Brian Stelter: Extreme Anti-FBI Rhetoric Is Now Mainstream In The GOP

Editor’s Note: I knew something was stirring when Eric Metaxas punched that punk. Rod Dreher spent a lot of time handwriting about it.




This is another positive development.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of it for years and now my fellow Christians see that the FBI and “intelligence community” are completely corrupt and ought to be abolished. We also need to get rid of thr groomers who have infested corporations like Disney.

Note: I recently saw this trash at Target.


  1. This does tend to bother me in a way. Why do I see the FBI, ATF, DEA, etc. being abolished but suddenly being replaced with a single all encompassing Federal Police force? We’d be hopping from the frying pan into the fire. I always get nervous when politicians suddenly hop onto the bandwagon.

  2. Shitlibs and Jews, stop expecting normal people to respect or appreciate your state secret police and their prosecutions of political prisoners.

  3. TWA800 shoot down did it for me. I suppose the Jack Whack was the start of the new Deep State. Having an inherently political national police force just seems like a bad idea.

    • >TWA800 shoot down did it for me.

      You know, after I took some interest in the JFK assassination as a teenager, another huge WTF moment for me was when I read a news account of the co-pilot of another airliner in the sky at the same time, who said just before he saw the explosion of (what turned out to be) TWA 800, he saw a streak of light shooting upward toward the same area — in the same article some ‘expert’ debunked what the co-pilot said by claiming what he saw was probably just a meteor — as if a pilot for a major airline carrier could not tell the difference between a streak of light traveling upward vs downward.

      The TWA 800 Whistleblower Is Legit

      Most people have forgotten about TWA 800 — they’ve also forgotten that the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988.

  4. Yep we’ve got to fire these federal agencies. We need a new national capital and need to hire a whole new crop of people loyal to the real America. A new president should not even go to that white house but set up shop somewhere centrally located like Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Ft Leavenworth in Kansas, etc. Then fire everyone in DC and rebuild with loyal people. Somewhere new like Branson Missouri which would be sort of part of the south, sort of part of the midwest, close to the great plains states where support for real America still remains strong. Let the east coast Boston-DC megapolis corridor and the left coast go their own way. Build that wall not only along the southern border, but the new borders along the coasts. Send them our illegal aliens, hindu carpetbaggers, etc. Then a massive purge through the cultural institutions in the real America. MacCarthy was a dress rehearsal for the purge. Pink slip all the commie teachers etc and bar them from any profession of cultural influence. They can either go to the coasts or flip some burgers and salt some fries.

  5. The first American revolution came about due to a tax situation, and now the US is about to sic 87,000 armed IRS parasites onto low and middle class Americans.

    History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes, as Samuel Clements once said.

  6. Metaxas is exhibit A in the radicalization that is taking place

    Christiana have been shocked awake by the vaxx mandates and the stealing of the last election. Time to drive the money changers from the Temple again. Jesus Christ was the first populist!

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