Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: God Wrote The Constitution

I like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas.

From what I have seen, he gives me Gilead vibes. Texas AG Ken Paxton has also vowed to enforce the anti-sodomy law in Texas in the event the Supreme Court overturns Lawrence v. Texas.


  1. No one took the bait. They’ve been provoking whites, but even this raid didn’t do it. They must think whites are stupid.
    No “biblical Christian men” ” took dominion”.

  2. If he thinks the Constitution is “from God”, then they even more cement the God of Israel at the helm.

  3. “we were a nation founded upon not the words of our founders, but the words of God because He wrote the Constitution.”

    What a crazy !

    I suppose only religion can cause rational ppl to advocate insanity.

  4. I suppose that’s why it’s been so easy for “god’s chosen” to circumvent the Constitution. The jews have effectively repealed the Gawd’s Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Anglo-American legal tradition, and illegitimately discarded the ideas of innocence before proven guilty, due process, free association, free political speech, and every social and legal construct peripheral to running a Representative Government.

    Yea Gawd!

    • @DICARLO—-you made my point kyke, God did create the constitution and everything the Jews do is out of a hatred of God and Christ, everything. Thank you kyke.

      • Yeah asshole? Tell it to the 95% Christians in the US gov now and since the Constitution was written, Christards just like you, who have bowed down and do the bidding of the miniscule kosher minority and sucked their dicks instead of keeping the American homeland going in the right direction. The bottom line is that so called Christians worship the jews, not your imaginary deity.

        Baptist, a Methodist, Calvinist, Johova’s Witness, and so many of your 35000 Christian denominations, I’ve heard it ALL. You ‘believers’ can’t agree on ANYTHING and yet you continue to “preach” the same false doctrine. That is, that the jews are God’s chosen people. LOL!

        • @DICARLO—–AGAIN SCHMUCK, why do the Jews have over 200 Jew only genetic diseases? Is that Gods way of showing his love? You blood is cursed and it is God who has cursed it, homosexuality, sexual perversion, pedophilia, that Rachel thing…. wake up retard.


    >One-on-One with Russell Moore

    The director of Christianity Today’s Public Theology Project on big trouble at the Southern Baptist Convention and the proper place of faith and the church in society.

    even less relevant:

    >One-on-One with Asa Hutchinson

    The Arkansas governor on eight years leading the Natural State and what he’ll do next.

  6. If God wrote the constitution it would be impossible to amend and subvert because it would have been written in stone or some other way it couldn’t be circumvented.

  7. @Brad Wasn’t the classic book on the Constitutional Convention entitled “Miracle at Philadelphia”.

    • NBF—kyke the Jews created religion to reach their own goals and aims, it just backfired on them for some unknown reason, that has absolutely nothing to do with God, right schmuck?

      • Gawd didn’t write the Constitution or the Bahble, Bobbi.

        Now STFU & go have another threesome with those juithy Oirish & kike studs you love/hate so much, Brownhole.

  8. It really boils down to whether we want to follow schizophrenic Christians like the ones in this video that will lead us to another Dark Ages or strive to become a Kardashev Scale – Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization. Choose wisely.

  9. Oh Dear.

    Well apparently this Old Testament Jewish tribal God Jehovah (Parted the Red Sea, drowned the Gentiles, brought plagues to kill the first born of all Egyptian children, all the houses that didn’t have a sign on their roofs that a Jewish family lived under the roof so this J Tribal God Jehovah would:

    “Passover” the house and not bring plague (what kind? COVID, TB, Ebola, Monkeypox, AIDS the plagues the Js are not importing us with mass #rd world immigration!)

    Apparently this Old Testament J God that directly inspired the US Constitution forgot some key things:

    Forgot to ban usury
    Forgot to ban fractional reserve banking
    Forgot to ban non White/J alien monopoly of the US mass media
    Forgot to ban non White mass immigration
    Forgot to mention Islam – (it’s not like the problems of Islam weren’t well known at the time, sack of Constantinople, Muslim pirate slave raids in Scandinavia – Muslims always liked, like blond sex slaves)

    Did this J God directly inspire, dictate Tommy Jefferson to write that nonsense in the USA Declaration of Independence stating all men are created equal (how about the 10th illegitimate child to some Black crack cocaine addict? How about Idi Amin’s 25 something children, or Jacob Zulu’s huge litters of N bastards?)


    As Christianity goes brown, we’re increasingly F*#&*$@.

    Christianity Goes Brown American Renaissance Amren

      • Amren doesn’t allow discussion of the JQ, accept in some subtle criticism of J Neo Conservatives in the comment section.

        It’s a PR, marketing decision. Which I understand.

        • That’s not true. Jared Taylor HAS discussed them, and said he allows them in his group. His conferences will have several of them speaking at them.
          It’s one thing to say you don’t discuss something, and another to heartily welcome them into your group and say they are great contributers.
          His site is notorious for censoring and banning anyone who talks about them.
          He has stated that Jews and Asians are superior to whites. The whole “racial realist” is about a future with Jews and Asians, not whites. Ask John Engelman, who runs his website. He’s a big Evangelical who loves Jews.
          It’s not a PR decision anymore. That site was never pro-white.
          It’s only old guys who like Amren, because it’s like Fox News, it dislikes blacks and Muslims.
          But never the enemy who is crushing whites. Younger people just aren’t going to put up with lying and obfuscating the truth.
          I have no respect for these people.
          His group goes in circles about things happening, but will never point a finger to who is funding anti-white issues.
          If he truly wanted to avoid the JQ, because he feared being shutdown, he has already been shut down on several media platforms.
          He is avoiding the JQ because he has them as members in his group.

    • Well, it did actually limit immigration to White people. Unfortunately the definition of White people was extended to include a group of non-white imposters who then went on to overthrow the existing law.

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