1. Sorry to think it, but, most Trump supporters are in denial about what kind of country they live in….

  2. @Brad if we had a National Divorce and got a Southern Confederacy but the people wanted Trump to be the President of that in the beginning and then someone else came along, would you be in favor?

    • @Mr. Confederate Man…

      I would be for Florida’s current governor.

      Though I am grateful to President Trump for doing some things that launched us into this necessary period, he is a Jewified Gentile New York City Slicker.

      Making him Jefferson Davis’s successor would give him carte blanche to turn us into the very thing we had left – a corrupt hegemonic Yankee Empire imitation.


      We need a White Southern politician who understands who we are and has the gonads to put that across.

      • If you don’t mind me asking, what nationality is Turgenev? Haven’t heard a name like that down South.

          • @Methyr…

            Excellent comment of yours.

            I’ve never heard Dostoevsky disparage Turgenev, however, I can see how Fyodor might not like Turgenev’s style, because Turgenev was not in Heavy Metal soul, as was he.

            As to Tolstoy : he ran a lifelong feud with Turgenev, though, curiously, the two corresponded, like an internet blog war, for years – their correspondence having been published.

            In the end, however, they reconciled.

            As to why Tolstoy had issues with Turgenev, I think it comes down to this – Tolstoy was a liberal lunatic, a Gentile Judeo-Bolshevik antifa type, though, admittedly, this is applying modern terms to his life.

            My personal view of this matter is that Turgenev was a novelist, in which he told stories, wherein you could see how people really were.

            Dostoevsky was not a novelist, for his stories are only generated for the purposes of putting forth his philosophical views – propaganda, much as Ayn Rand would later write in things like ‘The Fountainhead’.

            Tolstoy was something in between the twain, his first novel, ‘The Cossacks’, and his masterpiece,’ War and Peace’, true novels, though, later on, he would evolve into something more like Dostoevsky, particularly in his last major effort,’Resurrection’.

            As to reputation and success, Turgenev was the most successful Russian novelist of the 19th century, his novels not only read and prized in Russia, but, indeed, all over the Western World.

            Turgenev lived a lavish lifestyle and his novels afforded him that, even though his plantation managers continually disappointed him and brought him financial challenges.

            That said, the Russian book that had the most effect on me was a Dostoevsky novel, entitled,’ The Devils’.

            That, too, was a warning to the world about communist-revolutionaries, the main character, Stepan Verkhovensky, being someone who would feel right at home in today’s Woke Nihilist Left.

          • Great rundown there, Ivan, re those novelists—or seems great to me, with my very-limited knowledge of the subject. You know I’ve expressed here, at Occidental Dissent, my regard for your knowledge of literature and music. This brief blog comment of yours could serve as an introduction to a semester’s college course on these three writers. Illuminating.

        • There aren’t alot of Ironic Socks south of the mason dixon either. Never the less I am here amongst you.

          There’s about 0% chance thats actually his name because you don’t put your real name in these things…

          • “National Divorce” and “Civil War” Trend On Twitter

            Yeah. A bunch of Yankees wanting to divest themselves of their thirty-four burdensome colonial possessions, while calling Southrons, and others, who want to replace the rule of Massachusetts, with the rule of law; and the authority of New York, with the authority of the Constitution, “traitors,” “rebels” and ” insurrectionists.”

            Bring up secession to people in Minnesota, Ohio, and Rhode Island, and they’ll laugh and say; “Who are we going to secede from, ourselves?” In their minds, they ARE America®. The rest of us are not.

            As far as mainstream politics are concerned, everything in the public view, is about the North, and what the residents of those sixteen states supposedly want, or think, or believe. While quietly catering to the Jews and their interests. Some of which, vaguely, correspond to some of the interests of ostensibly White Northerners, especially their business and political oligarchs.

            As far as “Civil War” goes, it’ll be more appropriate to speak of “Civil Wars,” plural.
            It won’t be a modern iteration of the first “Civil War.” The North is not the same country that it was in 1860. It can no longer wage war on the United States. A capacity it began to lose, soon after 1865.

            Probably, there will be more fighting on the Pacific coast, in parts of the Great Lakes States, and in the Northeast, than in Dixie. That is, in areas where the New England Moral-Political Paradigm predominates over Jeffersonian republicanism.

            At any rate, it has little or nothing to do with Southern Nationalism, or with the Southern People. Dixie is a broad front over which SN can advance, virtually uncontested. Remember the Confederate Summer of 2015, and the steps of the Alabama State Capitol. Or the Texas State Capitol, where The Texas Nationalist Movement successfully counter-protested political activists from Minnesota, and other “Midwestern”(Yankee) States, who were demanding that the Texas Legislature change our laws to suit their tastes and wishes. There is no real opposition to Southern Nationalism. Most Yankee SJWs don’t know that SN exists.

            Essentially, a national divorce will happen when the North and their government in Washington DC, both collapse. But the North has to go first. Illinois and New York State are starting to show signs. Several of the others are hiding it.

            End Reconstruction. End the War.

        • @Steve Denison…

          Zahari is right, as is another fellow below.

          Ivan Turgenev (John Turner, in English) was a Russian, a prominent novelist in the mid 19th century. His works were lauded all over the West.

          I have long used his name because he wrote his last two novels in the 1870s, ‘Virgin Soil’ and ‘Smoke’, trying to warn his fellow Russians and, as well, Westerners (he lived a lot of the year with his opera singer wife in Normandy) about Judeo-Bolshevism, that movement which he often derided as ‘an amalgamation of jealous peasants’.

          ‘The jealous peasant’, Turgenev said over and over, would be a problem going forward.

          In this he was right, and in many other things.

          If you want to explore Turgenev’s writings, his most accessible work was his first major work,’ A Sportsman’s Sketches’.

          That book is actually not a novel, but a collection of short stories about life on an early-mid 19th century Russian plantation, in which he, as a young aristocrat grew up.

          Because the Turgenev plantation was loaded full of slaves (White Russian serfs) it is interesting to see the similarities in life between Victorian Czarist Russia and the antebellum South.

      • Yes but if the Trump brand itself is what they care about, why not have him be the figurehead or whatever similar to a Bush Cheney deal just to pacify the population?

        I think a lot about planning a Confederacy. Especially since I run a show called Southern Secessionist Sanctuary endorsed by League of the South!

      • Dr Michael Hill would serve honorably as the first president of the reinstated CSA, there is no one more deserving and no one more able

        • Yes, if we are talking theory, (a field including those not currently holding high office) then Dr. Hill would be the best choice.

          He’s a great man who has soldiered mightily for the benefit of us all.

    • Remember that Judah Benjamin, Attorney General (and could have become a US Supreme Court justice, twice, with Fillmore and Pierce) and Secretary of War, and Secretary of State, was also the de facto CSA President – and there will surely be another such de facto president as long as the new CSA is built on the same economic system as the United States and the old, original CSA. Elites will rule and the working class will suffer the same as before. East Tennesseean anti-CSA rebel William “Parson” Brownlow said to expect “no more mercy from Benjamin than was shown by his illustrious predecessors towards Jesus Christ.” The de facto president was cheerfully composing silly songs and saying “fight on,” when Richmond was being evacuated, and told Davis he was separating to get foreign help, when he had no intention of ever coming back. The South seems to lack a socialist tradition and class consciousness, so the vast majority of you are bound to be oppressed by the rich.

      But “now the time is come, appointed to us by God, in which ye may (if ye will) cast off the yoke of bondage, and recover liberty.” John Ball, Sermon at Blackheath, 12 June 1381.

        • Terry, “the big names that automatically come to mind are (…) carved into the side of Georgia’s Stone Mountain: President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson (…) but in the grander power-scheme of things, these men, including President Davis himself, were outranked by Judah P. Benjamin. The fact that Benjamin’s name is so relatively unknown is, ironically, testament to the awesome ‘behind-the-scenes’ power that he wielded. Unfortunately for the South (and the North), Benjamin’s influence served neither of the Americas. His loyalties were elsewhere – in Rothschild’s London. Louisiana Senator John Slidell is not Jewish (at least not outwardly), but his family ties to elite European Jewry run deep. Slidell’s daughter is engaged to Baron Frederic Erlanger, a French Jewish financier based in Paris. Erlanger helps to fund the Confederacy, gouging the South with usurious interest rates and fees too! (…) Erlanger’s financing of the South, as confirmed even by contemporary New York Times articles, is directly linked to the House of Rothschild (…) Papa-in-Law Slidell would later serve the Confederate States government as foreign diplomat to Great Britain and French Emperor Napoleon III. Now the niece of the influential Senator is married to northern financier August Belmont (Schönberg)- Rothschild’s Jewish boy and Democrat Party boss supporting the Northern cause, at least at first. After the war, “Confederate” Slidell will make his “Unionist” nephew-in-law Belmont his political protégé. Also hooked up with Senator Slidell in this tangled North-South-Rothschild knot of financial-political intrigue is fellow Louisiana Senator Benjamin. The Jewish big-shot will go on to become the Confederacy’s Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and then Secretary of State. Through the shadowy fog of 150 years of elapsed history, we can now discern a pattern of divide & conquer, balance of power conspiratorial actions being played upon both sides”: https://www.realhistorychan.com/judah-benjamin.html

          • So let’s see …

            Jewish financiers in Europe established an arrangement for enormous production of a prized commodity, cotton. The American plantation owners, i.e., the Teutons who were happy to do the dirty work, were, of course, allowed a cut, which, inasmuch as they were indifferent to development, within their territory, of institutions for science and the arts, they spent on food and drink. The whole structure was based on enslavement of hapless blacks; and when its existence was threatened, those Teutons threw themselves, for its defense, into a war for which they were woefully unprepared.

            Such is the glorious history of the South, the low point in Teutonic history overall.

          • @Terry…

            Judah Benjamin was only one of many Jews to serve in the Confederacy.

            According to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, over 5,000 served in the army – a very large number, considering the small numbers of Jews in Dixie at that time.

            Jews were also the Surgeon-General of The Confederacy, as well as the Secretary of Arnaments, and, if memory serves, the Secretary of Transportation, as well..

            Many Blacks, Indian tribes, and, yes, even some Latins served the Confederacy.

            Many of our Southern ladies also made tremendous contributions, starting with having to cope with no man around – something which, in those days, was a very very hard thing.

            Many of our ladies lost their man, and or were given a cripple back for an able-bodied man who had gone off to war.

            To be clear, the lion’s share of the Southern war effort came from White Southern Gentiles, but, the war was a team effort with much of the South involved.

            On a side note, it has been amusing to watch those celebrity find your ancestor programs, when Jewish celebrities of the modern day find out that they are blood kin to proud Confederates.

          • You’ll also note that despite all confederate statutes and memorials, even those of major figures like Lee, being attacked, defaced and destroyed – usually with government complicity at all levels – those for Judah Benjamin and David Levy Yulee (who converted to Episcopalianism for marriage to a white woman) remain untouched by BLM and Antifa.

            Indeed even faithful Church of Woke sources such as SJW-run Wokepedia are surprisingly respectful of Benjamin, though he does appear in the category of “American white supremacists” – even though Jews explicitly and repeatedly identify as non-white – except when operating the old ‘hello fellow white person’ scam. Benjamin fled to the UK where he became a big-time lawyer in London. As with Nazis, some Confederates are more equal than others.

          • @Exalted Cyclops…

            “You’ll also note that despite all confederate statutes and memorials, even those of major figures like Lee, being attacked, defaced and destroyed – usually with government complicity at all levels – those for Judah Benjamin and David Levy Yulee (who converted to Episcopalianism for marriage to a white woman) remain untouched by BLM and Antifa. ”

            Well, of course this is the case, Honourable Klansman – BLM and Antifa are part of a vast array of Jewish Organizations that enlist Gentiles to hurt each other.

        • John Ball, governor p.brownlow, the p for prick, was as rotten as they come, the military commanders and their fighting men were brave and true, but their was a lot of wickedness going on for sure….

          • Yes, good point. Brownlow was miserable and often changed his views, led by anger and ambition. I’m sure that quote about Judah was not meant as an endorsement of Brownlow.

      • It’s no surprise a government-schooled socialist would appreciate Brownlow.

        Brownlow’s statements about dear old Dixie were so disgusting I used to make a pilgrimage to Knoxville, drink the cheapest beer I could find, then piss on his grave. If anyone would like to do likewise, I could direct you to it. (A Knoxville friend – I miss you, Tom! – called my attention to how unseemly this was, so I quit doing it – my sentiments haven’t changed, however).

        There’s an anti-southern naivete in what our friend John Ball has suggested. His statement presupposes the modernist, machine-building idea, namely: that it’s possible for a gaggle of arm-chair smart men to scientifically construct a system of government whereby the (arbitrarily categorized) “workers” can keep from being “exploited” by the evil “capitalist class” (none of which exist in reality – and I defy any socialist to prove otherwise).

        The southern view, derived in spirit from the great Edmund Burke and championed by the poets and spiritual (read: cultural) leaders of Dixie is different. Their idea is that nations are grown, not bult like machines. The dirty secret here – about which Calhoun informs us – is that no matter what sort of smartmanistan the ideologues build, when sin is present in a people, the strong will always oppress the weak. It’s the soul and spirit of the entire nation, and their willingness to violently enforce the moral good, that’s of paramount importance for freedom – the political trappings are a distant, secondary, concern.

        Government-school kids, however, are ignorant of all things concerning the spirit (and that: by design).

        • Scott Terry, During the war Eastern ky, was truly divided, most of the fueds, were unfinished business from the war, it was amazing in a way,now after the war, Eastern, ky, pretty much, became solid gray and that in many respects, is due to the actions of governor brownlow, as he exhorted the union element in east tennessee, to set upon southern soldiers and kill them, when they seen them, Eastern Kentucky, became a sanctuary for southern soldiers, escaping the Satanic brownlow, my paternal grandfather a, maternal grandfather, was one of them, they said it took him a week too ,walk from tennessee to clay county , Kentucky and I tell you truthfully, try as I may, I have nowhere near the regard for tennessee, that I have for kentucky or virginia, too me, the people of east tennessee are just different…….

          • One impression I have might account for what you’ve come to sense, Terry. That impression is that Eastern Tennessee, in antebellum times, was more connected—in consequence of geography—to the North, specifically Philadelphia, than to the South, meaning either Richmond or Charleston. Knoxville, I’m pretty sure, was about as far south as Europeans had migrated, down the Great Appalachian Valley, before, at least, Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal, which was an “ethnic cleansing” of the valley’s southernmost stretch. The link, along that long valley, to Philadelphia was essentially the lifeline for the population down there. Commerce and travel between, say, Philadelphia and Knoxville—the lifeline’s endpoints—were far easier than any trade or travel between Knoxville and the coastal Southern cities. One look at the following map should make that pretty clear:


            “Eastern” Tennessee seems really to mean Tennessee within the Appalachian Valley, whereas Eastern Kentucky is outside that valley and is located on the Appalachian downslope, into the Mississippi basin. That’s how it strikes me, anyway. Tennesse, oddly enough, is formally divided into three regions, of which the eastern region, isolated in the valley, is one. I’ve not heard of any such division of any other state. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Divisions_of_Tennessee

        • Scott Terry, I’m sorry that John Ball’s very poor choice of a quotation about the character of Judah Benjamin seems to imply an endorsement of the one who said it.

          Brownlow was certainly not socialist. He was inconsistent, very miserable and politically opportunistic – eventually climbing to a carpetbagger (s)elected governorship.

          The East Tennesseean or Appalachian anti-CSA dissent stands on its own; it was not Brownlow’s creation.

          Re: “There’s an anti-southern naivete in what our friend John Ball has suggested (…) the (arbitrarily categorized) “workers” (…) “exploited” by the evil “capitalist class” (none of which exist in reality – I defy any socialist to prove otherwise”:

          Take the history of coal miners strikes in Alabama for example, is it fact or fiction? There really are workers and there really are capitalists and the South was and is no workers’ paradise.

          Re: “The southern view, derived in spirit from the great Edmund Burke”:

          Remember that Burke was an abolitionist, and that he believed the “uncivilised” behaviour and “mental deficiency” of African slaves was caused by slavery itself. He believed that the experience of being enslaved would do the same harm to the character of any other race, not only Africans. Burke was an apologist for the capitalist or proto-capitalist status quo, reputed to be brilliant but I think a very dull, bland writer.

          • This isn’t a great venue for debate, but a few points:

            You can point to a group of real people who went on strike – what you can’t do is point to “workers”, as some actual group. It’s a philosophical abstraction placed on reality by armchair socialists. Better to be more Aristotelian (which, in this case, is also more Christian) and analyze flesh-and-blood people, instead of armchair abstractions. (This stands for so-called “capitalists” as well – it’ll be very difficult to outline the necessary and sufficient conditions for what makes one a “capitalist”, let alone come up with an intelligible enough criterion to justify categorizing entire groups with the label).

            As to Burke – he was one of the greatest statesmen of Christendom and deserves all our respect. Unfortunately, his status as the godfather of conservatism lends to his being mistreated by historians and biographers who, as usual, have their own agendas – either to white-wash him to make him palatable to modern liberals, or to vilify him in the name of modern progressivism. We could go to the mats over how to properly characterize his view of the slave trade in the Americas (as, indeed, Burke scholars are doing professionally), but it would be beside the point since, in my comment, I was referencing the spirit and tone of his political philosophy, which clearly resonated with the poets and cultural leaders in the American south at the time.

            Burke was no rabid neo-jacobin and, frankly, given my deep regard for the man, it’s almost an offensive suggestion.

            I appreciate your thoughtful response, but emphatically disagree.

          • Re: “You can point to a group of real people who went on strike – what you can’t do is point to ‘workers’, as some actual group. It’s a philosophical abstraction placed on reality by armchair socialists. Better to be more Aristotelian”:

            Ayn Rand who also claimed to follow Aristotle, and Margaret Thatcher, both believed that “Society does not exist.” Only “real people” exist, and “society” is a construct.

            “Burke was no rabid neo-jacobin”:

            I never said or thought that he was a leftist, quite the opposite. I said he was a defender and apologist of the capitalist or proto-capitalist status quo – the system, of his time and place. He was a conserver of the system of his time.

            “As to Burke – he was one of the greatest statesmen”:

            As a (s)elected member of Parliament, he ignored and did nothing for the common people he was supposed to represent. Burke hated democracy and elections, and said, “when leaders choose to make themselves bidders at an auction of popularity (…) They will become flatterers instead of legislators; the instruments not the guides of the people.”

            “Unfortunately, his status as the godfather of conservatism lends to his being mistreated by historians”:

            Read what he wrote, some of it, as much as you can stand. He is a verbose, bland, boring sycophant of the propertied, elite class, who flatters the filthy rich and powerful. Shall I quote some passages? His paean to Marie Antoinette, in Reflections on the Revolution in France: ““It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the queen of France, then the dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision. Never, never more shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom. The unbought grace of life, the cheap defence of nations, the nurse of manly sentiment, and heroic enterprise is gone!” How much can you take of that? He hated the Revolution, the real, common people’s revolution – in France. The “godfather of conservatism,” and conservatism, are intellectually bankrupt.

  3. Wow. We had also putsch in August. 1991. It started wit raid in Gorbachev residence.

    Now Trump supporters coming to the streets like our people supported Gorbachev.

  4. I’ve also seen the word ‘raid’ used elsewhere to describe what happened — I assume this means a significant number of armed men, it was unannounced, and they didn’t knock nicely and ask to be let in.

    Let’s see how our moral betters view this (in case there was any doubt. you can tell David French is your moral better because he has an adopted black child):

    David FrenchA lot of people are losing their minds tonight without seeing the warrant, the warrant application, or the supporting materials. Neither the former president nor the FBI are above the law. Take a breath and wait until we see the basis for the warrant before judging its merits

    Sounds reasonable — after all, maybe there was no other way to handle it than a ‘raid’ — and as we all know, the Establishment would definitely give Trump the benefit of any doubt.

    But just because French is your moral better (he is) doesn’t necessarily mean he’s your intellectual better, e.g. here he appears to be too stupid to recognize there’s a difference between whether there may have been on one hand a good reason for concern, and therefore contact with Trump, maybe even a visit, and whether a ‘raid’ was the best or only way to handle it on the other.


    In other concerning news:

    Pete Davidson is in ‘trauma therapy’ due to Kanye West’s online harassment over his former relationship with Kim Kardashian

    • Richard Spencer wrote this a long time ago. He’s right about French and this is funny.

      “David French
      Verified account

      There’s something grossly entitled about claiming you should have government-mandated access to a social media platform you didn’t create, maintained by people you oppose, and that you should have that access for free. Against government intervention:

      Spencer Retweeted David French
      David French is my reverse moral compass.

      What Would French Do or Say is a good way of recognizing what is utterly fake, stupid, and harmful.

      What Would French *Not* Do Or Say is a good way of opening up space for serious thinking.”

  5. Yhe pnu wau forward at this point would ne to split America into separate countries with separate White & Nonwhite populations as a race war is too risky since the Whoye population is shrinking and will take some time to restore the White population which will only ne possible by secession especially because Whites are genetically special as explained here.

    If all Ejoye conservatives knew this then White group solidarity would be much more possible then it is now.

  6. Oy, where’d the infighting pieces from Knickerbocker go. HW you’ve been hacked bro. Refresh server.

    • I don’t know.

      I took the second one down because I thought it was going to start a bunch of drama about a situation – the Matts, Hovater, TWP, NJP – that I personally knew nothing about and couldn’t speak to. It also didn’t really go into any detail. It was just like … Tony Hovater sucks.

      The first one was fine. I’m not sure why Trey took it down. I guess he took it down because I took the second article down without explanation. He should republish it. If wants to write something about TWP and NJP, that’s fine, but it should be fleshed out more.

  7. OT

    But speaking of ‘acceleration’:


    August 8th, 2022: USA’s Under Secretary of Defense “confirms” that Ukraine was supplied with “anti radiation missiles” which could be launched from an unmentioned Ukrainian aircraft. … The statement came after the publication of images which showed a wreckage of the American AGM-88 HARM anti radiation missile. The missile was fired onto Russian positions. This is the most capable anti-radiation (anti radar) missile in the west, despite being in service since 1985, it is a serious missile. The missile homes in on enemy radio frequency emissions from over 100KM away. This makes them ideal for neutralising ground radars and air defence sites of the enemy. … This is the 1st time in history that the missile was used by anyone other than the US military. What raises serious doubts about Ukraine being the one who fired this missile is Ukraine’s lack of aircraft known to be compatible with the missile. There’s a high possibility that the missile was fired by NATO aircraft secretly supporting the Ukrainian Military.

    I agree it is very difficult to see how it would be possible for such an American weapon to be mounted on and fired by a Soviet era aircraft, which is pretty much all Ukraine has — but maybe disabling Russian radar, including radar used by Russia’s very capable (world class really) anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems, is seen as important enough by the West to be worth the risk of escalation.

    • The U.S. still intends to win the war against Russia in Khazarkraine, and the elites still plan to make a profit doing so, and much greater profits afterward. Plans are still being made about how to take complete control of all the natural resources (Western elites have already bought half of the most fertile farmland) and fully enslave the remaining “human resources” of Khazarkraine/Nudelmanland as soon as the U.S. wins the war. See: “The West prepares to plunder post-war Ukraine with neoliberal shock therapy: privatization, deregulation, slashing worker protections. Western governments and corporations met in Switzerland to plan harsh neoliberal economic policies to impose on post-war Ukraine, calling to cut labor laws, “open markets,” drop tariffs, deregulate industries, and “sell state-owned enterprises to private investors”: https://multipolarista.com/2022/07/28/west-neoliberal-recovery-conference/

  8. Turgenev is Russian. I think of Ivan Turgenev (1818-83), Russian writer, who was a major figure in Russian literature, His Fathers and Sons and the Play A Month in the Country are well known.

  9. Eric Trump said FBI agents “ransacked” his father’s office and broke into a safe during a raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. —NY Post

  10. Jewish Judge Bruce Reinhart signed the sealed warrant for the FBI to raid Trumps home.

    Reinhart was one of the attorneys who defended Jeffery Epstein.

    You can’t make this sht up.

    It’s deliberate.

    They want you to know they have complete power and you are completely powerless to stop them.

    • Reinhart was one of the attorneys who defended Jeffery Epstein.

      Quelle surprise!! That explains why Trump appointed him to his current blackrobe throne in 2018. Yes I know he just signed off on Jared’s recommendation but as with the stolen election in 2020 Cheetohead has only himself to blame at the end of the day. Cheetohead was a known visitor of Epstein’s NYC digs. No doubt his supporters will say he was there to admire the artistic masterpiece Epstein had commissioned of Beelzebubba in the Blue Dress, which really should be mounted in the Capitol Rotunduh.

      • Trump didn’t actually appoint Schlomo the Blackrobe. I thought (incorrectly) the creature was a district judge rather than magistrate judge. See here.

    • Yours is a good summary of the info I saw too.

      >Jewish Judge Bruce Reinhart …

      The only thing I am not 100% sure of is whether he’s Jewish or not.

      >Reinhart was one of the attorneys who defended Jeffery Epstein.


      Per the link above, he was actually part of the office of the federal prosecutor negotiating with Epstein’s lawyers on plea deal at the time — if so it is assumed he knew details about the case against Epstein before he switched sides: ‘On Oct 23, 2007, as federal prosecutors in South Florida were in the midst of tense negotiations to finalize a plea deal with accused sex trafficer Jeffrey Epstein a senior prosecutor in their office was quietly laying out plans to leave the US attorney’s office after 11 years.’

  11. I for one am not willing just to stop at the South as regards secession. We need all of red state America (and red counties and red congressional districts currently in blue states) and in time perhaps even the western Canadian provinces. We should only take part of the south and not the Black Belt regions. We must realize that part of the South is now lost to us forever. So, we need mostly the upper south.

  12. Whitewash, Evangelical Appalachia, is where the republic is “Born Again”, but no part of this land, is permantely surrendered, we will ad for n as we go along,big your blood was buried in the deep south, like the host of this site, you would sing a different time….

      • Actually TS I had a relative on my mom’s side that fought in NBF’s army. However, there are none on my dad’s side since we came from Germany to Texas too late to fight. My point being why focus just on the south since a lot of the heartland states not only have a solid Germanic core but also a southern core as many fled the south during reconstruction and went west. Every presidential election broken down by counties shows the south and heartland are a sub-nation in exile. They belong together. I feel as I have the best of two worlds in my heritage. Celtic South and German. Frankfurt on the Main (MAINZ) river to be exact if where my father’s side came from.

  13. While I’m not fan of Democrat or Republicans….it’s obvious this country has serious problems. The political division has ruined any chance of national unity and getting anything done for the people. Common people are so self centered they don’t even know what day it is. It’s some harsh times in America and thing will only get worse. Our elections have never been fair for Third Parties that I support so I’m actually happy seeing the D and the R into it over election results. Now they know how we Third Party advocates feel. However everybody’s along for the ride. America’s in decline and nothing will change until moderate thinking people come together in politics and society. Seeing a previous President under investigation by the FBI is Third World country like and everybody knows it. Deo Vindice !

  14. Great historical perspective from top economic forecaster and trend-identifier Martin Armstrong:

    “Neither political party has EVER violated the post-term immunity of former presidents, that has distinguished America from every corrupt two-bit government pretending to be democratic while imprisoning their political opponents. It has been that guarantee that the has created the union of 50 states and secured the country’s politics would remain civil whereby the power was always a peaceful transition from one party to the other.

    The respect not to weaponize the rule of law for political purposes has been the very precedent that caused President Gerald Ford to pardon Richard Nixon and for the Office of the Independent Counsel not to indict former President Bill Clinton for perjury. Attacking a former president has always been off the table because that will divide the country.

    We now stand on the precipice of the Decline & Fall of the United States. It will soon be time to turn off the lights.

    The leadership of the FBI and the Department of Justice have shown that independence no longer exists. This is deeply concerning for the rule of law has just completely collapsed. Not merely will this attorney general and FBI director go down in history as the two people who cracked the foundation of the rule of law upon which civilization rests, but they have fired the first shot in what will become the year of civil unrest in the United States come 2023.”


  15. It’s the most recent injustice but it will fade out like they all do. Those that showed up will probably get visited by the feds to intimidate them.

  16. Like or dislike trump, he ripped the mask off the deep state and the political parties in this nation and has stoked the fervor presently running through the ‘comservatives’ in America. The rinos in office and talking heads like hannity are trying to serve as gatekeepers, but that’s not going to last much longer. The anger is going to boil over and the kikes and communists running our govt will be waiting for that moment to commence their mass arrests and throw us all into the gulag like they have with the Jan 6th protestors.

    The people operating in and running our govt are corrupt beyond repair and operate above the law. Our electoral process has also been stolen and destroyed. The only thing left to do is use violence, as JFK noted himself back in the 60s. If you take away the citizens peaceful exercise of power (ie voting), the only other option you leave them with is violence.

    • Don’t forget (Iranian people will certainly never forget!) that Trump ordered the murder of Qasem Soleimani while on a peaceful diplomatic mission, and missile strikes aimed to kill Syrian people, with the flimsy excuse of one of the CIA’s and MI6’s very poorly disguised and executed “Assad’s gas attack” hoaxes. I could go on listing dozens more barbaric acts against innocent people that he personally ordered or authorised, that killed or maimed hundreds or thousands of innocent people, and his policies toward entire foreign countries, such as China and Palestine, were in clear violation of international laws as well as standards of morality. Furthermore, like all Republicans (and all Democrats who are in power), he is a capitalist politician, working for big business, supporting the rich against the commons. Don’t confuse capitalist Populism such as Trumpism, or MAGA, with real socialism that is the complete opposite of the prevailing system.

  17. OT sorta

    Deuteronomy 21: (KJV)
    18) If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:
    19) Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;
    20) And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.
    21) And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you…

    On Mrs. Leigh McMichael’s website where she is defending her husband and son is a link to a 911 call by Arbery’s mother where she is calling the police because Arbery has her keys and won’t give them back to her and she explains that Arbery has mental problems and these problems are escalating.


    These three men were railroaded by the system and need to be released as soon as real men with the power to intervene can right this terrible wrong. Travis McMichael was not trying to kill Arbery. He was fighting with an insane angry rebel who was brazen thief with lots of proof showing his past crimes and who would not obey his parents who was trying to take Travis’ gun away from him and Travis had to kill Arbery in the process to preserve his own life.

  18. John Bonaccorsi, I thank you for your enlightening response sir and if I may, I am expressing my gratitude too you for your keen interest in our noble attempt at southern governorance, surely with you here too advise us now, our second attempt at Southern nationhood, should be nothing less than a rousing success………..also Mr.Bonaccorsi, I share a southern secret, THE REBEL YELL, is therapeutic, nothing like it, the rebel yell and some aromatherapy, will cure whatever ail’s you, shore nuff…….as always, nice too hear from you sir………

    • Thanks, Terry—sort of. Always good to hear from you, regardless of our political differences.

  19. My thoughts?

    There is a very anti-incumbent mood going on in America. On both the right and the left. Both sides of the aisle in Congress are in and have been in China’s pockets for years. Though True Conservative Media like to make a big stink about Hunter Biden and the “Big Guy,” they are not the exception but the rule in this country.

    All these military aid packages and Build Back Bankrupt spending bills are just the last stages of wholesale looting and will end up in private accounts in the Caymans.

    If the people are allowed to vote the rascals out and start audits that trace where all the wealth is headed, then The Day of the Rope alluded to in nationalist literature is going to look like a joke. Much more, there is going to be a French Revolution style backlash against Gates, Bezis, Soros and their ilk as well as their political flunkies.

    That is why I believe the incumbents and the lapdog media are talking up a Hot Civil War. They want to use it as an excuse to indefinitely impose martial law and suspend all elections until the crisis is over. Of course, since they are already in place, someone still has to run the country.

    They went after Trump like this, after creating buzz about and conflating White Christian Nationalism with Trump supporters. Trump will be arrested and imprisoned for some kind of petty misdemeanor and will be held without bail or given a speedy trial. We already have the precedent for this with the January 6 protesters still being held for trespassing and parading.

    So then I think the FBI glowjoggers will stage another insurrection, with great fanfare and spectacle, posing as White Christian Nationalist Trump supporters plotting to break him out, execute Biden, Harris, and Pelosi and make Trump Dictator for Life.

    Of course it will be exposed, the Usual Suspects will be rounded up, interrogated, fingers will be pointed at Trump endorsed candidates, and there will be trials to distract the public while America circles the drain.

    • That’s a perceptive take on the blessed event. I agree that reason for the arrest of Cheetohead was to trigger a January 6 event on steroids. Sadly there are plenty of Trump loyalists out there who are dumb enough to fall for it, plus plenty of grifters, feds and other agitators to whip up support for some sort of “insurrection”. They just passed a bill to hire an IRS army too. Right on time. Asset seizures are no doubt in the works as well.

      The sudden overturn of Roe after 50 years of utter failure to do so, the gaslight media’s recent screeching about the upcoming ‘Gilead’ and the focus on “White Christian Nationalism” are all indicative of a such a plan. It’s right out of Sunstein’s book. The only flaw I see in your statement pertains to voting. If elections are totally rigged (and there us far more evidence that they are, and have been for some time, than the opposite), why would the oligarchs be concerned about the outcome of the mid-terms? After all, they had little problem rigging the 2018 mid-terms and zero resistance from administration of Kang Cyrus.

      As for America circling the drain, the die is pretty much cast on that one. The fake-economy and the criminal plutocracy have to utterly collapse before normies can even begin to see reality. Decades of Kosher-approved public edumacation weapons have worked very effectively against their targets. Then the break up will start. It will probably be quite bloody too.

      • @Exalted Cyclops:

        Because there is no plausible deniability in 2022 and that will still be the case in 2024. They’ve been shafted and are shutting down leftist goals – at least those that would be popular with the American people.

        The dumbest thing the Democrats ever did was to tank the only major industry we have left and that was the pipeline, the the domestic oil industry, the coal mining, and steel industry at the whim of the good ole boys club at Davos.

        Then simultaneously shove the most repugnant SJW shit imaginable on the heads of the American people. Now, in the face of the mildest pushback, they are declaring that any dissenters are domestic terrorists?! Dumb. You don’t break out a bigger stick it you threw away all your carrots.

        There is so much social capital in a limited time to spend it in and that is the first two years of a presidency. The Democrats should have wiped out all student loans and put in a single payer medical system out of the gate. They should have ended rent moratoriums and simplified the process for landlords to get their rent through emergency vouchers for the rest of the lease.

        Trump handed the Democrats an opportunity to use this pandemic crisis to deliver on and take credit for his ideas: finish the pipeline, build the wall, and bring back all the industry to America. Not to mention, freeze all immigration to pre-Hart-Celler levels until the pandemic was burned out all over the world.

        It’s still “the economy, stupid.” People revert back to tradition when the new stuff hurts their pocket books. Their children, not so much, or any politician pushing affirmative action and other SJW shit wouldn’t be allowed to live much less aspire to hold the office of dog catcher.

        • “Democrats should have wiped out all student loans and put in a single payer medical system”:

          They could never do that. They are all Neoliberals including the fake-socialist “Squad” and Bernie.

          “They should have ended rent moratoriums and simplified the process for landlords to get their rent through emergency vouchers for the rest of the lease”:

          How about getting rid of the rentier class, such as landlords, by expropriating all of their excess, rent-making “private property” – and making indoor shelter a human right?

  20. @Methyr Rising:

    My understanding is that, even in the USSR, the people had to pay rent for their flat and utilities and food and clothing. The housing was their version of subsidized and was based on your salary and no, it was not equitable. Whole families lived in one room; only upper party members had access to more luxurious quarters and commodities. Everyone had to work; those that didn’t were arrested for vagrancy and I imagine other disincentives were systemic enough to nudge the lazy into working.

    Juri could probably go into more detail but I don’t imagine the old Soviet Union would pay to feed, clothe, and shelter minorities to give them enough leisure time to wreak having and burn everything down in a riotous tantrum any time They didn’t get their way.

    Norman Mailer visited Moscow when the Soviet Union was in charge and he said that is it reminded him of a large lower working class environment. No amenities, but one could safely go about the area without fear of being robbed, raped or killed.

    When you compare it with our cities full of diversity – the more vibrant, the better, chock full of protected classes, Mailer’s description sounds almost like paradise.

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