1. McClanahan’s review and critique of Hazony’s book was mildly interesting. At 19 minutes, he explains that contrary to Hazony, Southern slave plantation owners were Federalists. He lists many other mistakes (or deliberate errors) in Hazony’s history. McClanahan is a better U.S. historian than Hazony, but still a conservative.

    Hazony is an extreme Zionist, Neo-orthodox, born in occupied Palestine (a REAL nation that Zionism is still destroying). He is the president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, and the chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation – and is no more worthy of reading and attention than Burke (“the father of conservatism”) himself. If you consider Burke’s writings to be great, then Hazony’s book – https://www.yoramhazony.org/car/ – might be great too, but I contend that both conservative greats are empty husks, intellectual dead ends.

    • Hazony is a fake-nationist, yet another effort by the (((usual suspects))) to provide an “acceptable alternative” to real nationalism. He’s really a Zionist (Jew Supremacist) whose purpose is to derail any serious opposition to the Zionist Globo-Pedo hegemon. There are other fake-nationalists out there – like the Scottish National Party, which wants to leave the UK in order to join the EUSSR. Totally fake and gay as you can get. Ireland’s Sinn Fein is no better.

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