Dr. Michael Hill: Prophet of Disunion

This is eerie.

Dr. Hill used the phrase “banana republic” to describe the regime just two months ago at the League of the South conference in Florida.


  1. I always like Hill. He is right, we are a banana communist republic. It’s been like this for decades but the jews used the boiling frog technique, if you do it slow the goyim won’t realize what ism happening.

    • It is actually the opposite. Trump did wrong by taking government documents with him that should instead been stored at government archives. When laws are broken, legal action should follow – no matter who is the perpratator. It is commendable that no exception is made in this case.

      Of course, the above should also apply to those around Biden if they have committed any illegal activities.

  2. This is what happens when enough people start believing that the rules don’t matter anymore. That the folks who think they are the most moral should have their own way about things. These are the rules that have held the country together for 230 years. The liberals are trashing the rule of law and due process. This has been going on for quite awhile in my view, a lot of it relates to the war on drugs, the militarization of police, the taking of power by ‘intelligence’ agencies. The Republican conservatives never seemed to care much about it until it happened to somebody they thought was important, like former President Trump.

    He doesn’t deserve this, no other president in or out of office got this treatment.

    Once the rules don’t matter, then things get like a South American kleptocracy, a big pissing contest to see who has power.

    • What’s wrong with hating your enemies? They sure as hell hate you. How about trying to win instead of always being “better” than your enemies?

  3. No offense, Hunter (you’ve always been a voice of reason in our circles), but Michael Hill is a bombastic buffoon, PhD. & all. Example 1: his burning of the Talmud on some kind of insane video with a few of the more crazed members of LOS, like Ike the Sergeant at Arms (or whatever he is). Example 2: any of his beat the war drum speeches at James Edwards’ TPC events. Have you ever had a real conversation with this guy? I tried a couple of times…he’s a “It’s my monologue only” type. Example 3: his obsession with weightlifting & looking all jacked in a too-small knit shirt, like another overrated old man, David Duke.

    • Sure.

      Do we agree on everything? No.

      Do I agree with every decision Dr. Hill has ever made? Obviously not. We have a different style. Everyone also makes mistakes.

      Do I respect Dr. Hill? Absolutely.

      Do we agree on the essentials and what matters like defending White people, the South, Christianity and our rights? Yes.

      • What about that Bama cap? And does he still have that eccentric habit of re-lighting his pipe during a speech?

      • OK – point taken. Hill seems to have appeal for the guys who like to dress up in tactical gear & drive pickup trucks that look like they were built to invade France, & some of those fellows are basically decent. And I’ve always been an advocate of the Big Tent. About that: your deconstruction of Charlottesville has made me rethink the concept. So, while keeping the BT, we will have at the entrances Dysfunctional Personality Detection Stations (DPDS) where candidates will be rigorously screened according to principles you have stated or implied on OD, the rejects being summarily escorted to Richard Spencer’s house.

        • Dr. Hill has always sounded much more militant than me. That’s fine.

          It used to bother me more than it does today. I don’t think he is wrong that it will probably end in a fight. I follow the polls and try to think about it in terms of historical precedents and I don’t see how we avoid some type of crack up

    • A shame that Dr Hill went full on CI-tard (a Yankee origin heresy if ever there was one). Besides that, a helluva a guy.

      • Doctard Swill of Losers of the South is a ZOGbot

        Dr. Swill went full See-Eye Dentistry when he let on Rabbi Baal Finck — related to Mark Potok on his daddy’s side and Matt Lauer on his mother’s side. Baal Finck as a Jersey City jailer murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief in the jail, then ‘fincked’ out his fellow pig named David Dumers at trial and got him 15 years in the federal trial. Finck took a plea-bargain of 15 years and destroyed Dumers’ appeal. When he got out he pretended to be a Greek Scholar and Christian Identity pastor. He was brought into See-Eye Dentistry after getting out of prison by Joseph November / Eli James and this old Sicilian Sephardic jew named Clifton Emahiser and Bryan Reo with a long history as an informant and ZOGbot.

        Fraudster Jewn / Fr. John is another Finckbot pretending to some mixture of See-Eye Dentistry and Orthodox Greek. The Greek Orthodoxers kicked out both Mattoids Parrot and Chaimback for racism. Fraudster jewn likes to snarl about myself as does Baal Finck now that a lot of idiots who didn’t observe that Finck is a jew name and Finck is a Finck from both sides of the family.

        Bryan Reo won $2.75 million from the last four federal lawsuits in the Northern District of Ohio and the last reply brief I filed on 4 Aug. 2022. I transferred my South Dakota inheritance of 1800 acres in Stanley County to my sister and Bryan Reo and this Lawyer Robert Konrad who stole my sisters legal files refused to let my sister quit-claim it back so it cost her $150,000+ and she no longer speaks to me although she did agree to buy a tombstone for Roxie who died 4 Aug 2020. The corrupt South Dakota judiciary denied my appeal and on May 26, 2022 sold my inheritance and gave it to Bryan Reo in violation of SD State Law 15-16A-6 which says that no foreign judgments can be executed upon until all appeals are through. I of course spoke to the SD governor’s office, the SD Attorney General, Sheriff Brad Rathbun of Stanley County, their Commissioners, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, etc. Nothing.

        But back to Dr. Swill. I realized that he was a fraud back in 1999 when going up to Jeff City with a McDonald County follower Dr. Swill made a pitch for $10,000 to form a political party. I had been kicked out of the LibberToons and was looking for a political party to run for US Senate on. (I ended up running for Reform and got denounced for racism by Pat Buchanan who was out to collect $12.3 million in FEC funding and decided to have a running primate so Dumbya could win.) I suggested that for around $100 or so that Dr. Swill could get the people in the rural counties of 125+ people could file for precinct committee man as a US Taxpayer / Constitution party and then take over the party and rename it as they pleased. Doctard Swill said that this was possible but he wanted the $10,000 more. Nothing more was heard about it.

        Forming a membership site inevitably leads to ZOGbottery and infiltraition by jews and mamzers and faggots. Whereas my one-man Church with thousands of listeners and politicising and supporting “Lone Tards” like Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers means another few steps closer to Collapse and finishing off 90% of the popjewlation and the imposition of local theocratic military dictatorships — The Ten Thousand Warlords.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-In Candidate for US Senate

        • @ Pastor Martin Lindstedt please drink less and take the example from Dr. Hill, how dare you spread your delirious bullshit.

      • Nothing wrong with weightlifting…..I do a lot myself.
        Dr Hill and I are two oldish men who will never cost the health system anything. I just hope that like me, he doesn’t drink or smoke.

        • The older you become, the more lifting is important.
          Look at dr. Ed Fields, he’s always been a strong advocate for using dumbbells, so was ben Franklin.
          So are dozens of MDs.

        • “. I just hope that like me, he doesn’t drink or smoke.”

          Very rare to see a lifter doing either, most are health conscious.

          As one trainer so aptly observed, “lifting can displace many vices”. He’s right.

          How often is a lifter attacked by urban apes?
          Very rarely and the results are usually funny as hell 🙂

          I love it when they attack a MMA guy 🙂

          • @Arrian,
            When you have good health, everything else in life takes care of itself.
            We should never start trouble, but always be prepared for it. A toned physical appearance alone can be a deterrent to nogooders.

      • Hill deserves credit for staying fit. But wearing ridiculously tight shirts & flexing his pecs at a political conference…it’s undignified, silly, & immature. It’s for 20 yr olds.

        • Decent people of all ages would not do that. People aren’t going to his conferences to see his physique. It’s dumb.

  4. Dr. Michael Hill is a man I have some much respect for. I am very lucky to consider him a mentor, a friend, and a colleague in this fight to save our people. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for his support and belief in me.

    Hunter, you should rejoin League of the South we need everyone we can get to help us.

    Both Michael Hill and David Duke will be on my telegram radio show Friday to discuss Unite the Right. I hope you can make it!

  5. It’s like Latin America here now, just with less cocaine, balmy weather, and beaches.

    Unfortunately, we are both plagued with the same Latin Americans.

    • There’s plenty of Latin Americans here now, so much so, that many small towns are vacant.
      They came to the US to live off of us. The whole “they work so hard” crap finally is over, since so many Mexicans came here and the majority do NOT work. I read in Texas, the figure of nonworking ones is about 85%. So they live off of us.

        • They are costing us hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Imagine if we spent that on our infrastructure, economy, and other things. Instead we are throwing it away on low IQ parasites.

  6. Dr. Hill is a great man, never met him of course but i listened a lot of his speech and i wrote to him. He answered to me in a kind way. As i always say, Hill, like others, is an example of a person that who has been fighting for his ideas for a long time. Today is the anniversary of the Unite the right and one of my favourite photo is Dr. Hill with the stick leading the troops in column together with Mike Tubbs.

  7. >Do we agree on everything? No.

    Even so, for someone who claims he’s not a racial nationalist, this is an odd video to post.

  8. Any secessionist can’t be all bad. If we want to succeed we should be forward looking. We know about the 1860’s but that is way far behind us and everything has changed.

    The year is 2030. The Zionist project has recently failed. Overrrun by Islamic forces controlled by Russia, Palestine is now ruled by a Pan Islamic Conference, while the Russians rule the Christian Quarter. Russia took back Alaska in 28 as the NATO alliance dissolved amidst defeat on the battlefields of the Great War. The U.S military is ruined, the Navy and Air Force destroyed. China has seized all the Pacific Islands up to and including Hawaii.

    At home the regime is waging a war of terror, a new Red Terror against the people. Three million patriots have disappeared into the FEMA death camps, and President Garland is not letting up.

    Amidst all this, the Rebellious State of Texas is debating the secession law that is before the Texas Senate.

    What are the arguments for and against secession, in 2030?

  9. Trump is unique, no president stood up to DC regime. Trump flander here and there, but he was always a man in charge, for the common interest than self interest.

    • He did nothing for us.
      He could’ve deported Mexicans and Central Americans, and enforced the border.
      He was so worried about the black vote that he allowed BLM and Antifa to destroy lives and businesses.
      He was more worried about “dreamers”, black employment, and funneling anything nonwhite more money.
      He had no use for his voter base.

  10. 75% of Biden’s cabinet are Jew$? Sounds like affirmative action has been a success…. affirmative action for Jews. Yes us YT’s are truly privileged!

  11. Dr. Hill is generally correct. As white advocacy moves from being socially forbidden to become legally forbidden, which is happening, the systems control grid will one day be unleashed – the cashless economy will freeze out whites. Then the robot dogs and drones will get their orders- destroy all whites, target everyone with a certain skin tone.. This command might be blamed on a glitch or hack, but it is on its way. This sounds fantastic but it is the likely end game, tens years from now or so. Their final solution to the ‘white problem,’ once and for all.

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