Axios: FBI Says Armed Man Tried To Breach Cincinnati Office

About that spark …

About Joe Six Pack’s radicalization …


“An armed person tried to break into the FBI building in Cincinnati on Wednesday, leading to a lockdown in the nearby area.

Driving the news: The FBI in Cincinnati confirmed the person tried to breach the visitor screening facility at the building. They fled the scene after a response from special agents. …”

I saw this idiot on MSNBC yesterday invoking Lincoln to justify Merrick Garland pushing forward with an indictment on Trump over 1/6. These people are living in a coastal bubble.

Note: This is perfect.


  1. MSNBC and CNN don’t have the audience to be considered “mainstream media” anymore. ABC, NBC, CBS only exist because they are grandfathered in various places.

    Regular conservative types watch FOX, and of those people, anyone younger than a boomer probably only watches Tucker Carlson.

    Look even 20 years ago Keith Olbermann was known as basically Alex Jones for post-menopausal cat ladies – not a joke, his fan club was called the “KO Estrogen Brigade” – they called themselves that, tha was his official fan club marketing gimmick.

    These people who used to be “mainstream anchors” have less engagement than Richard Spencer. Make fun of Alt MSNBC all you want, Richard Spencer is more credible than the current actors. If they gave him a spot he wouldn’t be close to their bottom rated show.

    They tried to drum up hysteria over the Capitol protests but after the BLM riots no one gave a shit, and not even your average liberal leaning type cares at all other than Trump bad.

    HW pays more attention to these has-beens than their own fans. Better him than me, I’d rather just read his summaries and skip the videos.

    • Said nothing, aside from a covert admision that the FBI is coming under tremendous pressure, ” i stand by our agents etc”, which means ” i am desperately looking for a scapegoat”.

    • Never forget that Garfinkle testified with Mayorkas in Senate hearings that the greatest existential threat to the US is domestic terrorism, especially from white supremacists[sic]. Not BLM and anti-fa, which spent the summer of 2020 looting and rioting with impunity in cities across the country, nor the millions of illegal aliens being let into this country by Mayoras, but White “supremacists.”

    • Always figured it that’s the way it’s going to happen. Whites, have been, well, at best ineffective to stop their own Genocide, but mostly just oblivious. They’ll push too hard and force a reaction because they’re getting impatient.

  2. Its hard to say in what way they can explain away raiding Melania’s panty drawer, which is what everybody assumes when they hear, “The FBI also searched Melania’s wardrobe”…. its hilarious and Twitter needs to be lit up with memes showing Chris wray sniffing her skimpy panties.

    Fuck em they asked for it. The Feds get no benefit of the doubt ever.

  3. “Armed Man Tried To Breach Cincinnati Office”

    When will it be thousands, joined by active duty troops ?

    • It won’t go like that. It will not be organized, not until the very end. It will be a revolution of ten thousand lone wolves. Imagine all of the Jan 6th attendees returning to Washington fully armed, but alone, and over a period of many weeks.

  4. Well, the AG IS a half hour late to his own press conference, giving the talking heads plenty of time to start up the spin for him.

    The ABC coverage is pretty bad and full of more holes thaN the corpse of Shinzo Abe, so I’m gonna guess its just concern trolling bullshit once the AG finally shows up.

    • Aaaaaand it was a 45 minute nothing burger event. Basically everything they are saying contradicts everything that was said by team Trump, and we’ll have no proof of anything the AG said of course cause we’re just supposed to believe him when he does a mad scramble last minute press conference saying he is pushing to unseal the warrant for the panty raid he admits to signing off on, which he wouldn’t have done were it not for the public outcry against them doing it in the first place.

      Basically he is polishing a turd he dropped himself and calling it due process.

      Not surprisingly its going to get them nothing.

  5. Its all a staged FBI (Faggot Bolshevik Insanity) production to maintain the delusion for the white wing morons that Trump is a real ‘populist opponent’ of the ‘Deep State’. Thus keeping the white wing morons affixed to the Republican Pary– so they’ll once again vote for this phony Zionist conman in another rigged election..But what do you expect? Half the population of the USA consists of morons & the other half is crazy. Very few intelligent/sane individuals left in America. This fact can be applied to all Western nations: Britain, EU, OZ-NZ, Canada, South Africa, Russia etc..—masses of dolts/lunatics.

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