Rich Lowry: A Cheney 2024 Run Would Only Help Trump

Good points.

If Liz Cheney runs for president in 2024, she would only hurt Trump’s rivals.


“A nearly 40-point election loss isn’t usually the launching pad for a presidential campaign, but Liz Cheney has made it clear that she’s thinking about running in 2024.

The Wyoming congresswoman and daughter of the former vice president got wiped out in her GOP primary Tuesday night. The loss didn’t occasion a grim concession speech to a roomful of half-drunk supporters, though, but a picturesque, made-for-TV call to arms invoking Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant …”


    • She’s a spiritual Jew and a sociopath, she works for the military industrial complex, wall street and Zimerica.

    • DeSantis has a much better chance of winning than Trump. Trump has no chance. They won’t let him win no matter what. I can’t believe Mr. Wallace thinks Turmp has a chance in 2024. He very well may not even be allowed to run.

      • I don’t see MAGA turning on Trump in the 2024 primary. I’m not saying it is good or bad. I just don’t see it happening. I also think Garland is going to indict Trump and that will lock the base in for him

  1. She can switch and join the CPUSA.
    Oh wait, the comrades they won’t vote for her.
    Useful idiot status has expired.

    • “She can switch and join the CPUSA”:

      Don’t worry, the CPUSA no longer runs candidates under its banner, and anyway, it is mostly Trotskyist and Woke, a travesty of what it began as – the Workers Party – over a century ago.

  2. She is what happens when you live a totally sheltered life devoid of any adversity and far removed from the consequences of your actions.

    Life comes at you fast, and the Cheney brand isn’t what it used to be.

    Maybe she will die in a wine soaked fit of despair. She can join Hillary in the list of jilted fat bitches that have fallen in the wake of the Orange one.

  3. The Trump days of the Republican Party will eventually end. Who knows he might not even run. He’s obviously being harrassment by ZOG. My question is when will the GOP see him as a hassle and pick somebody as the new favorite in 2024? If he runs and wins I can see the radical left launch race riots again or even a War. We’re in some interesting times for sure. Deo Vindice!

  4. Doesn’t matter if she’s whiter than snow. No woman shall be allowed in positions of political or ruling power in a white country, PERIOD. Any man who doesn’t agree has their head up their ass and should be whipped and deported too

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