Tales From The Movement: Charlottesville

Is there anything new to be said about Charlottesville?

I’ve been over the event a thousand times in my mind’s eye. I have written extensively about that day for the past five years. I still believe the debacle would have never happened in a different city in a different state. We held that volatile rally in the worst place in the entire South.

It was the right thing to do to support the Confederate monuments and Jason Kessler’s civil rights and to want to build up the movement. That’s why I personally went to Charlottesville. In retrospect, I draw a distinction between it being the right thing to do and the wise thing to do. It is right to have strong character qualities like courage, integrity and fortitude and to want to be involved with those who do. It is right to want to honor the memory of your ancestors and to assert your rights.

It wasn’t the wise thing to do because bringing in hundreds of people from out of state to Charlottesville was never going to accomplish anything. The vast majority of us didn’t live in Charlottesville or Virginia. As much as we might have admired the statues, there was nothing we could do about the issue. We had no say in the matter. By going there, we aggravated the situation where it really mattered which was in the Virginia state legislature. The only thing that could have saved the statues was keeping the Democrats out of power in Richmond. Virginia politics had been teetering on the brink of disaster for years.

As a tactic, there is no doubt that Unite the Right made us weaker and our enemies stronger, so in the most basic sense it failed to advance our strategic goals. It was bold of us to go in there. It wasn’t smart. The days of traveling hundreds of miles across the country to attend rallies organized by people we barely know based on sheer enthusiasm are fortunately over. If not in Charlottesville, we would have eventually learned that lesson. In some sense, the demise of the Alt-Right was inevitable.

Five years later, I have a much better idea of why Charlottesville happened in the first place. I wasn’t involved with the first event which was the Identity Evropa flash rally and torch march there in May 2017. I think it is the key to understanding everything that followed. The event was perceived as a success and Richard Spencer was given credit for it. This could have been the fitting end of our activities in Charlottesville in 2017, but for some reason it wasn’t. We refused to take the win.

Charlottesville was a story about wounded pride. The thing that mattered more than anything else was who was going to get the credit. The event happened in Kessler’s hometown. It set off a toxic rivalry between Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer which destroyed both of them in the end. Kessler organized Unite the Right because he wanted to upstage Richard Spencer by holding a much larger rally and to punish his enemies in the town. Dick never wanted to go back, but was sucked back in that summer to defend his status and position in the movement. There was all kinds of intrigue going on behind the scenes that summer which was solely about who would be elevated and diminished by the event.

Charlottesville Three was the absurd coda to this “identitarian” trilogy. Trey Knickerbocker saw it in the back of the rental van when Richard Spencer gave a crash course on the lyrics of Dixie to the handful of guys who were willing to come back with him and march around with tiki torches. Spencer had vowed in an unhinged rant after Unite the Right that he would return again and again to haunt the town. He made good on the threat when he came back in October. As his star faded after Charlottesville, Richard Spencer’s wounded pride curdled into a blinding white hot rage at everyone who had failed him. Whereas Dick used to be driven by Nietzschean vanity, he is now possessed by wrath these days.

Jason Kessler tried to persuade everyone to come back a year later and to do it all over again at Unite the Right 2. When that didn’t work, he held a small event in Washington, DC which had nothing to do with the Confederate statues. He did succeed in drawing national attention and some notoriety to himself though. Unlike Richard Spencer, he still believes in free speech. Kessler is still mostly saying the same things five years later. He is one of the most stubborn people I have ever met in the movement. He does have principles. You could say that he is a principled fool, not an unprincipled opportunist like Spencer. I don’t hold this against him. I was a principled fool when I joined him at Unite the Right.

As I watched the Unite the Right trial, I got the impression that those two hate each other to this day. It occurred to me that their rivalry and wounded pride explains why Charlottesville happened and where they ended up. Jason will never forgive Richard for trying to steal his thunder and hijack his event and share of the credit. Richard will never forgive Jason and all of those other losers for destroying his status as a minor media celebrity. Neither of the two have the humility to admit that they a mistake.

Everyone involved in this story was J-woke and redpilled on race. Character is destiny though.

Note: Obviously, we were never in any position to the read the text messages that were exchanged between those two. Most people went to just have fun and support the cause.


  1. You’ve said all…. The right thing to do but not the wisest. Anyway remember those who fought against the woke ideology.

  2. “debacle would have never happened in a different city in a different state”

    Sincere goys make this mistake,’ I’ll follow the rules so other people will also follow the rules’.

    No goys, you’re playing against a stacked deck.

  3. A large number of decent, well-intentioned folks were led into a trap set up by the enemy. The leaders were either far too naive, stupid and/or incompetent to be leaders or they were plants working for the other side. Much damage was done and many were discouraged. A few ended up getting railroaded by a totally corrupt and pozzed legal system. A resounding victory for the Empire.

    Charlottesville has been enemy territory for a long time. It still is. How is it that those organizing this event were unaware of this simple fact? You really think the Woke government of Charlottesville or VA is going to honor permits and such niceties? To do so would be very white of them – and white is not something they want to be.

  4. Tom Metzger said the UTR event should have ended after the success of the tiki torch parade, something which took the enemy totally by surprise and upset them a great deal. But the next day, after the rally was broken up by the pigs and their Antifa goons, it was every man for himself. No one was there to protect or prevent young Mr. Fields from panicking and driving into that crowd of bums and dirt bags. He was left all alone and his actions unintentionally caused a great deal of harm to the entire Movement. So much for unifying the Right. I regard it as the equivalent of the November1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

  5. No where else to leave this, but curious for a comment about what happened to the Knickerbocker run down? Second thoughts by the author or your call?

        • I hope you put it back up. The comment section was lively and funny. Also, despite my strong disagreements with you on a variety of political issues, I actually came to similar conclusions as you did about the various Good Guys and Bad Guys in the moobment.

          In my opinion, Pro-White sites are at their best when they are:

          1. Cranking out cutting edge, visionary commentary

          2. Allowing famous people in the movement to duke it out in the comment section, which always reveals so much about the….ahem….content of their character

          Your post was a much needed character assessment of various moobment e-celebs. Please bring it back. ?

  6. If you’re White it’s illegal to peacefully protest with torches and if attacked by BLM and anrtifa, you are not allowed to defend yourself because you will be arrested and labeled a “domestic” terrorist.

  7. It doesn’t matter who organized it or who was there. There were many people there I associated with any groups or individuals. Simply upset with the plan to remove Lee. What was important was that people came together to try and stop the removal of Lee’s statue. That’s all history will remember it as. And we are still living through history as we speak.

  8. Thanks for promoting the show tonight. Good work getting everything set up for me on Gab. David Duke was there, Michael Hill was there, we broke a huge record, Charlottesville was a turning point and this was a big project. So many people to thank!

  9. It was listening by chance to a interview that Kessler gave to a journalist some weeks after UTR which he uploaded to SoundCloud that made me understand that there was more to what happened than a chaotic street fight & car crash. The police decided to not police the event & threw out the security plan. Then the Heaphy Report.

    This imo is what the public never really got. So I went from feeling negative about the event beforehand (risky & NSM) to feeling sympathetic to the folks who turned up (most of whom looked fine – but there did seem to be a subset there w/ their own counterproductive agenda).

    This is what imo drove Kessler to do UTR in DC, Spencer UTR3 in Cville, & Hunter the WLM event in Shelbyville – to demonstrate who was primarily responsible for the violence & chaos at UTR. It’s understandable even if in hindsight there were maybe better ways of pushing back & clarifying what happened.

  10. The groyper Dave Reilly, who attended Unite the Right as a member of Identity Europa was the one who recorded Richard Spencer’s rant in TYT video. Reilly sold the recording to the gay jew Milo Yiannopoulos, who in turn sold it to Roberta Kaplan, who used it against EVERYONE, not just Richard Spencer, in the Sines V Kessler show trial. Reilly literally sided with the enemies he was supposedly opposing at Charlottesville.

    Republicans like Dave Reilly are literally worse than faggots and zionists.

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