

    Once a people have become thoroughly denigrated and perverted under jewish control, fascism is the only possible way to cultural and National redemption.

    Notwithstanding the last 90 years of endless Jewish propaganda, does any rational White man really think we would not be better off had we adopted a form of Germany’s National Socialism back in the 1930s?

    Frankly, we’d be living in a White paradise.

  11. Fascism is actually a liberation movement of the gentiles from Jewish control/power (democracy/liberalism/conservatism/Communism). That’s why the Jews hate the word & have distorted it since 1945, because its the only historical political system that successfully combated & defeated the Jewish-Communist scum within a nation. They must brainwash the goyim to view Fascism as bad, so the Jews can maintain their politico-economic power over them. It would have conquered them globally, if it wasn’t for millions of brainless white Christians-Communists uniting to vanquish Fascism/Nazism in WWII.

    This egregious misuse of the word fascism among , so called, truth tellers is getting ridiculous.

    Fascism never ever harmed the folk of the nation, Fascism was about the good of the nation and the well being of the folk of the nation, Fascism was about the nation and NOT GLOBALISM.

    Fascism was formed solely to fight against the evil of jewish communism and to protect the folk of the nation against the cultural marxist degeneration.

      • Yes. They throw the term “fascist” around, as they do “Nazi, white supremacist, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist, domestic extremist, far-right, authoritarian, dictator, patriarchal, etc” as a means of stating “a heretic, an enemy, of liberal, globohomo.”

        • All are blunt, amorphous, undefined terms the political and media establishments use to demonize, stigmatize, ostracize etc anyone they don’t like — watch this short clip of Enoch Powell talking to Dick Cavett:

          Enoch Powell on Being Called A Racist | The Dick Cavett Show

          Speaking of being called a racist, he says: ‘It’s one of the modern terms of abuse. And a term of abuse is the more effective the less defined it is.’

          • If anyone watches the video, note the comments — the visible ones at the top mostly compliment Cavett as an interviewer for allowing Powell to speak without interruption — almost no one says that Powell was right, especially about this prediction (approx 4m50s):

            ‘… we now know that unless some drastic change happens, large parts of many of our cities will, by the beginning of the next century, be occupied by a population which has nothing in common with the people of this country.’

            People are still so afraid of the race question — pathetic bunch of faggots.

            Of course if anything Powell understated the problem.

            And the same is now true across the European continent: major cities in many countries of western Europe are now demographically unrecognizable compared to what they were 50 years ago.

            And in the UK, probably tens of not hundreds of thousands of underage white girls have been sexually brutalized by Paki grooming gangs.

    • It is very difficult to even find the true definition of it on the internet anymore. Now it is simply defined as “authoritarian, dictator controlled government”. Fascism is purpose and strength in unity, which of course progressives’ and jews want Whites to have no part of.

      • Only Whites are to be denied that necessary unity, while every other race & pervert faction practices it to our detriment.

  12. I’m so tired of these people. Fascism is when you meld the power of govt and corporations together in order to enforce authoritarianism onto society. The ONLY f-in people I see doing that are from the left. F em all is what I say.

    • Yes, but it’s not the authoritarianism in itself that’s the problem, it’s whose authority that is being enforced.

      You have to transvalue your christian and public propaganda.

      A Government / corporate political arrangement that advocates for and enforces pro White policies is a good thing, in fact, it’s the best form of Government we could ever hope for.

      • I don’t believe in authoritarian forms of govt. It’s antithetical to the founding of America. What I do believe in is having a moral, sane society thats steeped in a belief in God and the ten commandments. Our liberty and freedom comes from no man, but from God. These people currently in charge of our govt completely hate that notion and want us under their transgender homosexual marxist globalist boot.

    • The left are Bolsheviks. That is why that term is not demonized and thrown about willy nilly….because they won and they control the narrative. Fascists opposed them, so that term is the one that gets demonized.

  13. Jonesenstein used to be Hitler. Or maybe he was Goebbels. Now he is bankrupt, and celebrating crisis actors on his show. Not really, but he did take a dive. His early sponsors and handlers were Mossad. So, according to Jonesenstein the “Chinese Communists” control our media.

    Which is perplexing, since when I checked, I didn’t see any Chinese Communist owners, CEO’s, directors and such. 80 to 90% of those people belonged to another tribe, a much smaller tribe. Some commenters here on OD would call them Dutch or Irish, but no, the tribe in question is clearly another.

    Don’t cry for Jonesenstein. There is a lot of solid evidence that Sandy Hoax wss a staged event. But did anyone die there? Probably not. There should be an investigation. Perhaps the Chinese Communists could run it. Until then we don’t know if ZOG murdered anyone there, or how many.

    Maybe you remember, that was the one where the coroner was essentially under arrest, and at the press meeting, when the coroner started to tell the truth, a giant ZOG thug standing behind him shut it down.

    The Goyim Know. It is just no longer legal to say it. That’s the role Jonenstein played for them. He was a good Zogbot till the end.

  14. I’m not anti-Semite means you are not a Christian. Christ was the biggest anti-Jew EVER. Get that through your thick skull Orban.

    • The overwhelming majority of Christians, that would be judeo-Christians, believe that Christ himself was a jew, and on top of it, they believe that the jews are god’s chosen people. And forget about them even having a clue that Christ, as it states clearly in their holy babble, spent his whole life working against the jews. However, all of these judeo-Christians, your fellow Christians, would emphatically deny being anti-semites, so where’s that leave you, SHITBRAIN?

  15. Orban’s continued success is due to the fact that he took over the media. And why not? That is how it is done.

  16. The jews, race traitors & other assorted scum are just infuriated & terrified that they might not be the ones wielding the cudgel of power anymore after gleefully swinging it for most of a century. Their subjugation of the Flyova White Trash was of course their natural right as moral & intellectual superiors and historically inevitable – but it was supposed to last forever, goddammit!

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