MSNBC: DHS, FBI Warn Of Increasing Online Threats To Federal Law Enforcement


Feds Out Of Dixie.

Where have I heard that one before?

Note: DHS needs to be abolished too. It is another worthless bureaucracy.


  1. They might as well disband the SEC for all the good they do anymore. Just saw another stock swindle where an American corporation sold to an Italian corporation for the cash amount the stock had been selling for before the sale/merger. Not even any “good will”. In other words a stock is trading around $25 dollars a share, and the corporate management sells out for around the same price as the stock is trading at.

  2. Told you, black market stingers and javelin missiles, stolen from Ukraine, are going to end up in the hands of the Proud Boys. Fair warning drag queens and FBI agents.

    • To where? Every white country is full of nonwhites. In the US, every single state is full of nonwhites. There are no “white states”. That’s a myth among the naive boomers.

  3. Federale are no good. I trust local sheriff’s like Arapio who was actually arresting illegals.

    All crime is local, we do not need these big bloated FBIs & ATFs.

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