1. Its all a staged FBI (Faggot Bolshevik Insanity) agitprop production to maintain the delusion for the white wing morons that Trump is a ‘real populist opponent’ of the ‘Deep State’. Thus keeping the white wing morons attached to the Zionist (Republican) Party)–so they’ll once again vote for Trump or another phony Zionist conman like DeSantis, in another rigged election. But what did you expect? Half the population of the USA consists of morons & the other half is insane. Very few intelligent/sane people left in America. This fact & observation can be applied to all Western nations: Britain/EU/OZ-NZ/Canada/Russia etc—masses of dolts/lunatics..

    • Wait a minute, the left has totally freaked out and declared total warfare on Trump, stuffed the ballot boxes, violated laws trying to destroy him, went all in and orchestrated civil disorder and it’s “all an act to trick us?” Hope that tinfoil hat doesn’t itch too much on your head.

      • There’s one party. It runs the nation. They put on the appearance of being conflicted parties, so people actually think they have a say in their leadership. If they really were at odds, you’d have to wonder why the Republicans vote in the Biden appointees. Or why they just have hearings, and no one is scared at all. Both parties want massive immigration and are anti-white. They ARE tricking a lot of people.

  2. They always attach each other out in the open which is part of their game but behind closed doors they’re plotting against us.

    • Yep. All of those Biden appointees that the Reps attacked in hearings, all got in. It’s a show, and both sides have a role.

  3. The DemonKKKraps and Recucklicans fight each other while Uncle Shmuli laughs up his sleeve behind the curtain.

    • @Spahnranch1970

      Yeah. Nailed it. As Benjamin Disraeli (who was a close friend of a certain feller named Rothschild) put it, in his novel Coningsby:

      Governments do not govern but merely control the machinery of government for the hidden hand, which is the real ruler.

      He then went on to say how he, as a hebrew, visited many countries and spoke with PM’s, Presidents etc, and within the levers of power in many countries he would always find fellow hebraics.

      Nothing is ever what it seems. Death to ZOG.

  4. I have been wondering why the ultra professional managerial class (UPMC’s) tend to lean liberal. People with good incomes lean Republican, it’s the top 2% that heavily lean liberal and Democrat.

    Basically the people who live in gated communities or ultra rich zip codes where crime is non-existent. I believe these people support the democratic party not because they actually believe in all the liberal Marxist garbage, but because it has financial implications. Supporting unrelenting and illegal immigration provides cheap labor, supporting tranny rights and gender fluid bathrooms gives more power to corporate HR departments. I believe tranny and gay rights are being used to stifle free speech, because of course these queers find everything offensive. UPMC’s want to stifle free speech because they see free speech as an obstacle to unrelenting globalism and unlimited corporate power. Covid hysteria is also used to stifle free speech, these people are not actually afraid of Covid, that’s why we read stories about ultra wealthy and ultra famous individuals going to public gatherings without masks such as Obama’s birthday party at his mansion with hundreds of people maskless. “Masks for thee, not for me.”

    Corporate people don’t support trannies and gays because they care about tranny and gay rights but because it gives them more power to silence dissent. The UPMC’s support Ukraine not because they care about Ukraine but because they see Vladimir Putin as a traditionalist conservative, supporting Ukraine is all about opposing Putin rather than any real concern over Ukraine or Ukrainians.

    All in all, these people became the top 2% income, ultra professional managerial class, corporate-yes-men and corporate-yes-women not because they have morals or principles but because it serves their strategic power interests. These people don’t give a shit if the entire 3rd world comes here because it drives down the cost of labor which increases profits and the UPMC’s don’t have to worry about being among the unwashed masses because they are isolated in their corporate boardrooms, exclusive wealthy privately secured cocktail parties, gated communities, and live in crime-free green zone zip codes with well-paid police officers patrolling the neighborhoods along with private security.

    These UPMC’S live in a bubble, they view conservatives as these savage loud-mouth hillbillies who shoot guns in their backyards and spit tobacco on their porch. I know how these UPMC’s think because I have to deal with one of them on occasion in upper corporate at work, they don’t view workers or lower management as human, all these people see is numbers on a screen and all they care about is numbers.

    Being the top 2% income democrat is all about numbers. These people want globalism for the numbers, to stifle free speech for the numbers, they want unrelenting immigration for the numbers.

    • I agree with most of this, but I’ve met way too many people, who are isolated from the real thing, and are naive as hell, who aren’t top wage earners. They’ve just managed to find a way to live off others or they are trust fund babies. They really do think that blacks are victims of racism, and that illegals are coming here to work.

      • ” They really do think that blacks are victims of racism, and that illegals are coming here to work.”

        The power of TV and social conformity, which is TV driven.

        • Under Bush, all we heard was how they are such hard workers, etc. Or how they are so family oriented. Whites used to have big families when they could afford them. Illegals don’t worry if they have a lot of kids, because they don’t pay to raise them. We do.
          Most illegals are not here to work. They live off of us. The whole “migrant” and “refugee” thing has been sold to the American public, and most people think “legal immigration” is just fine. So bringing in millions and millions of nonwhite, low IQ, nonworking people who bring drugs, crime, and are breeding machines, is fine with them. Amnesty is fine with them, too, because now, instantly, millions of them are legal. Even if they are illegal, they get on all of our social programs, including Medicare and SS. Don’t think for a minute they aren’t bussing 80 year old Mexicans in, they are, and they come here and get more free healthcare than you will ever see.

  5. Damn, some still not getting it. Hidden hand, no hope, nothing anyone can do…yes, of course. And this is why the Left, globalists, jews, anti-Whites, media work 24/7 and cover as many angles as they can in working to destroy White America and White Americans (& White Euros obviously).
    If it’s all so rigged, then why do they bother and work so hard?

    In case you haven’t figured it out, for a variety of reasons, which currently don’t really matter, the ‘White Peoples’ and their identity have congregated around the hive of Trumpism – yes, not the best choice of course, yet anyone else able and willing to go so hard presently? Any common peasant (like an Austrian corporal) would literally be removed in short order. Yes, not the best , ideal hand, yet it’s the hand the White people have at this moment in time.
    We’ll see how it all goes, yet stuff pivots quickly. Trumpism/MAGA is what the decentralists have right now. Some other relatively meaningless local group doesn’t currently matter. Is some of it a grift and con, probably, yet the ideology/people are now what the situation is. Does suck about the steal, Jan 6th fiasco and last minute pardons for some stupid rappers. Perhaps a better element can grow out of it all. Yet the Right would be wise to utilize this strategic blunder of the fed home raid to their advantage.
    Game theory people. Gotta stop being so purist and think real politic.
    Ya know, like actually try to learn from the winning jews. Just take over the group and lead it.

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