Tucker Carlson: Weaponized DOJ

I remember telling people this years ago.

I repeatedly advised Michael Weaver not to attend volatile rallies where Antifa show up because I didn’t trust federal law enforcement which I compared to the Stasi in East Germany. I remember telling Christopher Cantwell that he was naive and shouldn’t trust the FBI.

Cantwell is now in prison. Ricky Vaughn was indicted by the DOJ over memes. The FBI and DOJ have gone after literally everyone in Trump’s orbit. Trump himself is going to be indicted next. None of this is new and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who remembers Waco, Ruby Ridge or Charlottesville.

I still get letters from people who remember what happened to Matt Hale in the early 2000s and to Robert “LaVoy” Finicum. The FBI are the political police like the Stasi or the NKVD, not a neutral law enforcement agency. It has only been in the last week or so though that conservatives have finally begun saying it. It wasn’t that long ago that Hannity was one of their biggest cheerleaders.

Conservatives have traditionally believed that the FBI and the Pentagon are full of great American patriots who are on their side. Trump himself believed in this delusion which is why he hired all those generals. The Qtards were dumb to believe that the military was going to intervene and keep Trump in power on 1/6. The FBI and the generals like Mark Milley were always part of the cabal plotting against him.


  1. After not being on the show all last week, Tucker came out of the gate hard. I was very happy to see that he mentioned Ricky Vaughn.

  2. “””…Stasi in East Germany.. “””

    Our ones were much more competent and sophisticated. KGB was very professional about controlling society. We never had such open violence and steamrolling all norms so everybody see that law enforcement is above the law.

    • The FBI has more in common with Idi Amin’s State Research Bureau than it does with the Stasi and the NKVD.

  3. “I got tons of friends in law enforcement, tons.”——homo Hannity

    And they are all Irish right Mick?

    Not one of Hannity’s friends is going to resign over what the FBI is doing, they are all complicit. They are all in on it together. All for one and one for all, no matter the cause, no matter the evil, they are all blood brothers.

    Another Hannity quote that sticks to the inside of my skull—–“I hate white supremacist, I hate them with a passion.”

    We all know what white supremacist means it means white Christian, the morally just. That is what that Irish filth hates.

    • Browno! Rannin’ yer fokken gob agen, loik da GOBSHITE y’are! Next beatin’ Derry Boys mete out to ye, I’ll tell ’em to adminster an extra few kicks.

        • How about the “Black Welsh” – as if anyone can be Welsh now, regardless of race or ethnicity? Africans imported as cheap labour (even cheaper than Welsh people) have been present in Wales for many years, and now about 1% of the population of Wales is of African descent.

          Wales has been the most leftist part of the British isles, but its leftism has mostly become woke and lost its way.

          • That’s referred to a the “magic dirt theory” – a favorite of “leftists” everywhere (using the modern definition of the term) and quite a few “rightists” as well (who love to privatize their profits while socializing their costs, along with their “leftist” friends in the golf club). It’s even endorsed by traditionalist Catholics like E. Michael Jones, who informs us that a Congolese born on Poland of Congolese parents, raised there speaking excellent Polish, fully Roman Catholic is magically thus Polish.

            If you believe this theory Jared Taylor, who was born and raised in Japan by white American missionaries and speaks Japanese like a native son, is therefore as Japanese as the emperor himself. (The Japanese would very quickly inform him that such an assertion is bullshit, as would the Chinese if E. Michael Jones learned perfect Mandarin, put on the native dress and lived in Beijing). In fact, the only people on earth insane and stupid enough to believe in the magic dirt theory – absolute gospel truth to hear Jews tell it (except for Israel of course) are whites, who are supposed to be of high intelligence.

            In France not too long ago a blackrobe ruled that some dindu from Africa is fully Breton, a small Celtic population in western France. You see it all the time in gaslight media too, typically when a follower of the prophet us put up to some horrific act screaming ‘Aloha snackbar’ and is described as “British man sets off bomb in London”. Only later you find out his first name is Mohammed and he’s really from Pakistan or some other place in the Dar al-Islam.

        • Not like James Connolly, greatest Irish politician. But James Connolly was actually Scottish, born in Edinburgh, in 1868.

          Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are as good as it gets in Irish politics today:

      • @Sertorius—–homosexuality and the desire to have and hold power over others is the thing that united the Jews and the Irish in common cause. They are allies Mick, and you are here, handing on my every word, because it is truth that must not come in to common knowledge. Uncle Ted has got a hearing on September 8. You are not like us Mick.

        • Not “handing”, Bobbo, laughing is the operative term.

          Come to think of it, New York is another place you would fit in other than the Massachusetts Bay Colony, that is, in the 1820s-30s when all those religious crackpots like the Shakers existed there.

          • Sertorius—you are not like us professor, you and fag marriages, and pride parades need to pick your stupid Irish rear ends up and go home where you belong. Get it through your thick skull retard. Did i spell that right professor?

  4. Re: “I didn’t trust federal law enforcement which I compared to the Stasi in East Germany”:

    At least the Stasi (“The Sword and Shield of the Party”) was working for the good of the German people. What Stasi did was a matter of national survival, because the U.S. was at war with the DDR from the very beginning. The wall also had to be built to keep out the money corruption, to save the people.

    The Stasi records were finally made available to the public, but I doubt that the Empire’s much more extensive and devious records will ever be viewed by the public. Much of the Empire’s spying work has even been privatised, just as the mass incarceration industry is largely privatised, because this is, of course, the private enterprise system.

    Re: “(it) is the political police (…) not a neutral law enforcement agency (…) None of this is new and it shouldn’t come as a surprise”:

    Enforcement can never be politically “neutral,” because the private enterprise system of the parasitic elite class that the enforcement serves and protects is always at war – against all of the interests, and stirrings and risings of all of the working people of the world, both in the imperial “homeland” and every nation.

    • I had a very, very pleasant day in 1985 in the DDR – East Germany. Everybody was White German with some White Russian soldiers. I was with some White American soldiers.

      Has everyone seen the great all White movie “Good Bye Lenin” about the final days of Socialist East Berlin/East Germany and the nostalgia for Ossies White East Germans for the ways things were.

      Here is the trailer – this is a very romantic movie and very, very pro regular White people.


      Good Bye Lenin is one of my favorite movies.

      • Jaye Ryan, thanks for that. DDR preserved German-ness and German ethno-socialism, while the U.S.-occupied western three-quarters became ever more cosmopolitan, capitalistic, unequal, and multicultural (importing millions of Turks and other cheap labour).

        I try to present a different view of things here, for the sake of interest and balance, and intellectual honesty. But I do consider, pay attention to, and actually appreciate many other views, including Hunter’s own Southern, conservative, right-populist position; and I especially appreciate his openness to other ideas, that he certainly doesn’t try to maintain an echo chamber for just his own view.

  5. The only alternative to Trump is a Pro-White Nativist Party…..and the emergence of this kind of Party would be wonderful indeed..It is impossible to imagine any other alternative…..

    Trumpism=Civic Nationalist Cuckism….

    So I pray at night that Trump is thrown into prison along with his sons…..and the old Italian granny Rudi Giuliani…..prison bunkbeds…share the toilet with the homosexual Lindsay Graham….

  6. The 87,000 new IRS agents will be directed at the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire’s domestic enemies big time. The tax code is so complex that it’s nearly impossible for any small bidness not to be in violation of something. The IRS will descend like thieves upon the White middle class. The Republicans will do nothing about it either.

    For big Bidness, it doesn’t matter, they have lawyers and CPAs on staff to keep the IRS at bay. Besides, Big Bidness is all on board with the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall’s Woke agenda anyway and the IRS will be shutting down pesky small business competitors. Big Bidness has nothing to worry about.

    When the tax forms require everyone to declare how many Troy ounces of gold they own (under penalty of perjury) you will know the end is near for this iteration of the corrupt financial system. The U.S. Government will be setting up for seizing the asset that allows people to start over after the financial system crashes and burns. They did it before under that scumbag FDR:


    • Republicans will continue to rant and yell in “hearings” and claim they want to “get to the bottom of this”.
      But they will never do a thing, because that IS their role, and they want the money to spend, too.

  7. The Bolsheviks are using the Cheka to go after their political enemies. Where have we’ve seen that before and who made up the majority of the Bolsheviks?

    • “who made up the majority”:

      They were majority ethnic Russian, even from the beginning. There was a much higher percentage of Jews in the Mensheviks than the Bolsheviks, and many more were involved in various right-wing, anti-socialist parties and movements.

  8. I believe that democracy works best when elected officials have the power, not various groups of gun toting punk asses wrapping themselves in the flag. I would include all of the so called intelligence agencies in that group, as well as local police forces.

    I don’t know what it is about parts of the right who always seem, to want to find some gun toter and turn him into a sacred cow, this is done with the military all the time, they ‘protected us’, they saved us’. As though the North Vietnamese Communists would have invaded the U.S. and taken over without our fighting forces. The same horseshit is put out about Iraq and Afghanistan. These were not wars in the sense the country was at risk. The people who befitted are the same people who usually benefit, the military industrial complex, and the Washington swamp rat war mongers.

  9. If you like the weaponized DOJ, just wait until you see the fully weaponized IRS. They’ll simply bust in and literally strip you of every asset on the flimsiest or made-up pretext. They already have this power. Once Obama’s promised army is established, they’ll have the boots on the ground to use it. Better start learning about things like IEDs and how the Taliban managed to take on the leviathan. A felony conviction is no longer an obstacle to federal employment.

    • “Better start learning about things like IEDs and how the Taliban managed to take on the leviathan”.

      Words of profound wisdom friend! better choose to go to the range instead of the polling place

  10. I see Hannity is still wearing that stupid FBI pin on his lapel. Still, he’s making progress. Before it was 99% are good Americans and it was only the people on the seventh floor that were corrupt. Now he says it’s 95%.

    I bet he loved Tucker using Tulsi Gabbard as a guest host Friday instead of neocon Kilmeade. On Hannity’s show a while back he had her on and she allowed Hannity make a fool out of himself. Tucker may have had this in mind when he picked her.

    • Gabbard is still a full Neocon/Neolib, solid capitalist to the core. She knows perfectly well but she never says: that this very long running (decades-long, since 1947) imperialist war against Russia using the fake “nation” of Khazarkraine as proxies was created and is being run almost entirely by the U.S.!

      Hannity that slumlord rentier capitalist is wrong in every way.

  11. “Conservatives have traditionally believed that the FBI and the Pentagon are full of great American patriots who are on their side.”

    True. They worship a uniform instead of respecting the person who wears the uniform, a concept they know nothing about.

    This rot has been going on since at least the 1970s and has gotten worse under in recent years. It was funny when Chief Dittohead discovered that a lot of officers didn’t like Trump or him for that matter. Limbaugh took it as a personal insult over Alexander Vindman, mocking him by saying his name followed by “oh, as can you see”. All that sucking up for naught.

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