Merrick Garland Takes Credit For Mar-a-Lago Raid

I can picture the scene.

Dr. David Duke, Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Michael Hill are having a few drinks a bar in a sleepy town in north Florida in June. It is a hot and humid summer evening.

Dr. Hill takes a sip out of his glass of whiskey and mutters, “David, it is the same people who were behind the Russian Revolution. It is only the geography that has changed. We are the target now. This country has become their home base of operations.” Everyone nods in agreement.

A newbie who has attended the conference asks Kmac a question, “Dr. MacDonald, why are the Jews going so hard after Donald Trump? That guy is the biggest Jew lover in the world.” Dr. Duke chimes in before Kmac can answer, “They always overreach in the end. It is their nature.”


  1. Everyone should really read MacDonald’s latest on Individualism and the Western Tradition. It helps explain the psychology of most white people that seems to elude many.

      • Yeah, Dr. MacDonald is good on Jews, but, misses by a mile on their Catholic political allies like Phil Hart, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, ad infinitum. LOL.

          • @Tikkun Olam,

            Perhaps so, but jews were already here, and The Founding Fathers were philosemitic WASPs that did not put a religious litmus test into being a US citizen due to their philosemitism.

            Hitler, Goebbels, Speer, Degrelle, and Skorzeny were all Catholic., while Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Chrurchill, Bush I and Bush II were/are all WASPs.

            There are no ‘white hats” in the Christian-jewish coalition.

          • There’s about as much use trying to reason with these people as there was for Ned Beatty and Jon Voight to assure those gentlemen they weren’t going to tell anyone about a still. Look at the poorest counties in Appalachia, and there you have these types of people in their native habitat, left to themselves. Raised in degenerate sects like Adventists they spread their insanity throughout the country. These people have never opposed Jews and they never will. They’re only concerned that their the lowest of the low and that’s not right, Catholics are supposed to be the lowest, like it was in the old days back in Ireland.

          • Hitler, Goebbels, Speer, Degrelle, and Skorzeny were all Catholics. You forgot Mussolini and Franco. LOL. All good Roman Catholics. As far as Lincoln goes, there must be something in the water in Illinois, even to this day. Chicago is a prime example.

    • There was an interesting little debate between MacDonald and Sallis recently regarding Individualism and the Western Tradition.

      with some further comments

    • Hats off to Orange for getting all the cranks to attack the Irish, Protestants, Catholics, and Christians in general, America’s founding fathers, the English, and the Nazi crank even started refighting WWII!

      Good job SPLC Nazi trolls, we can always count on you!

      • I guess you know that the Holy Roman Catholic Franco brought African Muslims to Spain to kill White Spaniards with the help of those two Roman Catholic Saints Hitler and Mussolini.

  2. Pro forma and not all that significant — Garfinkel is only one part of a very large problem.

    More interesting is the timing — Trump left office over a year and a half ago, yet now, right before midterm elections with disaffection high and Trump-endorsed candidates doing well, they decide it’s really really important to raid and ransack his residence — it’s like they want to wage a domestic war to rally all the TDS sufferers and distract from Biden and his problems — normally it would be an external war, but right now there isn’t a pushover small country full of brown people that could plausibly be attacked.


    >Garland was confirmed in a 70-30 vote.

    Many Republicans voted to confirm him.

      • >Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

        The only surprise really.

        While generally I think a president ought to be able to appoint the people he wants, there are occasions where you have to draw the line — and since Garfinkel was already deemed unsuitable for SCOTUS, he should have been rejected as AG as well.

        The Republicans basically did the same thing with the recent black female nominee to SCOTUS — despite the indefensible criteria used to select her (race, gender, albeit she couldn’t say what a woman was when asked), they pompously announced they would give her a ‘fair hearing’, when instead they should have boycotted the entire farce and voted as a block against her had Biden tried to push her through.

        Too many Republicans don’t understand that sometimes it’s more important to exercise power than stand on principle — Democrats have no problem with this.

  3. Takes credit for raid after fellow jew judge signs search warrant. I wonder if his son in law had any part in setting up Dump or knowing about it in advance and said nothing?

    • Kushner is indeed a lead suspect for the Mar-a-Lago ‘insider’ tipping off the FBI

      But a funnier theory, is that the tip-off came from Trump himself, doing some first-class trolling again

      Trump telling Kushner (or whoever) that there is a big pile of criminal stuff inside the safe

      FBI idiots spend 9 hours breaking into the safe, finding cocktail napkins and receipts from McDonalds – EPIC

      Garland’s face and body language suggest he knows this was a real screw up, Garfinkel may be gone between November and Christmas

      • “Kushner is indeed a lead suspect for the Mar-a-Lago ‘insider’ tipping off the FBI”

        Always, always the ((( backstabbers ))).

      • “Garland’s face and body language suggest he knows this was a real screw”

        Congress is being flooded with public demands for an investigation, congressmen are putting heavy pressure on Garfinkle and warnings of a potential congressional investigation, knowing full well that there are many skeletons in the FBI’s closet.

      • He does 2 hours every weekday on the Rense stream (often with Patrick Slattery) and it’s Jews Jews Jews — I find him practically unlistenable anymore.

        • Do you remember that analogy I made about playing your favorite song at maximum volume on endless repeat gets annoying? That’s monomania

      • “Yeah he is in good shape, but has clearly had work done on his face.”

        In the thumbnail of the video posted above, he looks like a middle-aged woman.

    • Any top Jew is orders of magnitude smarter and wealthier and more cunning than any “white” American, certainly including the pitiful-legends in their own mind losers in the “movement.”

  4. Garfinkle had to say something, FBI and DOJ are being flooded with complaints and threats. Aside from the lone man trying to enter the FBI office, DOJ and FBI are scared witless of an armed group having a shootout with the FBI. That would lead to major investigations of the FBI and potential budget cuts and deep investigations of already pending complaints.

    Very bad PR.

  5. Why didn’t the FBI drag their feet for weeks and weeks so Trump could clean everything up, like they did with Jeffrey Epstein ?

  6. Over the years, john Hagee has received millions from the Israeli government and never registered under the Foreign Agents Act, a federal law. Why hasn’t his home and church been raided ? Why isn’t he in federal prison ?

  7. Jewish Garland is right.

    This is a Mega Nuclear Threat to Democracy.

    Trump has distributed the Nuclear Code to numerous fine Alt-Right people of Charlottesville as well as the Proud Boys.

    Several of these White Supremacist individuals work in the Los Alamos Laboratory and the underground Wyoming facility where they control the Minuteman III missile launch system.

    The FBI has increasing intel that these White Supremacists are working in league with Iran and Russia to possible launch missiles at Israel, NYC, and DC.

    If you have any family members, friends, or co-workers which you think harbor any sympathy towards Trump please contact the FBI immediately.

    This is a Mega Nuclear Threat to Democracy!

    Now is the time to act!

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