SPLC: Unite The Right: 5 Years Later

Michael E. Hayden & Co. have finally published their Unite the Right five year anniversary article at the SPLC which includes some extensive quotes from this website along with a big victory lap around Baked Alaska who is facing a few months behind bars over 1/6.


“Today, League of the South struggles to exist. The group has not made public-facing appearances in years, and SPLC believes the number of active members to be a mere fraction of what it was heading into Unite the Right. On the eve of the Sines v. Kessler decision in November 2021, the blogger Griffin relayed his regrets about attending Unite the Right.

“If our people want to meet up and socialize, there are far more effective and enjoyable ways to do so than being attacked by bricks, bear mace, acid, sticks and bombs of shit and urine in a place like Charlottesville. Sure, it is bold to go into a place like that, but it is not worth the cost. None of this is news. I’ve been saying all of this for years. If we ever decide to reboot our activism, it needs to be done on this basis,” he concluded, evoking familiar criticisms of the event’s counterprotesters.

Griffin responded to Hatewatch’s request for comment by posting a lengthy statement to his blog, suggesting that he regrets going, and noting that the mainstream Republican Party had adopted many views that Unite the Right protesters held. You can read an archived version of it by clicking here. …

“Now that basic concepts like the Great Replacement, Christian nationalism and secession are no longer marginal and taboo, I think we are going to have to make the leap from being a fringe political culture into boring political activists who sell out and reform conservatism like the Religious Right,” Brad Griffin of League of the South wrote in response to Hatewatch’s request for comment. “There will soon be Great Replacement activists like pro-life activists or gun rights activists.”

Griffin knows a thing or two about the so-called great replacement conspiracy theory, which posits that Jewish people, or elites, have colluded deliberately to make white people into a minority in America. Following Unite the Right, Griffin interacted online with a man accused of murdering 11 Jewish people at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in October 2018. The terror attack constitutes just one of several other similar mass murders perpetrated by men who claim to be motivated by that very conspiracy theory. …”

It is true that I regret going to Charlottesville.

If I had know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have felt such an urgent need to “do something.” I would have also strongly recommended tacking in the opposite direction. It was a tactical mistake for us to attend Jason Kessler’s rally and to get mixed up with the Nationalist Front.

In the span of five years, the League’s ideology has gone mainstream in the South. White evangelical Protestants are worried about the Great Replacement now. They support Christian nationalism now. They support secession now. They see themselves as being under attack as Whites now. Nearly everything that I heard at League of the South conferences for a decade is mainstream now.

There is nothing “extreme” about my views anymore. I’m a moderate these days. I’m not one of the 20 million Americans who “think it’s “very or extremely likely” that they will arm themselves with a gun in the next few years in a situation where political violence is justified” or one of the 4 to 5 million who are “very or completely willing” to intimidate, injure, or kill to achieve a political goal.” 

Since we stopped doing those “goon marches” in Charlottesville and Shelbyville, our views have made great strides forward. Antifa is now universally hated and seen as the enemy on the Right. “Journalists” are so hated that Republican politicians don’t allow them to attend their events anymore. This is the best of all possible worlds. We don’t take any risks and people come around on their own time.

Some people who were League of the South activists are too old now to engage in activism. Some people have larger families and greater responsibilities. Most people don’t see the point of that model anymore. It seems like our ideas are traveling on their own and permeating our culture. Socializing doesn’t require putting on costly public spectacles with people we barely know like Unite the Right.

Why does the SPLC even waste its time these days “monitoring” people like us? What is the point? I don’t believe anything that most people in the small town and rural South don’t also believe now. The point of organizing rallies in towns like Shelbyville, Vidalia and Wetumpka was to reach those people. Those people are basically on board now because conservatives adopted most of our message.

It is true that Robert Bowers believed in the Great Replacement. Most polls show that around 70% of Republican voters believe in the Great Replacement. It doesn’t make them mass shooters. The SPLC’s own poll found around almost half of young Democratic men agreed with the statement that “feminism has done more harm than good.” Nearly 2/3rds of young Republican men believe this.

In light of these numbers, the obstacles have been largely cleared and we should go into politics. I agree with Charlie Kirk that White people are being replaced. I agree with Lauren Boebert that separation of church and state is bullshit. I agree with Benny Johnson and Paul Gosar on abolishing the FBI. It is not just me now saying that we might need a National Divorce. It is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It is true that the League of the South has had a rough few years. That’s because you can be a mainstream conservative or a Republican now while agreeing with 90% of what were were saying a decade ago. The group started out as a think tank, not a mass membership organization. We are just a group of people who were ahead of the curve and who thought through these issues before anyone else.

We need to start recruiting candidates who will run in state and local races in Republican primaries on opposing the Great Replacement, Christian nationalism and getting the National Divorce. Millions of Republican voters will support this now. They just voted for Paul Gosar in Arizona. They voted for Michael Peroutka in Maryland. The Texas Republican Party now supports a referendum on Texit.

I believe that’s the next step. We need to close the gap between the prevalence of our views and our representation in government. This has only become conceivable over the last two years. We needed the big boost that the George Floyd riots and the Joe Biden presidency gave us.

Why are we scolding the mob now? Why not join it and lead it?


  1. >There is nothing “extreme” about my views anymore.

    There was nothing extreme about them before either; they were portrayed as extreme — no one says the Japanese people are extreme for wanting Japan to remain Japanese — when the ADL suggests ‘It’s OK to be white’ is extreme, the word has lost all meaning, like racist.

  2. “””…. It was a tactical mistake…..”””

    From pure military standpoint, action that leads to strategic victory, is not considered a mistake.

    It was not even tactical mistake. When recce patrol meets the enemy defense line, then there is disaster. Bunch of patrol members dead, lot of wounded and everybody shocked.

    But thanks to this, we know, where the enemy positions are, what weapons they have, how they operate and everything else for successful attack.

    Wise enemy would have used minimum amount of force only to keep recce patrol away and not exposed it’s positions and real strenght.

    At the moment, Jews probably feel sad that instead of 200 pax strong street corner demos they have tens of millions angry normies coming

  3. Agree 1000% with your coda that people with the necessary combination of charisma, realism, and courage who disagree with the Empire of Evil ought to now step out and conduct an infiltration/counterintelligence operation, a reverse “long march” through the instruments of elemental power (government decision-making positions in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as the coercive apparatus, i.e., law enforcement, the military, the spy agencies, and the black ops death squads). That is how you win: take over the tools of compliance from your enemies. Thus it always has been.

    Of course, in saying this I await the OD commenter prophets of doom (you all know who you are), who will say nothing can be done, the Jews run the world, we must simply decry our fate on an internet blog. Come on, people, justify my faith in your expressed cowardice. Then blame me for pointing out the evolutionary facts of life-those who want to win, win. Those who don’t try to win become someone’s bitch. Out yourselves, ODers. Do it.

    • I don’t think we have time left for a “long march” through the institutions. Something quite more pro-active is going to be needed I think. However, don’t let me stop anyone from trying, I’ve been wrong before. Local politics will have to be the first move, which would be more meaningful to your average person’s day to day life anyway.

  4. Something for all former racial nationalists (and speaking of Kevin MacDonald, here he is commenting on a story in the LAT):


    non-Hispanic Whites in CA: 37% … UC “set records for diversity, as students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups increased to 43.8% of the admitted first-year class. Latinos: 37.3%, Asian Americans: 35%, Black students at 5.7%, and whites at 18.6%”

    So Whites are 37% of CA’s population, but only 18% of UC’s incoming freshman class.

    As I suggested in a previous comment about upcoming SCOTUS AA cases, university admissions people around the country are literally scheming about how they can keep white kids out.

    Explain your abandonment of racial nationalism to all those white kids.

  5. Someone needs to explain Judah P. Benjamin to me before I give a shit about Confederate memorials. That said, the New Era started with Charlottesville. The Mossad/FBI even hacked Red Ice while they were doing live coverage.

    • As I noted in an earlier thread, certain (((Confederates))) are vastly more equal than the others. Of related note, the groups most ardent about destroying the monuments – and their targets are not even limited to Confederates – are BLM and Antifa, both of whom are owned and controlled by the (((usual suspects))), with Antifa also serving as an FBI-Cheka junior thug division. Monuments to Judah P. Benjamin and David Levy Yulee are unmolested for some (((strange reason))). Now y’all be good goys and don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.

      I realize that some folks might consider this as monomania about the JQ. Not really. As utterly loathsome and evil are they are Jews could not have accomplished this level of destruction all on their own. They are simply too few in number. They have a large number of willing accomplices – mostly white. In fact, those who are Christians, or even were forced by their wicked parents to attend Sunday School, should have known about their endless evil as Christ himself flatly stated they were the “Synagogue of Satan”. This quite accurate description is based on the account of Christ’s own temptation where he was taken to a high mountain by Satan who showed him all of the kingdoms of the earth and promised they would all be his right then and there if he would only bow the knee. The fact that Christ rejected Satan’s offer does not mean that (((others))) didn’t accept it with glee. They’ve been (literally) raising hell ever since.

      The Synagogue’s power is not truly their own, but that of Satan himself. The failure of the church and its leaders, along with white societies and their leaders to teach and follow the simple admonition and warnings to have nothing to do with such people is the ultimate cause of our present unpleasantness. The Jew is always going to behave according his Satanic nature – he’s taught wickedness from soon after birth. There were many places in our past where this admonition and warning was observed to a great degree, and such places fared better than those who did not. Jews need to be forced into a nice open air ghetto like the place over in the middle-east and completely cut off from everyone else so they can have it their way in their own cauldron – like ‘spiders in a can’ to borrow from a rather delicious Russian proverb. We’ll not remove the Jew’s (Satan’s) yoke until we deal with those who do their bidding – who will also prove to be the weak point in the chain when the pressure is really applied.

      • Confederate General Albert Pike being a top dog Freemason didn’t save his D.C. statue from being toppled. That surprised me a bit. Perhaps the Masons aren’t as powerful as some make them out to be.

  6. Of course the Great Replacement is a conspiracy. Barbara Lerner Specter confirmed it, as have numerous rabbis and others of a certain ethnic commonality. One only has to think of Noel Ignatiev.

    Note the power in media control.

    Death to ZOG.

  7. The one takeaway future White Nationalists must take away from public spectacles and marches like the Charlottesville Debacle is that the UTR protesters were nothing more than Useful Idiots who paid a steep price to be non-salaried fundraisers for the ADL and SPLC.

    These two organizations are nothing more than protection rackets extorting and shaking down the bread and egg money from elderly Holocaust era and post-Holocaust era Jews. Every time naive young White men (and White men old enough to know better) are conned into dressing up in Hugo Boss type “fashy” uniforms and haircuts and marching with torches , angrily bellowing “Jews will not replace us,” They help their obnoxious slimeball gangsters like Michael Edison Hayden frame the “ADL and SPLC’s “Cossacks and Nazis, Oh My(!)” narrative.

    At least, get a check from these extortion rings and cash in. Rumor is American Nazi, George Lincoln Rockwell did that much. But get paid mucho buckitos up front, like Antifa does from Gyorgy Scwhartz Soros. Obviously GLR didn’t make enough money from his cut to make it worth the while of other White Christian Europeans, so Jews like Frank Collin AKA Francis Joseph Cohen goose -stepped up to play Nazis in Skokie, Illinois and have been ever since.

    So if you are going to make an embarrassing public spectacle of “pro-White” activism and put our people further behind the eight-ball because dressing up and marching seems “sexier” than fielding and vetting politicians with pro-White candidates and organizing voter drives and well -funded PACS to get them into office, get a lot of money for it. At least do that much, highly incentivized disloyalty is still despicable, but somewhat understandable; stupidity is unforgivable.

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