Washington Post: Historians Privately Warn Biden American Democracy Is In Peril

In the larger scheme of things, the demise of the Alt-Right doesn’t matter. The whole thing was a tempest in a teacup compared to the tsunami that is coming down the road.

Washington Post:

“President Biden paused last week, during one of the busiest stretches of his presidency, for a nearly two-hour private history lesson from a group of academics who raised alarms about the dire condition of democracy at home and abroad.

The conversation during a ferocious lightning storm on Aug. 4 unfolded as a sort of Socratic dialogue between the commander in chief and a select group of scholars, who painted the current moment as among the most perilous in modern history for democratic governance, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a private meeting.

Comparisons were made to the years before the 1860 election when Abraham Lincoln warned that a “house divided against itself cannot stand” and the lead-up to the 1940 election, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt battled rising domestic sympathy for European fascism and resistance to the United States joining World War II. …”

Five years ago, there weren’t nearly as many radicals in the population as there are today. The number of radicals has exploded over the past three years. Political instability is getting worse. There is no going back to “normal.” History shows that this usually only ends one way.

My guess is that the well being index has taken a bit of a dive lately with the political stress index ratcheting up to another high. The only thing missing now is a spark.

Note: Joe Six Pack is ready for revolution now. Look at 1/6.


  1. Like I said before, only 22 years between Rubicon and Augustus, the first time around.

    Hunter, you and I are both (probably) going to live long enough to see it all transpire, see who is the American analogue to Augustus.

    • I don’t think your analogy applies. The rubicon was crossed in 1913 at latest, though 1861 is in many ways an even better date for the murder of the republic and its replacement with the empire. If the Illnoize railroad-shyster was the Murikan Julius Caesar, Theodore Roosevelt was the Augustus. The emperors after Augustus ruled with the support of the Praetorians but the Murikan emperors after TR ruled with the support of the (((banksteins))). JFK was kind of the Murikan equivalent of Marcus Aurelius, the last emperor of the Pax Romana. With Kennedy’s removal, the ’emperors’ became more puppets – ventriloquist dummies – parroting whatever decrees emitted from the (((banksteins))), the plutocrats who make all important decisions. They were effective at making damned sure there was no military culture which could turn into a Praetorian guard, so by now we have a woke farce of a military – laughably routed by the goat-herders of the Taliban despite trillions spent while the southern border is unguarded and under open invasion. I suppose Joey Shitpants can be compared to Honorius. Who will be our Alaric?

      The comparison of Rome with the Rotten Banana Empire is also an example of epoch degradation: how an age of gold decays to silver, to bronze, to clay, and (now) to dung. This an age of dung Honorius is no comparison to the original, but an utterly farcial imitation.

  2. The conversation during a ferocious lightning storm on Aug. 4 unfolded as a sort of Socratic dialogue between the commander in chief and a select group of scholars, …

    LOL — this is your country on estrogen: hyperbole along with a faggoty reverence for ‘scholars’ (or maybe ‘experts’) and a decrepit, dementia-ridden ‘commander in chief’ who’s hardly the ideal of Athenian leadership (‘Socratic’).

    • Listening to these effeminate soytwat judenpress whores emote, gush & fawn is enough to make a man laugh & puke at the same time.

    • Can’t imagine Joe Biden now in this rapidly waning season of his life conversing about anything more serious than which is the better ocean, the Atlantic or Pacific. If Biden wasn’t so pathetic, his occupancy in the Oval Office would be laugh-out-loud funny.

  3. > the Alt Right doesn’t matter.

    Amen. They successfully prevented a third party run to help get Zion Don elected, now it is over. There is no more Alt Right. There is no more “WN’ either, other than online forums like SF and FBI fronts like NSM, there never was any “WN” anything.

    Just a handful of cranks posting bullshit in comment boxes and trying to convince people to take seriously some crank “ideology” they just made up.

    Now that everyone is back in reality, not LARPing about some non-existent ‘moovement’ anyone have some non-fantasy ideas, feel free.

    There are real life groups working to stop immigration, they could use some money and manpower. Great opportunity to do something good for our people.

  4. Liberals tell the Liberal in chief to “lean into” the culture war more and be even more liberal so we can drown the chud half of the population and finally have peace.

  5. The “historians” say “Our Democracy” could be in peril. Ha! There never was any democracy (people’s rule), only plutocracy (Mammon’s rule). What’s really in peril now is the diesel-powered backup cooling system for the damaged nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, that semi-secretly embedded U.S. forces standing behind and directing the Khazarkrainian proxies, keep shelling and shelling. The cooling process must continue more than a week to prevent meltdowns in the reactors that are shut down due to damage caused by the shelling. The nations of the world don’t want another Chernobyl, Fukushima or Three Mile Island, but the capitalist system, quite logically, only cares about destroying Russia, by any means!

  6. The solution (safety valve) is the same as it has always been: devolve more power to the States, shrink the bloated Fed parasite.

  7. “…who painted the current moment as among the most perilous in modern history for democratic governance, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions…”

    They should have capitalized the D in democratic, because we all know thats what they mean.


    Read that article and its list of the names of those historians…. they all echo.

    There is nothing ZOG can do now that anybody will give them credit for, or the benefit of the doubt. Cynicism about the governments motives is the mindset of everybody to the right of a guy like Trump (who isn’t even really a conservative let alone a race realist). Cynicism because of bad faith motivations is the mindset of everyone to the left of him.

    Trump might win in 2024, or he might get murdered like Shinzo Abe did, unceremoniously before the election. Maybe assassinated after he wins. Maybe he makes it out of this alive and wrecks stuff for four more years. Its pretty hard to say at this point.

    Even if they steal it in 2024 again, there will be hell to pay.

    In all of the outcomes I listed there will be hell to pay.

    The only outcome in which conflict is delayed would be Trump standing aside in 2024, but thats only a delay while the pressure builds again behind someone like Desantis.

    Accelerationists have had their way, and the only certainty now is that normal people are going to suffer.

  8. “dialogue between the commander in chief and a select group of scholars,”


    Some opionated nobodies watched a senile old bastard take a nap.

  9. Democracy is a peril to itself: as you expand the franchise you get a stupider and stupider electorate and a government to match. It always ends in tragedy.

  10. Biden is a puppet and a damaged one at that. He can barely dress himself anymore. There’s no way he is control of anything. (((they))) just let him make incoherent speeches once in a while but the real power is behind the curtain.

  11. If democracy means after working some place for 15 years I then start getting weekly emails about ‘white privilege’ and have to be in a Zoom meeting with some trans FREAK (who also talked about ‘whiteness’) then I prefer authoritarianism. I want Orban, Franco, or the Greek Colonels instead.

  12. From the Bezos blog:

    The conversation during a ferocious lightning storm on Aug. 4 unfolded as a sort of Socratic dialogue between the commander in chief and a select group of scholars …

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous descriptions I’ve ever seen. Seriously, just how “Socratic” or “scholarly” could any “dialogue” be that was held between a retarded ventriloquist’s-dummy in Depends and a “select group of scholars”? The alleged “dialogue” was probably more in the nature of a verbal self-licking ice-cream come, though verbal self-fellation might be more accurate.

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