Marjorie Taylor Greene: White Men Are Pushed To The Bottom In Corporate America

This is another example of our current political moment.

MAGA is embracing Christian nationalism and White racial grievance politics. Their racial and religious resentments are increasingly bubbling up to the surface. It is more noticeable now. Meanwhile, the “movement” in all of its various incarnations tends toward self destruction. Influencers like Nick Fuentes are being stiff armed while their rhetoric and ideas are becoming mainstream.

Note: As we have seen, White people are much more aware and alarmed about anti-White discrimination than they were three years ago.


  1. White people today are treated worse than niggers were ever treated under Jim Crow. Under Jim Crow, they didn’t go out of their way to demonize blacks.

  2. Unless we separate, we lose in the end. That is where the focus has to be: a logical, respectful, peaceful campaign for Partition.

    • Do China and India get to lay claim to California?….What would have been the point of fighting WW2?

    • Even if you can achieve such a thing, the will to use violence is required to maintain it.

    • Hopeless White people. Take flight, become a prepper, separate…

      You don’t survive, let alone defeat, an atavistically driven genocidal assault with those strategies.

      You need to identify and then defeat your enemies.

      It’s that’s simple, or should be.

  3. The heat has been turned up and the pot is now starting to boil, the simmering is over, and the real destruction of America begins.

    Apparently Taylor Green and Lauren Beobert got their starts on an Israeli’s website (see: The same man said to be involved in porn.

    ZOG will get its blood sacrifice. Genocide is on the menu. The question to ask is, who will be genocided? Here comes the pain.

    Nothing is ever what it seems. Death to ZOG.

    • “Taylor Green and Lauren Beobert got their starts on an Israeli’s website (…) Nothing is ever what it seems”:

      Correct. Conservatism, which includes MAGA, always works to conserve the system. That video of Maggie Thatcher – no, I mean Margie Taylor – Margie’s video of herself blowing up a car marked “socialism” with a 50 caliber rifle and high explosives is unforgettable.

      Boebert who you mentioned is another one who stands with Israel, and hates Iran and Palestine. She also says “Ukraine has a great president who said Live Free or Die.”

      The common denominator of both conservatives and fake-leftists (liberals) is unswervng loyalty to the global, Anglo-Zionist, Talmudo-plutocratic System. It makes no practical difference which side of the coin you vote for and which side wins.

      • Just typical republicans. It’s what they’ve been doing for at least 60 years now. Like Charlie Brown, no matter how many times that football is snatched away to leave him flat on his ass, they keep on coming back for more.

        “As it will be in the future, it was so at the birth of man; there are only four things certain, since social progress began: that the dog returns to his vomit, and the sow returns to her mire, and the burnt fool’s bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire, and after this is accomplished, and the Brave New World begins, when all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins, as surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the Gods of the Copybook Headings, with terror, and slaughter, return.” – Rudyard Kipling

        For a race that’s supposed to have high intelligence, most whites – whether they’re here in Murika the heart of the Evil Empire or in the giant open-air gulag called the EUSSR – are amazingly stupid. Even the humble negro has better sense than this. They vote D-jersey every time it’s true, but the Globetrotters delivers to them – often with help from the Generals.

        • “Even the humble negro has better sense than this”:

          It doesn’t require a very high IQ to grasp how the system works, but people repress the knowledge to become completely stupid, hoping to use the system to “get ahead,” to climb the ladder, and take advantage of others, doing it to others as others do to them. As it says in Micah: “Everyone is trying to catch his neighbour with a net.”

  4. Marge we are not going to be drilling down to the root causes of that one. Because if you do, you are going to have to start talking about the Jew hatred of Christ, and you are going to have a zillion Jews going into convulsions. No drilling down okay Marge.

  5. “, White people are much more aware and alarmed about anti-White discrimination than they were three years ago.”

    It should have been 70+ years ago.
    1947 Truman forcibly integrated the military and all contractors, transportation and lodging.
    1950s, racial covenants were deemed illegal on property titles, the very thing that kept neighborhoods and schools clean and safe.

    WHITES are too Damn slow !

    • Eisenhower violated Posse Comitatus by forcing Whites at gunpoint to desegregate in Little Rock. He was a POS during WW2 and after.

      • He was a POS from the start. Read about the army’s 1932 assault upon the “bonus army” of WW I vets – with cavalry and tanks no less. Ike (just out of West Point) was MacArthur’s aide for the festivities. At least they didn’t just mow them down with machine guns. They would now for sure.

        • >the army’s 1932 assault upon the “bonus army”

          Compare to what goes on today, when literally trillions are created via keystroke and added to the debt, money the government mostly spends on useless bullshit, including cementing its own hegemony — yet they couldn’t pay those pathetic ragtags their puny bonuses.

          But less than 10 years later dupes were signing up to fight for Uncle Sam again.

          The elites who run things have really done a lot of shitty things over the years.

        • His “warning about the MIC” speech after retiring from the presidency was the opposite of mea culpa, totally hypocritical.

          • That’s one of those things I’ve read is a facet of the Satanic religion of the ruling elite: Supposedly they are required to tell their victims what they are actually doing in some way. It’s usually in some arcane venue or obscure manner, but it has to be done.

  6. And the Hindus and Chinese are doing the pushing…been going on for years in California….

    Vote for Trump….Trump will massively increase Chinese and Hindu Legal immigrants….Trump is on record as saying this….two years ago on Fox….

    Knock it off with the idiotic lllegal-legal distinction retard Constitution Tards……

    China for the Chinese…India for the Hindus….hey that’s fantastic!!!…not for America though….Who ordered this? Answer:JFK…

    • That bothers me too, the whole “It’s okay if they come here, they just gotta do it LEGALLY like MY ancestors did” crap. Bunch of American morons.
      Having millions and millions of nonwhites here, legal or not, is the problem.

      • And as far as Christian nationalism, modern day Christians and their countless churches, today’s 35,000 sects, failed to stop legal murder of infants for 50 years. They failed to stop the Civil War, desegregation, school integration, women’s suffrage, WWI, WWII, Jewish bankers, hippies, feminism, jews banning their prayer in schools, black violence, the jews (in general), pornography, nonwhite immigration, homosexuals, homosexual marriage, sex education in schools, homosexual sex education in schools, trannies and everything else that they ever said they were trying to stop. American Christianity has been an extreme caricature of political impotence, to the point where they now represent the biggest allies of the jews, and believe the people that their religion says are cursed by God and are evil are “God’s chosen people.” Give me a fucking break!!!

        • “American Christianity has been an extreme caricature of political impotence”

          Gospel !

          And on the converse side, they do near nothing to help WHITE ppl. If fact they hurt WHITES by draining away billions that could be helping WHITES.

          • You JUST know they will emphatically remove “white” from the “White Christian Nationalism”.
            “Oh no, we can’t abandon our brothers and sisters in Christ”…as they volunteer and help them cross the border.

  7. For major people to be talking this way is a good thing. She may not be perfect, but she’s openly saying things that have for decades only been said behind closed doors.

    • @Don But we already know this stuff. We are powerless, so if they aren’t going to anything but rant and yell, it’s useless.

      • The GOP has been colluding with the demorats for the past 50 years. The fake right, the so called “conservatives”, have lost every battle to the left since the mid 60’s starting with forced busing. The cowardly right is to blame for the precipitous fall of America being they lied for 50 years and faked opposition.

      • We’re White. We don’t whine like n*ggers about “discribidayshun” and hold out the begging bowl: we build sh*t. We explore. We invent. We make things happen. It’s time we remembered that.

  8. Re: “White racial grievance politics (…) racial and religious resentments are increasingly bubbling up to the surface”:

    Yes the system uses “racial grievance politics” to distract and prevent the working class from discovering real (class) politics. The working class must be divided, distracted, and thoroughly confused, to be ruled and exploited.

  9. Bottom line, the “movement” is totally irrelevant now, all of the dissident media becoming increasingly redundant. I’d look for places like TRS and Daily Stormer to continue being as cringey as they can to stay edgy to retain their faithful few followers. Muh hard right basement dwellers.

    Everybody else who hasn’t been on camera goon marching, sieg heiling and screaming about Jews for the last few years to get clicks and listens is just gonna blend in to the White majority (100 million people, or more?) of normies becoming increasingly radicalized but who aren’t wholly anti America/West (a major distinction between me and the bulk of the dissident right i’ve found), anti Christian, totally pro China/Russia and trying to make everything about Israel when it isn’t.

    I don’t see a downside to this. This fringe has been nothing but a liability to White interests for a decade or more now, and needs to go away. If that means the jerked over left libertarians that became the Altright brain trust fade into obscurity and go back to their fedora tipping shitty urban lives then fuckem.

    Its been years since they were anything but an albatross around Whitey’s neck. They are the vanguard of cringe. Spencer isn’t the only fake White Advocate of the dissident right. More will turn coat like he has.

    HW, I feel like its time to break out the long post “Tales from the Movement: Andrew Anglin”, then Weev. There’s alot to cover there.

    • The whole point of the “movement” was to get us to this point ( regardless of what the cranks and grifters were up to.)

      The “fringe” element has never bothered me because the vast majority of Whites never paid attention to them anyway. It bothers most of you because you want to be respectable. I hate to break it to you, but “revolution” and respectable don’t go together too well. We will not “bake sale” our way out of our problems. The time of “Letters of correspondence” is coming to an end for us here. Longtime Pro-Whites are the vanguard and just because a lot of things are going mainstream does not mean the job is done. Now comes the hard part, but the most rewarding part. Actual resistance.

      • I wouldn’t trust said “vanguard” to vanguard their way out of a paper big in the face of a societal collapse.

    • No one gives a shit dimwitted normies think. That goes doubly for mainline christian normies, and dissention trolls that push SPLC talking points.

  10. Look at South Africa: Whites discriminated against in government and corporations since 1994, yet Whites are wealthier than ever before, according to Ernst Roets of Afriforum. Why? They’ve been starting their own businesses. I can confirm this from my own personal acquaintances.

    • Perhaps some Whites have been getting wealthier but there are lots of stories about many poverty stricken Whites who have lost everything since Mandela and his communists came to power. Affirmative Action, modeled on U.S. AA resulted in thousands of competent Whites being replaced by incompetent blacks throughout the SA economy. The results, whether in Joburg or 8,500 miles away in Detroit is always the same, failure on a grand scale.

      SA’s electrical grid has become unreliable now so that blackouts are common. This is more than an inconvenience, it disrupts industrial production, water and sewage stations and generally makes life miserable. Summer temperatures in the 80 deg. F. range (or higher) make modern office buildings unusable without AC.

      The public water system is also breaking down through lack of maintenance, illegal taps, gross incompetence etc.

      If it were not for aid from the U.S. and Europe, which do not want to see their rainbow nation fail the whole place would collapse.

      When the U.S. and Europe fail hard (which is inevitable) it will be lights out for S. Africa and the rest of the Third World too.

      • Don’t estimate the Boer, my friend. They have overcome tougher situations before, and when push comes to shove the rest of South Africa will look to them for leadership. ANC needs to be removed from power, then SA can move forward.

        • I’m all for the Boers and yes, they are smart and tough as nails.

          It’s impossible to run a modern, industrial economy with windmills and solar however. Individual farms and small businesses may be able to survive with their own electrical systems but things like auto assembly, data centers, oil refining, manufacturing etc. absolutely need reliable, large scale electricity to function.

          The tragedy is that SA had all these first world amenities until the West stabbed them in the back and put Mandela’s cronies in charge.

          • 12AX7, Before they stabbed the whites in south Africa in the back, they stabbed the Rhodesian’s in the back, then the heart and the head……Ian Smith, was a good man, I truly hope the president of our Southern Republic is a man of that calibre……..

        • There’s photos of a lot of whites there living in real poverty. Many left. It’s dangerous to be around so many of those certain primates.

      • @12AX7

        Do you ever listen to Jan lamprecht?
        He lives in SA and talks about how he and his neighbors have gone solar, as have many WHITES. They are learning to be more independent, but still nggrs cam F that up , in many ways.
        I’ve heard that a few rich WHITES with large land holdings have opened to letting WHITES build communities on their land.


        • Re: “a few rich WHITES with large land holdings have opened to letting WHITES build communities on their land (…) HELPING THE LANDLESS TO HAVE HOMES AND JOBS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY”:

          Neo-feudalism means you will own nothing, and you will like it. You will depend on, and pay rent to a few rich landlords who own everything, who are “helping” the landless. Maybe it seems like help in the beginning, as everyone deludes themselves….

          But here is the good alternative to liberalism, and feudalism:

          “My friends, things cannot go on well in England, nor ever will, until everything shall be held in common, when there shall be neither vassal nor lord, and all distinctions are levelled; when the lords shall be no more masters than ourselves. How ill they have used us!” – from a sermon by John Ball, the defrocked and excommunicated English priest who was arrested for sedition and hanged, drawn and quartered, in July, 1381.

    • It’s difficult to conceive of the Sheldon Adelson types cutting checks for Christian Nationalism. Although Sheldon Adelson is now six feet under his type will simply jump onto the backs of the Democrats like ticks jumping off one dog and on to another. Perhaps that will wake up the MTG types, perhaps not.

      Sheldon Adelson was trying to buy a U.S. war against Iran for Our Greatest Ally. Even that idiot Trump wouldn’t go that far.

      If the Christian Nationalist types can win without the Sheldon Adelson types cutting checks then it is doom for the current cucked and useless Republican Party.

      • I wouldn’t give Cheetohead any credit for that. He did after all assassinate the Iranian general on a visit to a Shiite shrine in Iraq. It was Iranian restraint that stopped the planned war with Iran. It would have ginned up ‘patriotic fervor’ amongst the Trumptards against Iran and Schlomo could have rubbed his hands in glee at the thought of goy killing goy while he raked in the shekels.

    • @Cliff,

      Au contraire, remember what Vladimir Lenin sai, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

      Personally, I don’t think Christian Nationalism is going to be a threat to G.A.Z.E., but if they somehow begin cause TPTB a headache, they’ll be subverted as easily as a hot knife through butter. CNs aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs.

  11. Yeap White men are treated terribly by corporations because we do things like organize unions and vote for economic protectionist candidates like Pat Buchanan (Big Pat had a lot of auto workers voting for him in the ’90s because too Jap cars were being imported)

    But not only that, Whites are treated terribly by schools!

    MTG is right!

    • A lot of those teachers are getting what they deserve. Teachers and school systems have promoted liberalism in schools, held smart white kids back, and allowed nonwhites to assault and harm whites.
      Now, they can see what it feels like.

      • “Teachers and school systems have promoted liberalism”
        Starting with the Calif teachers assoc, kook liberals since the 60’s.

        Calif use to have the best school and university system, envy of the world. Cal achievement scores were among the highest in the world.
        1920’s “California, the WHITE state”
        2020’s “California, sewer to the globe.”

        • Not just the coast…the Midwest is full of liberalized teachers. This has been going on for a long, long time, and is only NOW being acknowledged.
          These teachers hold back smart students, so the lower ones pace the classroom.

          “No child left behind” was the stupidest thing. Some kids are low IQs or some don’t want to learn, so they make the teachers teach to their level, so they “pass”. If they fail any tests, they can retake them until they pass, or they give them an easier one. As one teacher once told me, “School is not about academics, it’s about socialization”.

          Teachers that promote anti-white agenda and complain about their incomes, but go look at the parking lots. New cars. Big cars. They work twenty years and retire to live off of us. Teachers that verbally blast white homeowners to cough up more money every year to fund their raises. I remember reading a comment from a teacher, where he scolded whites for not wanting to vote for money to fund their next raises. He said the homeowners didn’t care about education. What a clueless selfish moron. Many workers are not getting raises or increases. The schools just want more and more money.
          This is good for whites. Too many comfortable, virtue-signaling, complying with white genocide ones.

      • Agreed, as I noted here.. Maybe they can ‘learn to code’. Public education is a major weapon used against the white population. It needs to be utterly destroyed – root and branch. There are a few teachers in suburbs and smaller towns who are not actively poisoning their students and some percentile of those even try to point to alternatives to the standard set of lies ordered taught by the evil regime in Sodom-on-Potomac. Too few to make a difference with the (((NEA))) controlling everything though.

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