Feds Out Of Florida!


Will Gov. Ron DeSantis act?

Will he kick the FBI out of Florida?

It just occurred to me that we were about a decade ahead of our time. I still get misty eyed thinking about the good old days. I remember when it was like just five or six of my friends in our fringe group who were calling for this.

We’re picking up steam now. We’re going mainstream, boys!

Note: I’ve met some of the best people I know and the worst people I know in the movement. Funny how that works.


  1. @Brad, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the FBI had offices in most Southern States.

    That would be an excellent topic for you to research.

    • The rootless cosmopolitans always have spies to keep an eye on the Goyim and keep them from getting uppity and exercising their human rights.

  2. Born through fire and violence America will perish the same way

    “Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”

    From the fire rebirth

    • I think that your regime will go down like our Soviet Union.

      It’s so rotten that nobody will fight to preserve it. Virtue signaling and violence against peaceful opponents is one thing.

      Fighting a real war is something completely different and professional management class is used to manage, not do something by themselves.

      Economic and security situation will worsen to the point until local power is forced to act to preserve vital resources for local people. Then all resources. So step by step towards total autonomy.

    • “all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”

      Total BS !
      I can think of dozens of great military commanders who engaged in the most violent conflicts , lived long full lives and died peacefully.

  3. The best thing for the seccesionist movement is for another Democratic presidency. If DeSantis or Trump becomes president, the temperature will go down again.

    • Secession from the Left 2025. We just need to needle them hard enough. Unlike the Christian Right, they actually have the Faith to do it.

      • What Left? Define it, show it. There is very little or no left in the “homeland.” Neoliberal and woke is not left.

    • I disagree with this to a point.
      I agree that some Mitt Romney tier rino would do little or nothing to help and pacify a lot of normies.

      But a second Trump term would rip this country apart beyond repair. It really already is beyond repair, but the rift and damage would only deepen.

      A secondary scenario of a Democrat like Newsom or Beto beating Trump by 100 million votes to 99 million votes would also escalate things nicely.

      The worst thing that could happen would be a shitlib beating a normie Republican like DeSantis. It would be terribly blackpilling for normies to think that the country is so far gone that even a centrist Republican is no longer electable. We need a more radical persona (even if it’s like Trump and a paper Tiger). Accelerationism has to have wild oscillations in order to work.

  4. Since we won’t vote our way out of this, NOW is the time to literally, not figuratively, go around to your physical neighbors with voter registration forms to register them to vote. If they are not outright hostile, now you are worth twice as much to the crooked GOP establishment. You build up your mailing list.

    Don’t tell them what you want, let them tell you what THEY want.

    Get enough people and you can go to the local GOP party and force them to support ending immigration – or if you are an accelerationist, just undermine the process.

    When the GOP starts to sell everyone out, you know they will 100% do that, threaten to get your mailing list to vote third party.

    Find the most anti-white local politician and get him replaced with someone slightly better.

    Of course no one will do this because not a single person who comments here is anything but a troll just typing bullshit in the comment section of fringe blogs and theater kids calling themselves ‘activists’ when they engage in their Nazi Drag Show act for the media.

    So other people will do it instead. Which is how the system should work, no one here has any business in any position of power, you are all just a bunch of cranks.

    • “threaten to get your mailing list to vote third party.”

      And what third party would that be exactly? Just curious.

      Although, in seriousness people should be running for local political offices. You can forget federal offices because there is no way any anyone who might even think a Pro-White thought will be allowed anywhere that post atm. Even state elections are probably out of reach, but local is possible, as long as it’s not in a huge metropolis.

      • Adit

        It doesn’t matter which third party, it is spoiling the vote either way, that is the point. It forces a major party to take up your issue. Of course the local parties are where you can have the most effect, but no media coverage, so it weeds out the fashtard narcissists as a happy side benefit.

  5. In observing Trump—or as I should say, experiencing Trump, since that’s what all Americans have been doing over the past seven years: experiencing him—I’ve concluded he’s a psychological isolate, almost an existential isolate. To me, at least, this is evident in two respects …

    1 — He’s unworldly. Because he worked for decades in Manhattan real estate, which one would think a sophisticated milieu, it’s hard to believe he’s unworldly, but that does seem to be the case. That’s why, in early 2015, as his first presidential campaign was getting going, he said, when asked about it, that the Confederate flag should be relegated to museums. Now, if I or any other ordinary Northerner had said that—if I or any other ordinary Northerner, in other words, had had no sense at all of that flag’s place in Southern psychology—it wouldn’t have been a surprise. That’s how most Northerners, who never give the Civil War a thought, would think about that flag. That a man who had traveled, who had dealt with big money, across decades, would say it, without any awareness of how the statement would be received in the South, is a bit odd.

    2 — He’s feudal, not republican. Although Trump presumably had a more-or-less ordinary American education in his early years, his thinking is basically that of a medieval Teuton, a chief. When —during his presidential term and especially after he lost his bid for reelection—he was having difficulty getting things done in Washington, he never said to himself, “Hmm—if I want to flourish in this political milieu, as I flourished in Manhattan real estate, maybe I should reacquaint myself with the basic principles of our Constitutional republic.” No, his reaction was—and continues to be: “I need more guys.” That’s why he’s steadily trying to assemble a political bloc for himself, through this midterm politicking.

    At some point, Trump recognized, even if he never quite said it out loud, that his support was based largely in the South. Southerners themselves recognized it early enough, as was made clear by the following photo: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/22/i-want-the-election-to-be-held-tomorrow-donald-trump-tells-alabama-rally

    It’s not impossible to believe that this unique makeup of his will soon be manifest as a raising of the Confederate flag over Mar-a-Lago (“the Southern White House,” as he’s called it). That’s not to say he’s interested in secession. No, no—Trump’s no more interested in secession than Alexander the Great was interested in leaving Greece separate from Persia. He just thinks the capital should be moved, from Hellas to Babylon—I mean from Washington to Palm Beach.

    • Southerners will fall for Trump’s bluster more than any other region of the nation.

      Fool me once, shame on you.

      Fool me twice, shame on me.

      Fool me a third time, I’m a Southerner.

      • And yet, Dear November, The United States’ government, in all it’s folly, does not belong to us, but, y’all, up yonder way in the Northeast.

        We serve y’all’s government, sadly, but, it is not ours.

        If it was ours, you’d have a whole lot less to complain about…

  6. Blue Angels out of Pensacola!

    I understand the sentiment and they really oughta do it — but as a % of state GDP, FL is in the second group of states most dependent on federal spending (link) — so the federal government could retaliate and inflict some pain on FL.

  7. I’m strangly nostalgic for 2013 and 2014 myself. Those were the days where you could google “White Nationalism” and get literally nothing in the media. There was a wiki page, a bunch of SPLC and ADL links, and a few actual WN sites (I recall Vdare being the first to pop up). The Political Cesspool was the site that RedPilled me. James and Keith do excellent work for beginners.

    Its a good thing that we went mainstream and are becoming ever more indistinguishable from the GOP base, but I do miss the relative quietness of those years. The “Repeat Dresden” sign at the April 2013 Amren conference stands out to me.

  8. You can very easily see secession happening. This time states like Montana and Wyoming will follow suit. And each state has its own lovely air and national guard. And I’m certain that patriots from cesspool blue states will defect and join the good fight.

  9. I see the 1st comment on your old 2013 post was Porter. I miss reading his blog so much.

    Hard to say how much the new blood GOP is blustering for the proles or serious. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

    • >I see the 1st comment on your old 2013 post was Porter.

      Thanks — in reading that post, I note a comment similar to many I have made here recently regarding racial nationalism: ‘I just got a text alert and it reads “Most Duval school board members in favor of Nathan B. Forrest name change.” It’s referring to the high school in Jacksonville, FL. … If we can’t stop a thing while we’re the majority, what hell awaits us as a minority?

      >I miss reading his blog so much.

      I don’t know if it’s the same ‘Porter’, and I don’t remember if he had a blog (?), but a Twitter account I used to follow (Twitter/porter14159) with a similar name was quite good — I probably have a few screen caps of his tweets — reviewing my Twitter screen caps (I have hundreds) shows how massive the censorship has been: literally every single account no longer exists.

      A blog I really liked was Modern Tribalist — inactive for 15 years, it looks like the entire archive is still online.

  10. The FBI has been the personal goon squad for american jews, since jewish gangster meyer lansky had compromising photographs of j.edgar hoover in drag with his homosexual lover clyde tolson. In recent decades, it has become the shin bet of the adl and splc.

    DeSantis doesn’t have the balls or political clout to take on the jews federal golem.

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