1. >Trump endorsed candidates continue to reshape the GOP

    Most of them are not even in office yet — people thought Trump was going to ‘reshape the GOP’, and look how that worked out (who’s the Republican leader in the House? — the Senate?).

    The Republican center mounts its comeback in New EnglandFrom Rhode Island to Maine to Connecticut, the GOP is looking to a handful of moderates in November who’d rather talk inflation than social issues

    They can take advantage of our tax cuts as long as they come legally.

  2. Wisconsin got diversity dun come up from Chicongo. Wisconsin was pretty solid blue more than swing. Shitard boomers waking up?

    • 2020 United States presidential election in Wisconsin

      Similar situation as seen in other states, e.g. WA and OR: more urban/suburban areas are blue, rural areas are red — in a national election, due to population density the geographically small urban/suburban areas have outsized influence.

      WI was one of the states (MI was the other) where an anomalous very late run of votes overwhelmingly for Biden flipped the state (link):

      ‘A single update to the vote count brought Biden from trailing by 100,000 votes into the lead’

      This single update to the vote count came at approx 4am the next day, and was never investigated or explained.

  3. “I didn’t follow these races.”

    For the Southern People, they don’t mean anything positive, anyway. Yankee politics just means endless political interference in, and attacks against, Dixie and her people. Which Yankee wins which office in Minnesota, or Pennsylvania, won’t change the fact that we can’t elect a dogcatcher in Texas, or a Mayor in Alabama, without half of the aforementioned states showing up to protest, or attempting to alter or reverse the outcome of the election.

    As a side note;

    Trump was elected because six Yankee states switched sides and voted for him. Which they only did because the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, in favour of the Clinton’s.

    Yankees will never vote like us. In Yankeedom, a “conservative” is somebody who is politically quiet, and ambivalent towards social engineerings schemes, political correctness, and the Democrats. But in the end, he’ll still vote a split ticket, in order to “balance things out.”

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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