1. Saw that the only two counties she won, one has Jackson Hole (billionaires) and the other the University of Wyoming (self-explanatory). So there are your two big constituencies that are trying to keep the pre-2010 dominant politics of the Republican Party alive.

  2. Alex Jones has just announced he is shifting allegiance to Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump, principally on account of vax & covid lockdown issues … Zion Ron over Zion Don lol

    This could create momentum …. people need a good pretext to move beyond Trump, tho they also want to keep in mind how unfairly Trump and his supporters were targeted

    And the vax is popping up as a real issue … am personally seeing a strange run of heart problems and mysterious illnesses in vaxed people I know, even healthy types … the insurance company stats continue to show accelerating numbers of young people dead, like never seen before … not the ‘zombie apocalypse’ some expected but bad enough

  3. If Lizard Cheney is going to be President that’s not all bad. She is actually more solid on immigration than Trump and the Hag that just beat her.

    I would only request, before she is sworn in, that she lose the glasses, lose 50 pounds, and get all that fungus taken off her face.

    • Robert Rangewolf, strip her down, too basic hagbag, good idea……..the voter’s need too see what their getting, but is lizbean cheney, as scary as Hillary monster ?

  4. >Liz Cheney is running to save the Union and Our Democracy

    How exactly does she plan to do that? — she seems to be a rather polarizing figure even within her own party.

    >… willing to squander their money on this to suck away True Con votes from Trump.

    This does not make a lot of sense to me: how much overlap is there between voters who would seriously consider Trump and those who would seriously consider her, especially among ‘Tru Cons’ (whatever those are) — ?

    So much of politics (here I don’t mean necessarily your commentary) is incomprehensible and dumb — an insult to the sensibility and intelligence of many, perhaps especially those who are genuinely civic-minded.

    In a recent comment I posted a link where someone claims her net worth is now $44m (?, I accepted that as true), where it was $7m before entering Congress (how did she acquire such wealth when working most of the time for the federal government?) — so she’s just another pretentious, entitled midwit playing at politics.

    • Do you remember Evan McMullin? If it were not for that guy, Trump would have won Minnesota in 2016. These spoiler candidates can have an impact

      • That’s my thought too. She would run just to cause trouble for Trump. Also, there would be no good GOPs running. It doesn’t really matter, because TPTB will put in who they want. If anyone really thinks voting is honest and matters, they need to read more current news!

  5. You would think after getting her ass kicked she would realize her brand of politics is being rejected but nope, her bloated ego won’t let her fade into obscurity and write her book as they all do.

  6. You can see how this is going to go, they are going to put Trump in jail them you are going to have a white supremacist and a “rabid anti-Semite” set off a dirty bomb in retaliation. The problem is Trump is a piece of crap and nobody in their right minds would do such a thing. Oh but the narrative…..the narrative. How about the truth instead of the narrative?

  7. Is she going to run as an independent or a Republican?

    Dear god in heaven above please have her run in the primaries as a Republican, and please allow Trump to run as well. It will be a thing of pure joy to watch.

  8. I heard Liz speak for the first time today, and she’s almost as unpleasant to listen to as Hillary. No one wants to listen to someone with such a thin, grating voice…in a man or a woman.

    Go ahead and run, Liz. Your delivery is awful. You’ll do as well Jeb!

    (BTW, Liz. Your dad is also an awful speaker.)

  9. Her role-model father was the de facto POTUS, in what I call the Cheney-Bush administration, and also influential with the elder Bush: serving as Secretary of War under G.H.W. Bush, he personally directed the invasion of Panama and the first invasion of Iraq.

  10. Maybe she thinks all the fawning shitlibs & Never Dump (((Establishment))) cucks would be enough to put her over the top.

  11. OTOH, Lizzo Cheney’s Presidential campaign is starting off on the right foot, with a solid base of support of 29% of Wyoming.

  12. Liz Cheney thinks she could beat Trump in the primaries if she gets all the Democrats and Never Trump Independents to register as Republicans and vote for her with the Never Trump Republicans.

    She’s gambling on the idea that most of the Center-Left Democrats and Independent voters despise Joe Biden and the progressive cabal as much as Republicans do and will vote for her in the general election.

    She also believes that, as much as the Republican rank and file despise her, they will also vote for her in the general election, even if they have to hold their collective noses while doing so, if the only alternative is Biden.

    She isn’t kidding when she sells herself as the potential savior of “Our Democracy,” because I suspect that, if Trump does win the Republican Party primary, TMFIIC will stage some kind of false flag event to declare martial law, lock down the country, and suspend all elections indefinitely.

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