1. The only reason he said that is because he is no longer in office looking to be re-elected. If he was, he would never used the word White. He would say conservatives don’t stand a chance or something along those lines.

    • “….would never used the word White.”

      How could he ?
      If he did, a billion dollars worth of media time would be used to condemn every breath he ever took.

      • Isn’t that more or less what happened to him? As I recall used made some reference to the great replacement and how there was no tradition of classical liberalism in non-white cultures. The Mighty Wurlitzer was turned upon him full blast and his district was flooded with AIPAC’s endless streams of fake money. Of course they soon found a more suitable republican to replace him with who was more favorable to (((their))) agenda. He didn’t even have to use white directly, the inference was enough for them to go after his scalp.

  2. I hope that some leaders within the retardican party will develop the spine to be as vengeful as the alien tribe, when they have power.

  3. The White man stands no chance in DC, because the Republicans favored mass non-White immigration since 1965. Labor votes!

  4. This guy is an idiot. Were any trial to take place, Trump would get the opportunity to testify in his own defense. Trump, he knows too much, so that can not happen.

  5. It will be interesting to see if King achieves the same level of clarity in his American Renaissance speech in November. One of his problems while still in office was his inarticulateness, his inability to say what needed to be said plainly, without awkward convolutions & euphemisms about culture & other peoples babies. King strikes me as a less intelligent version of Tucker Carlson, who is much better at making slippery, even tortured, convolutions & euphemisms sound reasonable.

    King should let Jared Taylor write or at least edit his speech.

  6. He should run again. This time hopefully he doesn’t make the mistake of sucking up to Zionist Jews which just muddles the message and never helps anyway.

    Trump called the black judge a ‘racist’ – I would have preferred ‘anti-white’ but at least it is something.

    As a moderate centrist normie I hope Trump runs again.

  7. Worried there is already a sealed indictment against God Emperor Trump.

    How much stuff are the Globalists plotting that Joe Six Pack does not know about?

    Glenn Beck warned about the FEMA camps. As a newly radicalized one (by the raid on Mar A Lago I am getting together a big out bag soon!

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