New York Times: As Right-Wing Rhetoric Escalates, So Do Threats and Violence

In light of these numbers, what is the most explosive thing that could happen that is most likely to trigger a wave of political violence?

New York Times:

“Robert Pape, a professor at the University of Chicago who studies political violence, has conducted half a dozen nationwide polls since the Jan. 6 attack and has repeatedly found the same results: that between 15 million and 20 million American adults believe that violence would be justified to return Mr. Trump to office.

This kind of “community support,” Mr. Pape said, can normalize violence.

“Community support lowers the threshold at which volatile people will take action,” Mr. Pape said, “because he or she will tell themselves that people in the community actually support them. Maybe it’s only 10 percent of the community, but that’s still a large group.”

Mr. Pape and other violence researchers often compare conditions in the United States to those of dry forest with lots of combustible material on the ground. All it takes is a spark, like the search of Mar-a-Lago, to ignite the tinder.

With Mr. Trump facing multiple investigations even as he considers yet another run for office, there are many possible sparks that could flare up in the days and weeks ahead.

“We’re in wildfire season,” Mr. Pape said, “and will be for quite some time.”

If you got Merrick Garland and the DOJ to indict and prosecute Trump over 1/6 and it was perceived as a Deep State plot, I would say that is the scenario that is most likely to lead to maximum destabilization. He already has 20 million people like Ricky Shiffer out there who are ready to use violence.

Note: BTW, the FBI was out to get him. He wasn’t paranoid. The incident reminds me of the fighting that started in Bleeding Kansas when the most extreme people on both sides went at it before the main event.


  1. Ricky Shiffer, that was more like suicide & stupidity.

    I’m surprised we have not seen at least one Congressman punch another Congressman in the mouth. Women included.

    Maybe, the MTG will deck Pelosi. That would guarantee Ms. Marjorie a place in the history books. I bet she would get better press than the “Bully” Brooks too. Pelosi would probably have to make a Catholic novena to see the Pope in her Italian homeland. Say, Dago cheese.

    • “Pelosi would probably have to make a Catholic novena to see the Pope ”

      Dude, you don’t know pelosi’s true religion.

      • It’s exactly the same as the “pope’s” true religion. That goes for whichever “pope” you like too – be it Bergoglio in Vatican City or Nosferatu in Murika. The Archbishop of Canterbury and many other so-called “Christian” leaders share Nancy’s religion, along with famous folks like Satan-Klaus, Bezos, Gates, Soros, etc.

    • White Ethnics(Catholics) were the first people to support Trump for the most part. Evangelicals and Southerners were late to the party as far as Nationalism goes, so I’d get off your high horse about that.

  2. “””….what is the most explosive thing that could happen….”””

    Something similar what happened in Soviet Union in 1991.

    To save democracy and humanity and dignity and constitution and your child hamster, democratic institutions form some kind of Committee on the State of Emergency what will rise up against evil and lead freedom loving Americans agains enemies of democracy.

    When elections turn ugly and Russia is winning and Trump is not in jail and financial system crashing, those people think that it is time to take gloves off. Liberalism is disease and because of that easily to predict.

  3. A great running observation of Steve Sailer is that today’s Leftists fully embody the classic communist formula of ‘Who? Whom?’, i.e., how everything in propaganda or even the legal system itself, turns simply on who you want to win, or whom you want to be destroyed.

    This formula – in Russian, Kto? Kogo? – came from Lenin himself (1921), then Trotsky (1925) and Stalin (1929).

    Regrettably, the undermining of classic USA ‘rule of law’ – treating all defendants impartially and fairly – dates back to the Christian-led disaster of Prohibition, turning the average ‘normie’ into a criminal, and making mafias of Jews, Italians and Irish into ‘populist heroes’. Some of today’s boomers will still happily tell you how their grandpa was a whisky-smuggler or rum-runner during 1920-33.

    Ever since Prohibition, there’s been an American admiration for deviousness about the law, which is now ruthlessly expanded by a totally Machiavellian ‘Left’.

    Left vs Right ‘lawfare’ is an old story in Israel, where globalist vs Zionist Jews go at each other’s throats, so Netanyahu is threatened with indictments etc, in the same kind of ‘Who? Whom?’ lawfare we see in the US by Left against Right.

    The failed right-wing Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork long ago observed that Jews have been slowly using the ‘Israeli model’ to poison USA politics as well (see ‘Borked’ by late Israeli dissident Barry Chamish).

    Tho even today, US Jews in the two camps of globalists (Soros, the larger US Jewish group tied to Biden) vs nationalist Zionists (Netanyahu, smaller USA Jewish group tied to Trump), avoid attacking each other directly inside the USA, but only via proxies like Trump … whereas in Israel, they hit each other directly and personally.

    • “Christian-led disaster of Prohibition, ”

      Yes, they were fools. Trying to totally prohibit alcohol.
      Do as NSDAP did, outlaw the advertising of alcohol.
      Next step, outlaw public consumption.
      Make alcohol a stay at home lonely private matter.

      Make the distillers put their product in the ugliest possible container with ample warnings.

    • Pelosi recieved Roman Catholic communion at a Papal Mass in the Vatican. That was after a private audience with Mr. Infallible Pope a few weeks ago. Say Dago Cheese.

  4. All any of this proves is that there is and never will be any peaceful solution to combat white genocide.
    How do you reason with or ‘fight back’ against someone who wants your unborn children and grandchildren dead and or enslaved?

  5. “has repeatedly found the same results: that between 15 million and 20 million American adults believe that violence would be justified to return Mr. Trump to office.”

    Assuming these polls were actuallty done, for the sake of argument. What I am sure of is that there are at least that many who believe violence is justified to get this thing under control so we can have some stability in our once prosperous homeland. And none of them are dumb enough to tell a pollster that.

    For every Magapede that thinks Trump is the way we can do that, there are more that see the end, and see past him as the means and understand he isn’t the only game in town.

    We have a long long way to go before we have mass violent resistance. Avoid anything that smells like vanguardism. Its either an OP, or some E-faggot trying to build himself a profile. Picture Baked Alaska. Fake and gay.

    Don’t let anyone dictate your actions, or provoke you to anger. The consequences of your actions are felt by more than just you.

  6. Hunter, I appreciate you mentioning Bleeding Kansas. I had no idea about this and you mentioning it made me look it up and expand my own knowledge of American history.

    When we descend into civil war, will it resemble north vs south, or the narco wars currently taking place in Tijuana? That’s what I wonder.

  7. Judge tears into Ahmaud Arbery killers, gives them life in prison.
    People can’t say enough good things about the judge.
    Jeez. Tells you what Fox viewers are like.

  8. America isn’t anywhere close to a civil war.

    Most people are politically inert and have no interest in duking it out over politics. You’re more likely to get a riot at a concert or over a sports team than you will over politics. And even then, as 2020 showed, both sides have to show up. We know your average GOP voter won’t and the GOP wouldn’t call its supporters out to do anything to stop wild black mobs.

    This isn’t Bleeding Kansas, it’s banana republic politics.

    • Same people will scream in a sports bar for their team, but never get excited over what is going on. No matter what the current admin does, no one really cares.

      • no one really cares.

        Took WN a long time to come to that understanding. We tried for many years to wake them up but we didn’t fully understand they just don’t give a shit. Normies don’t care about things like race, heritage, jews, Covid tyranny, but they hate Russia. They follow the instructions of the mainstream well.

        • I’ve asked other whites what their ethnicity is. Some really don’t know. “I’m an American!” (they easily confuse nationality with ethnicity) or “Does it matter?” Yes, it matters if one cares about heritage and where they came from. But these people don’t care. They don’t even eat “ethnic foods” unless it’s tacos. There is only one thing they even know about WW2.
          Unless their ancestors came over on the Mayflower, they should know where their families are from.
          What is so interesting is how the MSM doesn’t try to hide their anti-white rhetoric, and yet, so many whites don’t even pick up on that, to see what’s going on.

        • I think historically it only takes about 10% of the population to start a revolution. Most people will keep their heads down and hope neither side notices them. Then they’ll go along with whatever side won. Pretty damning but true. How many Americans took sides in the American revolution?

  9. Well, yes people are pretty pissed. I went to a meeting of the local states senators last Thursday in Effingham IL and they are very upset that the global warming indulgence crowd just shut down all their coal fired power plants increasing their electric bills from $200 to $600 a month. We are all really pretty pissed and want secession from that Jew Pritzker in Chicago but these people will still need to see their savior Darren Bailey go down in flames to the Chicago mail in vote machine to realize how bad it really is. These big blue cities are globalist colonies on American Soil same as the French colonies in Indochina. We are in the same position as the Vietnamese 70 years ago with foreign colonies of Chinese and Hindus in our major cites brought in by foreigners to overthrow us. We need to learn the same lessons as the VC.

    • Voting isn’t going to fix anything. They will simply put in who they want. People need to wake up and realize this.

  10. No one is going to do a thing. No matter how bad it gets. The fake outrage on Fox News, the constant GOP yelling and ranting, but NOTHING ever changes.
    None of the crooks are ever brought up on charges.
    The whole Trump thing is to deflect attention away from Hunter Biden, it’s so obvious.
    Nothing will happen to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or any other officials.
    Because both parties are the government.

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