Sean Wilentz Briefs Joe Biden On Trump’s Threat To American Democracy

Muh legitimacy.

Muh institutions.

Muh liberal democracy.

Why do so many people have the impression that there is this insular, malevolent class of PMCs who live in a coastal bubble and who dominate our institutions and who are out of touch with folks in Real America and who are out to get Donald Trump and his supporters?

Tell me something … where would anyone get that impression?


  1. Sitting in your blue bubbles, with other gaseous folks, passing the gas of left smugness, the stench in there must be epic….

  2. “out of touch with folks in Real America ”

    Biden just gave a speech saying there is zero inflation.
    (Out of touch with reality.)

    • No, he is just a poor liar. He is very in-touch with reality. He knows exactly what is going on. He just denies it, so he can keep doing what he is doing.
      He is very effective for the leftists in destroying the US. This isn’t blunders or senility or incompetence. It’s planned, and it’s why he is in the White House. The right media portrays him as a big buffoon, but he is doing exactly what the leftists want to do. Mass nonwhite immigration, less medical care with more costs for whites, erosion of freedoms and liberty, more taxation, and the great replacement.

      If the GOP and right wing actually acknowledged what he is doing, then they might think they would have to do something about it. But Fox and other GOP sources just laugh and call Biden “dumb”, “incompetent”, and “senile”. According to them, he’s just a bumbling fool, and you really won’t see someone like that as a dangerous enemy.

      • No, he is just a poor liar.

        Yes, he’s always been a compulsive liar.
        With the media giving him a pass, never calling out the chronic lying.
        The game is fixed, the media is ((rigged)).

        • Agree. I’ve seen YouTube comments, where MAGA people even say they “feel sorry” for Biden, they think he has dementia. I just think he has old moments, but I think he knows what he is doing. These people are so easily misled. Or they laugh and make fun of him for being “old and senile”, like he can’t help what he is doing.
          MAGA people seem rather confused. They know things aren’t right, but they walk on eggshells trying not to blame anyone.

  3. The white PMCs will ultimately prove to be the weak link in Schlomo’s chain of slavery. When the time comes, they will for the most part be soft targets who’ll start to feel the pain quickly. Once they start to feel it in sufficient number, they’ll begin to break and run which will accelerate the empire’s collapse. Schlomo can’t run the empire on his own. While the orcs can serve as muscle, they’re pretty ineffective absent PMC leadership and organization. There are also a lot fewer PMCs than there are orcs. Jews and other cloud people are hard targets and too costly to go after early in the festivities.

    Look at who the Taliban targeted in the early stages of the reconquista of their Afghan homeland. It wasn’t the imperial legions for the most part, but the native collaborators – against whom they could be extremely ruthless. There’s an important lesson to be learnt there. Actions like turning the males over to the #me-too mob, etc. is a way to wage war upon the PMCs before the kinetic level. Repuke and “Christian” PMCs should be targeted first.

  4. Well, they people are those beloved white race what we should serve and protect.

    In Europe is the same and if anyvody still don’t know, Soviet mass murders were committed by our beloved white people.

    Yes there were a lot of jews, but all dirty work was done by white liberals. In the US also, Soros and other rich Jews do not firgt on the street and do not make atrocities. Liberal whites do dirty job fir them.

  5. I wonder… was the great ‘historian’ Wilentz one of those having a “Socratic dialogue” with the vegetable-in-chief? What would such a ‘dialogue’ sound like? Would Joe Tzu be drooling and shaking hands with the air while Wilentz droned on with regurgitated Church of Woke dogma points? If so, the greatest master of stateegery ever produced by Murikan edumacation would likely have been passed out cold before Wilentz was done.

  6. The Republicans are hoping to take back both houses so they can own Biden by doing nothing but the typical mouth service.

  7. ALWAYS the dick-nosed faces of kike “historians” & other “experts” on televitz, filtering & lying about OUR history & current politics.

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