CNN: “Journalist” Confronts “Ultra MAGA” Republican Over Calls To Defund FBI


I’ve been calling for the abolition of the FBI and the “intelligence community” for two years now. We need to reassert state sovereignty.

Kari Lake is correct that the states created the federal government. Brion McClanahan and the Abbeville Institute need to keep up the good work. We’re breaking through the Lincoln myth.


    • Of course. Anti communist forces winning big.

      This raid looks more and more as stunt. It is hard to believe that most wanted and most investigated person keeps evidences of his crimes at his home only for getting caught and go to prison.

      More likely Donald himself leaked that he has evidence of serious crimes, so come and get me. Those fools believed and now they are royally f..ed. ?

      • I believe you’re correct. Trump sandbagged these fools. I’d love it if the safe they broke in was filled with photos of Hunter smoking crack and banging whores.

      • Interesting take. If Donald wants more polarization that’s what this “raid” is likely to produce.

  1. Wise idea to keep the heat on via numerous avenues. The left & progs are in damage control, increase pressure 3fold. Yes, even common stuff like emails and calls to your local pols, spreading info, backing and calling for legislation calling to break up/end the FBI…do what the winning leftists always do – stay on it like a pit bull, demand relentlessly, would also be solid to call it what this is : a coup.

  2. In addition to Joe Kent, and some of the others running, Anthony Sabatini will make a fine addition to an otherwise useless congress. Both the CIA and the FBI need to be abolished and I’m starting to believe the same thing for the Secret Service. It hasn’t covered itself in glory in recent years. If Trump runs and wins he would do well to tell the Secret Service, thanks, but in thanks, and rehire the former NYC police sgt, who ran his previous security detail. The secret service can go on and function as Praetorian guards for out other corrupt presidents and Hillary.

  3. “I’ve been calling for the abolition of the FBI ”

    It has a long history of corruption and ineptitude, does have a great PR presence, via TV and movies.

    Everything is in the image.

    • Yeah. How many times in Hymiewitz movies have we seen local cops portrayed as bungling, corrupt or racist hicks, then have the incorruptible, professional supermen of the FBI swagger in and smirkily take over?

      These fed scum need to be sent to the unemployment line.

  4. Sigh.

    What a huge, huge loss it was for White Gentile Southerner to simply hand over his media empire (CNN, TBS) to ZOG.

    Seems like only Instauration Magazine noticed this in the early 1990s.

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